Getting Started with Google Analytics Just for Bloggers

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools that Bloggers can use to gain insights about the flow of traffic on our blogs. We can see where people are coming from, how long they stay and what page they’re on when they leave. We can even use Google Analytics to do experiments and run split tests (for free).Google Analytics

In a nutshell, Google Analytics can play a significant role in evaluating the success of our websites because of this:

We are able to determine outcomes.

We can find out if people are taking us up on our Calls to Action. We spend lots of time carefully crafting those CTA’s but do we know how effective they are?

Why Bloggers Don’t Use Google Analytics

Even with the fountain of information provided in the Google Analytics interface, most bloggers fail to explore even the tip of the iceberg. If you’re guilty as charged, I don’t blame you. You’ve got a lot on your plate!

You’ve got Facebook, Twitter, and oh my goodness, now you even need to figure out what to do with Google+. You’re swamped!

I’m willing to bet that many of you haven’t even signed up for a Google Analytics account yet.

But the real problem is that most of the Google Analytics tutorials out there are overwhelming and it’s hard to weed through all of that excess information just to find out what you need to get valuable insights for your blog.

That’s were this young lady comes in (over on the right). MsIleaneSpeaks
She’s cute, isn’t she?

Google Analytics – Just for Bloggers

I think it will be a good idea to offer some training that is specifically geared towards bloggers who want to get more out of the reports and learn how to use Google Analytics more effectively. It’s a critical part of blog promotion that more bloggers should take advantage.

Let’s tackle those Traffic Reports one by one until we become familiar with them and navigate through them with ease.

The first installment in the series is a SlideShare presentation, here’s the link:

Getting Started with Google Analytics – Just for Bloggers

Please share the presentation on Twitter by clicking this link.

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Bonus Material on YouTube

In the video version of Getting Started with Google Analytics, you’ll see that I included some bonus material. This is a list of the highlights taken from the presentation:

It’s important to know where your traffic is coming from, so you can discover where to get more of it!

  • Step #1 : Setting up your GOALS on the Admin Panel
  • Selecting the Goals Tab
  • Your first URL Goal  is the “Thank You” page
  • Step #2: Connect Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics
  • Where do people go on your blog
  • Finding popular post/pages on the Site Content Reports
  • Learning where your traffic comes from on the Sources Report
  • Social Conversion Tracking By Goal

Be sure to watch the video for an added bonus tip that will save you time (and perhaps it will save your sanity too)!

You can get your own cartoon character from Jake Hower at the Multi Media Marketing Show.

Additional Resources:

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Leave any questions you have in the comment section below. As a special gift, the best questions will be answered and added to the post along with a link back to your blog (for a limited time only).

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  1. Hey Ileane,
    It’s good to see you coming up from time to time with these very useful tuts and tips. We were already missing you 😉

    BTW, great tips there. I’m just about setting some golds in Google Analytics when this mail came in. Timely isn’t it?

    • Hi Enstine! I’m usually hanging out on Facebook or Google+ .
      I locked myself in a room this weekend to get this tutorial for Google Analytics done. Still need to get the podcast published – but I know how important it is for bloggers to have this information. Let me know how you make out setting up your goals.
      Thanks for the comment!

    • I agree with you. Ileane, thanks a lot for your hard-work and this awesome tutorial for free. There’s much more to do with Analytics than just visit counts! Thank you.

  2. Very good to get it outlined for new comers. It is actually hard to find advice on this subject without being spammed with offers and very long explanations, when all you wanted is just a fast setup tutorial. Google Analytics is a VERY nice free tool and even though I got it already, I got some pointers. Thanks! Keep ’em coming :)

    • Stephen, thanks for the feedback. I wanted to make sure that beginners could pick up some tips as well as intermediate users.

