An Overview Of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, if done correctly, has good potential to attract traffic from all corners. The power of guest posting is so vast that you start experience it almost instantaneously when you start posting articles on various sites.

You will be bombarded with innumerable opportunities which you might not have anticipated at all. It has been proven time and again that guest posting will help you achieve success that you cannot make through other ways. The success rate is so high and so quick. I am one of the living proofs :)

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Guest blogging: Mutual benefit

Guest Blogging OverviewGuest blogging help bloggers mutually. As a guest blogger you can share your views, ideas and thoughts to a new segment of audience. You will get the opportunity to tap traffic from new locations.

As an author you will get exposure. If your articles are enjoyed by the audience, you will be encouraged to write more for those sites. The blog owners who give you the opportunity to contribute will not hesitate to even hire you for paid blogging.

You might be invited for potential revenue sharing agreements (like sharing adsense revenue) also on the articles contributed by you. Hence, a new set of opportunities are generated when you win through guest posting.

On the other hand, bloggers can engage experts in the domain through guest posting. Even though a blogger confines to a niche topic, he or she cannot be an expert in every sub-topic and may not satisfy all kinds of audience. By allowing guest posts, a blogger can give a different perspective or style of writing to audience. This will help attract new visitors and retain current regular visitors.

By inviting guest bloggers who are specialized in a particular topic, the subject can be covered in-depth plus more authority can be established.

Back links and new visitors

High quality back-links can be created through guest blogging.  These back-links are crucial in SEO as they will give good rank on Google and other search engines. The links placed on other sites through guest blogging will help promote your own blog.

The links are also searchable through search engines like Google, Yahoo Search, etc. Thus, you will be benefited through direct traffic and search engine traffic.

Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to present unique and wonderful content. It is an opportunity to fill the thirst of the audience. You should be better informed of the type of audience that you are going to face through your post. The content should be adapted to their level of understanding.

If you are made available to be found and connected by them, there will be great chance to win new set of visitors to your blog. You can utilize the opportunity of serving first time visitors to your site by offering food for thought.

You can even create a fresh contact list by offering free stuff or free subscription to your monthly newsletter. These are some hidden possibilities that you can convert into cash through guest blogging.

Whom to write and how to write?

While writing guest posts, you should target blogs that pertain to your niche. You can Google for sites that are relevant to your niche. You should narrow down the list to high ranking, high performing and high trafficking sites. You should connect with lively sites. Blogging will be fruitful when your voice is heard and when you can respond to your audience’s comment or suggestion or feedback.

The content should be cured or crafted as per the taste of audience. Even though if you want to present your own flavor, it is always better to start with the native flavor i.e., the taste the audience is accustomed to. Spending few minutes to understand about the targeted audience is useful.

When you are able to strike the audience at a level they are resonating, you job is made easy. You should not forget to deliver the best of your stuff through guest blogging. It is a great opportunity to connect through diverse audience through commenting and active participation through forums and social networking sites.

Adding value to the audience in your unique tone and unique way will boost your chances of winning as a guest blogger.

Guest blogging: Takeaway

When you are aiming high as a guest blogger, the efforts you put-in should push you to the next level of success.  This will not happen without sticking to the basics of blogging.

With guest blogging the rules of the game are not changed rather they are implemented in a more rigorous mode. Hence, you should be prepared to present fresh content that is not hoisted by anyone at any point of time before you present on a site that you guest blog for.

You can include one or two related images in every blog post to get the attention of passive visitors. You should be prepared to present your master pieces through guest blogging. It is not only the addition of new blog post but also the addition of value that matters most. The best efforts that you place through guest blogging will improve your blogging prospects to a great extent.


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  1. Hajra

    Hey Jane,

    I couldn’t agree more. I have always loved guest posting and it remains to be understood that there is always so much to be gained and learnt from guest posting. This has been a very informative post. I loved how you mention some points I forget in my won post about guest posting :)

    Glad to see you here today! Have a lovely week ahead!

  2. Great point about trying to stick with your niche for guest posting. Some people are so eager to guest post they will do it anywhere.

  3. Hello, Jane! Nice to see you here.

    I accepted many guest posts on my blog before I did my first guest post. And you know, my first guest post is in my very first online contest. :-)

    Now, I love guest posting, as you said it’s a mutual benefit. I’m looking forward for more guest posts.

  4. I total agree with you, Jane. Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic, build high quality back-link for our blog. As Jon Morrow had said: “The best way to build a popular blog is to write for a popular blog.”

