Why I’m Not Installing Livefyre on Basic Blog Tips

Livefyre has become a popular WordPress plugin used by some bloggers to augment the default commenting system of  their self-hosted WordPress blogs. In fact, some popular bloggers caused quite a stir when they installed Livefyre including Danny Brown (not long after I wrote this post, Danny removed Livefyre and is now using CommentLuv again), DragonBlogger and Biz Chick Blogs just to name a few. Yet although these are bloggers that I admire and respect, I will not be following in their footsteps. As you might have noticed, here on Basic Blog Tips, I have the default WordPress commenting system which is enhanced (to put it lightly) with a cutting-edge plugin known affectionately as CommentLuv.

I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of CommentLuv since the early days of my blogging career and now that the developer Andy Bailey has introduced CommentLuv Premium, I’m an even a more staunch supporter (if that’s even possible). Here are my reasons for sticking with CommentLuv and not making the switch to Livefyre.

Switching to Livefyre means thousands of your links will disappear!

Livefyre sends CommentLuv links up in smokeOuch! In the past year, my readers have left over 5,000 comments and most of you took advantage of CommentLuv. You left links to related posts or any post of your choice from your own blog. Installing Livefyre would remove every single one of those post links. Just to be clear, your name would continue to be hyperlinked to your blog or website, but literally every, carefully hand-picked, CommentLuv link would go – shall we say “Up in Smoke”…

No KeywordLuv in LiveFyre

I remember when I discovered there was such a thing as KeywordLuv. The whole concept wasn’t an easy one for me to grasp at first. But after reading a post about KeywordLuv on Gail Gardner’s blog it started to click and I began to embrace the idea. The new CommentLuv Premium has a more improved version of the old KeywordLuv plugin that Andy Bailey refers to as Keyword Name. It’s built with all sorts of controls you can set-up for how many words are allowed before AND after the @ symbol, DoFollow/NoFollow of the name links, send comments with too many words to spam or moderation, strip out keywords completely based on the number of previously approved comments…

Don’t worry I know that was a lot to take in. Andy recorded video tutorials covering each and every setting. He knows how valuable those keywords are in terms of SEO and using relevant anchor text. Yet, the whole keyword piece is missing from Livefyre. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention earlier that if I installed Livefyre, all of the thousands of keywords previously left by you on comments here – Poof!

Also not available on LiveFyre but found in CommentLuv Premium

I hope you didn’t miss that last one. I know, that wasn’t really fair was it. After all CommentLuv Premium is a paid plugin and Lifefyre is a free one. But I thought it would be a nice little segue to an announcement I need to make.

The CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv premium is going on sale in a few days, but as an exclusive offer only available to the readers and followers of those who participated in the beta-test you can get a special “early-bird” discount. Sign up at this link! Remember, once you have CommentLuv Premium installed you will automatically be signed up as an affiliate and get a commission from every referral you send over to purchase the plugin.

[box]Find blogs to comment on in your niche, with the Global CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search[/box]

Here’s a video from Andy with more details.

So what do you think, are you still planning to install Livefyre?

UPDATE!: I started a new micro blog on Tumblr called Pro-Podcasting. I was delighted to find out that I could install Livefyre on Tumblr versus using Disqus. So if you are a Livefyre user, if you’re interested in Podcasting or even if you’re just curious, stop by and see Livefyre in action on Tumblr at my new blog Pro-Podcasting!


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  1. Livefyre seems to be gaining a bit of popularity, but honestly I don’t like it that much. Kind of like disqus. I prefer the default wordpress comment system. It works well enough and rewards commenters. I don’t see the point of changing. And true switching losing all those commentluv comments is a darn shame and a disappointment for many. A couple of sites I frequent I had this happen to, and I am a little disappointed that I lost all of that. As a result I don’t do much commenting their anymore, and some sites not at all anymore.

    • Ray, I too was disappointed to find so many links were lost when bloggers switched to Livefyre. That doesn’t mean that I went to those blogs only to get links, but perhaps I spent more time on the blog and I always ended up checking out some of the posts others leave in their CommentLuv links. Thanks for stopping by Ray.

  2. Ah! What a timing Ileane. Justin and we were discussing whether it would be a good decision to switch to LiveFyre if he has self hosted wordPress blog. Thanks for adding your views on the topic.

    • Hi Suresh, I saw your comment over on Justin’s blog. I also left a comment that he hasn’t responded to – but if you’ve been following the thread you might have noticed something. There was a discussion going back and forth between Justin and someone from Livefyre about syncing comments from the dashboard. I’m thinking his response to me might be the one he is referring to. Either way, I’m sticking with CommentLuv. How about you?

      • I don’t see anything worth in place of commentLuv. In fact I don’t see the necessity to have third party commenting system when WordPress comment system itself is so robust.

        I used IntenseDebate for sometime when I was in Blogger. The winning factor was commentLuv as it was only ID to support commentLuv for blogger blog. When in WordPress, it really useless to wander around.

      • I actually responded to Suresh’s comment but learned the hard way that you can’t reply to comments from WordPress Admin Dashboard if you want them to show up in Livefyre, this is one of the deficiencies of the system.

        • Hi Justin, the comment that I left was a question about how Livefyre works. I really don’t know how it does the job of reducing spam. I didn’t get a response from Livefyre to that question either. No worries though, I’m sure you’ll explain when you do your review.

      • I responded to that comment to (from dashboard by accident) but Livefyre passes all comments through Impermium to filter out SPAM, it is fairly good and I haven’t seen any false positives yet, but I have only been using Livefyre for 5 days now so far.

        Also, it stops users from the “one account many website” spam which runs rampant where I have the same person who leaves 50-100 comments all with different keywords/URL’s and each having to be moderated separately.

        I am not opposed to people leaving comments trying to gain a few different keyword linkbacks, but my site has been hammered in recent weeks from what appears to be commenters paid to blast comments and they have evaded continuously nearly every plugin I have used except manual moderation which is too time consuming. Even blacklisting IP’s don’t work well and is too cumbersome.

    • Thanks for the info.. I have my blog running with livefyre.. now its the time to install commentluv in my blog.. getting good feedback from the users.

      Thank you once again

  3. Ivin

    Hello Ileane. Let me say this: Why change something that is working so well. I’ve never really heard anything re: Livefyre to make me even consider it… But those fine bloggers obviously have their reasons to do so. I’ve heard soem things about DisQus, but not enough to sway me differently.