  3. Hello Ileane,
    I don’t really pay much attention to my Google analytic, i only check my daily traffic flow but haven’t utilize any of it’s potential. as you said; maybe because of the social networks around.
    I have already integrated my webmaster and Adsense to my analytic but i still feel that i am not using its full features. thanks for this lovely post Ileane and do have a great week ahead…

    • Babanature,

      You’re welcome. Please be sure to sign up for future notifications. I might be doing some one on one consultations if time permits.

    • Wilfred,

      I think you misunderstand something. Google Analytics will not take the place of Traffic Travis. I never used TT but if it is anything like Market Samurai you make them work together but not as a replacement.

  4. Hadley

    I think Google Analytics is absolutely essential for any kind of marketing, or engagement with an audience online. It’s free and easy to use and in many cases it can spell out problems and/or how you can improve the site.

  5. Ileane,
    My 2nd time commenting on this blog. I must say you have lovely and helpful articles here. I have Google analytics, the only thing I check is traffic source. I think I need to pay more attention to this.

    • Oluwaseun, you might be turning into a regular commenter here! Yay!!

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you find value here.

  6. Hey Ileane,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, Google Analytics is a best tool for checking our traffic and also helps in finding our productivity in blogging and yes it is free and best for finding many things related to our blog.

  7. Hi Ileane,
    It is nice to see you again after some time.Your video tutorials are always awesome i.e easy and effective.Ya Google analytic is a great tool.The day I start using it,I am getting new and new things from it.I never utilized it completely yet.These points you shared are helping to utilise it more and more.By the way thanks for the post and awesome video.

  8. hey its again a great post as always i get very useful and important information about Google Analytics .thanks for such useful information

  9. Well to be honest i rarely use analytics as i use wordpress stats plugin to check the traffic and other things.

    And yeah, after reading your points.. i think i going use analytics soon.


  10. Hi Ms Ileane, Thank you so much for dedicating the time to write analytics for bloggers. My expertise is so focused on ecommerce websites, trying to understand analytics for blogs always gets put to the back. The slideshare presentation is a great way to get the information across without it seeming so overwhelming. Now i understand that the “thank you” page should be your goal, its all making sense.

    • Hayley, The eCommerce reports in Google Analytics are phenomenal! I use them at work and those reports are shedding a lot of light on who buys and who doesn’t.

      It’s my pleasure to do this Hayley because whenever I would try to find information on Google Analytics the tutorials I found included way too much information that I have no use for. I figured that most bloggers must be faced with the same issue so I’m happy to help.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback!


  11. Riz

    Hi Ileane, great to hear from you again ! I’ve been using Google Analytics for almost a year now and in this one year, I also tried other alternatives to Google Analytics like Piwik and Open Web Analytics but after using them for a while I realised that Google Analytics is the best overall tool available for webmasters. With a few clicks, it gives us a simple but useful insight about our blog.


    • Hi Riz,

      I’m glad you are testing things out for yourself and trying different stats software. I’ve heard there are a few good ones out there. But I’m sure they don’t have a free version that provides all of the dashboards that you get with Google Analytics.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  12. chigo

    I alwyas think the Analytics tool is bogus. I focus on webmaster tools. Anyway am gonna give it a second look. Thanks for sharing

  13. I was surprised at the amount of people who commented they do not use Google analytics, this is and always has been one of the first things a new website needs.

  14. I had it hammered home by reading several blogs about settings up goals on analytics, seemed completely stupid that I hadn’t already done it. Now I have some more focus every day and that can’t be bad

    Thanks for the tips as always :)

    • Hey Sarah, You’re absolutely right. It’s always better to have a clear picture of where you traffic is coming from so you can shift your attention in that direction.

  15. Hi Ilene, I spend quite some time with Google Analytics and I usually use this tool to track sources that I find beneficial for my traffic. Once I find those sources what I usually do is to focus with that and have it increase more.

  16. Perfect Ileane :) Yup even though GA is used by most bloggers and is one of the commonest Analytics tool (for free) the tutorials aren’t straightforward. Thanks so much for the handy material.

