7 Mistakes That Prove You Are Wasting Time Using Guest Posting As a Traffic Strategy!

I’ve talked a lot about how guest posting is a great fire-starter for building early traffic to your blog, and while I’ve seen it work for dozens of bloggers, I’ve seen many more waste the opportunity by making critical mistakes in implementing this guest posting strategy.

So today I’ve finally had enough, and I’m going to share a list of guest posting mistakes you absolutely cannot make when writing guest posts. Ignore this advice at your own peril.

1. Not Replying to Comments – BIG mistake when you’re guest posting

The goal of guest posting is to reach a new audience and bring them back to your blog; backlinks are secondary. If you receive comments on a guest post, you are lucky, and you should act as such. Failing to respond to comments is a huge mistake that not only looks bad, but works against you.

2. Not Sharing

Look, one of the reasons other bloggers let you post on their blog is because they’re hoping you can bring them additional traffic, and they are expecting you to tweet and share the link to your audience when the post is published. Guest posting is a partnership strategy, and you’ve got to do your part.

guest posting mistakes make me sad3. Being Fake

Don’t write about something you haven’t done. Meta bloggers (blogging about blogging) make this mistake all the time, as do Internet marketers. Instead of repeating what you hear, write from experience. If you don’t have experience, then gain some.

Furthermore, don’t write about principles you violate. For example, if you don’t write guest posts, then don’t write a post about how to do guest posting. It sounds fairly obvious, but somehow, it’s not.

4. Blowing Your Bio

Your bio is the pitch that gets people moving back to your website. If you blow your bio, then you waste a golden opportunity to earn new prospects from guest posting.

Spend a lot of time crafting a great bio that mixes information with soft salesmanship. Read it out loud and have a friend look it over for good measure.

5. Dealing Improperly With Bad Comments

Look, we all get bad comments from trolls and people that disagree with us. The trick is to keep your composure and to not let comments get under your skin. Be smart, and always reply with tact.

6. Forgetting Links when guest posting

What’s worse than writing a bad bio? Forgetting to link back to your website.

I tend to leave a link or two in the body, and a solid anchor link in the bio. These anchor links can help you rank for keywords, but can also help you practice writing great copy. Learn which works get people to click, and refine your bio accordingly.

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7. Sandbagging

Many people think that they should keep their best posts for their own blog, and leave 2nd rate posts as guest posts; I couldn’t disagree more.

Treat guest posting as you would treat a resume – it has to rock. Don’t submit anything but your best content as a guest post. I know a blogger that spent 10x more writing for others as he did for himself, and it worked.

So that’s it – 7 mistakes that prove you are wasting time using guest posting as a traffic strategy. Which of these mistakes do you make? Which do you see from other bloggers? Let’s talk about it below.


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Wong Chendong is genuinely concerned about bloggers’ efforts in the blogosphere. While many online and marketing gurus prey on the uneducated and impressionable, he share his blogging knowledge instead of robbing people blind like the wicked of the web. He has been where you are and knows for a fact that he can help you. Find out how you can improve your blogging knowledge by reading his blogging tips @ TheBadBlogger.com


  1. Could not agree with you more on this one Wong. I really “hate” guest bloggers that forget to reply to comments when they guest post. Like you said, it is a wrong move. As for your last item on your list, I usually say the same.. write as if you were writing on your own blog, only better :)

    • I really hate reading a post and then left a comment hopping the author of the post would reply but it never, seriously it happen in TechnShare, I mean guest post is not a post and run away game, it’s a bank where one must save the best in it.

  2. I agree to the point that guest bloggers should also publicize the posts. Most of them don’t and that’s not in the spirit of a partnership. I suggest that people write guest posts on topics which they are an expert at (even outside the realm of their own blog) because they cannot publish these posts in their own niche blogs.

  3. Excellent points, especially the part about helping with post promotion. You need to get the word out there to help increase traffic.

  4. I agree with all the points mentioned in the post. Yes its true that if your doing guest posting then you must go and comment on your post if there is need of your comment.

  5. Well, Always try to write your own experience that’s what make your different from others as everyone has different experience on same thing. Readers like to read your experience not what you’ve heard from others.

  6. Agree!! If our sole intentions for guest writing is just only for link back, you will loose 90% of your purpose. Interaction is really essential for you to establish a good relationship between you and the readers as well as the blog owner.

  7. Agree!! If our sole intentions for guest writing is just only for link back, you will loose 90% of your purpose. Interaction is really essential for you to establish a good relationship between you and the readers as well as the blog owner.