  5. I totally agree.
    I am not a full time blogger. But I actually take the trouble to set some time to write for other blogs.
    One thing I have difficulty is with…..,
    When I write a blog post and it turns out to be really… good, I don’t feel like sending it over as guest post :-) I know, I should get rid of that habit!

    Anyways, I did send a “really good”(if I say so myself.. blush) guest post and it was accepted for Problogger! I was told it will be published this Thursday (Feb 2). Stay tuned … 😉


      • I contacted Problogger about a guest post. I was told they liked the concept and looked forward to reading the post. Unfortunately, I haven’t written it yet and that was a few months ago when I heard from them. When I finish the post and send it to them, it will be my first guest posting attempt. I hope this post of yours encourages me to get writing : )

  6. Hi Jane. Guest blogging, when done properly (like you said), has indeed many benefits. I think that you have covered pretty much everything about it and would only add that “sometimes” it is always good to “guest post” on blogs that are on the rise, despite not having PR or any metrics like that. I have seen blogs catapult to heights in a short period of time and the contrary is also true. That said, if you also guest post on a blog that has good chances of getting” good exposure” and visibility, it might be good to give it a go, specially for those who are just taking the first steps.

    In addition, and I think that this is extremely important, guest bloggers should treat their articles better than their own. They should promote it, interact with users via the comments , etc. Just leaving it unattended will not do much any good, plus it might just “tick off” the owner of the blog. Sorry for that, just my two cents :)

    • Fran, that’s well said. And why are you sorry for your two cents? They’re amazing points :) Getting back to reply to comments and promoting guest posts will not only help to develop a good relationship with the host blogger but also with their audience.

  7. Great post. I was just reading a post on guest blogging on someone elses blog the other day and it was saying similar things. I really enjoy reading guest posts on blogs, it shows to me that the blogger is a person who is genuinely interesting in helping others in the blogging community, and thats something I really admire.

  8. Thanks Jane, this is a good overview and a good reminder of the value of guest blogging. Lat month, I started a new tech blog and I have incorporated guest blogging as a part of my initial launch strategy and I have been getting good traffic and very valuable back links as a result.

  9. I’ve found that linking within the email to examples of other guest posts we’ve done works quite well. That way they can judge for themselves if they think we’re capable of writing a decent quality post for them

  10. I’ve tried guest blogging once and I found it very interesting especially when your blog is approve. But oftentimes I was rejected.

  11. Hey jane thaks for the article. I believe Guest blogging is really a very helpful way to publicize your blog and gain valuable back-links for it.

  12. It’s a good thing to use this blogging because it helps a lot in some of our businesses online. Just hope there’ll be a better way to protect us from scams online. Nice article.

  13. Guest Blogging is really effective way to gain additional readers and valuable links. I have had a good success with it till now and gained many new readers because of it. Nice overview Jane..

  14. Like in any other matters, guest blogging has its pros and cons: some say it’s a great thing, others say it takes lots of time selecting the good content, losing of the owner’s identity, so on and so forth.

  15. Great Post Jane. I am agree with you guest post writing for others with same niche means inviting visitor and its a greate idea about backlinking. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. We can easily underestimate the power of guest blogging and the benefits it can provide, so for me guest posting is the pinnacle of blog marketing. Great post as always Jane, thanks.

  17. I want to try guest blogging but I still need to fine-tune my english grammar..
    I believe that guest blogging is the stepping stone to success.

  18. I learned about the benefits of guest blogging when I posted here and on ProBlogger. I’ve been a little stagnant, but this post is a reminder that I need to kick it up a notch.

  19. I haven’t yet tried guest blogging, but based on what I’ve read here and elsewhere, it starts to look like a thing to consider. For me the biggest barrier is probably my skills (or lack of them) in written English. I might be just making excuses, though. Maybe I could write about the fear of failure 😉

  20. Through the encouragement of this site (and a couple of others), I’ve finally started guest blogging – one a couple weeks ago, and another should be posted this week. I’m very excited to see how successful that will be at generating traffic to my site and hopefully finding visitors that will return to my site regularly.

  21. Guest blogging sounds like a wonderful way to get quality backlinks from simple articles. With guest blogging how does a person go about contacting the blog owner to let them know they are interested in sharing with the audience of that blog? And how to get a sample in front of the owner of that blog?