  17. Anh Le

    Nice that you mentioned to connect Google Webmaster Tool to Google Analytics. I myself didn’t know this tip before so I think it’s good to mention so that everybody else know it. And again this tutorial is so clear and full of juicy information!

    • Anh Le, I’m glad you got a chance to take advantage of making the connection between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. There is a whole new set of reports that you have access to in the SEO section now. Let me know if you have any questions on it.

  18. I use Google Analytics for already 5 years. Sometimes i think they don’t provide the real amount of visitors on your website but most of the times it’s accurate.
    At present moment, is one of the most comprehensive tools available and what is the most important, it’s free.

    • Radu, I’m curious. What makes you think you are not getting all of your traffic data at times? I hope that is not the case but I’m sure there is a hiccup every now and then.

      • For example, i have a blogger blog as well, and it runs also some statistics. The tracker gets info about reffering websites, pageviews, keywords and so on. When i compare Blogger Integrated analytics and Google’s Analytics i find some discrepancies, sometimes it reaches 30% difference.

  19. Google Analytics has been really frustrating for me. I know it can do a lot but figuring how it works has been a struggle. So thank you so much for doing the work for us.

  20. If you are using Google Analytics, it would simply help you in knowing the progress of your blog and you could start doing blogging in a very great and nice manner as you would come to know the taste and flavor of your blog and also would know the number of visitors flowing from which country

  21. I just spend about half an hour finally getting to know the Analytics interface. I feel so much better about my traffic knowing literally everything about it. I guess its good to be obsessive sometimes. Your article really locked in a lot of the ideas behind it for me.

    • Yay!! I’m so happy to hear that you took the time to log into Google Analytics after looking at this post.

      I can be inspired to do something else wonderful for your blog soon too.

  22. This is a cool post thanks for sharing it !

    I’ve one question how did you cartoonized yourself looks a great pic could I know how you have done it 😀
    Thanks !

  23. Kapil Jekishan

    Hey Ileane,
    Fantastic introduction to GA and for those who have been afraid to venture down the analytics path, I’m sure this tutorial will get them on board. I particularly enjoy the ‘trackbacks’ feature to determine which posts are creating a buzz in the social media arena.

    • Hi Kapil,

      I’m glad you mentioned the Trackback reports. That leads me to mention the Google Analytics community on Google+ once again. I think you should request an invite because I can tell that you would get a lot out of the community over there.
      Anywho – back to your comment. I posted this thread as my first reaction to the trackback reports:

      Feedback on the new Trackback reports:

      I found advantages to these reports but I have my wish list of things I’d like to see improved
      We can find some incoming links we didn’t know about
      We can learn exactly which links send traffic and which one’s don’t
      We can find out about links as they happen

      We can’t sort – so we need to scroll past a lot of zeros before we find a few hits
      We can’t see every trackback – in fact quite a few of them are missing
      We can’t export all of the data in a spreadsheet

      Since we can’t sort any of the fields in the report I thought that I could hone in on which trackbacks sent the most traffic. However when you export into Excel of Google spreadsheets, the column with the traffic count disappears.

      • Kapil Jekishan

        Hey Ileane – Thanksfor the heads up regarding the GA community. I’ve just joined and already sense a lot of value will be derived from this group.

        To be honest, I haven’t tried to report on trackbacks but I did notice that a number of trackbacks were missing and I suppose this is probably a work in progress. Once they get this fine tuned, it’ll be a step closer to having an efficient tool to measure the true social media value of your content.

  24. Excellent Guide Ileane,

    I didn’t start seeing results until I started reviewing analytics weekly ever since I started the 5M reports everything has improved for me.

    Your 100% right about the goals it’s important to track which URLs are successful at certain performance levels. For me I’m interested in increasing Average Time on Page so I can easily track which URLs surpass a certain number of minutes.

    I’m not sure of another tool that works as well as Google’s but this is what I use and recommend.

    • Hey Darnell, so glad to see that you are using Google Analytics and getting some real insights to your audience.

