5 Simple Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Blog Readers

Your blog readers are one of the biggest and most valuable assets to our blog. I don’t know about you but I highly value my blog readers. In order to have returning traffic to your blog then these type of people must be readers of your blog.

Our blog readers are the persons that normally subscribe to our blog via rss or subscribe via email. They sign up to newsletters and also make comments on articles that you work so hard to write at times.

your blog readers

Here are 5 tips on how to keep in touch with your blog readers.

Publish Blog Posts Regularly

Our readers love to read our blogs and that’s why they are labeled as “blog readers”. In order to keep our blog readers happy then we have to publish blog posts and publish on a regular basis. Don’t post once per month or once per week. You can keep your blog readers by posting every 2 to 3 days apart.

Another great thing to do is to set a blog posting schedule, this way your blog readers can expect a post from you, for example, every Tuesday or every Friday. They will look forward to reading your article or look forward to visiting your blog. It is not wise to publish multiple times per day, especially if your blog readers subscribe to your blog (unless you have a news or technology blog). This will annoy them and they might hit the unsubscribe button/link.

If you have blog readers that love your content, make sure to always publish quality content with clean grammar.

Quality content is king and nothing can beat it!

Once you publish quality content then your blog readers will be eagerly expecting more quality content from you.

Network With Your Blog Readers

I love to use Facebook and Twitter, because these are great social networks and also a great means of communication online. I place my profiles on my blog and often encourage my blog readers to add or follow me so that we can chat a bit. Your readers will be happy when you show interest in them and also have a friendly conversation.

Social media sites are normally filled with millions of people online. These people are often chatting and searching for information that is related to your niche. When networking with your blog readers you can also ask to like or tweet your blog post. I have done this already and this is also a great means of promotion.

Reply To Their Comments

When blog readers leave comments on your articles that means they love your content and it is wise to reply to their comments. Replying to their comments is a sign of showing that you thank them for commenting and you appreciate it.

After you reply to their comments’ depending on how it goes and what type of comment was left, they can also come back and reply to your comment as well. This is the beginning of a great conversation which can be therefore transformed into a friendship.

Here is a great guest post that I got the other day giving reasons why you should reply to your blog comments, 5 Reasons Why You Need to Reply To The Comments On Your Blog.

Reach Out To Your Blog Readers By Helping

Sometimes we may do tutorial blog posts just so that we can keep in touch with our blog readers. Ask your blog readers what types of tutorials they would like to see from you in an email, a poll or by leaving a request in a comment. This way you can provide them with information that will help them greatly.

You can also help them personally by working with them to gain traffic or help them to make their first dollar online. I am pretty sure that if you help a new blogger who is a reader of your blog to make their first couple dollars online then that person would look up to you.

So reach out to your blog readers and see how you can help them out.

Check Out Their Blogs

Most of the people who read our blogs are also blog owners just like you, not just readers. Another great way to connect with your blog readers, which also maybe blog owners, is to visit their blogs. When we visit their blogs we can make blog comments, share their article, submit guest posts if you feel it necessary and if you are kind enough then you can give a few tips on how to improve their blog.

Visiting their blog every now and then can also help to bring traffic to your blog as I mentioned, by blog comments and guest posting. Your blog readers or blog owners will appreciate you doing so, and this will make them want to come back to your blog and leave more comments on your articles.

Group Discussion…

There are tons of ways that you can keep in touch with your blog readers so as to have them coming back to your blog.
I would like to know from you, please leave a comment, how do you keep in touch with your blog readers?


My name is Kharim Tomlinson and I blog at WebMaster-Success.com and ProBizBlogger.com

On my blog I provide awesome blogging tips which help you to become a better blogger and tips to help you make money blogging.


    • I think doing that is fun and creative. Asking questions will help to keep in touch with your blog readers. Depending on the questions that you have asked, they might want to return to your blog to get answers.

      Thanks for the comment, Sai.

        • Kharim Tomlinson

          Yep. That is the reason at most of my blog posts I always include a heading titled “Group Discussion” so that I can get my readers to comment. After that I reply to their comments and try my best to engage with them.

          This always works for me. Thanks for the comment Senuke, I really appreciate it.

