5 Benefits Of Joining An Internet Marketing Forum

By now, you probably must have heard about or know what an internet marketing forum is. Yes, there are plenty of them and they usually keep popping up in search results every time you are searching for questions related to blogging and online marketing! Isn’t it? But the question is – why should you join a forum and how can will it benefit you as a blogger? My post aims at explaining all these major benefits in detail…

1. More niche knowledge

No one is born as an internet marketing ninja, right? Those who are an expert in this field today have gone through years of perspicacious efforts and dedication.

Screenshot of Internet Marketing Forum

Screenshot of a typical IM forum

Internet Marketing forums is definitely a great place to consummate your current niche related knowledge as you get an awesome opportunity to learn and share your ideas with other like minded people in the industry.

2. Awesome opportunity to build quality backlinks

Most of the popular internet marketing forums enjoy high authority, credibility and obviously a decent amount of traffic. So, while posting a reply, if you believe that your link is going to add some true value to the thread, then please do it! By doing this, you are not only creating a quality backlink for your website, but at the same time, you are also attracting a highly targeted stream of visitors to your website. That’s the best form of traffic that you can ever had for your blog – it converts and it engages!

3. Opportunity to build your social media network

social media icons in forums image

Social media icons just beneath the user avatar

Most of the IM (abbreviated for Internet Marketing) forums allow their users to link to their social media profiles. And the good thing is, these social profiles are often displayed beneath the user’s avatar whenever a new reply or a thread is posted. A great reply or a thread is more likely to attract people to follow your social media profiles, thereby giving your social network a real boost! Again, I would like to point out that these are targeted fans/followers – the best type of fan-base that you can ever had for building a great social network.

4. Get help in a forum

Whenever you are in any kind of trouble, just start a new thread under an appropriate sub-section and the entire community would be there to help you out! Isn’t that awesome ?

5. Stay informed of all the major updates

Whenever there is an algorithm change, a new penalty, Google PageRank update, OR anything that can possibly affect the normal lifestyle of a typical webmaster, these forums get updated with tons of new threads very quickly! So if you are as active on these forums, as you are on Twitter or Facebook, then you won’t be missing out any important update that might probably affect your website tomorrow in a positive or a negative way!

Which Internet Marketing Forum Should You Join?

There isn’t any dearth of forums on the internet. You will find plenty but quite aboveboard, i would agree that it’s impossible to have an active profile on all of them! If you would like to have my advice, i would recommend you to stick to just 1 or 2 forums of your own choice. Personally, i’m having an active profile on Warrior-forum & V7n forums – both of which have an active and a helpful internet marketing community. If you follow Ms. Ileane you know that she often talks about Lisa Irby’s Website Babble forum.

Forum Etiquette For Maximizing The Benefits

There’s always a code of conduct for everything, and forums are absolutely not an exception. If you would like to enjoy all those aforementioned benefits permanently, then please do stick to the following important etiquettes:

  • Read All The Guidelines – Before you start using the forums, make sure that you have acquainted yourself with all the important rules and guidelines
  • Never Spam –  Having your signature link is OK, but posting irrelevant or affiliate links in posts can invite a ban
  • Never Abuse – Forum moderators have zero tolerance to profanity
  • Stay Focused –  Starting irrelevant threads (like tips on dating, photography, blah blah blah…) can very easily get you banned

Your Thoughts?

Finally, I would love to listen to you. What’s your experience with IM forums? Do you find them useful? And if you are a forum member, are you using it to your advantage the right way?


Abhishek Raj is --> A student | Part-time blogging addict | An avid photographer | Techie | Internet Marketing junkie & the proud owner of BuddingGeek.com. As a blogging enthusiastic, he writes about blogging tips & online marketing. While as a techie, he writes about android & windows related tips.


  1. Few months back, I also have written a post about “Benefits Of Joining An Internet Marketing Forum”. I suggest WorriorForum to all bloggers and internet marketers. It is the best Internet marketing forum I have used.

