How to Build Facebook Page Timeline Apps with Lujure

As a blogger, you can compare creating custom Facebook apps with Lujure to creating custom plugins for your WordPress blog. That’s the best analogy I can think of to express how highly flexible Lujure is, and since I started using it, I’m actually starting to like Facebook now. I know, it’s hard to believe I’m saying this, because I’ve been complaining about how annoyed I get when Facebook  makes changes to their platform. And I’m sure you have wanted to scream and pull your hair out just like all the other Facebook users – not to mention the headaches all these changes cause for most Facebook page owners and developers.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Lujure has changed their name to Heyo!

But when Facebook introduced Timeline for pages I started to relax a little, I felt a little grin come across my face, and I even said to myself “this is kinda cool”. Then Amy Porterfield mentioned Lujure in one of her recent webinars, and now I’m hooked on using Facebook and I’m beginning to I feel like a total Facebook junkie! Get valuable Facebook Ads training from Amy Here!

Lujure Heyo is to Facebook, just as Plugins are to WordPress

Lujure is a really feature rich service that will help you get the most out of your Facebook page by giving it a ton of added functionality. You can build apps with optin forms, squeeze pages, Google maps, Skype, YouTube videos, RSS feeds – just about everything from soup to nuts and best of all you can create your first Facebook app with Lujure for free! Now I think you’re starting to see why I compare Lujure to WordPress plugins, but proceed with caution because pretty soon you’ll be hooked too.

Lujure Apps

This image represents the number of  widgets you can currently add to apps from the Lujure library and just imagine all the possibilities this opens up for expanding your network on Facebook. After you build your first free app, you’ll find that Lujure offers affordable pricing, starting at $30 per month for the Consultant Plan which I signed up for right after creating my first application. Lujure also has an affiliate network and I joined the program right away as well.

The Lujure HTML Widget

During the evolution of Facebook pages, about a year ago, Facebook did away with the FBML templates and everyone converted to  the more popular iFrame tabs. Lujure has a nifty iFrame widget, which is the one everyone “oohed and aahed” over in Amy Porterfield’s webinar (including your’s truly) Get Amy’s latest training program here! Lujure’s iFrame app is one of my favorites because you can drag an entire web page right into your Facebook Page with the iFrame. It’s so easy to build an application with the iFrame widget, you simply add the URL of the webpage right inside the wigdet and drag the frame to fit the page. Sounds super awesome right! You can build a page in less than 60 seconds flat. No kidding and absolutely NO CODING involved.

However, for this video I wanted to do something a little more challenging, to really show off how you can do just about anything you want with Lujure’s HTML widget. After all, this is my third video and latest entry in Barry Well’s internet marketing video challenge so I had to step up my game a bit :) Let me know if you think I did just that because in this video I’m going to show you how to add an Aweber broadcast newsletter right on your Facebook page app. HA!

Can I get a “ooh” or an “aahh” on that one? So it’s official, I’m starting to like Facebook Timeline for Pages and I’m even starting to get comfortable using Aweber too. In case you missed some of my fancy footwork in the video, now is a great time to mention that Aweber has a new broadcast email generator. It’s in beta but you can choose from a lot of different template and just drag and drop them. It’s not as fun as Lujure, but it’s a huge improvement over the old email editor and they keep making it better every week. Hopefully it will come out of beta soon after they work out the kinks.

More Facebook Timeline and Lujure Training

Find out more about Facebook Marketing and Lujure Training from the links listed below:


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  1. First time I’ve had a chance to hear about Lujure. Just finished watching the video and it seems kinda cool but kinda confusing. Maybe I just need to install it and fiddle with some options to familiarize myself with it first and then rewatch the video haha.

    Thanks for the video I’m going to mess around with Lujure and see what it can do.

    • Tim, please feel free to contact me and we can set up a time so that I can walk you through the steps. Maybe we can meet on Skype or something along those lines. Just let me know!

  2. Randy Bonachita

    Nice article Ileane :-). I would also like to share a new plugin that will work well with facebook and other social media sites just like Lujure. This is a wordpress plugin called Social Metrics Pro.

