Using Twitter to Find Most Recent Job Offers

The Internet has revolutionized the employment process as it has made looking for recent job offers so much easier. And, Twitter, one of the biggest Internet phenomena has been the huge part of that revolution.

Their unique mix of live search feeds, an algorithm no one can match and the wide reaching scope of their simple 160 character updates have become legend in the world of social networking.Using Twitter for Recent Job Searches via @basicblogtips Which is a world that is increasing in importance as more uses are utilized by everyone from non-profits to celebrities.

Search for Recent Job Offers

In the wake of a huge financial crisis that has given a serious hit to the job market, you might be surprised to find out that Twitter can also help you in that arena. In the last couple of years there has been a jump in websites that work by allowing you to search through tweets directed at finding employees for workers in every corner of the world. Not to mention, in every category imaginable.

Here are eight websites that will work as tools in your search for recent job offers, but going through Twitter listings for leads.

TwitJobSearch: Recent Job Offers

Recent Job Offers

This is a simple keyword search that lets you put in the type of job you want to find. You can also narrow it down by putting in the region you would like to find the position in. For example, you can type “Marketing Entry Level Atlanta”, or “Nurse London”. The search engine will go through recent job offers on Twitter and give you solid job leads from various accounts.


Recent Job Offers

Search by term or general category for various social media updates on job offers. It will automatically calculate your location and give you anything within a reasonable distance, even if it is in a nearby state. It will then give you a further list of other recent job offers that are further away. If you want to narrow it down, you can put it in the search keywords.


Recent Job Offers

Through this site you go by both location and job title, skill or company. They put it all there for you through the engine, which works by searching through Twitter listings actually posted by employers who have tweeted about recent job offers. It is one of the more organized sites I have seen for job postings.


Recent Job Offers

Another keyword and location search, there is a unique feature that shows the current happenings of things being posted through the website on the front page. It is constantly being updated through the live feed, which should give you an idea of the popularity of the site.

Twitter Job Cast

Recent Job Offers

There have been some technical issues on this site with the coding on the front page lately. A lot of errors occur, which can be frustrating. But the search works well, and it is a really easy site to use.


Recent Job Offers

A great job map site, you can put in your location and get a scope of the entire market from your city or nearby areas. You can also target it by putting in a job type, to see how the overall situation appears.

Job Angels

Recent Job Offers

This is an entire job network through the non-profit Hiring For Hope. They have their own search system that goes through social media, and you can follow their Twitter page for updates. You can also join the grassroots movement, if you are interested in participating in the charity.


Recent Job Offers

This application can be used for just about anything, from looking for updates on shopping sales to marketing. But more people are downloading it and running it for continuous recent job offers, based on their own parameters. Which means you can get a look at the market on Twitter at any time.


Twitter is an amazing resource for anyone looking to connect to potential employers. If you know of any Twitter market sites collecting recent job offers and you would like to share them, let us know in the comments!


Jessy is a social media enthusiast blogging for DIY Gadgets, the cool collection of DIY ideas


  1. Wow, great post… but also great information for employers. I’m not exactly the worlds biggest employer but have found twitter to be incredibly useful for finding exactly the right person for a particular job… This has just been through tweeting the job and asking for it to be re-tweeted…. Simple but super effective!

    • Welcome to this marvelous blog)) You wrote a very interesting post that will be certainly highly evaluated be all readers (I’m among them). Thanks a lot for it!

  2. I had not a clue that you could do that with Twitter. I knew that LinkedIn was a great social networking business professional website, whereas anyone can network with others to hopefully land a specific job with the company of their dreams. But nowadays, ppl mostly use Twitter to get $ gUaP $ from tweeting while increasing their ad revenue “$ gUaP $ means [money]” by the ways…LOL =)

  3. This is really interesting, I have heard a lot lately about how Twitter is getting used for searching for all kinds of things. Twitter search is going to be big.

  4. I live in Denmark, and although I regularly see people tweeting looking to hire people, I never knew about any of these tools. Do you know if they’re only for the USA, or if there’s a Danish version?

  5. Demi

    Thanks for sharing these great way of finding job offers on twitter. Thanks for this and I will let you guys know if it really helped me to find the right job offer. Thanks!

  6. Hey Jessy,

    That’s a great article, I never thought that we can use twitter to search jobs….. it’s fantastic. Social media is now doing everything that we need now a days.

  7. it’s about time that twitter start catching up with Facebook and Google plus, in terms of updating the look of their site, and adding additional site functions :-)

    • I actually think Twitter is great and it doesn’t need to catch up. I wish it stayed the same. I am tired of seeing the major social networks copy each others’ features!

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, on seeing social networks potentially copy the features of others, I love Google plus, as well as loving Twitter. Just gotta love them both equally :-)

  8. Hi Jessy,
    thanks for this interesting post. This is my first time to visit your blog, and i discovered something new right away – I didnt know that we can do a job search using tweeter. I have an online job, and i am doing it for a couple of months already, and it works just fine, I will try to see if i can find something better using tweeter.

  9. Great article I must say that people will easily be able to find the jobs on such sites.It will help for all the types and the list is also good

  10. Awesome update! This could be a big opportunity for those who are seeking for job offers on twitter. It is advisable for people to read this article. I hope many can gain help by reading this. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this information.

  11. Great article, Jessy! The ways of finding a job and applying for one have definitely changed through the years. Just went through the sites that you suggested. Of these, I found some really interesting and tempting job offers I wouldn’t have been aware of without first reading your article. Will definitely recommend this to my friends who are currently job hunting.

  12. Many thanks, Jessy and Ileane!

    I must have had my head up in the clouds …

    I honestly didn’t know you could do a job search using these awesome Twitter resources. Appreciate the enlightenment!

  13. Those who are new to the market don’t realize that it was not that long ago that the job search revolved around the classified ads in newspapers, mailing letters and resumes and spending many dollars doing so and waiting. The Internet is such a wonderful contribution to the world of job hunting.

  14. Hey Jessy! I never thought of actually finding jobs via Twitter! All I thought was that Twitter is just for expressing yourself within 140 characters! But these are really gr8 ways to make the best use of it! Cheers