3 Simple Tips That Will Make You a Better Blogger

Blogging can immediately connect you with a global audience, right from the comfort of your home. Today, people from various age-groups and backgrounds have become active in blogging. What’s more, blogging is the best social media tool that you can use to expand the reach of your business, engage new audiences, establish your expertise or build an online community around a specific cause. However, it may take several years to turn yourself into a better blogger. Better blogging is all about creating an emotional attachment with readers. So, how do you become a better blogger?

Well, you might have read plenty of tips on better blogging. Below, I recommend three simple steps that you can follow to prove yourself better than others in your niche industry.

#1. Write PassionatelyBe a better blogger
Blogging without passion is no blogging at all! In fact, passion is the building block of successful blogging. If you intend to start a blog, only you should decide what you are going to write about. Truth be told, nobody wants to read a dumb article. If you want to grab people’s attention immediately, you must give them a good reason to listen.

Dull articles are floating all over. Passionate writing, however, can help you create blog posts that people will be glued to. Passion comes from truth. Passion comes from an eagerness to solve people’s problems.

Remember – If you are passionate about writing and love to write, everything else will fall into place!

#2. Write Consistently
Much of your blogging success depends on how regular you can be in the long run. Definitely, publishing posts on a blog consistently is one of the biggest challenges that bloggers face. Consistency will keep people coming to your blog over and over again. You’ll keep readers interested. Consistency doesn’t, however, mean you need to publish a new article every day. Being consistent is sticking to your publishing schedule (even if it’s 2 posts a week).

If you want to blog consistently, use these key tips –

  • Become an expert in your niche
  • Create an editorial calendar (know your blog topics in advance)
  • Create back-up articles (when you are free)
  • Read more blogs and follow podcasts in your niche 
  • Don’t forget the research part of writing

And that certainly makes you a better blogger.

#3. Write Correctly
For a painter, paint is the medium to convey their message. For you (a blogger), it’s language. Unless you know how to use language appropriately, you can easily dilute the impact that you aspire to make. Whether, it’s the choice of words, essentials of English grammar, spellings, sentence construction or the overall tone of writing, you should know your medium (language) really well.

So, are you ready to become a better blogger? Please feel free to share your opinions and views. The comment section is all yours.


Obaidul works as an SEO manager handling client projects. He focuses heavily on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). He shares his insightful views regularly on HelloBloggerz. He has been successfully helping clients, hailing from various industries, achieve higher rankings in search engines and increase their online sales.


    • Great tips. I agree with jim, that practice is the only way you’re gonna perfect your blog. I’ve felt that I’ve come a long way from where I’ve started.
      I think another great tip would lessening the loading time of your homepage, thus retaining more visitors. You can do this by shortening your blog posts on your homepage, by adding the “read more” function

      • I think that’s the way to become better, practice because in mistake comes perfection but if we all wait to get it right before we launch ot, we’ld probably never get started.
        @Aly, reducing loading time doesn’t make a better blogger but could make your reader enjoy your blog!

  1. nice post. agree with passion, consistency and great matter to write good posts.

    actively conversing with readers via comments is also a must. sometimes, also gives you an ‘idea’ or ‘theme’ for a new post :)

  2. I have read about many people that want to start a blog – but they want to create a blog for financial reasons. Unfortunately, because of that reason they don’t have the passion to write and maintain the blog, and it shows in the content of the blog.

    You must have that passion first before starting a blog because as you mention, “passion is the building block” of a successful blog.

  3. I wish I would have known about blogging sooner, article marketing, press release distribution, and took advantage of using Twitter, when they first came out years ago. I probably would have been in a better financial position today, had I used all of these wonderful tools in my blogging efforts. I have to admit that sometimes I feel my blogging and writing could use a major touchup, but I’m one of those folk online that you call “honest publishers”, who were genuine and honest with themselves and others, when they feel they can “do better in their writing and content strategizing efforts”. I enjoyed reading this post on “how to become a better blogger”! =)

  4. Hi Obaidul,

    Nice points, You need to create your own writing and presentation style in blogging so that your audience can relate with your and know your much thoroughly. To write consistently makes your readers more loyal as they become habitual to visit your blog.

    • Hey Riya,

      Your comment is so true, If you write with passion only then you can make some impact on your audience as they’ll found it as real.

