5 Ways to Avoid Looking Desperate or Selfish on Social Media

In the scramble for social media success, some of us are getting caught up in the madness and losing sight of the true benefits that social networking has to offer.

I get the idea that you want to promote “you” and establish your brand, on highly trafficked social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. After all, these are the perfect venues for getting noticed and leaving your digital footprint.

Keep in mind you don’t want to go overboard and use strategies that get a lot of attention – but not necessarily the good kind. We’ve all heard the reports of how people are stream-lining their privacy settings and removing “friends” from their Facebook profiles. Don’t let yourself fall into that category of being the annoying person who is the first one to get blocked!

Let me be more specific and introduce you to this episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast called:

Avoid These 5 Social Media No-Nos

Here’s a summary of the 5 no-nos that I cover in the podcast:

  1. Facebook Photo tagging
  2. Google+ Id over usage
  3. Forum user names
  4. Celebrity rip-offs
  5. Lack of engagement (which should really be number 1 – just listen and you’ll see what I mean)

During the intro of the podcast I mention something that I really would like to re-emphasize here.

I truly believe that one of the best ways to get the most out of any social network is by being a “giver”. Spend time each day and make it a point to go out of your way to visit other blogs and share other people’s content.

Take the time to leave comments on blog posts and YouTube videos, share articles on Facebook and Google+ and you’ll see that when you give of yourself, you’ll reap the benefits and you might even be surprised by what you’ll get back in return.

My friend Damond Nollan wrote a post that I encourage you to read called If you Want More [Fill in the Blank], Then Do More. I noticed how the engagement level and the number of comments on Damond’s blog and Twitter account has began to take off since he started putting this into practice.

Don’t let Social Media Fatigue get the best of you

We all know there are more and more social networks coming out of the wood-works on what seems to be a daily basis. Don’t spread yourself to thin just for the sake of being everywhere. I recommend that you pick out your top 2 or 3 networks and focus on building those up before you spread your wings and try to fly over new territory.

Ok, now I want to know what you’re thinking. Do you agree with my list of social media no-nos and can you think of a few more?

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  1. Great post Ileane. I particularly agree with the “giver” suggestion. It is good to share and help people too. Engagement with other people is so important aswell. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com

    • Hi Sian, there is so much great content out there and people can’t just keep sharing stories from Mashable and TechCrunch in order to look good. You can can make a much bigger impact on your community by leaving a thoughtful comment or sharing a post on Google+ or Facebook when someone least expects it.

      It was nice of you to stop by Sian, thanks for the visit.

  2. I actually giggled when I saw this because I think we all can admit to coming close to being desperate, especially when showcasing new features or trying to beef up stats. It’s sometimes hard not to be in your face about promotion. And sometimes even if you try not to be, you are harassing people, you just don’t know it.

    • Michelle, that is exactly why I recorded this podcast. I really believe that some people don’t know that they are being offensive or annoying. There are even times when I think that it might be a cultural thing something that might be OK in some situations might not work in others. Thanks Michelle.

  3. brilliant post, totally agree with the “giver” suggestion. isnt life all about sharing things and helping people
    if we appear too needy, i think that puts people off

  4. Kissie

    Sounds pretty scriptural to me. So you know that means that message came across very clear! This is why I deemed myself an unorthodox “blogger” … I need another word for blogger. Anyhoo/way/how – I know I haven’t had or wanted to use the time to do these things so I backed off and stayed in my corner. I guess I had these convictions all along. 😉

  5. Ileane,

    I can definitely say that there have been times when I’m so consumed with increasing my own traffic numbers that I forget what Social Media was created for… Being Social!

    Really in the last couple weeks I’ve had a bit of an awakening and I’m going to change some practices to be more of a giver.

    Thanks for a great article!

  6. Ileane, although I don’t know you as well as I’d like, I do know how you interact via social media and you have earned the right to reprimand all of us who don’t engage as we should – well said! I do think the larger social media sites are moving toward your ideals as much as they can.

    I’m adding this to my social media etiquette.