    Great points there Sir Wong :)

  8. Cristian Balau

    I tried guest posting, all of them turned out bad, don’t know why but I always write these crazy controversial articles when I’m guest posting and most people just freak out and get insulted and therefore will insult me back and I end up insulting them in the comment section and my article ends up being deleted. And I’m really not a bad person as far as I know, people enjoy my writing style on my blogs…

    • May I know which blog you guest post and got into trouble? For what I know before you guest post is being publish the owner should have check if your content is appropriate with his audience.
      What you had said in your comment, seem to me the owner of the blog, didn’t read your content before he hit the publish button, and I’m curious what sort of controversy post did you write?
      Do you mind sharing it in Basic Blog Tips, I’m sure your experience will be worth listening.

  9. Hey Wong, Great post. I totally agree. Always use your best content as guest posts, and know your topic well enough to engage in a conversation at the end.

    One thing I like to do is throw in a few internal links and tie my post to something said in another post on that blog. this helps with your relationship with that blog owner as well as engaging the audience that is already reading that blog regularly.

  10. Ya. i agree with your post, Failed or not responding to your guest post makes bad impression along with new visitors, they wont trust your article and it dead post without reply…. :(

  11. Hi Wong,

    I’ve seen few posts guest post where blogger don’t reply to bad comments they just simply ignore it and try to reply only good comments. This really create a buzz in your mind “Does this blogger has enough skills or knowledge to answer the comment”? It’s also put bad impression before other readers.

    • Well, you have to see what type of comment it is, for example if the comment talks bad, then by not answering isn’t showing the author is up to something, actually it all depends, as for me, I have my way of responding to bad comments… well if you did like to know you can go to my blog and search for the post, as I cannot put the link in this blog because the post is full of profanity.

  12. Excellent post Wong. These are indeed mistakes about guest posting that makes it a waste of time and effort. Guest posting provides a writer with a sea of opportunities so it’s better to not provide room for these mistakes. If you don’t have experience, then gain some. I love it!

  13. Guest posting can bring fruitful results if done correctly and I agree that sharing credentials and replying to comments are equally important for getting visitors from your guest posts.

  14. First of keep in your mind that whenever you write a guest post,always show dedication in each step. Reply the comments flourish your skill as a professional blogger.

  15. Hi, Wong and Ileane!
    I couldn’t agree more. There are a lot of mistakes, and I also dislike when I see those ones happening, especially the number 1 and 3. Guest posting is a great technique, but it has to be correctly done, if not it’s like you say: just a waste of time.

  16. yes… when you are engaged in guest blogging, you should try to reply as many comments as you can. it ultimately helps you to build a relationship with reader and you can then easily attract readers from your host to your own blog.

  17. Hi Wong, thanks for a fantastic article. As a bit of a newbie to the world of blogging, with my own site in its infancy the tips in your article will be invaluable to me. I’ve been considering a few guest posts but really haven’t had the confidence to go forward with them and now having read your blog chances are I would have made some novice mistakes too. I’ve had people giving advice left right and centre but this sums it up very neatly. I’ve actually added this page to my favourites so I can refer back to it easily. Thanks again.

    • I’m glad to hear that and remember always have the confident in guest posting because when you start to get questions in comment, that’s your chance to show the talent in you, and that’s when people will look up for you in your expertise :)

  18. Thanks Wong, the slight problem I have is the sector in which my website is, is a little on the boring side. (Its aimed at electrician and plumbers etc). As such I’m struggling to come up with any real unique and innovative content. I’m jotting down ideas all the time and hopefully my confidence will come. Thanks again

    • To be honest if you are struggling to come up with content, you should re-think whether or not you should continue with electrician and plumbers, for what I know being a professional in something, shouldn’t be hard to come out with content.

  19. You’ve got a great set of points there, I’d like to think that I do all of those things when I guest post. I put a lot of time and effort into my guest posts so I want the maximum return from them

  20. Blogging is writing. And I absolutely love what you said about no faking it. People can instinctively tell if you are lying or not. Also, hone your own voice as a writer and write about something you believe in and are interested about. I like what you said about bios. Personally, I gravitate towards other people who share the same interest as I do and I guess it’s pretty much the same with others too. Sharing something interesting about yourself may also change someone’s perspective about you.

    • Yes, sharing something that goes the same as your interest is always great. Well, if anyone had been blogging long enough, it’s easy to tell if the person is faking it or not, it’s just natural, though I had seen a few bloggers talking about their success but in true… it might just be fake.