  5. Nice points, It’s important to be consistent in blogging and provide quality information all the time. Avoid any kind of spamming and of course do your work with passion.

  6. Kristen Marie

    I have read about many people that want to start a blog – but they want to create a blog for financial reasons. Unfortunately, because of that reason they don’t have the passion to write and maintain the blog, and it shows in the content of the blog.

  7. These are each great suggestions. Passion and consistency are important parts of your content. And I can’t believe how many blog articles I find that are so littered with errors it’s a turn off.

  8. Entering blog competitions can be an excellent way to hone and sharpen skills even though you don’t win you can learn a lot form the experience consider it like an athlete considers training at a young age he tries to go to as many competitions as possible to get better at his game.

  9. Great tips! Passion is the most important but you have explain this passion with words. Otherwise no-one knows nothing about your passion!

  10. Blogging better is more of an art than tech. The more your readers like your blog, search engines have nothing but forced to rank your high in SERPs, so first priority is for readers, who in turn are your customers..


  11. Writing with a passion is so critical, you need to find a niche that interests you, so when you write posts, you engage the reader.Writing blogs is all about starting conversations and sharing views.A blogger needs credibility so that the readers/subscribers revisit the site because the blogger is seen as an expertand has someting noteworthy to say

  12. I can’t say anything against this essential keys for successful blogging. May be I can just add that it is good to try to exit from the frame and offer something new, as well as quality images and videos.

  13. These are the very basics about blogging that, when used appropriately, truly makes a better blogger. For me, blogging is not easy. It takes great courage to write an article and create great content. But with passion and consistence, everything comes into place indeed and the process becomes even less difficult.

  14. I agree with all the point you’ve mention Obaidul. Just by following these key points, your blog will surely be soaring at the top 😀

  15. I think after Google Panda, this basic tips are the most important.Instead over doing in SEO will get you penalize also my advise don’t use that software stuff it just don’t work!!

  16. Nice tips on blogging and making better blog. Am sure, if one could follow these tips, then it would be quite easy to draw a good amount of traffic and interest of your readers. Thanx for sharing this.

  17. Very well written Obaid…

    Amazing points to become a better blogger, truly said that consistence is the key to successful blogging… like the bulleted points that makes one a better blogger

  18. Great points and interesting topic to start an awesome discussion . Its just the #2 point that should be given special attention and thats which creates huger impact in blogging business :)

  19. Great post, Obaidul! Simple yet really meaty. It’s just the kind of article that a new blogger would be able to understand and get.

    I agree with everyone else here. Practice is very important to make sure that you get that right balance of keywords so that it can come up in search engines and still be interesting and reader-friendly. I’m not sure if I read this tip here or in another blog, but one way how to practice is to get into the habit of just writing non-stop for 10 minutes without worrying about spelling and grammar errors. It’s a great writing exercise and can really help you get started writing a new post.

  20. Hey Obaidul! Great Article I do well with 2 of the 3 except for writing consitently and on a schedule.

    I have only been blogging about 3-4 times per month. I gota turn it up .

  21. Passion comes from truth and eagerness to solve people’s problems (and our own) – How true! I do write passionately about certain topics in my personal blog (and debate about them), but in my official blog this is lesser. But I do understand that passion is an important ingredient in making a piece of content interesting and intriguing.

    • yes, I would highly recommend writing passionately, because search engines take very close notice of that. And, it’s potentially likely that your passionately written content will be indexed faster, than bland content that is uniquely produced… LOL

  22. hi..nice share…its really necessary for bloggers to be passionate about what they are doing….passion will the fire to write alive even in times of crisis….. blogging for money becomes difficult when done without passion… when we write something of our interest we give our best to it which audience likes…


  23. Great tips! I’d say stick to your posting schedule, and be consistent at it. All though it’s hard when you have full time job, just remember that it’ll be worth it in the end. Good Read Obaidul !

  24. I really agree with your #1 tip – Write Passionately. Perhaps this is the most important factor that any blogger would want to have because being passionate in your career can help you achieve other skills as well. This is one of the reasons why you’re being driven further into your career.

  25. ioana moise

    a very nice nice 3 tips i am strongly agree with Write Passionately tip ,because the thing which love , you can write about it very nicely

  26. Hello! Found your blog on a list published by Adrienne Smith. As a new blogger, I definitely appreciate your 3 simple tips. The challenge for me is to write on a consistent basis. I may not be able to create a post everyday, but I’m striving to get at least 3 posts every week. Your third tip is my favorite. People do not realize the importance of writing correctly. It is an important skill. I am definitely ready to become a better blogger!