  4. Hi Ileane. I have been practically sold on the first reason alone (links of previous luv’s disappearing). Like you, I have been an early adopter of CL (way back since blogger) and I have not let go of it since. With the premium version, I am sure I will stay on CL for the long haul. If I did not have the chance of being a beta tester, this is one plugin that I would not hesitate to invest, in a heart beat :)

    • Ha! If we were standing on line together waiting to get CommentLuv, being the gentleman that you are, I’m sure you would say Ladies first! But on the inside you might be saying they’d better not run out when it’s my turn or she’s going down! :)
      I’m just fooling around with you. We both feel the same way about CommentLuv and there’s no way were going to ditch it for Livefyre or even Disqus for that matter. Great to see you here my friend. Cheers!

  5. Informative and surely an educative post Ileane!

    Glad to learn about Livefyre, and in no way am I going to get it into my blogs, when I switch over to WordPress, which would be soon. I have seen people put it up on their blogs, though very few, but could never leave a comment as I haven’t even got an account on it!

    I don’t think there could be anything better than CommentLuv and with the premium version soon to come out, it is going to get all the more interesting. Besides, it DOES have awesome features which none other have.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I tried LiveFyre about a month ago and had nothing but problems. While I can say that their customer service was some of the best I’ve experienced their support never could resolve my problem.

    That said, I’ll also stick with CommentLuv. So far (I have a new blog so not many comments yet) it seems to be working great and I do like the idea of some of the premium features for when I get to that point.

  7. I really don’t like Livefyre, personally for me, the default system with the amazing CommentLuv Premium is all I need and it’s been working for me ever since I started Blazing Minds, so why change when everything is ok 😉

    • Hi Karen, great minds think alike. I’d be really sad if I lost the CommentLuv posts links on your blog so I’m really glad to hear it.

  8. Illeane,

    Glad you are making this stand. To be frank Livefyre annoys me. I have never registered an account and won’t. Those sites with livefyre I will simply not comment at anymore. (I may still read, but I won’t comment)

    I have, and am registered with, commentluv (getting premium soon), but I think that having to have someone register is simply going to make your world smaller. Sure you will have other livefyre member who will love it, but it is just a way to narrow your reach rather than expanding it.

    I think that comments are a symbiotic relationship. I try to give people who comment a nice link and in return I expect a well thought out comment. What you brought up about livefyre is almost a betrayal of that trust.


  9. Hi Ileane,

    You know my opinion about external comment system (my case IntenseDebate). My experience wasn’t good at all and I don’t want to repeat it again.

    The Commentluv plugin is excellent and you’re right, thousands of links will vanish.

    I know many bloggers opted for Disqus, ID or now Livefyre, but for me it doesn’t matter – I don’t want to have all my comments on external systems, again. I prefer the original solid WP system :)

    Have a great week!


    • Hi Gera, I remember what you went through when you migrated your blog from Blogger to WordPress and the issues caused by Intense Debate. So I don’t blame you one bit. Thanks for your comment.

  10. I’m certainly not switching to Livefyre also. I really do enjoy the simplicity of the WordPress blog commenting system, as well as how lovely comments look within the Thesis theme. It just works so perfectly…why change?

    • Hi Christian, I can’t understand why anyone who has used CommentLuv over the years would want to get rid of it in the first place :) Nice to see you’re part of the movement. Are you thinking about upgrading to the Premium version? Let me know what you think of it so far. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hi Ileane,

    I just got the new commentluv premium at the reduced rate and am installing it. I’m very excited about this. I love the older version of commentluv and know I’ll also love the premium version. Great post! Sally

    • Yay! Good for you Sally. CommentLuv premium gives you so much control. Just remember that you can test different settings if you find something isn’t working well for your audience.

  12. You always do a fabulous comparison. The problems I personally have with Livefyre: (1) I don’t like the look full of tags. It is messy to read. Like trying to #read a #tweet full of #hashtags. (2) Log in required…always makes me skip leaving a comment. (3) Have to have it installed on your own blog to get last post to show.

    I wouldn’t even consider leaving CommentLuv. :)

    • Melinda, I was reading a few conversations hinting that Livefyre was going to add CommentLuv type features. When I found out that in order to get a link I needed to have the plugin installed on my blog too. That’s NOT AT ALL like CommentLuv.
      Thanks for coming by Melinda! Always great to see you around.

      • I really dislike Livefyre – partly because you have to log in and even more because they are the system for those who want to get more than they give which is clear from their only giving links to other Livefyre users.

        But what really stopped me cold was when their system APPEARED to share a comment and post I tried to share using their system but did not. If I had not checked to see that it never showed up I would not realize what happened. I sincerely believe that is because it was about the Occupy Movement and they are censoring shares of whatever does not support the official spin on what is happening.

        Except when there is an important cause that I wish to defend I will not read, comment, or share blogs that use Livefyre. I am very sad to see Justin switch and am making an exception given that I’ve known him so long and I know him to be a giving, helpful person. I really can’t imagine him fitting in the Livefyre community and leaving ours, but I respect everyone’s right to choose for themselves what they prefer.

        These third party systems make it far too easy for someone else to censor your comments – both those you make and those made by others on your blog. I strongly recommend against handing anyone that control – and am watching Automattic like a hawk to make sure they don’t do it either.

        • Hi Gail, thanks so much for sharing that information. Once I found out that I could get Livefyre on my Tumblr blog, I decided to install it so that I could get some form of recognition when commenting on blogs with the plugin installed. As you know I have a podcast and a lot of the podcaster’s that I interact with are switching from Disqus to Livefyre. Most of them have not been educated about CommentLuv but of course you know I will get the word out when I can. If you look at my bio on Livefyre it says ” I use CommentLuv but I know some people like Livefyre.” and my Disqus profile has similar wording. :)

  13. I started using livefyre on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I actually love and used commentluv on my blog for quite a while and would be using it still, but I had a clash with my theme and had to unfortunately go to something else. Otherwise I really like the features of commentluv and would have continued with it.

  14. Great Info!!!!

    i sure about that you know each and every thing about Blog post and beside that you know also that things very well which all plugin should use for a blog post.

  15. craig sowerby


    Poof!! up in a black of smoke!

