How To Be A Guest Blogging Genius With Targeted Posts

Guest blogging has become the latest buzz word. Ever since Google officially banned every black hat SEO method people have been trying to blacklist guest blogging too. Small business owners, new born bloggers, everyone wants to be seen with a link from all those blogs that are doing well. You might have seen several guest posts here and if you are a blogger you might be summoning up the courage to forward a guest posting request. But if your guest blog post is only for backlinks then I should warn you that, that you are missing the fun in the game.

What’s the best way to leverage guest blogging?

Become a guest blogging geniusMichael Chibuzor is a person who did 600 posts in 1 year for promoting his blog.

On the way what happened was that he created a 5 figure freelancing income, added hundreds of new subscribers to his list, got free targeted traffic from search engines despite Google’s heartless monsters romping the way etc etc.

But it was not so in the beginning. After 60 or so posts he began wondering. I get traffic, I get comments, I get appreciation, maybe I make some money too.
But is it enough?

I will tell you how you can make your guest posts targeted so that you achieve results from them.
In the above example Michael just guest posted and did nothing to capture the visitors borrowed from an A list blogger. He did not have an optin form set up. That is only one of the biggest mistakes people do.

If you have visitors then you should be converting them to your email list too. In that way you will always have them with you. What did he do to make the most out of guest blogging?

He asked someone to design a custom theme so that he can capture most of the visitors who come to his blog. The very first thing that you can see is the opt in form on his blog these days.

How can you make your guest blogging targeted?

The second mistake which became obvious was when I read a post by blog tyrant at copy blogger on guest blogging. He said that guest posts should be targeted at something. If its a free ebook you are promoting, then your post should also be around it too. A few months ago when Zac Johnson was promoting his new e book he did several guest posts on related topics like-“ If your blog were a book would you read it?”. If its a post that needs recognition then while looking for guest blogging opportunities, write something related to it.
Here is a post on Problogger which does exactly what it sets out to do. The post is titled- How to Make More Money Blogging, Stop Worrying About Advertising, and Get Back to Writing What You Love.

Here Sophie Lizard is showing her understanding of the difficulty in making an income online with affiliate marketing alone. See how Sophie is promoting freelancing as an income option amongst bloggers and in the end giving away an e book titled –“ The ultimate list of paid blogging gigs” which is just apt. I am sure that the opt in rates would have surpassed all expectations that day.

Make your guest posts targeted at improving sales:

Here is another post by Mitz Pantic who’s also a contributor here at Basic Blog Tips, telling us how she earns $100 plus for every guest post that she contributes at the ComLuv blog.
What she does is write a good post a comluv and link it up with one of her posts which also sells an SEO product. The posts which she links up would be extraordinarily detailed and dripping with all the knowledge that she has acquired as a blogger.

Its a very intelligent technique.

So what are your guest posts targeted at?

Guest blogging for SEO today and beyond:

A completely Google Penguin friendly trick to gain backlinks and traffic is guest posting. But it can also be done for SEO purposes too. Most of the big blogs do not allow links in the body of the post but the smaller ones would allow that. Oni Balusi of Writers in Charge wrote 31 guest posts in one week to the same effect. He wrote a post on his blog and linked it up with guest posts he did elsewhere with matching anchor texts.

What happened was an improvement in the organic traffic, he jumped several places ahead of competition with this technique for the keywords like “writing tips”.

To be exact Google started sending his man 134 additional visitors everyday.

He too makes a 5 figure income now and he is barely 16…

Another way to show off your guest blogging genius is to invite guests to write on your blog. Here’s how:

BONUS VIDEO: Invite Guest Bloggers to Write Posts In Your WordPress Dashboard

Let’s hear from you. Have you ever used a guest post directory like MyBlogGuest? What are your tips for becoming a guest blogging genius?

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I am George. For the first 18 months that I blogged I did not make a single penny. Then it was like Edison discovering the exact material for the light bulb after 10000 failures. I had failed in every possible way and then there was no way left but to succeed. And I succeeded. I write about making money blogging at seekdefo. Download my free book that makes finding hot low competition niches child’s play.


  1. In last couple of years guest blogging has gained lot of attention from the bloggers especially in last couple of months. Quality is far more important than quantity, this post will help in designing quality posts for guest blogging.
    Thanks for sharing such a detailed post about it.

    • Akhilendra,
      I quite agree with you. The issue of great and quality content in guest blogging cannot be over emphasized. No one wants to approve a poorly written content on his/her blog.

  2. Hi George,

    Awesome post about guest blogging, in my opinion this is the best way to connect with other people in the blogosphere, and promote your brand.

    Also it’s a great way to build backlinks for your blog.

    Thanks for sharing these tips George, enjoy your weekend.