  7. i think we all are guilty of spending toooo much time increasing traffic numbers amd forgetting what Social Media was created for… Being Socicial and having fun, escaping from the trials and tribulations of work

    • Hi curi, one of the things I mentioned in the video is the image tagging. Has anyone ever tagged you and a hundred other people in the same photo that none of you are really in? I bet that has a huge a negative effect on “social proof” because a great deal of those people will unfriend you or block you. Thanks for stopping by curi.

  8. # 4 really surprises me. I so agree with you on #5. Pet peeve of mine on Twitter especially. Tagging photos was an interesting point, I havent done it often but will sure think twice about it in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Lisa, Over on Facebook I’ve had a few people tag me on bizarre images of cute furry little creatures. Now don’t get me wrong I like cute animals as much as the next girl, but now that I’m tagged I can’t just click like and be done with it because 99 other people have been tagged and I’m going to get notified each time every single one of them makes a comment or likes, or shares….drives me nuts! The other day a guy did this with a picture of himself!! Lisa, if you would have done that, I might let it slide, but I barely know this guy. I can’t even remember his name so for goodness sake, why on Earth would he tag me in his own pic?? Maybe that is his way of introducing himself to me …. I give up. I have no clue why this keeps happening to me LOL!!

      • Yes, that drives me crazy too when you get every comment from so many people. I’m been much more careful there who I friend. I watched your video on my tablet at lunch I will have to watch it again – wanted to check the part on Google+ again.

  9. Wow, sounds like you have ALL your ducks in a row! I didn’t even know there were so many ways to be spammy until I listened to your podcast!

    Great tips, I wish everyone had the “giver” mentality. Sometimes there is an endless string of noise and it doesn’t seem like anyone is paying attention. I also think it’s important to learn how to RECEIVE. For those of us who are “givers” – we chat, comment, retweet, start conversations – and sometimes we get the big sound of chirping crickets. If someone “gives” to you, you should darn well say thank you, answer the questions, respond to the comments, etc. It’s all about the exchange.

    • Hi Carol Lynn, I spend a ton of time on social media. But even when I think I’ve seen it all, someone will come along with some really bizarre behavior and I just scratch my head and wonder what will they come up with next. LOL! Thanks for your comment!

  10. I don’t think that having celebrity endorsement helps bloggers that much at all. I find it annoying if anything because it makes the blog appear tacky. Great to see you using soundcloud as well Ileane!

    • Hi Harriet, I see this happening a lot on Facebook and I really hope these people aren’t using celebrity photos as their blog profile pic too!

  11. The giver is the best way to go, and it gives back.!!
    If you share others posts, your users are more likely to share yours because they can see that that you are a giver.

    I would say that almost a 1/3 of my posts are other blogs and sites

  12. Hi Ileane,

    This podcast rocked! :)

    Being a giver is SO important in social media. I see so many people trying to wiggle by in social media by automating everything and “hoping to go viral” but that’s just not how social media works.

    In a sense, you need to prove yourself because there are just too many untrustworthy people in this world, especially online. You prove yourself by being genuine & sharing, replying, RTing, commenting and anything else that is giving before ever expecting anything in return.

    • Hi Morgan! Thanks for saying the podcast rocked, that means a lot coming from you :) I think that some is playing tricks with me because I got tagged in 3 images since I wrote this post. LOL!! It’s ok though because it just gives me another reason to share a link to the post on Facebook. I guess that’s what I get for accepting so many friend requests. :)

  13. That was my whole problem in the beginning of my career. I thought I need to be on every platform out there. I’ve done just what you’ve recommended here. I stick with the 4 I’m comfortable with and will move on when I have them mastered.

    • Hi Tony, nice to meet you. I just followed you on Twitter and noticed that you are following me already. Thank you so much for your comment too!

  14. Ileane, You’ve offered some great advice here. I especially like your tip to “Don’t let Social Media Fatigue get the best of you”. I’ve been giving myself the same advice lately. I try to keep an active presence on the big 3 (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) but with all the other sites that I’m on plus Google+, it can wear you out! I’m actually working on an article now that ties into this very topic. As always, great job!