    Even though I have never heard of “Livefyre”, There is no way I would give up my beloved CommentLuv. And now the release of the Premium version that we know is great Ileane is only going to make the plugin so much stronger


  16. MegB

    I want to say only one word for this livefyre and the word is simply “HATE ” this.

    Anyway thanks a lot for this.

  17. I have seen few blogs where “Livefyre” is being used but I think it’s not very popular as commentluv & keywordluv. Thanks for clearing the difference between both plugins.

    • Aanchal, in all fairness Livefyre just came on the scene compared to CommentLuv so they have a long way to go if they want to catch up. I doubt they’ll ever have as much support as CommentLuv but I’m biased.

  18. I completely agree, Ileane!

    I don’t see many advantages to Lifefyre and I don’t think I will be installing it. I also don’t much like the ‘incrowd’ feel that Livefyre has, it may just be me, but it doesn’t make me feel welcome. And as another commenter said, it’s not all that readable either, more like a Twitter feed.

  19. It’s nice to see that you value your audience so much as to not want to drop their links :) How very kind of you

    I will be getting hold of CommentLuv when it gets released – Andy’s driven quite a bit of excitement around the launch!!

  20. There is no point of installing any 3rd party commenting system on WordPress, Discuss, LyveFire, Intense Debate are commenting systems originally created for static or custom CMS website which do not have native CMS.

  21. LiveFyre is no doubt gaining some popularity it sure is not a hot pick for those who are using CommentLuv, for many obvious reasons I still love my default WordPress commenting system..

  22. Wow, lots of strong hatred of Livefyre and external comment systems from the masses on here. I want to assure my readers that my experimentation with Livefyre is just that; an experimentation! If the system doesn’t work for me and my readers I will undo the plugin and all comments made previously and with the system will be restored with all CommentLuv links intact and restored like before. I never deleted the CommentLuv plugin, just disabled it so everyone’s backlinks are still retained.

    I have readers who come to me asking for my personal review of products, services and WordPress plugins and none of my other blogs had enough traffic or comments for me to properly test the Livefyre system and be able to provide proper feedback. I needed a blog that had 50-100 comments per day to really put an external comment system through it’s paces.

    I have a 1700+ word review of Livefyre posting to my blog on Sunday the 25th, which will cover all the pros and cons I have discovered so far. The link backs lost from previous commenters are a bummer, but it took 8 WordPress plugins just to help manage my comments and moderation (this put enormous strain on my blog with the load it was under).

    The WordPress commenting system is excellent by default (true) but doesn’t actually scale well for posts with hundreds of comments. This is one reason you don’t see any of the massive sites running default comment system (think TechCrunch level of traffic/commenting).

    Also, I don’t know about everyone else but with 100+ spam comments per day requiring manual moderation this was costing me far too many precious hours in spam moderation and less hours to engage and interact with real readers. I’ve used GASP, Akismet, AVH, Anti SpamBee…etc nothing reduces the spam to a manageable level and I was nearly stuck with 2 choices, try an external comment system or let all spam auto approve.

    I will review and decide to disable Livefyre or not at the end of the 30 day period, in the meantime continue to post your beef with the service. I was one of the first adopters of CommentLuv but didn’t have the time to fully invest in the Beta, if I decide to switch back then I will likely purchase the full CommentLuv system to support Andy and his excellent work.

    • Justin, so glad you had the time to come by and share your thoughts. It’s good to know that when you switch back to CommentLuv all of the links will be maintained. As far as I know you’re the only one who is experimenting with Livefyre and the last I heard from Tia and Danny they are happy with it.
      I have quite a few posts here with over 100 comments and so far no issues with scaling, but I don’t get nearly as much traffic as you.
      Tech Crunch is actually on WordPress.com with their VIP service and some months back they started using Facebook comments and I’m sure the VIP service has a great deal to do with how quickly the Facebook comments are loading.

      I’m looking forward to your review, and I’m curious if you found any positives that Tia or Danny haven’t touched on already.

      When you get your hands on CommentLuv premium maybe we can work together with Andy to find a definitive solution to the plaque that is spam.

      Thanks Justin!

      • Believe me, I have used Livefyre only about 5 days now and there is already a growing list of headaches from it. It does solves some of my problems only to introduce other ones so my review will be very informational.

        As mentioned on another blog comment, GASP needs to integrate with a SPAM system to auto exclude certain known SPAM IP’s, or styles of comments…etc. Maybe not as strict as Akismet, there needs to be a happy medium I think.

        • Hey Justin,

          Did you ever think about limiting the time frame in which people can leave comments on your blog. By cutting down on the number of days that comments remain open, you can effectively limit your time spent sorting out your comments.

          If you do ditch Livefyre then maybe you should consider using a plugin that only allows dofollow after a certain number of comments have been left. That might help to curb the spamming too. You could even set that number at like ten or something. That way only your true followers will get credit for their comment links.

          You could also go back through your comments and delete any old comments that don’t have at least 2 or more sentences of content. If they don’t write at least 3 sentences, is their comment really worth anything at all anyway?

          Just some ideas…..

    • Hi Ricardus, I’m not a fan of Disqus either, but I signed up for an account years ago because so many blogs use it. I think it’s very popular for Blogger blogs over Intense Debate.

  23. Ileane,

    Interesting take on livefyre.

    Personally, I have found commenting on blogs that have it burdensome and annoying.

    I am coming very close to unsubscribing from any that use it.

    I am glad to hear that you love CommentLuv…as do I Ileane, as do I…;)


    • Hi Mark, great to see that you have CommentLuv also. I have a question – what is the url of your blog (not your website)?
      Thanks for your comment.

      • It’s deceptive, I know. My blog is my main URL. Very contrary to popular setup. It’s true. The blog is the root script at http://thebitbot.com/

        Just scroll down. There are a host of PR1-2 posts that you can comment on if you are looking for a little link juice…;)

        Thanks for asking. I am honored…:)


  24. Very interesting post Ileane. Of course you know I hate any system other than the one that comes with WordPress, and of course if I’m not forced to I’ll never leave Andy’s CommentLuv. The thought of losing all those comment links from CommentLuv is distressing; no way I’d ever want to do that either.

