10 Most Popular Online Office Tools

As the internet becomes an ever more important tool for businesses, many new online office programs and tools are beginning to sprout up all over. Let’s take a look at ten of the most popular online offices tools today.

10 Online Office Tools

1. iWork.com – iWork.com is a program designed by Apple that allows you to share your documents with anyone online. The program is user-friendly and works on a Mac, PC, or iPad. All you have to do is click the “Share” link on your iWork.com page, and you are able to share the documents or spreadsheets that you have created through a URL link. Visitors are allowed to leave comments and feedback on your original work as well.
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2. Office Live Workspace – Office Live Workspace is another great online tool for businesses to share documents and other information. One especially appealing aspect of this tool is that it allows users to create documents in Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and share these documents with others online. Currently, Office Live Workspace accounts have been moved to Office Live SkyDrive, which functions very much like the previous tool.

3. Google Docs – Google Docs is another one of those excellent tools for sharing data through the web. Anyone who has a Gmail account is able to access this part of Google’s website. Google stores the documents you save to your account so you can access them at any time, and sharing these documents is as simple as attaching them to an email.

4. Zoho Docs – This site functions much like Google, in that files can be stored and modified online. However, with Zoho Docs, users can get online and chat with others in their group about a particular document securely. Zoho Docs provides a free file storage service up to 1G, but larger files require a monthly fee per user. Zoho Docs also provides the option of assigning an administrator to a set of files to manage their use and availability. In addition it was announced earlier this month that Zoho is now available for iPad.

5. Basecamp – Basecamp is a company that provides services for millions of clients each year. At this site, users can plan projects, log work time, converse with others, and track deadlines and progress on each project. Basecamp is a great tool for keeping group members updated on projects in a central location. New users can access a 30-day free trial for the tool, although many say the site is so easy to use that it is impossible to turn down.

6. Campfire – The Campfire program is another easy-to-use online tool for file sharing and discussion. Campfire users have the convenience of using the program via their iPhone, laptop, or home computer. Campfire also provides chat services and data sharing that is fast and secure. Users can discuss image quality, examine documents, and make decisions while logged in to the site.

7. Crocodoc – Crocodoc is a unique file sharing tool where users can edit, share, and update forms and websites online. Like many of the other online office tools, Crocodoc provides a means through which people can add their input into the creation of a website or document. Documents can also be sent to clients for signatures or approval. Users often go to Crocodoc for easily filling out forms, editing papers, or taking notes on a secure network.

8. Fresh Books – Fresh Books is a great application for business owners and managers because it helps make the invoicing process simple. The Fresh Books application can be downloaded onto an iPhone for easy access. Employers can keep track of their staff’s time sheets and complete accounting simultaneously. Fresh Books is a great way to simplify the financial aspect of your business.

9. Evernote – Evernote is an extraordinary application for helping you stay organized. All you have to do is write down ideas, take photos to remember, save a web address, or make a list. Evernote will keep it safe for you so all you have to do is search the application when you need to remember. Evernote is available for all types of smartphones, computers, and other devices for easy access.

10. Doodle – Doodle is another one of the great tools to help you stay organized. Doodle functions as a calendar that you can keep saved on your phone or computer, and it will save any dates and information for you. Doodle is easy to use and can be used for personal or professional occasions. Just record your events in Doodle and you will never miss an important date.

What are some of your favorite online office tools?

Did I miss anything? What’s on your list of favorite online office tools?

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James Adams, a writer at an online print cartridge store specialising in supplying franking machine ink for entrepreneurs.


      • hate to say it but i was never that sold on evernote – i tried it a few times but just couldn’t get into it. if i want to make notes i either use the whiteboard next to me or i jot it down in google calendar…

        agree about google docs though, viva the cloud revolution!

  1. These tools are getting increasingly useful as people are more on the go and teams are spread over different continents. Take a project management tool like Zoho, and an online office solution and you’re set for most of the tasks involved with working online and team collaboration. I didn’t know about some of these tools, but they look good for checking out. Thanks James!

    • James Adams

      No worries Aloys, I’m glad you found it useful! You’re right…these online tools can be vital to international teamwork and have really revolutionized the way we work.