    • Hey George! Hey Philip! I agree with you, this is a great article. Still, when your goal is to build links or connect to others, there are better ways that require less effort to achieve that. On the other hand, when it comes to branding, yes, guest posts are extremely important.

  3. Astonished how an article that claims “How to be a guest blog genius…” can be written so poorly and inadequately.

    Seriously, this reads pretty badly.

  4. Well said akhilendra quality is what matters. The half hearted attempts at pasting anything in the name of guest blogging hurts readership. @philip nice to see you again

  5. Stella I have mentioned in the post the seo benefits of posting at small sites. Oni of youngprepro basically posts on pr 2 sites but search engines send him organic traffic in bucket loads. There’s an advantage

  6. Oni Balusi’s (sp?) story is inspiring, to say the least. I just visited his blog and for someone who’s so young, he seems to be doing tremendously well, his blogs looks fantastic and the posts on it are really outstanding.

    As far as guest blogging goes, linkbuilding is just one of its advantages, there’s so much more to it than simply getting a backlink, as you’ve highlighted in this post.

  7. Guest blogging is undoubtedly the best and only effective way left to get handy backlinks. You have written a nice and informative guest post here. Your post not only benefited you, it taught me useful things to me also :). Thanks for sharing with us. Your story of “success” is also interesting and inspiring.

  8. Great post….Guest posting is most important for new bloggers to develop their skills and also get some benefits to their blog also……In my view …With out any guest post no bloggers cant achieve their target .

    I like your way of presentation and its a unique post…Thanks for a great post…

  9. George I really shocked after reading your Author bio that you not earn a single penny from your first 18 months. Where were you George I am why don’t you take some advice from any of your friends or fellow bloggers.

  10. Hey George,

    A good read, cheers!

    I think you’re right especially when you mentioned about people are missing out if they just use guest blogging for SEO purposes.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t use them for SEO purposes at all, but like you say there is more to guest blogging than that.

    There’s the traffic potential, branding opportunity, relationship building and just general visibility.

    Despite a lot of black hatters trying to jump on the guest blogging band wagon with cleverly disquised splogs and continuing use of garbage spun posts I think we have a great opportunity to differentiate and stand out from the crowd.

  11. Yeah I read many of Michael’s posts on John Chow and I believe the main point is when you get into a flow of writing you should ride that wave and not stop which is something I did in the name of reviewing the effects. But I now realize effects stop when you stop so the key is not to STOP ❗

  12. Hi George
    Thanks for mentioning my guest post about getting paid $100 to guest post… It is so true and that figure is by far underestimated. Guest posting is great on so many levels… First I use it for SEO, then I point it to a goal to make money, then later I receive a small trickle of traffic for the lifetime of the post. If I add up the guest posts I have out there, I get a lot of small trickles of traffic everyday. :)

  13. @raaj seekdefo isn’t my first blog. I ran a blog on gprs tricks because of which I wasn’t able to earn anything. Then i started this blog and am able to earn even though its only 3 months old.
    @mitz Thanks for coming over. Having built so many niche sites you must have a terrific insight on seo. I wanted to know the details and you’re a great inspiration in building profitable sites.

  14. I did guest posting on more than a dozen of sites but it did not work for me. I guess it was problem with niche. Send blog posts to those bloggers who have related content on their blogs. I made a huge mistake and did not get proper traffic. I am no more following this practice as it did not solved my problems.

    • Come over and we will have a talk on refining your guest blogging strategy. Some of my guest posts have given me less than one page view(0) but that does not mean that you have to stop guest poting

  15. Hey George,

    Actually it is not a latest buzz word anymore. You can say that now everyone is getting into it and I am scared that when Google is gonna blacklist guest blogging too! 😀

    Nice article though!


  16. guest blogging is great for backlinks and traffic but for newbies its a very tough job to do because most of their post didn’t get approved, this post can give newbies some help so thanks George Mathew for this great post and keep up the good work…

  17. Wade Harman

    Guest blogging is what has made my site popular. Forget the links for awhile, getting great guest posting gigs like on this site, ComLuvNetwork, Famous Bloggers, and even my site is now taking guest bloggers, it’s a great way to meet new people and get a new breed of visitors to your site.

  18. Hi Wade you are one amazing blogger who has come a long bright way. I know your story. Thanks for commenting. Guest blogging is mind blowing. Getting 5k visitors by social media another stroke of genius.

  19. Surely this article is motivational, i have really learned alot from it, This guys you mentioned are good, I’m going 2 try hard and become like them.

  20. Its amazing what Mitz has been able to do. Guest posting is the most authoritative way to build links. But what I am interested is if SEO can be done without guest posting. At the moment everyone wears that guest posting is the holy grail in SEO but how long can this continue and can a site be built without this method.