  21. I agree with you Wong, not replying to the comments is really a bad move. This happens a lot especially on tutorial sites where newbies are asking certain questions.
    Also, make sure your blog has a lot of content to offer for the new visitors. You might want to keep them returning to your site.

    • I had been to a few blog when I read and comment and ask question, but no reply, the worst is there is a popular blog known as Alvin Phang who was one of the guy who I admire, but my comment had never been publish… just wondering if this guy is real in what he knows…

  22. Thanks for the tips as for me it was important and I have noticed some of the mistakes that I have done while guest posting. This is a great post for those who only wants to start guest bloggin and is only planning to develop their blog.

  23. I have recently started my new blog site regarding ways to earn online. I want to attract more traffic to my blog and for this i am trying to do guest posting.. So i need help in this regard that how could i publish my posts on other blogs and how could i establish relations with other blog’s visitors…??

    • Well, you can always contact the blog owner through their contact form and then ask them if you could guest post on their blog, just remember to follow the rules of the blog, and also write unique content, I’m sure you post will be accepted.

  24. Love the post. I just started getting into guest blogging and using it in my overall SEO strategy for my IM blog, works like crazy…

    Repeat visitors

    What more could you ask for? Like the post!

  25. Hey Wong,

    I am always amazed at how so many guest bloggers ignore comments left on their guest posts.

    I know a few people who simply nofollow links in guest post if you dont respond to comment within a certain period of time. I think a fair way to ensure people dont just post and vanish.

  26. Number seven is a strategy used heavily in the music business especially in the hiphop genre where a rapper will use his best lyrics in a song on another artist’s album so that those fans will become his fans as well…I guess that kinda covers number two as well :)

    • Yes, number 7 is heavily use in the music, but success rate is low because for what I knew… those album with mix music sells aren’t high. I had been in the music industry for 2 years, so the best is always solo album and now with mp3 players around people aren’t really interested in mix…

  27. karen

    This is very important thank you for sharing this great tips..Looking forward to see a lot of great tips..

  28. Thanks for sharing these great tips, Wong. I hope you don’t mind that I printed it this out and posted this right here on my computer table so that I can always remember this as soon as I finalize my first guest blog post. :)

  29. Hi Wong, I’m Mezzo.
    I like your advice, in particular the point about writing a good Bio and being fake. I hate fake. Fake is just too easy and anything that is too easy has little value. If you would like to read some of the party blog that I am working to promote, just email me.

  30. Hey Chen Dong,

    Replying to comment is a must in guest blogging and it is really important. I also experienced a really late or totally forgotten reply from guest blogger in some blogs. This is kinda annoying…

    I would like to add a point that it will greatly help when you have a post with similar topic on the guest post or a pillar post to welcome the new readers from the guest blog. This will help to draw the interest of the new readers.

  31. I’m relatively new to blogging, and I’ve come to appreciate the idea of not being “fake” when it comes to writing, both for your own posts and for guest posts. While I do, on occasion, talk about things on my site that I think might help others but which I might not be an expert at, I try to talk about where I’ve learned that information and relate my experience in trying to use that information.

    But when it comes to guest posting, I try to stick with things I can draw from my own experience. I feel it lends credibility to what I am saying, and helps when I get into the discussion in the comments.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  32. Agreed! guest posting has become a trend and its welcomed as more quality content flow through this.

    There can nothing more misfortune if the guest blogger skips replying the comments. I’ve fallen in trouble more often. I don’t feel it good to reply for the queries when that post is not mine and my guest blogger does not appear too often.

    I hope we’ll better care these tips. :-)

  33. see this post of your helps me a lot but want to know how to determine what public likes to see in your blog?here you have choosen a topic about mistakes done while blogging ,now whats new there to let users read more and more?

  34. I accept guest posts on my blog, and I do feel as though many times the guest poster just sends a guest post so they can get backlinks to their website or blog. I usually get a few comments for posts published on my blog, so guest posts usually do get comments, however, the guest post author rarely replies to the comments. In such a situation, I usually wait for some time and then go back and remove the bio line with the links.

    I also ensure that I outline my guidelines for guest posts on my blog, so I don’t feel bad about removing the links for non-participating authors.

    • If I were you I will set a simple rules, “comments that are require to reply, is not reply within 48 hours, post will automatically be deleted.”

      Well, 48 hours is two days, and if the guest poster got no time to reply given the amount of time, it simply show his not concern, so don’t waste time on idiots like them, just delete the whole post…

      We are not here to please but to share and communicate…

  35. Wong,

    YOu make some awesome points here. Recently “Guest posting” has become the new “article marketing” this means that sites are drowned with guest post offers.

