The Revamped Scoopit Interface: Sharing Ideas That Matter Even More

Guillaume Decugis SEO Scoopit

I’m a long time fan and supporter of and quite honestly I think it’s the best content curation platform available on the web today. took the initiative to gather together a select group of people who they knew they could count on to provide honest and unselfish feedback. These folks are on top of their game when it comes to content curation and they are passionate and committed to surfacing the most relevant, useful ideas for the topics they care about most.

How To Curate Content and Build Authority With is an online content curation tool that helps you keep track and share stories on topic related story boards based on our interests. You might compare Pinterest but it’s so much more. Collect snippets of information in an organized collection. Curating content with helps build your authority and share your expertise within the community and to your most popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.