11 Brilliant Podcasts To Help You Improve Your WordPress Blog Significantly

Podcasts and podcasting are quickly becoming part of main stream culture. It’s no secret that the proliferation of Smart Phones and their wide spread use among consumers of all ages, has played a huge part of the so-called Podcasting Renaissance.

Podcasters are learning quickly how starting a podcast can open doors in terms of audience development. There’s nothing better than literally getting “inside the heads” of your listeners when they subscribe to your show. iPhone, iPads and other smart devices put podcasts into the hands of every-day users who can access their favorite shows as they are jogging, doing household chores, walking their dog, commuting back-and-forth to work or simply looking for a way to connect to an uninterrupted stream of content surrounding their favorite hobbies or special interests.

Helping Bloggers Find the “Right” Podcast

Most people will do a quick search on iTunes or Apple’s podcast app to hunt for all the engaging, entertaining and educational content that their favorite podcast shows have to offer. However, because the iTunes search engine is no match to the well-oiled machine that the behemoth Google search engine has morphed into, finding the right podcast to listen to is no easy feat. Even a handy custom Google search will turn up tons of podfaded shows in the first few results. But most likely, since you’re reading this blog, you’re interested in finding the podcasts that can not only get you up to speed with WordPress blogging, plugin and theme development, but you’re also interested in list building, social networking, copywriting and tips for creating more awesome content for your blog.

Let me give you fair warning, you’ll will not find popular podcasts such as Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas or even Pat Flynn’s brand new venture Ask Pat, but what you will find here are those podcasts that might not currently appear in the “New and Noteworthy” listing on iTunes. Instead I bring your attention to the “unsung heroes” of WordPress podcasting and you’ll get my suggestions based on years of subscribing and listening to thousands of shows. In this post, I’m honored to serve as your connoisseur of podcast content and introduce you to some new and some tried and true shows that can help you glide smoothly down this road toward a more successful and profitable blog.

11 Brilliant WordPress Podcasts to Improve Your Blog via @ileane

Learning with Leslie

Is the podcast hosted by Leslie Samuel from Become a Blogger. Described in iTunes as: “Blogging, Online Business, Entrepreneurship…His message is simple – Create Content, Inspire Others and Change The World!”.

I fell in love with Leslie’s podcast a few years ago and I fully support his heart-felt message about the power we have to change the world with our blogs! You can’t help but smile when you listen to this one as Leslie’s infectious personality will lift your spirits and motivate you to take action. Subscribe to this podcast and learn how the power of blogging helped Leslie get his dream job as a University professor and follow along with his future endeavors working to Khan Academy.

Can’t miss episode: How to Build Something Bigger Than Your Blog – Interview with Michael Stelzner

The Blog Program

Is hosted by David Risley is from Blog Marketing Academy. David covers blogging, online business, and content marketing.

He also “…reveals the pathway to a successful, money-making blog. He reveals his online business and blogging strategies, marketing tips and tricks, and what’s working now in the world of blogging”. David has been blogging even before WordPress existed (I know that is hard for some of us to imagine) which gives him a unique perspective that he shares with his faithful audience. David is considered one of the blogging greats and over the years, he has certainly earned the respect and adoration from those of us throughout the WordPress community. With that said, I gave David some feedback about not being to fond of his “in the car videos”and although I can’t say for sure, I think my feedback inspired the change of heart he expresses in this:

Can’t miss episode: The A – Z Breakdown of How I Make My Web Videos

Your Website Engineer

Is the podcast featuring Dustin Hartzler “an entertaining and informative look at creating a high quality website for your business or personal blog by using WordPress.” Dustin is truly living a dream right now. He started blogging and got interested in WordPress development about 3  years ago and recently he landed a full-time job working at Automattic. He truly turned his hobby into a career and you’ll enjoy hearing Dustin’s role as an official Happiness Engineer with WordPress.com. Dustin continues to talk about WordPress.org blogs and plugins on his show and he has a fantastic webinars series you can sign up for or you can visit this page to watch the replays.

Can’t miss episode: Is WordPress.com The Solution for Hosting

WordPress Plug-ins A-Z

Is co-hosted by John Overall and Marcus Couch. Premise of the show: “WordPress has almost 20k plugins and growing. How do you sort the gems from the junk? Join hosts John Overall and Marcus Couch for an unrehearsed weekly conversation where they take you behind the scenes to uncover some of the great and no so great plugins.” Both Marcus and John bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this show as they share personal experiences with setting up sites for clients. Marcus is currently working on several projects including content development for WPTavern (more about that later) and another site called WordPress Radio that features a non-stop playlist which constantly streams selected WordPress podcasts. It was difficult to decide on just one episode to mention here, so I decided to reach back into the archives and track down the one where I called into the show and left an audio question about caching plugins.