    What this do is that it monitor or track your social signals. Google just confirmed that they are NOW tracking these social signals so this plugin will really be an advantage to the people using it.

    Here is a video in youtube explaining what the plugin can do: (link removed by Ileane)

    • Randy, I need to talk to you about leaving comments on blogs. You are going about it the wrong way. The only reason I let you comment go live is so I can explain what you’re doing wrong.

      #1. this post is about Lujure, Facebook and Aweber therefore you should stay on topic
      #2. you put two – not one, but TWO links in your comment! I gave you a chance to link twice but you want to link FOUR times – give me a break please. This is your first time here, why should you get 4 links to an affiliate product
      I see you put another link in as your Twitter account, but I’m not worried about that one because it won’t work. The plugin I have installed will automatically add in front of the link.
      #3. I already tried this plugin that you’re trying to promote (the wrong way I might add) and I got my money back within the first week. There is one thing that I want from this plugin that it doesn’t do but I’m not going to get into that right now because I don’t endorse products I don’t use nor do I bash products I don’t like.

      If I sound harsh, just realize that I’m actually trying to be helpful. There is something called “commenting etiquette”, please take the time to learn it before you leave another comment here.

    • Amit, you can use Lujure for free to create your first app. It’s great for promoting your blog or your affiliate products inside of Facebook. Let me know if you need help setting it up.

  3. Hey Ileane,

    What a great video. I think you could definately do more videos building on this one as there is so much info you show us here.

    I’d have to agree Lujure is absolutely brilliant and its FREE! Also where did you get the code for the google plus one?

    Looking forward to seeing your next video in Barry’s Challenge! Well done!

    • Hi Nick,
      I’m happy to see you like the video and I hear they call us Lujurians :) I like that name don’t you?
      For the Google+1 widget, you simply add your Google+ url.
      Thanks for stopping by Nick – keep in touch.

  4. Amrik Virdi

    Well I heard that Lujure offers many of the widgets and applications of its competitors. However, I found that its design interface is not initially intuitive. Lujure also requires that you know how to use Photoshop or another graphics application that lets you work with pixels. This service does not provide clipart, and it requires that you upload images with particular dimensions. Overall, I am impressed with Lujure’s offerings and found its service to be useful and easily accessible.

    • Hi Amrik, this is interesting but I think one of two things are going on here.
      1. Lujure made a ton of updates since the last time you tried it
      2. You are getting Lujure mixed up with another tool

      My experience with Lujure is nothing at all like you just mentioned. I didn’t even go anywhere near Photoshop when I created my Lujure apps. Even if they had clipart I wouldn’t use it. I just uploaded any image I wanted to include right from my computer – or I used the url of the image if it already existed in my blog’s media files. I didn’t need to resize one thing.

      The other thing I’m absolutely in love with about Lujure, is that they have a how-to video with each one of their widgets. Since I’m a huge fan of video tutorials you can just imagine this was like being in “social media paradise” for little old me :)

      I’d be more than happy to help you set up your first Lujure app Amrik, let’s set up a time so we can do this!

  5. Wow Ileane, thanks for walking us through this.

    As you already know, I’m an Amy Porterfield fan as well and went through her training. She did introduce us to Lejure but at that time I just wanted something simple to start off with. But now that they are changing us over to the Timeline, I’m going to be rethinking this my friend.

    I’m glad you did this video for Barry’s challenge so thank you so much for doing this for us. Great job and now I’ve got some thinking to do…

    You’re the best Ileane. I sure hope I tell you enough how much I appreciate you. You are always so openly sharing such valuable content with us. We are all so fortunate to be connected with you.

    Thank you and hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend. See you again soon.


    • Adrienne, I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me. You are super sweet.

      You know Lujure has to be one powerful tool in order for me to endorse it this way. Please let me know if you need any help at all setting up a Lujure app for your Facebook page. We can hook up on Skype and your app will be up and running in no time.

      Barry’s video challenge is so much fun, I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next. I’m learning so much from everyone.

      Btw – I visited your friend Kim Shahan’s blog and Facebook page. Thanks for introducing us.

  6. Hi, Elaine,

    Nice, useful post! I’m not a big FB fan, b’coz of their “missuse” of personal data! But as far as it’s good for my business I’ll use it. So I’ll try Lujure and see if it can help me with my page.