    However, are there ways of reducing some of the spam? I’ve got a post coming up that may or may not help; guess we’ll see. :-)

  25. Couldn’t agree with you more Ileane. I’ve never even thought about switching to any other commenting system while WordPress commenting system is so neat and clean. PLUS as you say, commentluv premium is one of the main reasons why I’m sticking :)

    • Bless, what theme are you using? I hope you have a WordPress blog because if you’re using another platform it might be difficult to get the features similar to Thesis Awesome.

  26. Wow! It took Justin “… 8 WordPress plugins just to help manage my comments and moderation. …” That’s a plugin heavy setup.

    I’m glad the spam ratio on other sites is similar to mine – I’m at 4% non-spam.

    And most of it is crude rubbish about ED drugs!

    • Yeah, just for that list I was using

      TrackBack Spam Validation with Topsy Blocker
      Subscribe to Comments
      NOFF (NoFollow Free)

      + I was combining with Akismet, Anti SpamBee or AVH to help try and block additional SPAM.

      So not all plugins were directly related to blocking SPAM or moderation, but were just for commenting in general.

      With Livefyre right now, the only one of these 8 plugins I have active is the TrackBack Validation since Livefyre doesn’t block Trackbacks they just pass right through.

      • Justin, I have ReplyMe and Subscribe to Comments also. I can’t help but think there’s some overlap there but I need to do some testing to see which one I should get rid of.

        • There is some overlap, in that if you subscribe to whole post you get a double email when somebody directly replies to you. That being said, I would rather have someone get email notified upon replies every time without even manually having to ‘subscribe’ to thread rather than get bombarded with emails from every comment in thread. I know, I subscribe to a blog that gets 100-200 comments per post on average and I convinced them to do reply me, but they have both installed and I get double comments quite a bit.

          Yet in some cases a reader may want to follow whole thread, this is one advantage for Livefyre in that you can set the emails to hourly digests so you aren’t bombarded every comment, particularly with active posts.

  27. Good to see all the Luv around here. Your reasons are great too, Ileane and I couldn’t agree more. I can hardly believe some people are not prepared to invest in Premium…

  28. Yeah, I was thinking about this too when I saw Justin’s comment on migrating to Livefyre (or at least temporarily). In the end, I’ll stick with the default WordPress commenting system. I love their interface and interactions but as you pointed out, there are other things that we may not want to leave behind as well

  29. Ileane,

    I just wanted to give you a shout out and say thanks for sticking with a comment system that rewards us commenters with a little love back. It is appreciated. Visiting other blogs and joining communities where there is both give and take is a more enjoyable way to promote your own personal blogs. I enjoy coming here and being able to offer my 2 cents. I know it benefits you by giving you a little more relevant content for your page. I also know that you give me a little comment love back in return. Thank you.

  30. Thank you for not switching to Livefyre! I really don’t care for that commenting system. I find Disqus to be much better, but none are as good as CommentLuv. I think if you were to make the switch your readers will probably drop a little, but the comments left would drop drastically. I would come back to read the blog, but I would never leave a comment on Livefyre.

    • Lionel, If I had to pick between Disqus and Livefyre I would take Disqus but goodness knows I’m really glad I don’t have to pick. CommentLuv has always been my choice.

  31. Vins, I need to take advantage of keywordluv more often for myself. I do have it available here for visitors with 2 approved comments. I hope that meets with your approval.

    • Hi JR! I’m using DoFollow and the options for it in CommentLuv Premium are a stroke of genius by Andy. Just you wait and see when you get your hands on it. Thanks for stopping by.

  32. Livefyre change the comment layout and design like disqus. I like the wordpress default comment system and i think it encourage commenting. You are rite, by adding the comment luv premium we can add more flavor to the wordpress default comment system and at the same time we can offer rewards for the commentators.

    • Excellent point Zeeshan which I hadn’t even considered. I don’t care for the layout on Livefyre either. Thanks for adding that one to the list.

  33. Cristian Balau

    No need to switch to Livefyre if you already have CommentLuv installed, especially the premium version. I always thought some plugins worked differently for different people so if CommentLuv premium work for you no need to change it just because some popular bloggers did. No to mention the fact you will lose all those comments…

  34. As a PR3 blog, I got featured in Traffic Generation CafÉ’s new commentluv enabled blog list and the spam rose over night especually from home sellers. I got so frustrated that I switched to Livefyre.

    So far so good, it doesn’t support KeywordLuv and Commentluv thus I decide to reward my loyal commenters with backlinks to their sites via my sidebar. Livefyre doesn’t load on mobile devices via Opera Mini/Bolt/UC browser and this will definitely affect comments coming from mibike users.

    In terms of spam, it has reduced but it still comes through from the persistent human spammers.

    For now I’m awaiting the launch of commentluv premium then I’ll switch back to wordpress default comment system. I just pray Andy doesn’t make it one of those plugins accessible via Paypal or clickbank only as none of both is supported in my country.

    • Hi Udegbunam, the sale starts tomorrow, and I suggest that you contact Andy directly to see what he will go about sales for those that can’t use paypal. He’ll put up a blog post and you can mention it to him over there. As soon as the sale starts, I’ll share the link on Twitter.

  35. Hi Ileane, I fully agree with the SEO value of keywords, which we are getting now with our comments and simultaneously we get the opportunity to attach one of our last 10 posts. These features seems to be better than livefyre and therefore I am hapy with your decision to sticking to the one, which is currently available to the commentorrs here at your blog.

  36. I prefer default comment system. Installing new plugin always makes site slow. I heard about Livefyre plugin for the 1st time. But still I think commentluv is the best

  37. When the database on my blog became corrupt and I had to start a two year blog from scratch I looked at IntenseDebate and Disqus but opted to go back to the standard WP comments system. The reasons for this is that I suspect that using external third party packages slow the blog down and possibly open it up to weird behaviour.

    I won’t be looking at LiveFyre but thanks for the warning about deleting previous comments so I can spread thje word to others thinking of using it.

      • I suspect it was experimenting with too many plugins. There is so little policing of the quality of the plugins you cannot really know what some of them are doing in the background.

  38. Hi there. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Livefyre is good, I won’t say it’s bad thou. But if you’re looking for backlinking, link building, then I guess, commentluv still the best out there.

  39. I don’t feel the need to upgrade to Livefyre, CommentLuv is a very useful plugin and it makes sense upgrading to the premium version. I will purchase CommentLuv premium once I get my PayPal clear.