  2. Good topic Abhishek,

    I agree with Raplus on warrior forum.

    What ever you do don’t spend too much time in any of these forums or social media you’ll learn the most from your own trial and error.

  3. I use forums a lot when I have to buy an IM product. I usually go to WarriorForum to find out what people’s real life experiences are. There are great posts and there are trash. Anyone can build a following on these forums if they choose to deliver top quality content whether it is as entirely new threads or answers to questions — Quality is key as with everything that is related to content marketing.

  4. Yep forums are the place where i learnt everything about internet marketing. Forums rock. Especially warrior forum, they have always got more info than what you need

  5. I am a old member of IMTALK and warriorforum both forums have helped me to groom my internet marketing skills. by reading many challanges and case studies i become able to start getting sales :)

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing great article about uses of participation in Internet Marketing forum. This is very useful information for online marketing managers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  7. Luis Gonzalez

    Thanks for sharing the great content, true that both WF and IMTalks are great places for this on the IM area.
    Item 3, is one of the keys to get started as well.
    Keep posting this great content!

  8. Yes forums can be great place to get more leads to your business. And increase profits.
    But recently I read on a blog that links from Forums can`t help you to increase SERPs. I`m not sure.
    Did you anyone tried forums to increase SERPs? What did you find?


    • That’s probably not true. The fact is – links coming from any “Quality + Relevant” source have a potential to boost your SERPs.
      And Yes, i have seen such benefits for my own blog!

  9. I use Warrior Forum all of the time.

    It is the best internet marketing forum on the internet by far.

    IF you have an SEO strategy in plan and use the links to your advantage from the forum, the results are going to be great!

  10. Hey Abhishek,
    Interesting post here.
    I have been using some IM forums and the results are as huge as you mentioned. WF being the most widely recommended, there are a host of others. However, WF is good for quick results as it’s almost the most active

    Thanks for sharing this with us

  11. Marketing forums are great for online marketers plus forums can give blogger a backlink as well so newbies can take advantage of the backlinks as well to get high page rank thanks for sharing this nice info with us Abhishek Raj…

  12. Great post Raj!

    Really, you’ll have many benefits by joining at some reputable IM forums.
    My own experiences, I got many clicks on my signature links.
    I got many useful and new information in IM, making money online especially.
    Really, there’s many other reason I’d enjoy stay at those popular forums.

  13. Hey Abhishek,

    Killer tips on why to use Internet marketing forums! I find myself a somewhat hypocritical advocate of IM forums as I always suggest them, but only use them in bursts.

    I’ll post a bunch for a few days, adding value and conversing with other members, then vanish… It’s not intentional but it tends to happen. I always get a burst of targeted traffic when I participate though so I should do it more consistently!

    Thanks for the post!
    -Gabe Johansson

    • Hi Gabe,
      Thanks for your comment :) Even i don’t use them that very often, but i do take a look at what’s going on there every alternate day!

  14. You know this is something that I have not done at all. In fact, I am not part of any forum but I am thinking of doing so now. Even if its not for the back links, it should be vital part of your strategy to communicate with others and also perhaps a topic for your next blog post could come out of it.

  15. Mohd Aktar

    hey mate,
    i m totally agree with you that niche knowledge is very important in internet marketing
    it also broadens one’s social network
    thanks nd keep it up:)

  16. I would agree a forum is must in any internet marketers toolbelt. I feel that forums are a lot like blogs. I want to be where the most quality information, most comments, and one that help us all benefit from each other.

    Thanks for sharing this post!


  17. I have joined a handful of internet marketing forums and it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and all for free. :)

  18. I use Forums in a different purpose, I use forums to solve other members problems on same niche and get them into my blog :) Your writing style is simply superb bro, Keep contributing for BBT.