    Often from complete strangers (that would be an added rule. Want to guest post.. at least comment on the blogs posts a few time first)

    These posts are sometimes subpar and even if they are acceptable… to often the blogger will ignore comments.

    This doesn’t make sense to me on many levels. For one you “burn” a potential relationship for another I agree that guest posts should be among your BEST work. Not leftovers.

    The whole point is to write something that will attract people. Not something that is “just for a link”

    The whole thing has gotten me to the point where I have a knee-jerk “no guest posts” reaction unless I know the person first.

    • You thoughts about no guest post reaction, is the same as mine, and ya I only let someone who I know to guest post on my blog, because guest post is becoming a next generation trends, eventually the spammers and idiots will start to join in the fun and makes “guest posting” another “bad idea”

  36. I’m going to have include links within my articles and adding my bio. I keep forgetting to do both when I submit guest blog posts. Thanks for the reminder.

  37. I haven’t made any of these mistakes yet, but I have yet to write a guest blog post. Hoping to do so very soon and will try not to make any mistake you’ve listed.

  38. First time I heard the term “meta bloggers”, but thinking about it, it does make sense. Like “meta data” is “data about data”, then I can see why one would call “bloggers who blog about blogging” for “meta bloggers”.

  39. Excellent points, especially the part about helping with post promotion. You need to get the word out there to help increase traffic.

  40. What a wonderful article ? When I read the title of this blog post at the first time I completely misunderstood it. But, after reading the article thoroughly, I have completely agreed with all the points mentioned in it. Definitely, guest posting is a great way to generate good traffic and build quality backlinks, however, most of the people forgets to reply to the comments on their written articles. Sharing, liking and replying is a must when you wish to get more exposure from it. Also, consistency plays a very significant role in keeping your visitors stick to the articles.

  41. MegB

    True and Well said.

    As guest posting is all about attracting new visitors and building new relationship. Thus the point which you have mentioned need not to be neglect but need to be taken seriously otherwise it surely create negative impression for us which proves to be as great loss to our blog.

    Thanks a lot for this.

  42. Great points you made there, I really liked them. I have seen that many bloggers just ignore this so-called facts. It is very important to follow this points or else Guest posting would not give the complete results which is required.

  43. Guest posting does not end in submitting your article or bog to blog owners. You have to share it to your networks in twitter or any platforms you are in. Your blog guest post is useless if no one sees it. It is also crucial that you reply in the comments made in your post, this shows your readers how you appreciate their time reading your blog.

  44. Great points! I think these points can apply for events and other marketing campaigns. A great marketing concept needs to be implemented all the way through. It could be a great article, but if you don’t share it and promote it, know one will ever know the value of it. I also love the last point you make. Guest blogging is a privilege and a great opportunity, if you don’t provide good content, then know one will take you seriously. Thanks, great article!

  45. I always try to reply to comments both when I am a guest blogger and even on my own blog. I believe it helps to tie the reader to the writer. Thanks for the good info!

  46. I reply to every cogent comment and with great enthusiasm when someone has read the article and offers a well reasoned opinion. My blog is 100% DoFollow with bonuses for social bookmarking. I’m getting lots of comments and not much human spam. Friends tend to stop by when I comment on their posts.

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  48. Wonderful reporting from you guys. I have understood your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely magnificent. Very informative and impressive information you just wrote.

  49. There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration. That is a great point to bring up. I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like the one you bring up where the most important thing will be working in honest good faith. I don?t know if best practices have emerged around things like that, but I am sure that your job is clearly identified as a fair game.

  50. Exactly what I needed to read! I plan to begin guest blogging this month and I don’t want to make these mistakes!! I appreciate your insights and will adhere to your suggestions 100%!

  51. “Don’t write about something you haven’t done.” Spot on. Many SEO companies write badly researched articles for their clients, which no one will want to read and will reflect badly on their client if it looks like they don’t understand their business.

  52. Before doing a guest post we should also check if our links are created as do follows. Do follows really counts in Google.

  53. Janus Ng

    Hi Wong,

    You’ve made some great points here, especially for bloggers thinking about guest posting. I’ve recently started writing guest posts and your article just comes at the right time.

    Point #3 “Don’t Be Fake” especially stands out for me, because I think people are more interested to read about real experience than just a rehash of other peoples’ work.

    Thanks for this great post!