    • Hi Rakesh, I don’t consider using Livefyre an “upgrade” although someone else might call it that.
      If your paypal is clear, now is a great time because CommentLuv Premium just went on sale the other day and the sale only lasts until the end of the week.

  40. I would gladly change to CommentLuv premium over Livefyre. For me, I won’t say Livefyre is bad either, but there are lots of benefits you will gain with ComLuv than Livefyre.

  41. Hi Ileane
    Starting to see sites using Livefyre and all raving about how good it is.
    Good to see a post putting the other side.

    “Switching to Livefyre means thousands of your links will disappear!”
    Say no more.
    I worked hard for those links – real hard.

    My bottom line is that you are forcing people to register in order to leave a link on your site.
    Eh… they are doing you a favour by leaving a link, don’t make them jump through hoops.

    • Hi Keith,
      I wouldn’t do that to you guys. I value those links too because I have enjoyed the exchange of conversation and ideas.
      I’ve registered for Livefyre, Disqus and Intense Debate and out of all of them I Livefyre is my least favorite – no I take that back – they’re all annoying :)
      Thanks for stopping by Kieth.

    • Hi Keith,

      I just wanted to clarify that Livefyre only shows ONE blog post IF you install Livefyre on your own blog. So Livefyre users get links from CommentLuv blogs but don’t reciprocate even if you are registered to comment with them. So Livefyre users take more than they are willing to give which is another reason I really don’t like it.

      CommentLuv allows all your readers to register and leave their last blog post – and usually a choice of their last ten and even their five top posts – depending on what version of CommentLuv the blog has installed and how they have it configured.

      • Gail, to answer your question about my Tumblr blog (I ran out of space above). This blog contains curated content and I use it to build a library of resources for myself and other amateur podcasters. I would not use a WordPress blog to post curated content. Please take a look at the blog so you can understand what it’s for and how it helps me build a repository of content.

  42. Enhanced WP default comment system for the win! :)

    I’ve heard of Livefyre and even took a peek but my biggest beef about it is that people who want to leave comments on your blog have to sign up first or at least use their Twitter or Facebook accounts to leave a comment. This is not a good idea in my opinion as I know plenty of people would just pass up on commenting on your site to avoid the “hassle” of signing up.

    That said, the new CommentLuv premium plugin is the best choice if you ask me. Even the free version of CommentLuv is still better than Livefyre in my humble opinion.

    • Marcie, the lost links alone are reason enough for me not to install Livefyre, but then there’s just so much more to CommentLuv Premium. :)

  43. need some more information on why our links will disappear after installing this plugin for commenting system. is there any other way to install without losing any link?

  44. Livefyre is simply not worth installing especially considering the extra click steps it takes in order to use it plus it jusr doesnt have the “viralness” of CommentLuv.

    However, I did notice one good thing when I setup my profile uis that tmy ld ptofile aling with a particular comment I left was indexed quickly 😉

    • Saikiranreddy, I don’t have a hack to install KeywordLuv on Blogger, but I get there is one out there. Try to find it on Google or YouTube.
      I do have a tutorial for installing CommentLuv on Blogger, but that one doesn’t include KeywordLuv.

  45. Ileane, I had no idea that LiveFyre had this characteristic. With the increasing popularity of CommentLuv, I suspect they may change their system to be compatible with comment love.

    • Hi AstroGremlin, there’s not much that Livefyre can do to compare with CommentLuv in my eyes, but you might be right. Perhaps they’ll try.

  46. Hello Ileane. Let me say this: Why change something that is working so well. I’ve never really heard anything re: Livefyre to make me even consider it… But those fine bloggers obviously have their reasons to do so. I’ve heard soem things about DisQus, but not enough to sway me differently.

  47. Actually my blog commenluv also been using the plugin with the free version and I admit this plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. I was moved to find much information about this plugin as a reference to the use of a premium version. Thanks for the reviews that add to product knowledge.

    • Glad I could help. Please let me know if you have any questions about CommentLuv and if you like you can check out the video tutorial in my CommentLuv link. I show you a few hidden tips and tricks about how to use CommentLuv to promote guest posts and YouTube videos too. :)

  48. I’ve only come across LF a couple of times when commenting, and went crazy with the amount of emails I was getting everytime someone else commented in the thread. I love WP’s simple interface and with commentluv I see no reason to switch to any other scheme.

    • Ross, I know just what you mean! The Livefyre concept is that you will be drawn back into the conversation especially if your name is @mentioned in a comment. I prefer to have a choice. There are times when I want to subscribe to comments and other times I don’t. I shouldn’t be forced into subscribing. Wow, I just realized I should have added that to my list in the post. Oh well, at least you and I are on the same page :)

      Thanks Ross!

      • Hi Ileane,

        You could add that to the post to make it even better! (If you already did just ignore this – I’m too tired right now to look thoroughly and find out.)

  49. Thanks for clarification of Livefyre. I really like commentluv (so do my readers). There are so many plug-ins out there that it’s nice to have a guide for what works and what doesn’t.

    • Hi Lisa, you’re welcome. Andy Bailey has done a fine job of serving the WordPress community with this awesome plugin. I’m glad to see that you’re part of the CommentLuv movement. Chat soon!

  50. Hi Ileane, I am very interested that LiveFyre had a just characteristic. Comment Luv is getting too much popularity. Thanks for your review and i am your big fan as well.

  51. I, too, love commentluv, but I have been testing out Livefyre on my relatively new blog for about a month now. One thing, the links don’t just go away unless you “delete” commentluv from your system versus just deactivating it (especially if you are just testing out the system and you blog is relatively new like mine). I think Justin touched on this as well. I don’t have many comments just yet anyway. If my blog was well-established with many, many comments it would take a lot more to make such a switch.

    The reason for the switch is wanting more engagement on my site (you do have the ability to limit how you want to subscribe under Livefyre – you don’t have to receive every response in the feed). Also, I was getting about hundred spammers daily even with spam control plug-ins before switching to Livefyre. It was getting very cumbersome. However, I am not quite sold completely on Livefyre. It has some bugs and I do like the commentluv given when someone post. However, My spam has gone from over 300 to 20. Big difference.

    I used the free version of commentluv and not quite ready to pay for a commenting system. Maybe when my blog starts generating more traffic I will see the value in paying for it. Bottomline, commentluv is my first choice hands down, but the spam – there has to be a way to cut down on the spam. If anyone can share how to cut down on the spam, I would switch back immediately.