  19. Hi Steven, as i have mentioned in my post, apart from WF, you can try v7n webmaster forum. It too has a very active and supportive community :)

  20. Vivek

    I have been an active member of warriorforum since last few months and according to google analytic it sends me more than 400 monthly visitors to my internal pages. I just love warriorforum for what they offer. Its must for every internet marketer.

  21. i learn everything about blog and internet marking from forum. i use forum a lot for learning new thing and new update about search engine and other internet marking things. thanks for sharing a great post.

  22. I agree with you Raj. Joining an IM forums has tons of benefits. Not only will you learn from people who had real experience and problems and you can get free information as well. But there are disadvantages as well. Some are information overload, and you might get distracted or unfocused and sometimes you end up spending more time in Warrior Forum than handling your online businesses.

  23. Great post !
    Forums are knowledge sharing community here you can get answer’s for your question at the same time you can also answer for other’s question.

    • Hi Lekha,
      I believe, Ms. Ileane must be having a clear answer to this question (as she is apparently experienced with YouTube video marketing)
      Glad you liked the post 😉

  24. Forums are the best place to build your knowledge and also build new relationships with professionals of your field.
    I am a part of Warrior Forum and I must say that I have not seen any other forum like that. All the Warriors are too helpful and though they are quite busy with their ventures, they always help others. I have learned a lot from it.

  25. Being active in an im forum is a good tip to learn new methods and stay up to date with the im world. And you can build some good relationships with people all over the world!

  26. Forums are great, but I find myself spending too much time on them. Once I start reading something I can’t stop. I learned a lot from them.

  27. that right..thank for your info…some blogger lazy with forum because forum need t0 register before join..but there are many benefits such that your write….i always go to forum to get new info to increase blogging skill and many more…

  28. Yep!

    Forums are great, I’m a big fan of the Warrior Forum and often find answers there for many unanswered question I have to do with marketing.

    Also I’ve been a long time member of the David Icke forum which is a great place for alternative news.


  29. Love the positive tone of the article! Nicely done. I regularly joining forum cos I
    learn so much to experts and I can share also my little knowledge to them.

  30. I had not really thought about joining an Internet Marketing forum before, but I can see the benefits of doing so. I am already a member of a lot of photography forums and other topics of interest and have seen some good results from using them. It makes sense that since Internet Marketing is such an important piece of the business that it would pay off to join in on the conversation.

  31. Hi,My name is Bogdan Fiedur owner of AdlandPro.com and came across your blog post via a Google Alert. After being being in this business since 1998,I have seen the advent of huge communities such as Facebook and Twitter as examples where people who are wanting to share and talk about online marketing (as an example) being lost in the \”white noise\” of everyone else talking.Rather than thinking that forums are an outdated way to share and connect, I will say that it has been my pleasure to see many people ( every day people) come into my forum and find connections that have lasted many years, where people can and do learn from each other and where people can talk in a place about their focus without being looked at as spamming, although people will attempt to do just that ( those types of threads are removed very quickly)The only point I would add to your post is creating a well thought out profile, as that is how people will get to know you and want to talk to you and you would be surprised by the sheer amount of people who do not know this and lose out of the forum experience.Thanks for sharing these tips and would love to see you come to AdlandPro and see what we are all about.

  32. Join internet marketing forum is essential for us as blogger. One of the best benefits of joining internet marketing forum is you can get help in the forum from the expert. Beside that, you will get information updates from internet marketing forum faster.. Thanks Abhishek for share this information

  33. Forums are indeed a very good platform to build your social media networks; they provide links to your social media profiles. And even I agree with Raplus about the warrior forum. It is indeed a good forum for all internet marketers.

  34. Forum certainly helps you to stay up to date about your niche. It also help you to resolve your problems and suggest best solutions. Useful conversation also attract targeted traffic on your website.

  35. Hadley

    I agree it’s extremely valuable to join an internet marketing forum, or any forum for that matter that’s related to your market.

    If you’re knowledgeable enough to contribute to the community then it’s worth doing.