  7. it looks great, i can see how it would be a great help, but like others say, a bit confusing, but im going to try it out, but there are good reviews by the looks of things which is good


    • Hi Hampton, please let me know what part was confusing. Maybe I tried to show too many steps in one video. I can break it down into two parts next time.

  8. This is good to know as I’m working on redoing my FB cover for the timeline for pages. Thanks Ileane. I hope it’s not too complicated. I’ve just got over my technical challenges for the week.

    • Lisa, sounds like you need a break! Good luck with your Facebook page. I need to get a few images to change up my cover art.

  9. Craig Sowerby

    Hey Ileane,

    Long Time no speak!!

    With the new TimeLine rules coming in by then end of March many people are running around like headless chicken wondering what to do.

    I have noticed many many products have come out like new wordpress themes that help with the new TimeLine changes. Ok product creators are using these changes to make a quick buck.

    Some of them are really good but as you mention that Lujure is free for your first app it could be a good starting point for the new timeline changes.


    • Hi Craig, I tried out several apps that Mari Smith recommended on her Facebook Page but most of them are still in the process of recoding their apps to fit the 810 px width of the apps page. I know it’s hard for the developers to keep up with the ever changing landscape of Facebook, but it seems that Lujure was ahead of the game this time around.

  10. I have heard about Lujure for the first time. I also see the video. I am glad that this apps is free to use In Facebook Timeline. I’ll try it too

  11. I have been looking for an FBML replacement. Thank you so much for this post. I hope it is a little more customizable than FBML was/is. I will give this a try right away.

  12. I definitely need to explore Lujure a little. I’m using MailChimp for my email newslettter and thankfully they have a Facebook “App” so I simply installed that, configured it and I now have a nifty app where people can sign up to my newsletter right on Facebook! I need to play with the looks a little more, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

    I need to re-watch Amy’s websinar (I put it on my iPad!), as she had an App that showed her latest blog post, when I was playing with Lujure (the free account) the only options I could see were HTML (Reader), iFrame and RSS, RSS was just showing a list of my latest posts which was nice but not what I was after at all…

    As I already have an account is there any way I can use your affiliate link if I go premium Ileane?

  13. Hi there I am using the face-book time line in my account I didn’t realize that this Lujure is an application I can use in my account . I really want to thank your for sharing this. maybe I should give it a try.

  14. Hi Ileane,

    Thanks for mentioning and linking to the video blog challenge, I have added this post to the list on the page :)

    With the changes to Facebook getting ever closer I’m seeing lots of new applications popping up and of them all I think Lujure looks the easiest to use and has so many additions to help us all personalize our pages and help others spread the word for us :)

    I will certainly have a look at it myself, thanks for bringing it to my attention and showing us how easy it is to use Ileane :)


  15. Ileane your share bar was fully visible when i landed but after leaving my comment a fair portion of it dipped solow on the screen I couldn’t access some of it.

    Thought you should know :)

    • Barry, I’m noticing some strange behavior with the Digg Digg bar and I’m hoping they get it fixed soon. Thanks for reminding me to contact Leo about it. I’ll add some other sharing options in the meantime. Cheers.

  16. Seems like a nice product and also pricing is cheap and not expensive ,so I think many like me will be forced to switch to it when I switch my Facebook page to timeline mode.

    • Hi Bishwajeet, I say switch to Timeline now. It’s far more interactive the the old view of Facebook page and it gives you a better chance for success. Keep me posted when you switch so I can come and have a look.

  17. Lujure is great feature tool for Facebook which provides many design tabs to Facebook fan page. Lujure makes Facebook page attractive and full of features, so users definitely attract by fan page and like this page.

  18. Oooh ho ho! Ileane, I think you’ve just opened a can of worms for me! :) I have been wanting to create a Facebook app for a long time and I think this may be the answer, especially because they work with the new Timeline.

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! I’ve got some studying to do…

    • Morgan, Lujure is perfect for a social butterfly like you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      I was in on a webinar yesterday and one of the things I need to integrate is a great background image. Once I get a template for them my Facebook app will be rocking the house!