      One thing that you are doing to increase time on page is using those YouTube videos. They are absolutely brilliant so keep up the great work with them.

      I think you should take a look at setting up a goal for your contact page too – that is if you’re using the contact form. I used to use the plugin called Contact form 7 but of course I was getting too many link builders requesting guest posts so I took it down. Now I have SpeakPipe on my contact page. You might like that one too. SpeakPipe lets people leave you a voice mail – now that I think about it that would be PERFECT for you. Let me know if you want to know more about it. You might even try leaving me a message one day :)

  25. Sarah

    Hi Ileane,

    I’ve already attached my sites with Google analytics and it is so far good than any other traffic analysis service. I’ve also tried clicky, piwik etc.. but GA is more handy and have newbie friendly interface. Also I really like your pic in the post, how did you create it? I’d love to create and use it as my avatar here and in other sites. It looks more interesting then the real face :p

  26. Google Analytics is definitely a great tool and it’s absolutely free! I think everyone who does blogging should start using it on a regular basis. I use it every day, sometimes a few times a day to get an idea on traffic, visitors, content, keywords etc. It’s an incredibly valuable tool and everyone should use it before even going on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thanks for your article!

  27. Excellent Guide!
    I would like to add one point to why do bloggers don’t use Google Analytics. I personally don’t use it because of my Google Analytics Phobia! I fear of seeing a high bounce rate or something disastrous and end up demotivating myself.

    I just keep writing articles. :)

    • Rohan, I bet there are a lot of bloggers that feel the same way. They have a fear that Google Analytics give a reflection of some poor performance. I hope there is a way that I can help people conquer that fear. Let’s try to come up with some ideas. OK?

  28. Hi Illene,
    The benefit of Google Analytics for bloggers cannot be overestimated indeed, it comes with so many features that makes our blogging life a breeze. But most of all, its free to use.

    Its very obvious that a lot of bloggers still finds it very difficult to use that tool. Just as you said, most don’t even have the account because they still don’t understand what its used for.

    But I’m very sure that by the time they finish reading this post, they will go and create their own G.A account.

    Thanks for sharing.

  29. A very resourceful post Illene,
    Google analytics is one of the tools out there that i love so much and in my own opinion, among all the other tracking tools I’ve used, G.A is the best.

    However, i still finds somethings confusing with it but i guess that its because I’ve not really given it much of my time. I’m sure this post of yours will be handy.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Theodore, if you can’t watch the video, be sure to check out the SlideShare presentation because I added several screenshots so people can follow along when they log into their dashboards.

  30. Hi Ileane,
    It has always been easy for me to track the number of visitiors reading my articles by employing use of the Google analytics. The analytics page provides a very good interface to help us from where the readers are actually accessing our blog and for how much duration they are staying in our article. This really helps in planning for the next article for the specific audience.

  31. Hi Ileane,

    Google analytics has so many beneficial benefits for a blogger. So many don’t realize this and pass along it as just a checking tool for traffic.

    No, no, no. Even I haven’t fully used it to the full advantage and I have been blogging for quite some time. I need to look more into the setting up goals area :)

    Thanks for the article!

    • Samuel, please get in touch with me if you have questions about setting up the goals or if you want me to take a look to see if you have it set up properly. Chat soon.

  32. Thanks Ileane for sharing this one. I set up my first goal finally! I use it for other things but I had not set up goals in the past. I love being able to ditch the junk! Between Google analytics and webmaster tools there is a lot we can find out about our websites and blogs. And it’s all FREE!

    • Lisa, great to hear that you got the goal set up. You are going to be whizzing through those reports every week now! lol
      Can’t wait to hear what you find out.

  33. Hi Ileane, this post is awesome. I’ve been wanting to track things like this for a while but haven’t been able to figure out how. Thanks for sharing.