    • I felt compelled to respond to your blog comment, as I too struggled with writing on a daily basis when I first started out. are you able to type at least one post a day and post your site? If so, I’d be more than happy to come by and comment your posts, so that you would feel additional motivation to move forward in your daily publishing endeavors, while you work on getting your “blogging energy levels” up to par :-)

      please let me know how I may be of service to you, if I can help in any way positively possible! :-)

  27. Agree with the first two points. Writing about something you are passionate about is crucial so you never lose interest! Not only will you have more readers, but also plenty of social interaction with them. Gotta stay consistent.

  28. Francoise

    Great article to read how become a better blogger. I will definitely follow all the tips that you mentioned in this article to attract more readers and to leave their comments. I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends to check your blog. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  29. It seems you are missing something here.you didn’t mention any thing about SEO optimization for one’s blog post. i want to add no matte how well you right or how consistent, you can’t get the attention of Google without the SEO strategies.

  30. Obaidul,

    You make some solid points on the things that are an absolute MUST to blog better, I would add that (at least a percentage of your posts) should be actionable.

    What I mean by this is that a certain amount (dependent upon niche) should tell the reader very specific things to do to get ahead. The more detailed and specific the better.

    For instance, if someone has a wordpress blog posts talking about how to blog, comparisons of themes etc. are great…
    but every so often you want something like a step-by-step guide to properly installing an image.

    Maybe not the best example, but I think you get my point.


  31. Good tips Obaidul.

    About your last point, I like so many other bloggers struggle with writing in English since English isn’t my mother tongue and I have never taken any classes to learn to read and write in English. What I have found is, that the more I write, the better I get.

    When I look at my very first posts, I see a totally different writer than when I look at my current posts. So, yeah, practice makes you write better.

  32. These tips are right on. Although I don’t have kids, I treat my blog as if it were a baby. Constantly checking on it, thinking about it, feeding it with content, and thinking about its future (even in the middle of the night when I wake up!) haha :)

  33. Passion is the best thing you can do when it come to blogging. I’ve learned this from experience. I remember I started this aquarium blog a few years ago, I’ve designed a cool theme, build a lot of backlinks and managed to get PR3 and had only unique quality content that I enjoyed writing. It was my favorite project but unfortunately I had to sell it, because I was unsuccessful in generating earnings, I was loosing money instead of earning. But still, it was my favorite project to date…and now that I think about it, I always regret selling it…

  34. Writing consistently is really important. Not only so that you can post things to keep your readers engaged, but also because practice makes perfect! The more you write, the better you will write. So I think it’s important to write even if it turns out not to be good enough to post.

  35. Now a days,blogging has become a very good medium for online promotion.Blogging is not only helpful to increase traffic but also helpful to provide quality backlinks and increase link popularity.But content plays a very important role in blogging.So always try to useful, fresh and unique content.
    BTW awesome blog post on blogging and I hope all blogger will like it.

  36. Danny

    Great post.
    I like the tip to create backup posts when you have some spare time.
    I think if you are in a niche where you don’t have to follow the latest trends/news, it will take a lot of pressure off if you just write most articles before you start posting the first one. And then whenever you want to respond to a current event or comment you can just put that post in, and push one of your “backup” posts further down the schedule.
    But some people work better under pressure. So they should just keep the pressure high.

  37. I have a question under the #3 section you suggested that we should “Read more blogs in you niche” Im a beginner blogger and what do you do after you read those blogs ?

  38. Also, don’t be afraid to try different styles and genres. After my hiatus this month, I am going to try humor writing and sales writing on my sites. The feedback will be invaluable.

  39. In blogging passion is the key to success. When we love what we do it will reflect on our writing. So keep that fire of passion burning.

  40. Yes, indeed. Those tips are very correct and true. But its very hard to be noticed this days as a blogger. Sometimes you get few visitors. You have to be more creative on your title and content.

  41. Content is obviously the king. Without quality content, one cannot succeed. But I feel that in addition to quality content, the most important thing to do is to see things from your reader’s point of view. An excellent way to do that is to get feedback from your blog readers about what they would like to see on your blog.