  19. Hi Ileane,

    Brilliant video. Definitely must add this to list of things to play with when I finally get my act together and get the facebook page up :)

    Thanks for the heads-up on Lujure – looks great!


  20. This is some great information. Creating a Facebook app is difficult using some software to help is very intriguing. I can’t wait to read your article about timelines with Lujure. That could really be helpful



  21. Yes Ileane you have definitely stepped it up and I can feel the increased confidence in your voice as well. Although I have figured out how to navigate facebooks UNintuitive editing features that Lujure app seems like it could make things a bit less complicated 😉

    And yeah, I didn’t really get facebook’s reasoning behind that LIKE pic that does nothing although it is clickable 😕 so I just pushed away..

    You can check out my timeline changes here and tell me what you think

    • Hi Caleb, you’ll like Lujure, please give it a try and let me know if you have questions. I’ll be testing some of their beta features soon too. Your Facebook page looks great and I love the kitten. I need a cute kitty photo for my page too, or maybe I’ll try a puppy instead…. :)

  22. This tool is amazing. It seems like it has a very powerful control on Social Media sites and more amazingly of the Facebook’s page. User can also paste the entire post on to it. Besides, I consider it just a little like’s duplicating content. Still, it’s better for me to try for it’s for free! Great, I love that’s one.

    • Hi Ferb, please share a link to your Facebook app that you create with Lujure so we can take a look. Thanks for the Retweet!

  23. Facebook which provides many design tabs to Facebook fan page. With the changes to Facebook getting ever closer I’m seeing lots of new applications popping up and of them all I think Lujure looks the easiest to use and has so many additions to help us all personalize our pages and help others spread the word for us

  24. looks like a great and handy little widget to have, not only does it add a professional addition to a page, but it is also very versatile which is great for visitors, thanks!

  25. It’s my first time hearing about Lujure. About FaceBook’s Timeline, I also am complaining about how lame Facebook is for changing their user’s profile. but when I used it, I just realized it’s better than the old look and helpful for marketers. I guess this is a proof how people hates to be surprised with a change. But guess what that change turned out to best for marketers and bloggers like us.

    Spatch Merlin
    How to Blog Guide

    • Spatch, it took me by surprise too. It was really funny for me to like anything that Facebook does but this time they finally got something right. I love the new timeline and I think everyone should switch their pages asap!

      Thanks for your comment.

  26. One thing that I like about Lujure is that it’s so easy to use. Sign up for an account, have them manage all the technology and figure Facebook out and keep up with the changes, and you don’t have to sweat it. Another beautiful thing is the quality of Facebook Fan Pages that they create. They are really pretty extraordinary. Very, very nice pages that really beg a person to click the ‘Like’ button!

    • Hi Danica,

      I’d love to see some pages you have created with Lujure, feel free to stop by and share a link so we can take a look. Thanks for your comment.

  27. First I want to say that you have an amazing voice. When I fist heard it I got so relax.
    Second I enjoy very much when I discover new and qualitative things, and Lujure is certainly one of this things.
    I am so glad I also discover you and your work!
    Have a great day!

  28. Lujure is cool , you compared it with wordpress plugin that’s nice point explain in article. found a way to do more creativity in facebook with ease.

  29. Wow, now I definitely need to bookmark this and come back again when I am ready to redo some of my tabs/apps – you make it all sound very simple and I’m glad you are enjoying Facebook now!

    Was also very interested in what you were doing with Aweber too, so I will be back soon! – Thanks for the great post,

    • Hi Nicky, it’s funny how I’m actually starting to look forward to hanging out on Facebook now. I wonder if Timeline and apps like Lujure will make me forget about Twitter and make Facebook my #1.

      Nah!! Just kidding. LOL. But it is a strong #2.

      Thank you for commenting Nicky!

  30. This is the first time i have heard about Lujure, i have seen the name in passing on other blogs but have never taken the time to find out more about it. Cant believe how many options you have at your fingertips now days. I am pretty sure there are tons i do not know of. Going to have a look and Lujure and see if it can benefit our company in any way. Thank you for an interesting post.