    • Hi Shonda,

      I do not understand what you mean “the links don’t just go away”. Did they not all disappear from the comments on your site when you disabled CommentLuv and enabled Livefyre? While they may still exist in a database on your blog unless you delete them, they are effectively “gone” unless you reactivate CommentLuv.

      When your spam went down because you switched to Livefyre so did your real comments. All anyone has to do is read the comments in this post to see there are many – like me – who will not only not comment but will not read nor share blogs using Livefyre.

      The premium version of CommentLuv incorporates the anti-spam protection we need – and as Andy strengthens the GrowMap anti-spambot plugin built into CommentLuv Premium he will add that improved spam protection to the free version of that plugin as well. The main reason for switching to Premium is to merge many plugins into one for ease in maintenance and better response times.

      • Actually the comments DO still appear on your blog… every single comment. They do not go away unless you delete CommentLuv from your system. As a new blog we were not yet receiving very many comments anyway but 100% of those comments still appear on the post in which it was made.

        I suppose I view it from this perspective: As a blogger I quite enjoy CommentLuv and the rewards it gives other “bloggers”. However, as a business person for the last 10+ years offline (and only 1 year online) I know I cannot survive without my clients. Livefyre caters to my clients. While my comments have not increased with Livefyre, the few comments I do get transcend to social media and has directly brought us additional clients on a daily basis. It has given me enough business in the few months of using Livefyre to force me to hire 2 new people to handle the client flow and re-visit my 2012 growth plans already. Now that is a problem I quite enjoy having…

        So while I enjoy giving out rewards to professionals like myself at the end of the day we are here to make a living. To build businesses. To add to the economy in a positive way. To achieve our goals. Livefyre is helping me through easy engagement, to achieve those goals. That being said, once again, as a blogger, CommentLuv is absolutely stellar without a doubt, but as a business person I cannot say the same. And I am here for business.

        • I should re-phrase… the comments are still there appearing on the blog and the links are “retained” on your system; however not appearing on the post. You have to actually “delete” comment luv from the system to permanently erase all links. The links can always be restored as long as comment luv is not deleted. That being said my point was my blog was new… if I had years of links from visitors or tons of comments, my decision to switch would have been more difficult. My reasons were business related… while I enjoy comments, I enjoy sales more and I am actually engaging with “clients” more. Every business model is different. For those businesses that cater to bloggers, having commentluv is a must in my opinion. Giving the reward to your client base aka “bloggers” is worth it.

  52. I don’t see any benefit of going into a paid commenting system when I could get the same benefits from the free one. Livefyre serves that purpose for me and the dofollow links too.

    I’m not in too much synch with alot of the CL premium types. Primarily, I get a lot more support and readership from visitors from the PR world.

    • The benefit of using any commenting system is who your audience is. The audience for blogs using Livefyre is totally different and almost entirely separate from the audience for blogs using CommentLuv.

      Which a blogger should use will depend on their ethical standards and who they wish to interact with on a regular basis.

      • There is also an inherent difference between the CL and LF, with CL being an socially inflated tool for rewarding a blog commenter. Meanwhile, the LF is more geared towards real-time collaboration and sharing as a “discussion” system for WordPress and other CMS platforms.

        I still get the last post link as well.

        • I quite agree with Tony. You still get the last post link with LF. Each system has its purpose… I am not going to bash one over the other… just simply stating the pros and cons of each as it pertains to my business model. Given my business model cannot survive without clients, I must cater to them in the best way possible. If my business model catered to other bloggers, then my decision may be different. Comment Luv is an excellent system. If not using Comment Luv discourages someone from “commenting” on my blog it doesn’t mean you still cannot read the post. I am quite okay with that… you can read and share the content and never leave a comment. I am 100% okay with that decision.

  53. I prefer wordpress default commenting system because Its just great and we easily equipped with premium commentluv to get more flexibilty.

  54. Demi

    I really like LiveFyre and especially lately because commentluv had so many problems. I switched to livefyre a few months a go and love it. Great article!

  55. A fellow SEO said, that the comment luv plugin bad influence on the google pagerank, Alexa may be good for. If true why is that?, But in my opinion one of the plugins commenluv good. What might it only for users of plugins that are not premium?, I hope there is information for this experience.

  56. It all depends on what you want out of your commenters and provide, I summed it up very well and even Andy himself said I coined it when I said this “CommentLuv is about rewarding commenters and providing incentive for people to leave comments on your blog in exchange for a backlink to their latest articles.” …
    “Livefyre is more about facilitating communication rather than specifically rewarding commenters”

    • Except when their system pretends to share but doesn’t which is censorship – plain and simple.

      I find that Livefyre is favored by the bloggers whose content I choose not to read anyway because it contains so much profanity and explicit adult innuendo – or beyond innuendo – that I find inappropriate in what used to be called “mixed company”.

      As society increasingly accepts any behavior as “normal” there will be a growing divide and those who prefer to be more discerning about what they let into their minds are most likely to use CommentLuv and least likely to use Livefyre.

      • Oh my! I am not finding any blogs that are adult or profuse with profanity… where are you looking? The company I keep is not of that… well… community. So I guess I do not run across “those” types of blogs. Be a little more gentle… these are all choices each person makes to achieve the individual and professional goals they each make. To each his/her own. Visit those blogs using Livefyre who have commented on this particular post… so far I do not believe any of us are adult content sites or extreme use of profanity. My site happens to be based on Christian and biblical principles deriving from the Tree of Life – Living Abundantly… with a specific focus of course.

      • I have commented on about 40+ blogs using Livefyre, I use dropmylink.com which allows you to search for Livefyre blogs and have seen none that use profanity or bad language. Maybe a handful of “shock bloggers” do but I don’t visit those sites at all, as I tend to gravitate toward tech, blogging, gaming blogs and you have a fair modicum of professionalism in those genre’s.

        As far as the censorship, I know you had issues with political statements on one blog as I recall, but I don’t remember if it was Livefyre or the blog moderator censoring the comments/blocking the threads, or if it was explained by Livefyre what was happening. I am anti censorship, and if I found any system was censoring comments on my blog I would remove it instantly. Of course anti spam items are a form of censorship, but you know what I mean.