  22. I haven’t tried offering myself as a guest blogger yet but I have certainly taken advantage of publishing them on my blogs and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Not only does it give my readers a different point of view on subjects but it also takes a bit of the workload of my shoulders, and all for just a backlink or two. :)

  23. Thank you for the post Jane, and for the free content at your site, I found both to be quite useful. I haven’t done any guest blogging yet but I am definitely considering it. I know the benefits that come from the increased exposure, I just need to take the first step and get one written. Where would you recommend submitting the first article for a newcomer?

  24. Jane,

    I agree that Guest Posting will really bring good things to you and to the the blog that hosted your article only if done properly, otherwise, guest posting will just be a waste of time.

    By the way, you have there a good guidelines in writing a guest post.

  25. Guest blogging is one of those things I know I should do but haven’t yet. I guess I could start by writing a guest blogging policy for my own site. Great info!

  26. I am still new to this whole Guest Blogging thing and haven’t tried anywhere for this but open for any guest post …
    I am only concentrating for my blog content to get good traffic.. and when I have that I’ll surely try for the Guest blogging…I don’t want to accept any guest post not related to my Niche but what you think accepting any Guest Post in my blog Will be a Good Idea???

  27. Guest blogging! I haven’t still tried out my hand in this area. This sure is the most happening thing in the blogosphere. Writing a guest blog post and getting others to guest post in your own blog is really a good way to build up a network.
    Thanks for sharing another of your awesome (as usual :)) post!

  28. Guest blogging is great but Its not for part time bloggers. Part time bloggers cannot get time from their own blog.
    By the way Liked what you have said about guest blogging. guest posting within your own niche can be a great benefit. :)

  29. Pc

    Good post great way to generate traffic. I really enjoyed reading this thanks – i can tell you’ve been doing this for a while!

  30. I couldn’t agree more Jane. Guest blogging is a win-win situation. It gives the owner a free content and at the same time increases the visibility of the guest blogger. Hence, the chances of getting new subscribers and website visits increases too. Great points here Jane! I really want to do a guest post one of these days. Wish me luck.

    Spatch Merlin

  31. Since guest posting is my next big step in my internet journey, I made studying your article into a top priority…and bookmarked it. Your advice makes perfect sense. It provided me with several ideas that I will implement on articles that I will soon submit.

  32. What a great post from someone that is been referred to as the best in the business.

    What you wrote here really shows that you get the skills required to be the best you ought to be in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for sharing this vital information with us here.

  33. Guest posting is one of the reasons why I receive tons of traffic daily to my website. What I did was to always give valuable posts for the owner and readers to be satisfied. This might not be the best traffic source ever, but overall it’s still worth for me.

    Dan Lew

    • Dan, sure our guest posts are a steady source of traffic. Although we cannot totally rely on them for traffic, they’re not bad either. Plus, they’re a great way to build credibility online!

  34. Guest blogging is a best way to get more traffic…
    if we post a unique concept and it gets attracted by readers means then automatically we will get more traffic.Through this we can interact with many bloggers and we can share our views in it…

  35. Guest posts are great for generating unique & a steady flow of incoming traffic easily. It also builds up great reputation among fellow blogger’s.
    A great post! :)

  36. Hi!
    I just wanted to tell you how I , as a reader, view guest blogging. I feel it is the best idea a blogger can have, because it not only refreshes the usual language and syntactic style of the blog-owner, but introduces new ideas and new people into the discourse and broadens our view of the particular topic or niche the blog is about. I also think it is great for the owner of the blog, because it might increase readership and it provides content. I would recommend these kinds of collaborations to every blogger.

  37. Siddartha Thota

    Great Post, but most of the people are ruining the culture of Guest Posting which is one of the most unfortunate thing. I believe the crowd is growing and the pollution is also growing and most of the Search Engine methods like Article Marketing, Trackbacks, have almost lost their impact and we must take care the Guest blogging also doesn’t lose it :)

  38. I understand the importance of guest blogging but somehow I don’t like the concept of guest blogging, We are here to post our views and why posting in the other person’s blog. But anyways I understand the importance of guest blogging in terms of increasing traffic but I am against to it :)

  39. Hi Jane, you are just awesome. Good to see that you always give more focus on Guest blogging. It’s definitely a best way to get quality backlink and targeted traffic.


  1. Guest Blogging: An Overview…

    Guest blogging, if done correctly, has good potential to attract traffic from all corners. The power of guest posting is so vast that you start experience it almost instantaneously when you start posting articles on various sites….