    • Sherryl, I don’t spend too much time on LinkedIn but I do use Google+ instead. You and I both belong to some very active blog communities as well, BizSugar, Blog Engage, Blokube – we have to be careful not to get stressed out! I look forward to reading your post, please feel free to share the link on my Facebook page when it’s ready http://Facebook.com/BasicBlogTips

  15. I agree that one should also be a “giver”, not just in social media, but in life. You want to that friend that is always there to help .You do not want to be that annoying person that everyone ignores. If you do good for others, you will benefit from them in the future.

  16. Hi Ileane,

    I definitely agree with everything you said, nothing beats building long lasting relationships with other bloggers and just being a good member of the community. There are just some techniques that other people use in Facebook and Twitter that are annoying and one of them is the photo tagging. I get photo tags of products being sold everyday and my Facebook may one day look like an online shop LOL

    – Cristina

  17. Okay, you made me listen to the podcast because I had no idea what photo tagging was, and after hearing you kind of explain it I still don’t quite know what it is. So I must be lucky enough to never have seen it. lol

    The rest are irritating, but you know me so you know I really have a major problem with #5. I mean, they call it “social” media for a reason; please!

    • Hi Mitch!
      Basically someone posts a picture on Facebook and then @mentions people (only on Facebook it’s called tagging) so that they all get notified and go and look at the picture. The real purpose of this would be if you were at a party or some other event, and someone wanted to let everyone in the image know their picture was just shared. That’s all good and Facebook will even give you the option to add this pic to your timeline or make it your profile pic.
      So when someone who you barely know does this to you and bunch of other people it’s just plain old rude! If enough people report or block the person Facebook will shut them down (hopefully) :)
      Thanks for stopping by Mitch. I know you’ve always been a giver and I guess that’s why we get along so well.

      Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you have a chance to spend time with family this weekend.

  18. I really like this article! The part I like the most is when you say that you should be a giver. I think that, that is true in blogging and as well in any other walk of life. So let me know if I can give to you in any way!

  19. Aasma

    Hey Ileane,

    You’re quite correct here, If you really want to have your popular social media page then you have to focus on quality post or information sharing, plus on engagement. It’s always a good idea to share other blog’s quality post so that your audience enjoy it and you build strong relationship with your fellow bloggers.

  20. Social media includes many users and it is important to be popular among all users for success on Social media. Always remember that we are not celebrity or any more popular person so always give positive response who writes comments on our post or visit profile. The given ideas are useful to increase popularity on social media.

    • Brian, goodness knows why someone would want to use a celebrity pic as their own. They really damage their online reputation that way.

    • I know about 3 or 4 guys who have tons of followers but they never say Hi to a single one of them. I stopped following those guys a long time ago. :)

  21. Amen Ileane. What you want, give. Want traffic? Promote others, giving them extra traffic. Some forget that giving precedes getting. Leave helpful comments, share and prosper. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Totally agree. Since i focused on 2 socials networks and try to be related some good informations, the feedbacks are quite good then.

    • Hi Thomas, what are you two primary networks? I hope you’re using Facebook, and have you tried Pinterest yet? I bet you have some great travel images that would bring you in some traffic. Thanks for stopping by Thomas

        • Thomas, Pinterest is all about images and the more attractive the image the better. It can drive traffic to your site and help you sell products. It can also help with SEO.

  23. Hi Ileane,

    Thanks, I also agree about the being a “giver” theory; it is probably my best sales technique! One question I have about forum user names… most of the time, when I make a new account, I simply use “manzwebdesigns” so I don’t have to go through the rig-a-ma-roll of finding a user name that hasn’t been already used. If I understand you right, that is not what you are referring to, correct?


    • Hi Bud! That is a great sales technique and my sales background plays a major role in my way of thinking. And you are absolutely correct about the forum user name. The name I was talking about would include “http://” at the front and “.com” at the end. Hard to believe that people can get away with picking that as a user name but I guess it depends upon the software the forum is running on. It’s a sneaky trick that most people wouldn’t even try to get away with (unless they are selfish or desperate) LOL!!