  2. Excellent list of tools for business online thats for surte, I currently use at least 6 of those within my own businesses, many of which I started using over the last year or so and couldn’t imagine living without them. I have a 16 post series coming up dedicated to tools on the cloud that I’ve found successful within my own business.

    • James Adams

      Wow, 6! It goes to show just how useful these tools can be…they really make several jobs and tasks easy, prompt and efficient.

  3. I think to run a successful business these tools are need of time. For quick communication these tools plays vital role.

    • Too true, Smith, too true. These tools definitely allow for quick communication, and that is one of the most vital things for a business to be successful. You’re more likely to succeed if your business is a slick, efficient machine where all the parts run smoothly.

  4. James Pruitt

    This is a great list of online tools. Thanks for sharing them. One that I use for managing my team and keeping up with everything that is going on with my VAs is ClockingIt http://www.clockingit.com/ It is similar to some of the others you mentioned, allowing you to easily communicate with your team, write notes, keep track of deadlines, and keep track of how much time your team spends working. I have my team clock in and I can track when they are working and what they are working on, so we always know what is going on.

    • James Adams

      Hey, thanks for the addition! Of course, the list isn’t set in stone and there are new tools emerging all the time, so any suggestions are welcome :)

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely check it out.

  5. I’m using ProjectPier (http://www.projectpier.org/).
    Besides adding projects, tasks, milestones, …, you can also add client companies, each client will see the details of their own projects only.
    It is self hosted, you’ll need to upload and install it on your server, so it’s bit more trouble, but I like it. :)

    • James Adams

      Hmmm, that’s an interesting one! I’ll have a look, thanks for the tip! It’s great finding out about these new tools, you never know which one could be the one for you :)

  6. Jane

    Hi James,

    Very good list. I am using a mix of Google docs and Evernote. The latter makes my life so easy.


    • James Adams

      Ah, the good ol mix and mash :) Sometimes your circumstances just call for more than one tool.

      Thanks for taking a look!

  7. I have been using only Googledoc and evernote so far but guess it’s time to introduce something more from this list :)

    • James Adams

      Well, you never know when you’re gonna find the next big thing! Hope this list helps…good luck!

  8. david m

    The biggest downfall with these tools is the lack of integration. You may find use out of basecamp and other tools here, but when managing a small business in it’s entirety you end up with 3-4 different applications that don’t integrate properly, all the while you’re paying huge monthly subscription costs.

    Businesses are much better off with something that consolidates all of their needs into one system, so that they don’t have to go on a hunt for additional integrations. There are apps that do this. WORKetc is a prime example, as it combines CRM, project management, and billing into one.

    See this comparison for elaboration: http://www.worketc.com/compare

    • James Adams

      That’s certainly true, David! Thanks very much for the tip, it’s definitely worth knowing about. Integration is everything in a small business…as you need a well oiled machine that works as one.

    • James Adams

      I’m glad I could help! Google Docs is quite effective really, and is one of the most commonly used. Good luck trying them out!

  9. Hi James,

    From that list I use Google docs and Evernote – love them for their flexibility.

    Other applications worth mentioning could be Remember The Milk and Dropbox extremely useful :)

    With Dropbox you can manage all your files in every machine installed – incredible cloud storage!



    • James Adams

      Hey there Gera,

      Thanks for the additions! Of course, those two apps are quite useful…I should have added them really.

  10. Definitely a great list of tools. Google Docs is one of my fast growing favorites – there is nothing like being able to access my documents on computers from work to home and on my phone when necessary without flash drives or emailing it to myself back and forth.

  11. James,

    Thanks for sharing what seems to be a great list of tools. I have used 4 of them and I appreciate all four of those. I have no doubt they are all good and I will be checking out some of the others. Thanks!

  12. I was recently reading a post on cloud computing by Extreme John and felt that the subject is fairly new to me. Now, your list of these tools is a aided knowledge to me. It appears that all the offices and businesses will be on SKY soon! Not using many of them but I understood, I should look on them soon.

  13. I guess cloud computing is getting more and more popular due to the advantages it offers. So far I only use google docs, so thanks for make me aware of these other tools.
    Keep up the good work. :)


  14. Great article post with nice synopsis on each online office tool. I already use the Google Docs and have had great experiences with it. All the tools look interesting but I hadn’t heard of Evernote, that sounds like something I need to put on my systems asap. Thank you for this wonderful information.

