The Benefits Of Having An iPhone

With so many Smartphone’s out today, it’s difficult to decide which one is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, budget and personal style, yet the iPhone is one of the leading Smartphone’s in the industry today, and it’s easy to see why.

The device is highly versatile, very productive and seems to have everything that you could ask of a Smartphone.

Design of the iPhone

iPhone and sim cardNot too big, not too small, the iPhone design is just right. Apple has put a lot of detail into designing the phone, the buttons, the images and the touch-sensitive keys. Now other cell phone designers are attempting to copy the sleek and futuristic design of the iPhone.

Another benefit of the iPhone is that an iPod is included in the design. Now you don’t have to carry around two devices in order to communicate and listen to music. The battery on the latest version of the iPhone is one of the best yet. If you use your camera for business, listen to podcasts, take pictures, surf the Web and more, it can drain your battery. Therefore you’ll want a Smartphone that can keep up with you.

Users worried about the price should look into SIM Only Deals where you only get the SIM card and aren’t bound by two-year contracts. This will be especially beneficial to those who like to switch out phones a lot and dislike having to sign a binding contract. A sim only deal is also a great way to save some money.

Blogging with an iPhone

Blogging is something that has taken the internet by a hurricane of words, images and sounds. Another benefit of having the iPhone is gaining access to a multitude of blogging tools and applications. Google Mobile is a free app that brings all of the features of Google right to your iPhone, allowing you to look up images, videos, news, updates and blogs that you can link to your own blog. Dropbox is another free application that allows iPhone users access to files, photos, documents and other personal files that they may wish to share on their blog.

Bloggers who use a lot of images may be interested in the Adobe PS Express application. With this app you can enhance, crop, rotate, resize, saturate and more with your images right on your phone. Those who often find themselves with blogging ideas but also have bad memories will find the Evernote application to be especially useful. Evernote allows you to cache ideas that you may want to use later. Video bloggers will love the high quality built in camera.

Bloggers who are also podcasting will find an endless number of apps to record their podcasts directly from their iPhone like Spreaker, or SoundCloud.

Your last phone might be the iPhone

The iPhone may be the last phone, GPS or iPod that you have to buy. It seems that Apple designed the smartphone to do nearly everything under the sun. And if it doesn’t know, chances are there’s an application that can find out how. So you may ask what the benefits are of having an iPhone and a sim only deal and what are the benefits of not having either?

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Spencer Hogg is from the Sim Only website where SIM only deals are compared and purchased.


  1. The only reason I would choose an iPhone is because of it’s ultimate pc like features. Blogging is definitely one of them. More over the Social Networking can be done with ease. But still the cost of an iPhone keeps me totally away from the idea of even testing it.

  2. This can be done with an Android-based phone too, of course :) Personally, I like my iPhone 4 and I’m probably gonna get the iPhone 5 when it comes out too. I don’t have a grudge against Android, but I just prefer Apple’s way of doing things – and the way iOS works.

  3. I only love the social networking apps on iphone, but for other aspect like apps for business and blogging i’ll go for android.

  4. I love my iPhone and can never imagine being without it. It really does replace your laptop frequently. for blogging its great as there are apps out there just for blogging. Fabulous stuff!

  5. You may not believe but I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t want to have it as I have internet access and all other facilities and I don’t need to get immediate access to the Internet when I am queuing in the shop as it is not necessary. They are great inventions but I am not crazy at all. I try to follow all the latest trends just to be up with the time.

  6. Iphone is like facebook it has lots of features and you can add features or customize it. The one that really amaze me using iphone is you can play musical instrument it. I am a music lover and I like to play guitar. Its like having a guitar and a phone in your pocket.

  7. I have second choice of smart-phone because I’m not really like iPhone. For now, I use android platform for my smartphone, then I choose HTC for the brand. Android is more flexible, feel free, and much customization :) But must be honest, the display quality of iPhone is the best, no doubt for it. CMIIW

  8. I’m one of those who ditched the iPhone for an Android phone. I wasn’t real comfortable with the idea that I had to “jailbreak” the phone just to run apps that I wanted. My Droid X offers all the social networking features of the iPhone, plus it has a better camera. I’m fortunate that I have a membership to Music Beta from Google where my entire music collection (18,000 + songs) is available to me anywhere with my Droid X via the “cloud”. On the other hand, the iPhone is a great phone for the typical user who needs the basic function of a smartphone.