  1. Without new content daily or weekly, a blog is going to be pretty low traffic’d unless the SEO is above average.

    Anyway, great post!

    – Josh

    • That is so true and that’s why it is best to set a blogging schedule to post about 3 to 4 times weekly and stick to that schedule. If we do this then we start getting guest posts on our blog then we can now think about contributing one of our articles as guest post.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Great post …!
    Interaction with visitors is very important for success and for getting traffic and more visitors to blog.
    This is the Best strategy you follow to interact with visitors. Great points in this point to learn.

  3. Often times I will promote blogs and posts, especially since I have found blogs this one with quality content. My readers and followers do not mind my “Over-Promoting” of other blogs. Now if I were promoting myself and they continuously seen “Ring Lawn Care” or “WP Business Website Building”, they would would probably not want to be friends or stop following me.
    The advantage of promoting other blogs is absolutely incredible, speaking of traffic. Replying to comments on your own blog is also important for building relationships.
    I love your plain speaking writing Kharim, readers can relate to this type of content. It is the implementation that is difficult for some. Thank you!

    • Hey Bryan, Thanks for the wonderful comment that you have left here.

      I strongly agree with you that too much self promotion can be a sign of selfishness. You have to promote others and they will in turn promote your content as well.

      Thanks for liking my style of writing, I am also thinking of video blogging. Getting my face out there will make my blog visitors/readers get to know me better.

      Thanks again :)

      • I love the idea of video blogging, since most want the “NOW” stuff. For my landscape company, I take videos like crazy and snap those photos and make YouTube videos out of them. This has been a great traffic getter. Thanks again for your straight forwardness, I will head to your blog and check it out.

        • Kharim Tomlinson

          Thanks again for commenting Bryan. I am gonna try the video blogging again. Look out for me 😀

  4. I make a habit of visiting the commentators latest posts via CommentLuv and more than often I return a comment on their site. Those that know me will also know that I do use Facebook and Twitter to help out other bloggers when I can and this in turn does also help 😉

    • Hey there Karen, thank for commenting on my guest post.

      Whenever I have the time I will do that as well, busy with work now a days I’m sometimes hardly ever online. But no that I am setteled with my new job then blog commenting is on my list of things to do.

      Thanks again :)

  5. Hi Kharim! Nice post my friend, great job! Networking with quality bloggers and their blogs is important in a daily basis. Staying connected, sharing and participating in conversations can engage more people to find what they are looking for.
    Have a great day!

    • Hey John, you are so right my brother. Networking and building relationships with bloggers is the one of the key to our blogging success. Thanks for the kind comment and have a great day as well.

  6. Hey Kharin,

    Great tips, but it just goes to show that the success of your blog doesn’t stop with your post. For me it might take an hour or so to create a post, but it takes the rest of the day to network, reply and keep in touch with readers.


    • You are so right Liz, it took me just over an hour to write this post and submit it here. Networking and blog commenting takes a much longer time, because this is where the building of friendly relationship takes place.

      Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.

  7. Love these tips! Engaging with your audience is such an important aspect of blogging and social media in general. I think checking out the blogs of your readers can be a really great interactive thing to do, as it shows that you’re really paying attention to them. :)

    Thanks for the post!

    • Hey Morgan,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my article. Engagement plays a big part in a persons success. This is also a great way to start building friendly relationships between you and your blog readers, and also with other bloggers.

      That’s true as well. Checking out the blogs of your commentators is a great way to get traffic to your blog as well and also to interact with them Find out what they are blogging about and see how you can get ideas for your next blog post.

      Thanks for your kind comment.

  8. Hey Kharin,

    It normally takes me a few days to write a post. And I’ll tell you why half the battle is getting people excited about the post. So a few days before Tweet something like “Article about XXXX will be done in 3 days get ready!” it makes people excited about something they may not have been if it was just posted to the public before hand. I tweet this everyday and then when the post is launched I reach out to all the people who showed intrest and ask them to comment (which then builds a community around the post)


    • Hey there Brent, nice tip. Well as for me, most of my articles that I write I complete them in an hour or so. This is because my creative juices are flowing and this makes me write in a rush.

      I always come up with great topics and then I write on them, just like this one. I will try and follow your suggestions.