  21. I agree Guest posting on High PR websites is very important for building premium links to our site. Anyways George, you have written a nice post. Going to share it :)

  22. Hello George,

    I should say Guest Blogging is the main part of the Blogosphere. If we are not doing Guest Blogging then we can’t get PageRank and Do-follow backlinks, in this way our blog is running down. To manage our blog Guest Blogging is a must. The way you define your post is good, and yeah a great post.

    Thanks for Sharing.
    Sohil Memon

  23. I like the idea of writing 31 guest posts in one week to promote 1 particular keyword, but in reality, how many bloggers have time to do that? It takes a lot of time to research, write, edit and place you guest posts on 31 different blogs. Finding the right blogs that would accept your content and then post it within a reasonable amount of time is a big challenge as well. I am sure though that some bloggers have done it and admire them for that!

  24. Guest blogging is a best way to connect with the peoples that are interested in your niche. At the same time it helps to drive traffic t0 your blog :).
    BTW thanks for the post on Guest blogging!

  25. Hi George!
    I like the idea of writing 31 guest posts in one week to promote 1 particular keyword, but in reality, how many bloggers have time to do that? It takes a lot of time to research, write, edit and place you guest posts on 31 different blogs. Finding the right blogs that would accept your content and then post it within a reasonable amount of time is a big challenge as well. I am sure though that some bloggers have done it and admire them for that!

  26. Writing relevant content and publishing them to relevant blogs is key these days. As the guru’s are saying, relevancy is the new PR. But like Abdul says, it’s finding the right blogs to accept your post is time consuming! (Although, that issue has been solved now.)

  27. Aasma

    Well, I never thought that through guest posting you can even make money. I was only considering it as a part of acquiring high quality backlinks for SEO purpose.

  28. Hey George! Thanks for the post. Most importantly the out bound links to back up your perspective. I think quality is imperative beyond strategy. I won’t bother reading a gp if it sucks. A bit harsh probably but I think we all feel that way. I love the idea of targeting each guest post. I’ll definitely be implementing it. Happy Monday!

  29. You are right we have to use Proper Backlink for Guest posting on High PR websites. It really nice blog proper backlink building through guest posting. It helps to increase the page rank because after latest Google Penguin updates one thing is cleared that now every wesites need only and only high quality backlinks because poor quality backlinks push a website down and down.

  30. Hello George,
    Excellent Post. Google, content and algorithms sure have given us all a lot to write and think about. . . I used to enjoy writing and publishing content, my own and other writer’s, but now all I think about is if Google is going to penalize my site for something I do or publish. Back links, guest posts, site credits in the footer area, the list goes on and on for things we can’t do or have to watch out for that is except for the ever expanding AdWords arena.

  31. Hi George, amazing results from people you shared about and most the impressive is from Micheal and YoungPrePro. I’m going to start to work on my writing today to write 600 posts a year and 31 posts a week. And what I got now, is, 1 post a week gg -.- I gotta gotta work more and more from now on.

    Thanks for sharing – Ferb

  32. Know from my personal experience that guest blogging is of great value. A blogger has to make his post count the most and put across the points in an effective way. Your post says it all very well :-)

  33. Wow, this post is very inspiring. I’ve been guest posting a lot lately too on decent sites, but it seems tough to juggle that many guest posts while still writing unique content for your own site. I’m going to make an attempt at 300 to 360 guest posts this year for my newest blog and hope for results.

  34. Thank you for writing this post George. You have confirmed for me that Guest Blogging is the best way to build a following for your blog. I have meet so may great people just from reading Guest Posts. I am considering guest blogging. When I do gather up the courage to write a guest post I will ask to have it published right here on,

  35. Guest blogging is good way to get links to our site or blog and even to spread our ideas and thoughts and a gift for writing-lovers where they can write the post of their own on what they love and post it as guest post by that they can get publicity and sometimes earn money.

  36. John Will

    Yeah Ravi.Actually they are.It’s actually very usefull.
    It’s also a way of getting traffic to your own site and it’s also a way of getting fame.In the guest blogging both writer and the host blogger gets benefits.

  37. Definitely agree with your thoughts on targeted guest posts. I have so many people send me generic posts that clearly don’t fit in with the type of content and topics I usually post on. All it takes is a couple of minutes to at least get a general idea of what a blog might be looking for in terms of guest posts.

  38. You are absolutely right about the guest post, If you want to need proper back links then high pr guest post is one of the best way. And also help to increase a website ranking.

  39. Hi George,
    I enjoyed your awesome post about guest blogging today. I’ve known that guest blogging is the best way to connect with other people in the blogosphere, and promote your brand. However, I haven’t done that enough yet myself. Now, I am going to get focused on doing some guest blogging and get the job done!
    Thanks for sharing these tips And wish you a happy Thanksgiving!!!


  40. Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site.. It takes great work, but it can be really powerful, especially if done on the constant basis! :)

  41. Nice article. You have put an interesting Author Bio as well. Committing mistakes is truly essential so as to learn from them. To make yourself a blogger, the most important thing that you need is patience. With patience you can scale greater heights and achieve success. Although slow, but surely.