  15. Nice post, James. It’s been a long time not seeing you around.
    I often work only with Google Docs and sometimes use Evernote to save some important notes. They are great tools and especially the data are synced well across different platforms, that’s what I love about these 2 tools.

  16. Thanks for the share James…I have heard about most of them and I personally use Google Docs…will try others too…thanks again :)

  17. Doodle is another one of the great tools to help you stay organized. Doodle functions as a calendar that you can keep saved on your phone or computer, and it will save any dates and information for you. Doodle is easy to use and can be used for personal or professional occasions. Just record your events in Doodle and you will never miss an important date.

  18. Google Docs. It’s simply my favorite. I’ve been using this stuff on a daily basis whenever I go to work. It’s simplicity is what amazes me and the spreadsheets – its where I keep all my important files.

      • Great to know that Argie. The very basic reason is that its very simple to use and I can work on it usually from any phone….

        • Exactly .. and besides.. the documentation is very plain to use. You also dont have to worry about your works being unsaved simply because it has an autosave function which automatically saves your works every second ..

          • however .. its associated with a Google account .. you cant use any second account when you’re trying to open any Google-based sites such as Blogger.. so I have to use another browser whenever I wanted to login toBlogger with my second account

          • Lol…Thats what I do, bro. I use lots of browser always. I am having 3 different versions of Opera, Bolt and UC browsers to use different accounts on different browsers :)

          • I was talking about the mobile browsers as most of the time I am online from phone…On PC , I got Firefox, Opera and Chrome…And ya, IE for my family members. Lol

  19. I use some of the listed sites but i didn’t know about evernote, i’ll take a look as see if it works with my rubbish Nokia E72

  20. Google docs is a very cool tool, my son introduced me to this online tool. I was able to save , send and share my documents. It is very handy, and it helps out if you are looking to save a little space on your hard drive also.

  21. Definitely, Google docs is a great tool! You dont have to send email attachments back and forth. It is one of my favorite online tool. I also love Basecamp. It is rather great tool especially if you are working on so many projects. This project management system is so simple that it simplify complex issues :)

  22. Evernote is amazing I really don’t know what I would do without it sometimes. When I’m out and about and something pops into my head I don’t wanna write it down on a piece of paper I could easily throw away that is where Evernote helps me the most. Thanks for the great post I’m looking into iwork as I type this.

  23. I stumbled upon DropBox today. Still have to test it out but sounds like a great concept. Don’t know how it’s going to connect content to all my Pc’s but we’ll see.

  24. I don’t use many office tools, but Google docs is handy. In the past I have used Basecamp and found that pretty useful too when working with a team.

  25. I used Ip4,But there are many tools you mention in the article that I have not used.
    It was online when they know more, I find and use them. Thanks so much for the article.

  26. waterpearls

    Hi James,
    It is a very nice and informative post.Thanks for sharing popular online office tools.It is very helpful especially for neophytes

  27. This is a brilliant website. There are whole a lot of useful information that I’m looking for. It helps me a lot. I hope you will keep it up. Thank you very much, my friend :)

  28. Recently Evernote has become my go to application when I want to make notes for later. The best thing about it is that I can even access those notes on my Computer, Palm Pre and my Android Tablet. Some of the others like Doodle and Crocodoc I have never heard of so I will have to check them out.

  29. I used evernote for awhile but I am use to other forms. Google doc is one of my favorites. I am still learning all of this so this article taught me other ways that may be helpful for me down the road. TY.

  30. well i found google docks more intersing but i got to know about more tools beacuse of your article, Thanks for the information.

  31. Danny

    I love Evernote, with every update it becomes better and better.
    Use it on my phone and pc. I love how they stay synchronized.

    I also like Documents to go.
    That was one of the first and best applications on the android phone for opening office files and reading pdfs. I even paid $20 for the full version, and I don’t regret it, even with all these new free tools.

  32. Grace Jameson

    Evernote is the best tool out there for capturing and organizing your notes. This is an app I use daily to increase my productivity. Easy-to-use free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. :)

    I would also like to share these online office tools I found at timedoctor .com/blog/2011/01/19/virtual-office-software ..I haven’t tried them yet but they get good reviews.



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