  24. That was a beautiful podcast and so very true Ileane!

    I don’t think I can agree with just one of them, as all of them is something that really does happen a great deal, though none of us really pen them down or talk about them altogether. :)

    I think photo tagging is something I just don’t like and had to just remove or disable all such tags from all over, nor do I encourage people who do the same. I agree about the Google ID’s as well as people using their URL names instead of their own real names. And yes, talking just about yourself all the time on social medias is always a no-no, because social media means to be – social, and it’s always about people- not yourself.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for the wonderful reminder once again. :)

    • Harleena, every once in awhile I come out of my shell and cut loose.

      Everyone knows that I’m a nice person but I also like to tell it like it is. There comes a point when being nice gets taken advantage of and in the case of photo tagging it has really gotten out of hand.

      I don’t mean to be rude and many times I think people don’t mean any harm but it’s best to err on the side of caution.

      Thanks for stopping by Harleena, you’re always so supportive and you are certainly a giver – big time!

  25. Very well said, thank you for these tips.
    I use 3 social networks and being a giver has already given it’s fruits. I still need to figure out how to use social networking using google Plus.
    I think it takes time and consistency and most of all a strategy that is not time consuming and brings about measurable results.

  26. Hi Ileane,

    Very good advice. I have to say that some people are quite cheap with their blog visits and comments and that drives me crazy.

    Just two days ago, over a conversation with Adrienne Smith, I was telling her that I commented a someone’s blog and let them know that I would love for them to go over to my blog and tell me what they thought about my post.

    Well, do you know what this woman did?

    She left me a comment about my post on HER blog. Unbelievable, but true.

    I truly think that if you want people stick with you, you need to give not only receive. Thanks for the reminder, Illeane :)

    • Sylviane, some people just don’t get it! LOL
      I’m glad we’re not down with that crew. We got a bunch of givers over here :) Thanks for joining us Sylviane, you’re awesome.

  27. Such a nice podcast! I totally agree, the most common mistake in social media marketing is the lack of engagement. I know that social media is nowadays the most effective online marketing tool, but they should use it with care.

  28. Oh Ms. Ileane, what a wonderful post and you nailed that one my friend.

    I hear a few people from time to time complain about how “slow” it is to build relationships online but I can’t emphasize enough how very beneficial they will be in the long run. They are definitely paying off for me now and it all started by commenting on other people’s blogs, sharing their content and just starting conversations on social networking sites.

    If you are online to build a business you have to put you aside. I know, I know, seems silly when your goal is about your business but you definitely want those people to trust you and want to keep coming back for more and you do that by giving first.

    Thank you for this reminder..

    Happy Easter!


    • OK EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!! This is advice coming from the newly crowned video challenge Queen herself. Adrienne knows her stuff, so even if you don’t believe me you’d better pay attention to her!

      Thanks Adrienne, it has been my pleasure to meet you online and hopefully one day we will meet in person. You are my kinda peeps :)
      Happy Easter to you too my dear.

      • OMG… You have me in stitches girl. That is too funny.

        Yeah, imagine my surprise when I won Barry’s challenge. Yey!! How exciting is that and all that traffic I sent his way is from taking the time to build those relationships. Oh yeah, it most definitely pays off.

        Thanks Ileane and we will meet some day! Hopefully much sooner than later.

  29. I agree with all 5 of your points. Especially when it comes to participating in social media. If you have the accounts, use them interactively. If not, move on. I’m not tweeting 25 times a day, but I do make the effort to interact 5-6 days a week.

  30. Great post Ileane, loved the podcast, and you know what? I know exactly what you mean, especially with the photo tagging situation on Facebook, these days I seemed to be tagged everywhere, quite annoying as you can imagine. The rest of your tips are valid points also. Point number four on your podcast however made me laugh so much, I know exactly what you mean, I see Steve Jobs everywhere these days also, and if it’s not Steve its Tom Cruise ha, ha. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed your tips today.

    • Hi Fabrizio! The Facebook tagging thing is getting way out of hand isn’t it? I guess that is punishment for friending people that I really don’t know that well. I don’t take it too seriously but at least now I have a something to leave behind in a comment when I ask them “nicely” to stop tagging me – a link to this post :) That’s how we turn lemons into lemonade right? LOL

      If I don’t speak to you, please have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones. Chat soon.

  31. Photo tagging is a big bugbear of mine having been tagged yesterday for something I didn’t mind at all about, to being tagged today by someone who just wanted me to look at their business opportunity. It is so unprofessional and so annoying so I was really glad to see this on your list.