  42. Guesr blogging is supposed to be great. I just gathered some courage and asked someone to write a post so I can put it on my blog an dthey said SURE. So I am really excited about that. Hope I can make this a permanent thing.

  43. Hi George,
    First of all, a 16 year old making 5 figures…I was never so smart at his age; too busy worrying about getting into college. In any case, I think Guest posting is GREAT! I wrote a guest post and I got about 50 comments; I responded to every one. I have another one from the same site launching soon and am going to be looking for another guest blogging site in the next few months.
    Right now, I’m focused on adding content to my blog. I have a goal of how many posts I want to write by the end of the year and monthly thereafter. I’m not making any money yet but I saw one of my posts is either page 2 or page 1 on Google and I’m seeing a 25% increase in traffic for the last 2 months since I’ve relaunched the site. Quality is my priority with quantity and optimization afterwards. I don’t know if I can pull of 600 in a year though…That’s epic to me.

    • a 16 year old from a non english speaking country shows only what determination can do. I read a fb post today. I am never going to get this age of 20 something where i am broke and free, free to do what I want. Let me concentrate on one thing that i can do best and that will change my life, maybe three years or four years but I will hold on..

  44. After Google Panda updates, Now Content is King. I am also familiar with importance of content but the problem is how to find guest poster.

    I am searching few Guest posters who help to promote my website. If you have any idea how to find a guest poster. Please share with me idea. I will contact with them..

    • Hi Abdul I have written a post on my blog where i have discussed where you can find guest bloggers. first place is myblogguest and linknami where tons of guest posts are waiting for you. POst joint is another place. In the past one week i have more than 4 requests for my blog even when i do not have any page asking for guest posts and the reason is that people are seeing me guest blogging. My blog is only three months old. Or else you can also pay $5 for people to guest post on your site. Many will join

  45. George,

    After reading your post I feel much better. I have been blogging for 4 months only so I do not have to feel bad. Thank you for that.

    I have read that in order to reach mastery, one has to spend at least 10,000 hours repeatedly doing it. I assume that your failures took more than an hour each, so you are absolutely a master at blogging. Appreciate your passion and desire to go forward.

    All of the technical points are great, but the overall message is outstanding.

  46. hey george,

    i really like your article too much……..currently i am getting just 4 figures of income from my blog……..will do some more efforts to make it 5 or above

    thanks buddye

  47. Guest blogging is fast gaining fame as it is a good way to work from home and earn a lot of money. One just needs exceptional writing skills and a strategical mind to promote or market that content to bloggers. Convincing the bloggers to accept guest posts is a difficult task. The content should directly hit the blogger’s heart.

  48. Guest blogging can be targeted easily. A guest blogger can target particular blogs with the niches of his interest. Like that it will be convenient to write on the favourite topics and impress the blogger we have targeted. Guest blogging can fetch us a lot of money. hence, targeting it well can be beneficial.

  49. Most of the big blogs do not allow links in the body of the post but the smaller ones would allow that. Oni Balusi of YoungPrePro wrote 31 guest posts in one week to the same effect. He wrote a post on his blog and linked it up with guest posts he did elsewhere with matching anchor texts.

    Can you please explain what is anchor text in this para?

    • Hi anchor text means the text with which you link a webpage. If you see my autor bio you will see that I have used an anchor text making money blogging. In the same way oni used the anchor text writing tips etc in his posts and gained place in search engines

  50. Anchor texts means the words the link up to a website. In my author bio i have used making money blogging as anchor text. With oni what he used as anchor texts were writing tips how to write well etc and after guest posting he ranked well for those terms. Thanks for asking.

  51. It is important to find right blog for your guest post. so that you will get maximum benefit of your post. It you published your post on wrong blog you won’t get expected results except only two backlinks

  52. hey george, nice article, really nice, just on my mind, if we want to make a targeted guest visitor we must make targeted articles too, do you agree? 😀 that just my opinion, because i ever make a general blog, and then, the result not good for everything 😀

  53. I’ve been hearing a lot about guest blogging now and I guess it is time to dive in head first. Now is the task of find the best blogs that actually allow guest blogging. I know that I could use the extra traffic, but who couldn’t.

  54. Quality is more important than quantity, this post will help in designing quality post for guest blogging. Guest posting is most important to get more benefit of our blog. I guess it also great way to back-links building, high profile and create do follow to our domain.

  55. Guest blogging gave me extra benefits i.e. increased my page rank as well as quality backlinks. I would like to say that it is the best tool for Search Engine Optimization.

  56. Well crafted post! I will agree with the author that Guest Blogging is in fact a very necessary component of SEO. especially in the context of rapidly changing algorithms of GOOGLE! Thanks George Mathew!