    The biggest benefit I think is that through getting involved, asking questions and/or providing answers you can get some quality links from related sites.

  36. Abhishek, I certainly concur with this. Being part of an online forum is very helpful, especially if you’re in the IM biz. I’ve been a part of a prominent online forum for internet marketers – WarriorForums – for a while now – well, not exactly a member but more of a lurker since I dont post much. But some of the things/info that I’ve picked up there have been invaluable!

  37. jun

    new bloggers need to be in this forum to gain some traffic to their site. Its really hard to do this specially if you are still struggling for page rank

  38. Shahid Bilal

    Forums are really nice way to build back-links but their rules are very strict. Recently two of my forum profiles were blocked and after that I just forget about Forums.

  39. Great article, I’ve found that forums, namely the Warrior Forum has been so helpful for my online marketing education. I’m always so surprised that so many people are just waiting to help you out. I’ve had website evaluations, seo audits and other things done for me, for free, from experts who just want to help. Thanks!

  40. Hi Abhishek,

    As I see the word Internet Marketing, Warrior Forum is where I immediate think of. But recently I stopped using it and as you mentioned so many benefits of using Warrior Forum I’d love to get back to it.

    Thank – Ferb

  41. Hi Abhishek,

    Great post! Yes warrior forum is meant for internet marketers with lots of experienced peoples spreading knowledge around. Digitalpoint could be the other best forum for internet marketing and I am using both warrior as well as digital point and I love them.

  42. Awesome post! You are right in all means about internet marketing forums, they are very very useful. And the tips(can say warnings) you gave for not to spam and get banned & abused are good. Thanks!

  43. Joining Forums is a very good idea,as through it we can get all the latest updates and yes we can also make good relationships with other our fellow members :) :) :) :)

  44. Facilitative share Abhishek .
    These tips can inarguably convert surfers into readers and can help build up a loyal audience over a period of time .Up to date content is always enticing for readers. Commenting also helps in a great way to increase visibility in ones niche. Enjoyed the read .

  45. Jamie Bates

    I’m glad you mentioned to just pick a few forums to be an active user. Its crazy to try and keep up with so many. And I find that the posts become less and less valuable in trying to write on so many forums rather than multiple posts on one forum.

  46. I thought that forums are so old thing. Right now there are plenty of blog tutorials, social networks and so on. Seems like everybody forgot about forums like a tool of promotion.. But it really makes sense when you need to get some professional help or advice. Thanks for remind about such a thing!

  47. Till now i, haven’t joined any online forum thinking that those are waste of time, but after reading this article i decided to join any good internet marketing forum :)
    Thanks for the post :)

  48. There’s also a lot of “spam” and “scams” on the Warrior Forum, but it is an awesome place to learn about website development. Just be weary.

  49. Interesting article Abishek… I’m not sure about your second point though. I thought after the Penguin update Google devalued a lot of the links that came from forums as these were strong candidates for spam.

    I’m definitely with you on the value of the other 4 points though – internet forums are a great resource for support!

    • Hi Wonkie,
      In my second point i talked about contextual links that are “relevant” to the thread (Not talking about signature and affiliate links). Google penguin update targets unnatural and spammy link profiles, and i guess those contextual links are not at all spammy and unnatural since they originate from an “authority + relevant” source!
      Thanks for your comment :)

  50. Hi Abishek,
    Very interesting post you have done there.
    I have to say that I have learned a few things about joining an internet marketing forum by reading your article!
    What is great about all this is the tip number 4! It is very true that people are always here to help others regardless of the time and place you post (with a minimum of human traffic).
    Thank you for tip n°5 and keep up your great work! :)
    Lola K.

  51. Regarding WarriorForum, you can build your buyers very quickly using free WSO or premium WSO with 100% commission. It’s really fast :)

  52. Hi Abhishek, Well it’s really true that we can know many things in advance when we’re active on IM forums like DP, WF etc. Moreover we can find the like minded guys and the bonding can come in handy in the long run to create a better network around our blogs
    I think paid forums can help you more better as the guidelines will be more authenticity and can add immense value to the users!