    Some great tips and have shared accordingly!

    • Hi Nicky, I knew that everyone would agree with me on that one. The guys that do that awful tagging wouldn’t dare show up here (would they?) Well if they do I got my posse and I’m ready for them.
      Just kidding!

      Thanks for stopping by Nicky.

    • Dean, I’ve been finding some really great Facebook groups too. And I’m not saying that I don’t want to join groups on Facebook. I just like to get to know a little about the person, maybe interact with them on a post or two before they invite me to a group.

  32. I agree with all 5 of your points. Especially when it comes to participating in social media. If you have the accounts, use them interactively.

  33. I enjoyed listening to this because I never thought of people being selfish on social media. You have added to my social media knowledge base. Thanks much!

    • Hi Marcie,
      I had an offline chat with some friends yesterday and they noticed some of the same “selfish” folks on social media that I had in mind when I wrote this post. I consider anyone selfish when the only thing they have to share is about themselves – oh and every once in awhile they will post a boring quote from a poet or a statesman who is now deceased. Somehow they think that makes up for the 20 to 30 self-promotional links they post every day. LOL!! Not on my watch. :)

  34. Hey Ileane! This was a great reminder on how to work social media and how NOT to! The one that particularly bugs me is to tag me without asking. Just not cool! I always untag myself and if its done again, I unfriend.

    Another one that bugs me on FB are the people who add me in groups without asking. I almost never stay there either.

    Your podcast should be required listening before anyone is allowed on social media. Listen, we all get tired and it’s easy to cut corners, but the damage done cannot be reversed easily.

    • Hey Bob, the first thing I noticed about you is that you are a GIVER! It’s amazing how I can spot them in the sea of takers isn’t it? :)
      Seriously Bob, it has been great interacting with you since we bumped into each other in the social space. Meeting good people like you make it worthwhile to suffer through those folks that just don’t know any better.

      Thanks so much for your support and it’s great to see you around! Happy Easter.

  35. Hi Ileane,

    I’m very grateful for most of these points that you have just mentioned. I must say, I also do one out of this NO-NOs with Google+ until now that I have read this article. It is truly helpful and informative.

    Thanks for your time

  36. Hi Ileane, Happy Easter my friend :)

    I totally agree with you on your 5 points and think that anyone using their own Google Plus ID in someone else’s bio is rude and selfish. I haven’t come across this myself but if I did then the person would certainly go down in my estimations.

    I have to admit that I have 2 twitter accounts and am only active on one of them, with the other being automated. I don’t even check it on a regular basis…. BUT that’s about to change as soon as I’ve left this comment.

    Thanks Ileane, great tips as usual :)


    • Hi Barry, as I mentioned I think the Google’s issues with rel=author are to blame for this one. I’m sure bloggers are concerned that their listing in Google search is appealing, and there is some incentive for people to click. But until Google really gets their act together, the least we can do is make sure our guests get as much exposure as possible when there are publishing quality content on our blogs.

      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :)

      Thanks for your input Barry.

  37. Stellar post my friend! Social Media is an important platform, BUT one can get caught up in the web of time. We have to be structured with our time there as part of our Daily Method of Operation!
    As you mentioned above the best way is to be a “Giver” and you are absolutely correct! People don’t want to be “pushed” it is a no no. Giving good content is always the best way to have people coming back to your blog.
    I love your list of “no-no’s” because so many people make that mistake. Not only does it hurt their branding, but they can also get in deep trouble on social sites and get kicked off. I’ve seen it happen to some people.
    Thanks for this killer post,
    Donna Merrill

    • Hi Donna, I love your enthusiasm and you have such a positive vibe. I know that someone like you “get’s it”! Thanks so much for bringing your warm spirit over here to Basic Blog Tips! You rock.

  38. I tend to agree with you on engaging in social media. I have been slow to develop mine because I do not want it to be started with little or no value to others. I have neglected Facebook because my audience and my style of blogging do not cater to it. I mostly use Twitter because it works best for my style of writing and requires the least amount of investment in time and money. Getting caught up in every single social media like all of the bookmarking sites looks desperate and messy. I stick to StumbleUpon because of its nice and clean format.