Can’t miss episode: WordPress Plugins- ECommerce, Thumbnails, Post Lists

The WordPress Chick Podcast

This one is from Kim Doyal. “Kim shares her journey in the world of blogging and entrepreneurship on the internet…Her motto is “WordPress Happiness Made Easy”. I admit that I was not familiar with Kim until I found her podcast on WordPress Radio. I’m truly impressed by her knowledge of WordPress and the insights she shares for using the Genesis theme framework for your blog, including set-up of eCommerce integration.

Can’t miss episode: Interview with Ray Ortega of The Podcaster’s Studio

BlogAid Podcast

Another female podcaster on this list is MaAnna Stephenson. Her show is also known as The Tip’s Tuesday Podcast is WordPress and Online Marketing for Non-Geeks.  “WordPress, SEO, online marketing, and blogging tips and interviews with industry professionals.” MaAnna is one of my favorite WordPress bloggers and she’s does consulting, training and a whole host of WP services. Recently her shows have featured a ton of news covering WordPress security and keeping your site protected. Follow her show to keep up with news concerning updates for WordPress core, popular plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast and what’s new on Google+. I had a blast when MaAnna interviewed me on the show back in 2013, yet since the format of the show has changed somewhat, I’ll send you over to check out this:

Can’t miss episode: Year End Posts, Offsite SEO, Pinterest, 2014 Content Trends

New Rainmaker

Is the latest foray into podcasting from well known blogger Brian Clark and his team at Copyblogger. “New Rainmaker is a weekly broadcast brought to you by Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media. It presents the disciplines, strategies, and tactics that can generate a flood of new business using the power of a digital media platform.” Brian is the brains behind the Genesis Theme framework and other software that supports the WordPress blogging community like Scribe SEO and Synthesis webhosting. He also helped folks like Joe Pulizzi popularize the term “content marketing” back in the early days of it’s use. To be honest, I’m not really sure where Copyblogger’s other podcast, The Lede ends and New Rainmaker picks up the music and the coolness of the voices keep me coming back for more. Warning: you’ll need to put on your thinking cap before tuning in to this show. Check out the first episode for your introduction to New Rainmaker and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Can’t miss episode: Why The Key to Business Success in Media, Not Marketing

Matt Report

Matt Medeiros’ Matt Report is a “WordPress Business Podcast for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers”. Be sure to check out Matt’s interview with James Schramko for a funny story about how on single blog comment lead to an in-depth interview of the topic of building, hosting and managing WordPress websites.

Can’t miss episode: 24 Ways You Can Build a Better WordPress Website

WordPress Weekly

Featuring Jeff Chandler and Sarah Gooding, this podcast is “Your weekly source of news and discussions related to WordPress as well as any projects under the Automattic umbrella.” WPTavern (the blog where this show is hosted) was just about to close it’s doors for good until in a surprise announcement, the site was purchased by none other than Matt Mullenweg. This podcast brings with it the history of WordPress core development and offers insights that will help all of us improve the performance of our blogs.

Can’t miss episode: Dre Armeda and Tony Perez of Sucuri

Blogging With WordPress

Is brought to you by Shawn Ozbun. The show focuses on “talk about blogging, marketing, social media, seo, driving traffic and then of course, all things WordPress! Including WordPress hosting, themes, plugins, hacks and other great WordPress tools”. This podcast has been around for a few years and it seems that Shawn is going to increase his publishing schedule to keep up with demand. It’s great to see how the “podcasting renaissance” has inspired some of us to get back behind the mic and start podcasting again. I know how much you guys love WordPress plugins so check out Shawn’s annual list of favorites in this episode:

Can’t miss episode: 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014, I especially love #3

Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast

Last but certainly not least is my very own podcast Ms. Ileane Speaks. I cover all things related to “Blogging Tips, Social Media Strategy, and YouTube Tips. Build a better blog through content creation mastery and making connections that matter.” According to my Libsyn stats, my latest episode seems to be a fan favorite so I’ll share it with you here, it’s called Optimize Your Blog: A WordPress Theme and Plugin Wish List

What’s Your Favorite Podcast about Blogging

Now that you have seen and perhaps heard my list, tell me what you think. Did I miss any? What lessons have you learned from any of the podcasts you subscribe to?

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  1. Nice post Ileane, i think WordPress Plug-ins A to Z is one of the most interest of mine. Others are seem to be quite helpful but i will surely go for WP plug-ins.

    • Sid,

      You can just imagine how much fun that show is! They review about 6 – 8 plugins each week and give each one a rating on a scale of 1 – 5. Marcus and John are amazing! Hope you end up subscribing to their show!