  9. I agree with all of these points! One plugin I installed recently is one that emails a reader when their comment (specifically) has a reply. Since then I’ve seen a massive increase in replies to my comments on their comments and had 2 readers email me to say thanks for telling them I’d replied.

    My favorite tip is the ever present (it makes every list) blog regularly. Would you be friends with someone who only randomly phoned up for a chat once every couple of months? Perhaps that’s not the best example but in some ways you have to consider your readers to be your friends, and being dependable is one way to ensure friendship.

    • Thanks for stopping by Rosemary. There is this plugin called Thank Me Later which automatically sends an email to each blog commentator at a time that you choose, thanking that person for commenting.

      Also the Reply Me plugin which emails the commentator when he/she has a new comment reply.

      Thanks for the other tips that you mentioned about having a friend who phones every now and then. :)

    • Hey Suhanesh Madav for the comment. Yes you are right, group discussion plays a big roll in getting your readers to comment so that you can engage them in a conversation.

      Thanks for your comment, Suhanesh Madav.

  10. Sounds like everything I look like in a blog, I like that you update so regularly because it means that theres lots to read! Lots to keep up with and it means that I have something to read that doesn’t relate to my studies at the end of the day!

  11. Dev

    Great tips, kharim. Networking and building relationship with the blog readers is something that every blogger needs to do.

    Thanks for sharing this great post, mate.

  12. I thinks converting the comments into conversation is a good idea for keep in touch with your readers…………..
    Nice article……….

  13. Cley

    A kind of conversation is the best way to know what are the things expected of a reader and the valuable things that can help for such development on their part…

  14. Wynona

    So true! You really need to build a good relation to your blog readers because they are your audience and they are the proof that your blogs are worth the read. Without them your blog will be worthless..

  15. Great tips, kharim. Yes you are right that networking with blog reader with Repling To Their Comments is the best way to engaging readers and they also love it. Thanks for greate tips Kharim.
    ~ Amit from iTechCode

  16. Reply to their comments. That’s the only surefire way to get me back to a blog, unless the content was just so incredible that I can’t think of anything else…

    • That’s a nice way to put it Jim. Commenting makes the commentator comes back to your blog, but you have to make sure that you reply in a manner which will pull them back to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment Jim.

  17. Hey Kharim, I’m good in all of the above except one, that is; regularly publishing article. I’m working on it.

    And whenever I get some worthy and useful comments on my blog I just go back to the commenter’s linked article and thank him or her for commenting on my blog, in comments.

  18. We have an automate email that follow up with our clients that ask how are you doing and get feedback on our WordPress Hosting quality as well.

  19. Nice and informational article! I’ve heard about a tool, called People Profiler, which makes it easier to connect people from your niche. I think it could be useful, too.

  20. Chris

    People love when you are personal with them and engaging your readers accomplishes this. Makes them feel like they are noticed which will keep them coming back. Great post!

    • Yes that is so true. When your readers get a specific reply that is tailored to them then they will feel special and will want to confide in your blog.

      Thanks for the comment :)

  21. Blog readers are just like customers in offline business. if you don’t constantly get in touch with your customers, they will definitely look for your competitors. Meaning that you are losing money. Therefore, the same principle should be apply to blog reader. They always appreciate your constant communication with them
    I just posted How to Avoid Buying Wrong Memory (RAM) For Upgrading

    • Yes our blog readers are our customers. So we have to be very careful what we try and present to them. We have to know how to keep in touch with them and know how to market to them, else this would be throwing away money.

  22. Thanks very much for these blogging tips which will come in handy for a relative newbie like myself.

    I do try to publish content on a fairly regular basis, but sometimes find I get behind with my posts. At the moment I’m trying to write a few posts at a time so I’m ahead of the game.

  23. Cathy35

    Well, I know they are very important but all the guidelines can not be practiced in every situation due to the demands of project. Some guidelines which are applicable in local SEO client will not be practiced in the project which will be focusing the international traffic.

    • But you should atleast try and accomplish each steps if you are a newbie blogger, this shows that you are passionate about blogging and want to make money blogging.

      Thanks for the comment Cathy

  24. Nicholle Olores

    It is really important to keep in touch to your loyal readers because there are more likely to visit again if they feel a hospitality right from your blog.