  9. Jane

    Ah, anyways you still can’t convince me. I’m a Droid girl, and have these and much more features on my Android. Thanks for the nice post anyway :)

  10. abby

    I really am not that in to using iphones, i think that it’s complicated and hard to navigate. however, i was quite amazed with its features. Thank you so much for sharing this one. I would love to try and have one sooner to see if i could really like it.

  11. nice post! my mind is going really good with you because having a mobile phone like I phone is best for bloggers and it is also best mobile phone for browsing. i am also doing blogging through i phone and maintain my web through this cell.

  12. Hey Spencer,
    Now that Verizon has an Iphone I have been considering it. My last smartphone was a droidx for two reasons. 1. Verizon didn’t have an Iphone yet. 2. I liked the big screen. I have read a lot of people writing about using their iphones for blogging. Isn’t this pretty difficult? I use my droid for browsing and I might occasionally make a comment, but to write a blog post, format it, add pics etc? isn’t that pretty tough?

    Also one thing I am hesitant about with the Iphone. You can’t remove the battery. Once in awhile my droid freezes and I have to remove the battery to start it over. So perhaps the answer is that the Iphone never freezes? If it did what would you do?

    • Spencer Hogg

      Yeah ofcourse I agree and it is easier to blog on a laptop than a phone. ummm, good point , however my iphone hasn’t ever froze so I havnt had that problem.

  13. Spencer Hogg

    Thank you for your comments, im glad you have taken the time to read this article.



  14. Excellent article. It does not come as a surprise then that the IPhone is the most wanted mobile phone on the planet. It has so many features and looks great as well. If a seasoned blogger like you swears by it, then it should be the portable blogging device of choice for us newbies.

  15. Nice choice, Ileane. For a while I was torn between an Android phone and the IPhone, but this post convinced me to choose the latter. Besides being a virtual all in one device, the IPhone looks and feels great. There are also plenty of varied quality apps for every IPhone user, whether you are into gaming, browsing the web or as you pointed out, blogging. I had no idea that the IPhone had so many blogging application tools available. Of course there are still those like Jane, who remain loyal to their Nokia’s and Android phones. At the end of the day, however, they still all want an IPhone. I guess the only downside is that they introduce a new one so soon.

  16. Being constantly on the move the iPhone is so necessary in running any blog or business. Any i find social networking almost easier by using the iPhone apps.

  17. Benefits? Well if it comes to benefits, surely the most advantageous benefits of having and keeping an iPhone is that it will always keep you engage wondering of how to offer better security to it, how to stay safe so that it doesn’t get hurt, yes, just because it’s value. Though, this is what comes over here, rest everyone has got their own views and perception.

  18. No doubt, Keeping iPhone with you always help to keep in touch with world both with phone calls and internet. Business owners are using iPhone to keep in touch with their clients.

  19. iPhones are very expensive for use at this part of world and not much common. Our telecom companies have just started to provide services. I guess we need to wait for some more time.

    I read about the iPhones and appreciate the ease it offers to any blogger. It will be a pc in pocket with phone, isn’t it?

  20. I’ve never had a Smartphone (and definitely wouldn’t be opposed to getting one 😉 ). I like the iPhone, but if I had my pick, I might actually go with something more along the lines of the Blackberry Curve. It’s smaller than the iPhone and I’m not sure I would want a phone with a touch screen.

  21. I do not have an iPhone or smartphones but I think I would go for an Android OS phone such as the Galaxy S II or any HTC models simply because the apps and the upgrades and all are free.

  22. I think it’s amazing! I am getting it either online or if I can possibly find it in the apple store! The only thing bad is the phone connection won’t be as good since it’s with Cingular but oh well.

  23. A really amazing topic on iphone. I cann’t even think of me without my iphone. I always stay in touch with near and dear ones with my iphone.

  24. nice topic.. I love reading about iphones. No doubt, iphone has many benefits. One of them that I like the most is it’s applications. In iphone applications, I like using Skype the most.

  25. Yep. I totally dig the iPhone. It’s like a lot of things in just one gadget. I don’t think that this will reach a phase out. I sure hope not. I think that there a lot of things that Apple can still do with it.

  26. I never liked an iPhone…If you guys really want a smartphone then try using the Android phones instead of wasting money on iPhones.

  27. As the information technology develops the world has started to move quite rapidly. So in order to survive in this society we have to respond quickly and be updated at the very moment. That where the iphone becomes handy. Actually it is more than a portable computer or a phone

  28. There is only one disadvantage of Iphone – its price. Yes, it is ok for the United States and Western Europe, but for other regions of the world it is too expensive. And it leads to the growing number of fake iphones and to the increase of popularity of Android phones that are much cheaper.