  39. Ms. Ileane,

    First off, let me express my humble appreciation for including me in this post. As I have said in a number of places, much of what I’ve learned about social media lately has come from YOU. You are such a natural giver and it shows. I, for one, am so thankful for your guidance in this department.

    May you continue to reap the bountiful rewards for your selfless promotion and support.

    Thanks for all you do!


  40. Sean Nicholson

    Great post, Ileane!

    I would add “stop asking me to RT every tweet”! Nothing screams desperation like asking me to RT your content. Make it valuable and I’ll decide if it’s worth a retweet or not.



    • Sean! You are so right! That hasn’t actually happened to me in awhile so I forgot about that one. Next time that happens to you, tell the person they should join JustRetweet. There are plenty of users who are willing to exchange tweets with them – as long as the content is good.

      Thanks so much for your suggestion.

  41. I think that it’s rather ironic how social media works. We are connecting with complete strangers, yet seeming desperate is a total no-no. I think in terms of sharing your content, it’s easy to keep yourself from seeming desperate, but when it comes to the overall factor of reaching out to others, it’s quiet hard. How does one, nicely and politely, ask someone to engage with them?

    • Great question Joe! There is really no fancy tricks here. But what you want to do is keep basic human nature in mind. Let me give you an example. If every time you write a new post I come to your blog and leave a great comment AND I share your content on Facebook and Twitter – sooner or later you are going to say – Thanks!
      And here’s the thing, if you don’t ever say thanks or I don’t see you ever saying thanks or interacting with anyone else. Then I drop you like a hot potato! LOL!!

      Do you see where I’m going with this. The people that you want to engage with are the ones who want to engage in the first place. Those who think they are too good to say “Thank you” or “How are you” are not really the people I want to engage with. How about you?

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t read their blogs if they have good information or information that you need. All I’m saying is don’t waste your time trying to get their attention. There are millions of people out there on social sites who are willing to engage with you, so why waste time on those who don’t want to. Make sense?

  42. I will not say anything about other points but if any one tag me unnecessarily in their own personal images or anything then it irritates me a lot. I think those guys has to read this post for sure. Thanks Ileane.

  43. Jack Sander

    I totally agree with the above comments, but from my own experience I think there is no success recipe for all of us. I consider that we should experiment different techniques and use our creativity to attain our goals. Our niches are different and so our followers, therefore we might need to adjust these wonderful methods to maximize their efficiency.

    • Jack, please don’t experiment with “strategies” that end up getting you banned or blocked by all your friends – especially on Facebook. No I take that back – this is a problem for Twitter as well as Facebook.

  44. Most irritating our of all is photo tagging. New guys out in this make use of such crappy apps which leads to this. :(

    • Hursh, if someone is making an app to tag people, that would explain a lot. Facebook will have them banned by the end of the week. HA!! Thanks for letting me know.

  45. Ileane,

    One of my pet peeves and suggested ‘No No’s’ is seeing someone on Twitter with non-stop tweets, sometimes about 8-10 tweets in a row selling or promoting something.

    I personally like the tweets that get you engaged and so many of them don’t help you do that.


    • Hi Liz!
      I don’t want to name names – but I was talking to a couple of my friends on Skype the other day and ironically, they knew just who I was talking about on that one :) I bet your thinking about some of the same folks we mentioned. It’s a shame that they are making such a bad name for themselves. Pretty soon they will be considered the poster child for non-engagement.

      Thanks for stopping by Liz, great seeing you!

  46. A brilliant post. We all want to be “known” but we have to make sure that we do it in a tasteful way with out Pushing potential customers away. You have to be very careful now a days how you promote your business.

  47. Hi Ileane,

    The most clicky message for me in this post is to become a giver in order to get the most out of any social network and it encourages me to spend time on social media for this purpose.Well I have not think before about tagging a photo could become such an annoying activity and thanks for the 5 tips.

  48. Hi Ileane,
    I am already a giver on social media wesites but now I will more work on this strategy to achieve the best and I understand how beneficial it is for me.Thanks for pointing out the 5 mistakes that we could do on social media and yes I didnot know about tagging mistake.