  53. andrew

    Good topic Abhishek,
    Till now i think how to get back links from forums but #2 point clear my doubt.Thanks for share interesting article with us.

  54. Thanks for sharing great article about the uses of participation in Internet Marketing forums. This is very useful information for online marketing users. Forums are the place where i learnt everything about internet marketing. Forum always rocks. Especially warrior forum, IMTALK and some blackhat forums they have always got more info than what you need.

  55. Hi Abhishek, Well it’s really true that we can know many things in advance when we’re active on IM forums like DP, WF etc. Moreover we can find the like minded guys and the bonding can come in handy in the long run to create a better network around our blogs
    I think paid forums can help you more better as the guidelines will be more authenticity and can add immense value to the users!

  56. You are right on about the fan base and eventually getting opportunity of contacts from influential writers and hence better exposure.

    It is also a better place to discuss new strategies and myths among the gurus of the internet.

  57. Awesome benefits. but you did not say in this post. which type forums is important for us. nofollow & dofollow. I am using work on digitalpoint forums. it is good and not. please tell me. I am confuse after read this post.

    Rahul Kashyap

    • Hi Rahul,
      Thanks for your comment. If you want to maximize these benefits, go for a forum which directly relates to OR at-least overlaps your niche. No-follow and Do-follow is really not an issue, if you are posting something valuable and relevant to the forum topic. In-fact, i have recently seen pagerank value passing through no-follow links. So don’t worry about that 😉

      • Thanks @Abhishek for reply. I have one more question. I have movies niche blog and now using digitalpoint forums as you know. it is good for my blog.

        Rahul Kashyap

        • Hmm…Digitalpoint might not be a good choice since it’s completely off the theme of your blog. Gaining SEO knowledge from dp forums is absolutely fine, but promoting your blog on dp forums…?? Isn’t it a little awkward?
          So Rahul, My suggestion for you is to keep using dp forums for seo knowledge and to look forward to movie forums for promoting your blog. I hope that helps :)

  58. Actually a forum works as knowledge market! We can learn about various update news by participating forum discussion. So I think forums are the great part of IT world. Thanks for this awesome post:)

  59. My experience being a member of a forum is that more business people targetted forum members who posted something in a new topic, in my case, say just after I post a question, it like they have this way to stalk you up until you respond to them. Its like its not enough to put their link on their advise/reply, they would still bug you in PM. Or will contact you to your social networks.

  60. I definitely think the best use of internet marketing forums is just to learn and keep up with the trends. I think the link building benefits are there but are minimal and should not be your main focus.

  61. Hello Abhishek Raj,
    Yes it’s all true, internet marketing forum can help us to better know all the information we need. And it is one way or the best place for internet marketing.
    Thanks for your tips.

  62. Forums are great to learn from and keep up to date. Also I have found forums have saved me money as well especially when it comes to buying a IM product as forum users can give you honest reviews unlike some websites which say everything is good so they can make a commission. Joining a forum has helped me a lot and I learned how to build a list. If I had a choice of purchasing a IM product or joining a forum I would choose a forum any day.


  63. I never use forums to get traffic,marketing and backlinks.But after reading your article i’m little bit confuse.Please Abhishek sir tell me some links of popular forums so can i get backlinks and traffic too

  64. When it comes to forum marketing one name comes to my mind and that is WarriorForum
    It is the best Internet marketing forum. I have experienced great source of traffic and backlinks from this forum. Try it out guys.


  65. Yes joining internet marketing forum surely help us. As we will get enough knowledge about the niche and get the help from other members.

  66. I thought that forums are so old thing. Right now there are plenty of blog tutorials, social networks and so on. Seems like everybody forgot about forums like a tool of promotion.. But it really makes sense when you need to get some professional help or advice. Thanks for remind about such a thing!