  31. I am still new with the new facebook time line and all of this is new to me so I am still learning so thank you for sharing this great post with us it is very helpful and interesting i will be sure to look into it and maybe get the app.Great post.

  32. Amrik Virdi

    That’s pretty cool. I also heard that Lujure gives users a modern style and user friendly interface that makes page building a breeze. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Amrik, you’re welcome. Please share a link to Facebook pages you create with Lujure is you decide to use it. Thanks.

  33. One more post. Wao . So helpful post. No doubt social media is really helpful in promoting. And yes Facebook is most sounding way for doing this.And you article regarding the timline apps with lujure is really new for me and i guess its really great way. New technique. Thanks a lot for this.

  34. Ileane, I am just starting to connect my site with facebook and your video is absolutely priceless. It is not easy to navigate in the vast ocean of information. I chose to learn from you and I feel blessed to have found your site. The demonstration of adding Aweber broadcast newsletter on Facebook page is cool.

  35. Orlando

    Looks like Lujure is great. Thank you for the info.

    I was looking for an “invite friends” app. Ileane, do you know if you can create a tab to invite friends, or maybe you know some way to do it? The idea is that any user that visits a fan page can invite their friends. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • Orlando, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. What do you want to invite friends to do? Do you want them to Like your Facebook page? Do you want them to attend an event?

      I’ll see if they have widgets for that in Lujure – just let me know which one you are referring to.

      • Orlando

        Hi Ileane,

        Thank you for answering. What I want is that any user that visits my fan page can click a tab and invite their friends to become a fan of my page.

        I was checking Lujure website and found that they had a widget called ‘Invite Friends”, but I guess it’s not there any more.

        • I never saw a widget like that anywhere. Does Facebook even have that feature anymore? I’ll ask around in the Lujure forum to see if anyone has an app like that and let you know.
          A few hours later…..
          Wow, the Lujure family is really awesome and I got recommendations for 2 apps you can check out.

          The first one is and that’s a free app from Vtools

          The second one is from Kalemi Designs and they have a free version but they also have a paid version that you can customize and get tracking statistics

          Excellent question and I bet there are more of these out there. If I hear about any others I’ll come back and update this comment.

          • Orlando

            I tried the one from Vtools before, now I tried the one from Katemi Design, but I saw many ads. I’m trying now the one from Appbistro website, it’s more flexible and it doesn’t have many ads. We’ll see.

            Thank you for your time.

            PD.: I had seen the “Invite Friends” widget from this Lujure video It was an awesome widget, but I guess they don’t have it anymore.

  36. Nice addition to Facebook, and how to make it better than it currently is.

    Lujure has some very nice widgets to add to your Facebook account.

    I have never heard of this type of service for Facebook before. I have seen a plugin that can make your fan page into a eCommerce store, but that’s it for now.

  37. Lujure was such a dream to use! It has a very easy to understand interface and there is nothing more that you can ask for. Along with this guide I have finally learned how to make my TimeLine a bit unique from all the others.

  38. i don’t have some Apps on my page but now i am going to test the Lujure. By the way Ma’am will it cause a Slow loading of Page or any issues like that?

  39. This is very interesting because this is the first time I am hearing about this Lujure. I had a look at the free plan and it gives you all the applications which I think is a good deal. I think its something that must be tried. Thanks for introducing Lujure.

  40. Question: If I create some apps and then drop out of membership in Lujure, do I lose everything I created with Lujure on my Facebook page? (The free account is nice, but limiting. I’d like to do more, but with the economy so bad I’m not sure I will want to keep my membership.)

  41. There are many other Services too But Lujure App is awesome. Damn ! the whole blog is on facebook :) Reader can directly check the latest posts from this App.Thanks for the Video Tutorial Ileane. Will surely try it on my fb Page.

  42. Honestly, I am not aware about this new feature in Facebook but when I start to see video tutorial then I realize that it is a great feature for Facebook Fan Page user. This is first time I have had a chance to listen about Lujure. Now I am implement this new tool in my Facebook Fan Page. I hope so, I am comfortable with this feature. While installing Lujure, If I feel trouble then what should I do? Can I contact you?

  43. lujure definitely seems a great things or tool. haven’t heard about it though. will be going to check it soon. thanks ileane for your tips