  49. Bravo Ileane!

    I pretty much nodded my head through this entire post. I guess it’s safe to say we have a similar philosophy about social media! :)

    I’m a bigtime sharer of other people’s value. I just love to help pass around what’s good and what’s working for those who are looking for it. I have been able to grow a relatively large and pretty active following on Twitter because of this and not so bad on Facebook either.

    I am currently working on point #5 more. It’s tough to find time in the day to do it all, but I have found that if I minimize my multitasking and just get FOCUSED on task, so much can be done in such little time in the ways of engagement with my web friends.

    Thanks for the awesome insights! This is a must share, tweeted widely!

    Cat Alexandra

  50. It is the photo tagging in particular that really annoys me. Because I have about 4,000 facebook friends I am a target for spam, and these annoying pests like to tag me on their junk.

    Personally I tend to prefer Twitter the most out of the social networks, simply because of its simplicity. I only follow the people that I am interested in or know personally, and if I am getting bored with someones feed then I just unfollow them.

    Each to their own, but I only really take notice of Twitter.

  51. I really like this point of view. I mean, social media should be about connecting with people, not about irritating them. Great work! Have a nice day. :)

  52. First, I would not want my guest host google + account next to my name as a guest writer. I would want people to be looking at my account. I whole heartedly agree with the picture tagging issue. I don’t have a lot of images on my facebook account but for whatever reason I am tagged in tons of pictures that have nothing to do with my business.


  53. Brilliant post Ileane! Thanks for the useful tips. Again, in order to be accepted and successful in the seo business, one must provide a good content and choose the right strategies.

  54. True. Many internet marketers nowadays are masked of easy traffic and backlinks that quality are sometimes compromised. Consequently, even on social media accounts, the thirst for this backlinks and traffic becomes apparent. Thank you for sharing this podcast and blog.

  55. hi Ileane, i really think bad about photo tagging. and now a days social media becoming the major roal in our reputation so don’t overdoes it.
    thank you for this awesome tips.

    • Hi Pooja! If I keep getting tagged in worthless or unrelated images, I’m going to block people from now on. I don’t mind if one of my friends do it, but if someone doesn’t even chat with me, then tags me in a weird cat photo I get annoyed. LOL

  56. I suppose for new bl0ggers, it can look quite desperate but it is best to approach it professionally. You have given good tips that I can take home with me. Thank you so much.

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  58. You make really good points and I agree with what you are trying to teach here. Most of all though, I feel that people forget the real reason why social media was created in the first place, and that’s to interact with others. Just like you said, if you find something useful then share, it doesn’t matter that it’s someone else’s content, you’ll be helping others by sharing something useful and as you do that you’ll find that others will do the same for you. I guess you can call it spirit of cooperation.

  59. Hi Ileane,
    yes, you are absolutely right, we often forget, that it is human relationships, and how we can understand others people. online social media should be treated as a offline relationship.

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  62. Ileane i love your info and totally agree that most people fail to see the true potential on social media offer than posting a whole load of rubbish which is no good to nobody.

  63. Yeah tagging on stuff that is not even related. Kind of like “what this has nothing to do with me”. I am kind of like thanks for sharing this with all my friends too. Most don’t even know what I actually do. Think I design websites. I agree on Google +1 they are letting you post on their site. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of guest posting. You get a link, and exposure don’t abuse it! Haha, people setting their profile as Steve Jobs. Funny stuff! I have seen some 2Pac and Steven Tyler profiles as their picture or just attractive girls.

    On the “like” thing I think it’s better to leave a comment. Leaving a comment is such more personal. Half the times I wonder if they even read the post. What’s funny is the people that are doing this probably didn’t even listen to your podcast and they make a comment on your blog :)

    True, give and your will receive. Wearing out your welcome isn’t a practical approach. I forget who said it but we are reverting to the gathers rather than hunters age. Simply put, you provide value and don’t just go out and drop links (hunting) everywhere and leave uneducated comment responses.

    As, a side note can you do a podcast on the iPhone. I am kind of interested in doing one, rather than Google hangouts :) Camera shy…lol. Been meaning to check into your podcast more lately.