    • Yep, keeping in touch with such readers helps to increase your traffic and decrease your bounce rate. These type of people can be referred to targeted traffic.

      Thanks for the comment!

  25. Hi Kharim,

    The tips are so powerful and simple, I have no reason why people wouldn’t follow them daily.

    So easy to simply tap into our One-ness, reaching out to other people to help us, as we help them. Sow. Reap. Forget thinking inwardly. Adopt a servant’s mindset.

    I promote the stuffing out of my blogging buddies and generate a ton of traffic from it, because when some of these folks promote me to their networks, I reach thousands to tens of thousands, to more people I never would have reached, if I didn’t promote others.

    Thanks for sharing Kharim!


    • Thanks for the kind comment, Ryan.

      You are right, when you promote others you get great benefits and these wouldn’t be attainable if you didn’t promote others.

      Thanks again man! :)

  26. Replying to comments and regular posting is the necessary part of the blogging. Blogging is all about the connections. If you lose connection with bloggers and your readers then You cannot succeed so its better to do the necessary things. thanks for the awesome post.

  27. Great tips you made, I do and redo it everyday with those tips. I found one thing really hard to keep in touch with our readers is publishing post and have lots of problem on finding ideas and waiting for people to comment. Great Article!!

    • All you have to do is browse other blogs in your niche for ideas, niche related forums are also a great way to get ideas, social media sites, brain storm and try to figure out what your audience would like to hear from you.

      Thanks for the comment Ferb and contact me if you need help in coming up with great blog ideas, because I have a ton of them 😀

  28. Replying to comments is one good way to get in touch with the readers. I don’t understand people who find it hard to reply on comments posted in their blog. I mean, aside from knowing more about the person and getting in-touch with him or her one gets to build relationship in this manner. Plus you get to appreciate the comments left for you too.


    • I try my very best to reply to each comment. I mean sometimes it is kinda hard when you have loads of comments on one article, but it is always best to reply to these comments. Doing so will show that we value what our commentators have to say.

      Thanks for the comment I really appreciate it.

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  30. Hi karim, really awesome article! Replying to comments and regular posting is the necessary part of the blogging. share your post on facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, digg, so our social readers also enjoying our blog posts.


  31. I love how you make the most of being in touch in touch with readers. I think that is one crucial aspect we miss out on! One thing I have seen is that if I go missing, some people actually send me an email or a tweet asking me why I have been MIA for some time now and that always makes me remember them for longer!

    So, yes if you see your readers missing or not posting it always helps to drop them a tweet! I always make it a point to visit my readers blog. If their comments are thought out and credible, I am always interested in what they have to say and pay them a visit!

    • That has happened to me, I haven’t been active and I get mails or messages from readers asking what has happened to me. We as blog owners can also do the same and contact our readers.

      Thanks for your comment 😀

  32. Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging

    I recently started sharing content only on my Facebook page and not just through my blog and my followers have really responded to this – it shows them that I’m more than just a blogger.

  33. Well it’s always great to check your readers comments and reply to it and let them know that you replied to them by using autoresponders but it’s more important to check their blogs if they provide one and comment on interesting points, this will help build more relationship between you and your readers and help to come back to your website and check other articles as well, your readers will trust that you care about them, thank you so much for providing these useful tips.

  34. Wow. Great post! I visit my followers blog too. :) It maybe sounds like you’re returning your favor but visiting and checking their latest post are awesome! :) They will surely visit your blog too. :)

    • Yep, whether you are returning the favor yes or no, it is always great to browse other blogs. This way you can see what other people are blogging or bragging about. 😀

      Thanks for your comment!

  35. Readers are very important that’s why they are to be valued for. They’re one of the key factor to increase profitability of our business. Informative post!

  36. Replying to EVERY comment is something that I am very big on, I might change my stance on this if I ever get 100s of comments on ever posts but as I only get about 10-20 it is OK at the moment. 😛

    • Well what I try to do is reply to comment as I get them so as to not let them pile up. When you see a bunch of comments to reply to at once then you may get turned off to reply to all of them.

  37. Creating connections with your audience or readers does not end in commenting in their blogs or responding in their comments in your post. It is also necessary that you communicate with them through social media and engage them to your posts.