  2. Hey Ileane
    There are so many podcasts out there I have no idea about.
    Thanks for compiling such a list for me, I know you are the podcast queen!
    Mine is also coming along well, with now episode 3 coming out. You appearance on it went really well!
    have a great day

    • Hi Ashley,

      I knew that your show would start off with a bang! Well not just because you had me on the show but because you are so well connected on the web these days. You’ve got a nice fan base already.

      btw – I love it when someone calls me the podcast queen :)

  3. Hi Ileane,

    I regularly view the podcasts of Pat. They are great. But You have mention a great list of podcasts in this post. I view all and like your podcasts.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. That is come amazing resource to look forward to. I have been wanting to do podcasting for my own blog but need some help with the resources required to do one. I will be glad if you can help in that matter.

    This information is rocking .. thanks for that.

  5. Hello Ms. Ileane,

    I never thought to look for blogging tips in podcasts. Thank you for sharing these podcasters with us. I’ll be sure to check these out, especially yours :).

    Have a wonderful day and great week!

    • Hi Corina,
      I’m addicted to podcasts and podcasting so I look for all kinds of topics to keep me busy. I just released another episode of my podcast so its good timing for you to stop over and check it out!
      Thank you so much for sharing the post and for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Enjoy your week too!

  6. What a great list Ileane! I’m a podcastaholic, but have only heard of a few of these.

    Podcasts have really made a comeback, not that they ever went away in my opinion. Such a terrific resource, no matter the topic you’re looking for. I can’t wait to dive in to a few of these!

    • Hi Rebekah,
      I didn’t realize you were into listening to podcasts, how cool is that? Have you ever thought about starting one of your own? You’d be a great podcaster.
      Thanks for stopping by Rebekah!
      By the way, I mentioned your name in the latest episode of my podcast. You were one of the contributors to Devesh’s WordPress plugin post :)

  7. What a great list, Ileane! I had listened to yours in the past of course but I think I’ve got some ideas to check out a few more out of your list.

    I started my own Blogging Minitips podcast this year – they are a series of 30 sec or so blogging nuggets to give new bloggers tips to apply to grow their blog. I’ve got such great feedback on them, I’m so happy! Thanks of your continuous inspiration, Ileane!

    • Delia,

      I had no idea you started your podcast. How did I miss that?? Congratulations. Please share a link so I can get started listening to and sharing it. Let me know if you need help with anything.


  8. Hi Ileane,
    Its good to have this list. Podcast is one tool that makes for easy learning and decision making for bloggers. Having this post show us those that can help improve WordPress blog significantly is awesome! Thanks for this list and the links to get them with ease!

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    I love articles like this that give specific tools for us to use. I also thought it was extra awesome of you to share podcasts of those who aren’t so popular.

    I subscribe to David Risley, Blog Marketing Academy. This one though, I think is very popular. I’ll check out some of the others. Always love finding new shows!



  10. Its good to have this list. Podcast is one tool that makes for easy learning and decision making for bloggers. this post is showing us those that can help to improve WordPress blog significantly is awesome! I liked this articles most this that give specific tools for us to use. I also thought it was extra awesome of you to share podcast of those who aren’t so popular.

    Thanks for sharing this good informative guide with us :)

  11. I follow few of these podcasts, but I have to admit that recently don’t have much free time. Without a doubt need to listed everything carefully and right now multitasking doesn’t quite work for me.

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  16. great work as always. this post is really very helpful. I’m following blogging with blogging from a long time and it’s really very helpful for me. all above podcast are looking very good. and after reading this post I’m gonna try wordpress plugins a to z.


    Gaurav Heera

    • Gaurav, you’ll love that show! John and Marcus do a fantastic job sharing some awesome WordPress plugins. Just don’t try to install them all on the same blog (just kidding).

  17. Great article on podcast and wordpress. Shocked to know that one has started blogging even before wordpress came into existence.

    Keep up the great work.

  18. Thanks for this list Ileane! I’m starting to get serious with blogging now and these resources will surely come in handy. Also looking to start my own podcast soon :)

    • Hey Cheryl,

      I’m glad you decided to use WordPress for your blog. There are tons of articles here on the blog that you’ll be able to take advantage of. You can use the search box over in the sidebar to track down what you need.

      Good luck with your podcast too.

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  27. Hey Ileane some cool stuff here. That WordPress radio is quite something. I think its worth listening to it. Podcast is still something that I have not done but would really love to. If you see my last post, I had a little round up of words and phrases for travellers to India, that would be my starting point.What do you think?

    • Hi Shalu,

      You sound wonderful on your audio clip. And I really like the idea of learning little bits and pieces of your language here and there. The only suggestion I have is that you should introduce yourself and the beginning and tell people were to find you. Keep up the great work my friend.

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    nice article i currently start my first website on android and your tips are very helpful to me. today i learn some much more about podcast thanks for sharing knowledge.

  29. Great list, but most of these are business-related podcast. If you want a more technical podcast, there are few great ones like Applyfilters.me, Dradcast and WPBacon

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