        • Hi Justin,

          Perhaps you missed my objection and the resulting backlash when one well known blogger who has a very high quality marketing related blog publishing a guest post with the f word in the title and inappropriate content throughout.

          I was not the only one who immediately removed that blog from what I share and stopped reading it altogether. One of his readers actually commented that “dropping the f bomb” gave the writer “instant credibility”.

          I understand that what is now socially acceptable to the masses is different than what I am willing to put into my mind or share with others and that is why I believe there will be separate communities as more people have to decide where to draw the line on smut.

          The censorship issue occurred on a blog that had a Livefyre sharing option. I used that – it appeared to work – but it never got shared. That occurred on that site if I tried to share anything related to the Occupy movement but not on other content on that site nor on other sites using that type of sharing. I don’t recall the URL or I would share it.

          There is active censorship going on. Twitter is blocking specific tweets. Some will not post at all while others show up in your timeline but can not be found in search. There is also evidence that tweets that criticize some brands are made to disappear while positive tweets about the same brand do not.

          Facebook is also censoring what we share. Some links it refuses immediately – others it displays and then they disappear later.

          We need to be aware when our actions are being censored and not accept lame excuses about “computer glitches” being the reason. Computers do not only glitch when your position on a topic does not agree with what the mainstream media is spinning.

          On top of the active censorship already going on now we have COPPA, SOPA and PIPA. Every person who values being able to have their own site appear online and find independent sites needs to clearly understand that the Internet as we know it is in serious jeopardy. The post I’ll share in CommentLuv in this reply contains details.

  57. I never used Live Frye and really do not have a desire to either. Very happy with CommentLuv. There are millions of blogs to read and comment on, why not reward those that choose to visit yours and engage.

    • I love CommentLuv, and I eventually think when the WordPress commenting system by default expands and has more flexibility CommentLuv may be back in the top and have all the features that currently give Livefyre it’s social media edge. If you don’t plan on expanding heavily into Facebook/Twitter (eventually Google+) as an additional means of conversing with your audience and engaging in conversation, then CommentLuv is all you need.

      • Hi Justin,

        Please clarify what you mean. What does free Livefyre do that free CommentLuv with GASP does not? And how does Livefyre compare with CommentLuv Premium which is already integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sharing?

        • It allows you to seamlessly carry in conversations from social media. Example: It will read in comments on Twitter/Facebook and bring them as conversations on your blog post. It will allow you to type @user and send a message to Twitter/Facebook user directly from your comment and invite them to join the discussion and come to your blog. It will very soon have reply by email where just simply replying via email to a comment will put your reply into the comment thread. This will make it infinitely easier to reply to comments when on the road on mobile devices like an iphone, blackberry where you can just reply to comments via email.

          The CommentLuv just encourages people to share your articles, it doesn’t read in comments/replies from social networks into your blog post as Livefyre does. It also doesn’t let you directly send messages to people on Social Media from the comment box. It is a great system, but it is designed around rewarding with links, not bringing in conversations from Social Media into your blog.

          Also, with Livefyre it is updated in real time, you don’t have to do any page refreshes to see latest comments, just leave page open and comments flow in as do replies in real time. I often leave my contest page up which has over 375+ comments right now and just respond as they come in http://www.dragonblogger.com/win-free-kindle-fire/

          In addition, you can link to youtube video’s right inside your comment or photo’s on certain services like Flickr/YouTube and it will embed thumbnails of those photo’s/video in your comment so reader can see picture/image.

  58. definitely agree, Justin. It definitely depends on your business model and your goals. CommentLuv is a great system, and each person has to determine exactly what they are trying to achieve in order to make sound decisions. Many people comment on the registering… I like the fact I don’t have to enter my name, email, website every single time I come to a blog. It is very simple with Livefyre and you have multiple ways to connect. Hence my readers can select the way most befitting for them. Usually it is FaceBook or Twitter. And that is exactly what I want to be able to engage with those readers more. Both serve a purpose.

    • Does it not cause your conscience to twinge when you receive incoming links – many of them dofollow – from CommentLuv bloggers but give them nothing in return? That just doesn’t feel right and will result in many CommentLuv bloggers – and especially the busiest most influential ones – shunning your site.

      • You are quire hilarious, Gail. If one “shuns” my site because they did not get a “link”. I liken it to someone not playing with me on the playground because they did not get 1st pick in a round of kick ball. It is quite petty and quite frankly that person more than likely is not my target market… more than likely will never be a client… and more than likely does not offer information I may find valuable on their site. I visit many sites… I do not comment on the mass majority of them… however, I do share quite a bit of content. Sharing is quite valuable to reach more people. Sharing is fundamental. I like to do it. Readers who come to my site come because of the provided services… not to get a “link”.

        Perhaps I should hand out a piece of candy to every visitor I have at my home as well. If you are only visiting sites to gain a “link”, then for shame. I am not a user. My reasons for visiting sites go beyond what I think I am entitled to receive from anyone. I visit, not becuase I think they owe me anything… let’s not be pretentious. I visit because I believe the information may suit my fancy at the moment. Whether it is business related or I need a good laugh to lighten a busy day. If they offer a means to share their content, I will make an effort to do so in more than one way. And guess what… they don’t owe me one thing for doing so. I am of a different mindset. I do not need to receive a lollipop to make you my friend. You can be my friend despite the incentive.

  59. Hi Ileane,

    Just a quick word to say thanks for not installing Livefyre, a lot of other blogs that i read have decided to install this plugin, causing uproar amongst its readers.

    I cant see this plugin being too popular with the blogging world though!

  60. Great review of Livefyr… now I know that I don’t need to even think about it. One thing to point out for those reading this, CommentLuv does have a free version (available with all the other free plugins right from the WP Dashboard). This is the version that I use. It doesn’t have ALL of the features of the premium version, but it still by far one of the best commenting plugins out there.

  61. Livefyre, is an awesome comment system, while there are several similar to that, there are none that can match its power. I love it but, I need commentLuv, I want to be able to provide value and support to my commenters as well. Thanks for the nice write up.

  62. Hajra

    Though I am a fan of comment luv and take full advantage of it everywhere; some people have removed it citing the reason as that people come by ONLY for the links and not for actually reading the posts and dropping in valuable comments. Though it not may true for all the readers but that still remains a valid point.