  29. Some say they actually blog using their iPhone during the traffic congestion.. Is that really possible?? Ideas flowing out while stuck in the traffic?

  30. I miss my iphone!!!!! I gave it up and now I wish I had not. Didn’t realize the practical value of it until I did not have it anymore. I will get another and maybe, as you said, it will be the last phone I buy.

  31. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  32. I like iPhone very much, the slick and simple design but having great feature is what I like most specially the unlimited apps that you can install.

  33. Danny

    I used to have an Iphone 3gs.
    Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S, and I love it.
    My next phone will be an android phone again. Apple can’t keep up anymore.
    They have a strong fanbase and they know they will sell so they are less innovative now.
    Look at the Ipad and Ipad2. What are the differences? Most important change is the camera. But the camera could’ve been in the Ipad1 as well. The space is there, they just intentionally left it out so they could add it to the next Ipad.
    Look at the android market (not the appstore) there are so many strong players: htc, sony, samsung etc. They force eachother to be innovative and develop better phones really fast.
    When the Iphone 5 hits the market it will probably already be inferior compared to several android phones.

  34. People who have been able to use an iPhone find it really difficult to switch to another phone. The reasons were pretty obvious. More often than not, it’s the apps. The apps one can use on his or her iPhone are unparalleled. Although there are downsides to the iPhone like the battery life, people don’t seem to be bothered by these.

  35. iPhone has been my primary phone ever since the 1st one got out in 2007. And yes, I’ve had all of them so far – still waiting for the 4S to arrive though :)

    The better Android phones are good as well, but the cheaper ones are not worth it – compared to iPhone, in my view. They might have some features that iPhone doesn’t have, but it doesn’t outweigh how annoying it is with a small screen, a slow browser experience, bad build quality etc.

  36. Samantha M

    The iPhone is definitely one of the top choices in the mobile phone industry today. Buying an iPhone unlock a lot of possibilities for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a businessman constantly on the road or a college student who’s eager to download the coolest and latest apps. You will always find ways to make the most out of your iPhone.

  37. I personally love my iPhone 4S, especially when it comes to managing my website. Although I think the 3.5 inch screen is too small to actually write out long blog posts, I use it all the time to check my website’s email, approve WordPress comments, and reply to them.

  38. I love my Iphone, I was so resistant to get one for a long time even though my friends kept telling me how great they were and how I should jump on the bandwagon. I didn’t like the fact that it was a touchscreen and I thought it was too big…then I gave in and got one (when I was ready). I am addicted to it. I love it so much. Too much. Lol.

  39. It is very interesting topic on iphone. I cann’t even think of me without my iphone. I always like my iphone and love touch always. superb post.

  40. I haven’t liked my last 2 phones and the new iphone is great. Sometimes Siri doesn’t listen to you but i’m having a blast and i haven’t even tapped the surface

  41. Blogging and maintaining social networks are possible things to do with an iPhone anywhere. But I agree with Mani, the cost of an iPhone also keeps me from trying it. I guess I have to save more money to buy it and try the applications too. Thnaks for the great review of iPhone and its benefits.

  42. Like many other people, I am away from iPhone just because of it’s price. It is very expensive in out of US, especially India. There are lots of amazing phones available with even better features than iPhone in considerably less price. Why go for it?

  43. Woahh Yep. I totally dig the iPhone. It’s like a lot of things in just one gadget. I don’t think that this will reach a phase out. I sure hope not. I think that there a lot of things that Apple can still do with it 😀

  44. i think the iphone is a great piece of technology, but i am also proud to still not having one. this keeps me from spending too much time online or with my phone and do some reading or piano playing instead :)

  45. Iphone is like facebook it has lots of features and you can add features or customize it. The one that really amaze me using iphone is you can play musical instrument it. I am a music lover and I like to play guitar.

  46. the thing i love most about my iphone is apps – i use them for everything – piano playing, sports, and all of that multi-media stuff it’s really unbelievable. i n0w found one which recognizes songs that are played in a bar or club just by ‘listening’ :)

  47. I don’t know how you could blog or write an article form just a smartphone. I know I couldn’t.

    I guess if you are somewhere other than home, the need will be to use a smartphone.

  48. i use iphone only to access my facebook twitter profiles or to check emails. It won’t help much in blogging you can only check stats writing a post in iphone is difficult instead if you have already written article you can publish it easily