  34. thanks iileane for making a perfect visual representation google analytics as well as google webmaster are must now a days for betterment of website/Blog cheers

  35. Really nice work Ileane one again,

    Google Analytics is really useful tool that can easily help you to build amazing blog which is loved by many people. However using Google Analytics is not as easy, it requires lot time and deep researching to find out important tactics.

    • Pankaj,

      It’s not that difficult to understand Google Analytics when you have someone giving your step-by-step instructions. That’s exactly what I would like to do for some bloggers like yourself who are just starting out. Stay tuned.

  36. I use analytics to check traffic source and source content. Sometimes analytics will give other long tail keywords people put in to find your site. Anaylitics is a great tool. I ntried traffic travis I was not that impressed with it.

  37. Hey Ms. Ileane, thank sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for this. I’ve set up an account and have been hesitant to use it beyond the basics because it is overwhelming.

    • Stay tuned Marcie, I will have more to come on this topic. If you have any questions about specific reports, you can email them to me and I’ll try to give you a hand or make another video.

      Thanks for your support and please be sure to install Google Analytics on all of your websites. It will really help improve your business.

  38. Google Analytics is good and I have it set up, but I prefer to use the embedded analytics that comes with my Hostgator hosting package. Embedded analytics provides more accurate counts of visits, pages, etc as it counts all traffic. Google Analytics only counts those that have javascript turned on. So between the two, Google Analytics and embedded analytics the more accurate one will be the embedded analytics.

    • Stephen, does the HostGator analytics track the conversion rate for people who subscribe to your email list? Does it include Event tracking too?

      For example, I embedded a video in this blog post using the LeadPlayer plugin. Event tracking will tell me how many people watched the video and how many of them used the sign up form.

      Another example – I can see how many people are clicking on the links from other commenters and visiting their websites.

      Let me know if Hostgator provides Event tracking because I would love to write a post about that. I’m a big fan of HostGator.

  39. I bookmarked your video. I did set up Google Analytics for my websites and blogs. WHY? ~Number 1: It was free. ~Number 2: I figured somebody would finally tell me what to do with it! :) Thanks Ms. Ileane. You are so smart.

    • Treathyl. LMBO!! “Be ye also ready”
      You’re the smart one – for being so patient while I wrote this post. :) Thanks girlfriend.

  40. Great presentation iLeane,
    I personally always use Google Adsense with my blogs as i find it a great tool to analyse how popular individual blog posts are so I know what to write about next time.
    Explaining Analytics with a presentation was a great idea and made it easy to understand.
    Thanks :)

  41. Awesome info! I love using Google Analytics because it is our window into who’s coming to our site, how they came to find us, where they came from, what they did, how long they stayed and so much more.

    • Hi Steve,

      I’d love to hear about some of the Goals you have set up in Google Analytics. Can you give us some suggestions?

      Thanks for stopping by.

  42. Google analytics is definitely a very helpful tool when it comes to websites, not just bloggers and I admit it has a lot of features and administrative settings which can help bloggers in getting the most out of their blogs. I am glad that you brought out these things.

  43. Hi,

    I’m not big fan of Google Analytics tool, just before this post. You have shared some useful tips to follow. I’ll surely check out my GA account and create the goals.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Bashir,

      What tools do you use to track your blog’s progress?

      Be sure to come back and let me know what new insights you gain after setting up the goals in Google Analytics.

  44. Analytics is very useful for bloggers, specially for me and every website having tech niche. I keep sitting in front of analytics for 4-5 hrs after publishing and indexing of post and after getting it on first page to analyze which keywords are the king and right for traffic. So if any blogger wants to maximize is benefits, he must use analytics.

    Thanks ileane for posting this.

  45. google analytics is the one of the best tools from google, I use it every day to see important events on my websites

  46. Google Analytics is one great tools i’ve ever used, but what I only use it for is to check visitors reports, i think i’ve been misusing it or not using it very well? thanks for waking us alive back importance of this great tools

  47. Thanks for sharing this Ms. Ileane! I just started trying to figure out all there is to know about using Google Analytics so this was very helpful. There’s nothing better than getting great tips from someone who knows her stuff :)

    • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for your awesome feedback :)

      Be sure to stay tuned because we have more Google Analytics training coming your way.