    But yes, comment luv is definitely to be benefited from. I for once have been introduced to many great blogs through the links left behind by readers and their comments!

    I did read Danny Brown’s post oh why he is uninstalling Livefyre and I think it makes for a compelling discussion.

    • Hi Hajra, I realize that some people comment to get links. In fact I’ve done that before myself and I’m not sure why people have such a huge problem with that. If they are creating valuable content Google will be nice to them no matter how many links they have outgoing. Two more points:
      1. You can get links with Livefyre blogs too (I know because I created a Tumblr blog just for that reason which now has a PR3)
      2. With CommentLuv Premium, you can get fine grain control over each and every comment link! Turn off DoFollow, Remove the Luv, Limit Keywords – you name it! There is NO other plugin on the planet that allows you to do that.
      I’m sticking with CommentLuv and I’m so glad you are too.

  63. yes its true .. Livefyre is don’t have keywordluv option and also its risk .. but so many popular blogs (JohnChow) are using that ..

  64. I started using livefyre on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I actually love and used commentluv on my blog for quite a while and would be using it still, but I had a clash with my theme and had to unfortunately go to something else.

    • SEL, did you use the free version of CommentLuv? Have you tried using the support forum to see if Andy could tweak it for you? It sounds like you might be using a free theme too. If so you should be able to get help from your theme developer and when you can’t get help for something as popular as CommentLuv, it’s time to think about getting a new theme. :)

  65. Why would you leave commentluv blog and try livefry instead when it works well on your blog. What are the main differences between the 2? I heard great things about commentluv and i see you have many commenters who really engage to the subject.
    Good luck with your blog.Happy to read the tips and tricks you discuss here.

  66. Hi Ileane,
    According to my experience i like only commentluv because it have some easy and amazing feature that i didn’t found other commenting system like -livefyre. By using commentluv we can give freedom to commenter to reply to comments, easy change keyword by keywordlov and most important that admin have advance feature to do comment dofollow or nofollow.But i think in livefyre every comment is nofollow.

    • Bhupendra, That is correct. The comment links on Livefyre are nofollow the last I heard they are thinking about changing that, but I don’t think they did yet. Thanks for your comment.

  67. Thanks Ileane for reply, yes it’s true that livefyre is going to change comment police and admin easily do dofollow or nofollow.But still will tell that commentluv amazing feature can’t be compare with livefyre.

  68. Tushar

    yes it is always recommended that we should use a reputed source . livefyre dont offering any keywordlove plugin option.

  69. And what are the other services that we can use like livefyre ? I really dissapointed with it. Sorry for another comments. :(

    • Tushar, there isn’t any service that is like Livefyre. However there are two other widely used commenting systems – Intense Debate and Disqus.

  70. I was actually thinking of checking out Livefyre for my site, but now I’m not too sure. I mean, I always get my post feedback all over the place in FB and Twitter, so I thought centralizing it would be a good idea… wouldn’t it?

  71. I have only recently adopted the use of Commentluv, and I’m hoping it helps to draw more users to my site. However, I’m also concious that more than half the leg-work will be down to me commenting on other peoples’ sites who use this plugin to get my links out there.

    This kind of splits me morally down the middle. I mean I like the friendly idea of letting people add a link to their last entry, and building up a little community of like minded bloggers, but…

    I fear there is a risk for blog owners having to comment out of necessity rather than interest in the articles they read. There are lists of high PR websites using the plugin available online from a variety of sites that suggest commenting on these will help generate more traffic than those with a lower PR. Of course, a lot of these will/may not have anything of interest to you or be relevant to your own work, but we all want more visitors. To benefit from this, you will have to comment on such other websites to get the link to you last entry. So now, you are almost limited to the sites you will comment on in order to benefit you the most.…

    I’m not entirely sure just how different this is from actual spam commenting… even if it is more “niche”.

    I’m going to see how things go with Commentluv over the next few months.

  72. i never thought before that Live Fyre have these negative effects on a blog, thanks to Ileane for exposing such things i will be careful now

  73. Oh i was thinking about Live Fyre as i have got some email from the Some Blogs. Thanks for attention really. Well written post.

  74. Actually i love the simplicity of WordPress Platform among them is commenting system. So I’m certainly not migrating to Livefyte. There are many premium themes which provides awesome look like thesis and genesis. I feel is it necessary to switch?

  75. Hey Ileane, thank God you didn’t stick with LiveFyre then!

    It’s rare to see web owners truly take their readers into consideration when making changes to their sites.

    Thank you for taking the time to find out in detail what LiveFyre can and cannot do and making an informed decision. I really appreciate it :)

  76. It was a very good decision Ileane. Even I have not installed this Plugin. I suggest everyone shall go for Comment Luv Premium as it is the Best.

  77. I’m actually not using livefyre as well. I just like the fact that wp already has its own commenting system.

  78. Nehal Kabra

    Comment Luv premium is a very good choice to make considering the functionality it provides. We are also planning to install premium on our blog.

  79. Ileane as per my knowledge indexing of comments through CommentLuv is better and if we talk about interface liyefyre,disqus is the best

  80. I am currently using Livefyre and it really annoys me how my comments are always automatically approved. I don’t know why it does this, there is no option for it. It really bugs me waking up and seeing a comment left by a spam bot (clearly). I think I will change to CommentLuv, it’s a really attractive set up!

  81. I have already purchased the premium versions…i am writing on my new blog too!!Very interesting update for commentluv. I love the idea behind the system.

  82. Do you know if you can CommentLuv on Tumblr? I have a blog on Tumblr for the moment. I would like to eventually get WordPress blog up and running when I have more time, but for right now I would love to get CommentLuv on Tumblr.

    • Hi John,

      No you cannot install CommentLuv on Tumblr. That’s why I’m using Livefyre on my Tumblr blog.

      You might run across some instructions, but don’t waste your time because is simply doesn’t work. :)

      Try using a Blogger blog instead – I see you saw my post and YouTube video on how to install CommentLuv on Blogger already.

      Happy blogging!

  83. Hi Ileane. Thanks for confirming what I suspected all along…that CommentLuv is the way to go. I did use plain old WordPress Comments for years, then Livefyre for several months. I had Livefyre set up problems, having two blogs. Customer service was responsive, but not at all helpful.

    I also like the fact that the affiliate program encourages helpful reviews like this one. (love your spirited photo too!)