  48. When i started blogging a year ago i was not much concerned about Analytics, but later i came to know that it so much useful for a blogger and started using it. Now i am happy with Analytics, as it helps me a lot in improving and rectifying my small mistakes..:)

    • Shony, I’m glad you are starting to pay attention to those stats! Are you using any Goals in Google Analytics yet?

  49. Its our responsibility to keep track with analytics. Thanks for wonderful post again. Really useful for associated peoples.

  50. google analytics is best to know more inside of your blog.showing the real keywords from which user came to your blog and many first i did not give weightage to google analytics but when i knew about it now it helps me to get rid of some silly mistakes that i make.thanks for sharing.

  51. Hey Ileane,

    What great timing. I was about to search for Google Analytics because a friend of mind recommended it to me. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone since I want to know more about Google Analytics at the same time learn to use it which I’ve seen a brief tutorial thanks to the video that you posted. Expect me to study more about Google Analytics and how it can be useful for me and my blogs. Thanks for posting this Ileane.

  52. Here Comes Ileane with a mind blowing tip. Wow.. Bt i hardly use google analytics.. BTW, i really appreciate this Post. Interesting

  53. Like a few of the other comments above, I never knew that I could link up my Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

    Whole new world of stuff to look at. Thanks for writing this!

    • Josh, please do subscribe to my newsletter so you can keep up with things like this. I did the video, blog post and podcast about connecting Analytic and GWT months ago. I’ll talk more about it in the future as well.

  54. Hi,

    Finally an excellent post about Google analytics. I managed to set up an analytics account and a webmaster tools account. Unfortunately this is so darn complicated.

    Google makes it so difficult to learn. Maybe because they don’t take into account the fact that most of us are not techie geeks like their employees. It is so easy for them to talk about so many things. They assume we all know what their are doing and saying. It is not true. Most of them are not so good at teaching other people, to say the least.

    Thank you for taking the time to create the video. It’s good way to start with Google analytics.

    Have a nice day

    • Silviu, I have created a few videos on the topic of Google Analytics but I do plan to make more. This post is one of my attempts to make the process easier for bloggers like you and me.

  55. I think this is highly essential for every blogger out there. Google analytics being the key to web analytics for bloggers and businesses who dont want to invest too much but yet get a quality product. The information your sharing here is priceless, I think everyone will find something useful in it. I hope there is going to be a more advanced version of this post that focuses on advanced Google analytics users.

    PS. Do you know how to track affiliate URLs placed at specific locations and their clicks?

    • Eddie, yes we are sharing more advanced Google Analytics posts here on the blog. You’ll find an article on doing Experiments and split tests through Analytics, setting up the Custom Dashboards and integrating Google Webmaster Tools. I also have a video on YouTube about conversion tracking from YouTube.

      Are you using the Pretty Link Plugin to shorten the affiliate links? If so, just use the URL Goal tracking. You can also use Google’s URL Builder to track them. Have you used that tool before?

  56. Hey Ileane,

    Another Great post from You :)

    You have mentioned why bloggers should use Google analytics . Right now I am doing the opposite of it by removing google analytics from my site. There is some discussion over the web that if we place google analytics we don’t get better Google rankings, I wish they may be correct or wrong. So testing out this in this month, will write a case study too.

    One more thing is we can create tracking pixel for squeeze pages by using google analytics. Have you tried it yet ?


    • Hi Suresh,

      I’ve never heard of anything like that and it doesn’t make much sense to me. Here’s why – Google AdWords is closely tied to Analytics and if using it would prevent people from getting traffic, that would defeat the purpose from Google’s point of view.

      Also I don’t have any squeeze pages so I don’t have any experience with a tracking pixel.

      Keep me posted on the outcome!

  57. google analytics is a great tool and everyone must use it. google has given us almost every single tool we need for blogging. we should make use of these tools, like analytics, adsense and web master tools. and yes half of the bloggers dont know how to use analytics properly but we should try to learn how to study it

  58. Hey Ileane you don’t know how much I needed this LOL… I had my own way of checking the metrics, but it was a little tedious. So I wanted to learn more about google analytics and webmaster tools. I found this post right on the nick of time. I’ve read a couple of your posts and i just had to subscribe. You give so much value! Thanks for being you!

  59. Kamlesh,

    I’m using two resources that work with YouTube videos and help with tracking. One is Viewbix and they have their own analytics dashboard.

    The other is called LeadPlayer and that one integrates with Google Analytics to provide Event Tracking. That’s a pretty advanced topic that I might cover here one day if there is enough interest. Or maybe I will just make a video :)

  60. Kuldeep, what is your favorite tracking report in Google Analytics? I’m wondering if you are using the Social Settings yet. When I checked my reports I was surprised to see how much traffic I am getting from Google+ but I already knew that Facebook sends more than the others.

  61. Hello Ileane, This is a real guide for me. Thank you for the in-depth analysis. I use Google Analytics primarily for my blog and I really love the depth of the stats that you provided in this post. I used Clicky for some time and I still use it but not as much as GA.

  62. Another great and awesome post from you Illeane,
    have been using Google analytical for more than a year now, an i must admit that if i have come across this guide long ago, i would not have stress myself a bit, when it come to Google analytical..
    Thank for this Great Post

  63. Great guide Ileane!

    There are some useful information here, the slideshare presentation is great and it gives tips at first sight.
    I like setting up goal – thank you URL and checking where my readers go after visiting my blog.
    Webmasters need to understand where visitors come from when they arrive to their blog pages.

    Thanks for sharing Ileane! :-)

  64. Good post Ileane. I own a number of sites and have Analytics installed on all of them. But I only use some of the Analytics capability, this reminds me to keep exploring. Its great for understanding what visitors do after they arrive, if they leave from the same page there is often a problem to sort out. Also seeing how visitors found you is very interesting, it is surprising how oftn it is with a keyword term I had not previously considered – I then look to see if I can utilise this keyword on the site.

  65. Hello Ileane,
    i am a newbie in blogosphere. i have no idea about Google analytics but this post is a real guide for me..
    thanx a lot..:-)

    • Jack, this post is for “Bloggers” (the people) not Blogger (the platform). But even with the Blogger platform, you need to add your Google Analytics profile tracking number in order to connect the two account. The Google Analytics profile number looks like this “UA-XXXXXXXX-X”

  66. Thanks Ileane, i have downloaded the slide…soon as i devour every piece of it, would get back to you ASAP about it…i’m I glad i found your Blog! Yippeee!!!**does the moonwalk slide**

  67. Thanks Ileane, this was so helpful. I have never read any article on google analytics start-up like this before. I can’t tell you how much I liked this article. Thanks once again. I am surely gonna let my readers know about your blog.

    -Sayantini Bhattacharya

  68. Google analytics is really a important tool atleast from it we can quantify our results and check whether we are in right direction or not

  69. Setting up Google Analytics properly is half the work done in optimizing the blogs. People often do not know that submitting a proper sitemap to google administrator panel helps in search engine rankings and they keep squandering money on SEOs.

  70. I just found your website and bookmarked it so I can watch the video later today. I have set up Google Analytics on my site, but have to admit I don’t know how to properly use it.

    I guess I need to start learning how to properly use it so I can track all the traffic on my site. I am sure that your video will help me use it properly so I can start getting the most from it.

    Thanks for the tips.

  71. I have been using google analytics for quite a while but feel that I am only just starting to use it to its full potential as there are so many features that I wasn’t using. Great info. Lee

  72. quantitative tracking of data is really helpful in seo campaign… its really better to analyze the analytic graph to check our campaign progress


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