How Facebook Stays On Top

There has been no shortage of Facebook news this week including the upgraded functions for your Facebook Page. These changes were long overdue and now you can interact on Facebook with your Facebook Page the same way you can with your profile; the choice is yours (for now). The history of Facebook is one consisting of many twists and turns.

This gives me an excellent opportunity to introduce you to Joe Hackman from Joe’s Gone Social. Joe is an awesome blogger, podcaster and social networker and Joe’s going to put you right on the pulse of what’s happening with your Facebook Page in a video from his post called Facebook’s Fan Page Upgrade.

BIG Facebook Page Upgrade is here!

In the video Joe talks about HyperAlerts and on his blog you can learn how to use them to Monitor any Facebook Page for Posts, Comments and Content.

HyperAlerts for your Facebook Page

Stay on Top of Your Facebook Page Upgrade

So now you see why everyone has to run off and visit Facebook. Can you imagine how much traffic Facebook is going to get in the next few days? I bet they will even take back their crown from StumbleUpon this month. Even if you haven’t checked your Fan Page in weeks, I bet you’re going there right after you leave a comment on this post! But don’t forget to visit Joe’s blog or like his page on Facebook!

More news about the Facebook Page Upgrade:

More on social media optimization (SMO)

facebook page


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  1. Thanks for the great video and information. Although I am not a “techi” and still need to understand the difference from the page and profile talked about , this alerted to me for the need to take advantage of information that helps you to more effectively us FB.

    • Linda, you bring up a great point. Right now I wouldn’t worry too much about learning the difference between Fan Pages and Profiles because Facebook just blurred the lines for everyone. Here’s the deal in a nutshell – your profile is your personal stream on Facebook and your Page (or Fan Page) is used to promote your blog, your products or your business services.

      Up until now – you can’t have a Fan Page without a personal profile. Which I always thought was rather awkward, now it seems that Facebook is moving in the direction of changing this restriction. At least this is a step in the right direction.

      Let me know when you are ready for the more “techie” explanation. Have a great weekend Linda.

  2. Great! When it comes to FaceBook I am still a newbie and learning the ropes as time goes by, Not really an avid user I must admit, but as I said, something that I intend to rectify on a gradual phase. This new feature certainly looks very cool and I’ll set it up as soon as I’m done here :) Thanks and have a great weekend.

    • DiTesco, the one thing that I really dislike about Facebook is the way they make these drastic changes every month or so. At this point you can forget everything you read about Fan Pages before because it’s all obsolete.

      On the other hand, Facebook keeps giving us exciting things to blog about and this is one of the best upgrades I’ve seen in months. You have a good weekend too my friend and when ever you launch your Fan Page you know I’ll be right there to give it a like:)

  3. TrafficColeman

    This facebook updates has been all over the net today…so this is one way facebook stay on top..everyone loves to spread the word about them…Great Post..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Hi Traffic, exactly! I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg and crew were disappointed that StumbleUpon sent the most social media traffic around the web according to the January reports from StatCounter.

  4. This is a great tutorial Ileane, thank you so much for sharing it. FB is on the top of my “must learn to connect” list. I can always count on you for reliable and in depth learning!

    Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentines day!

    • Hi Redkathy! Great to see you. I thought Joe did an excellent job in the video also. His demo answered all of my questions about the Fan Page upgrade so I was more than happy to share it here on my blog.

  5. Hi Ileane,

    Great video of the new changes on Facebook! I’m a visual person and I always like videos that explain stuff. It’s easier than just to read up on it.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    • Ilka, that’s funny, I’m the same way. I get so much more out of video tutorials and demos than I do from reading instructions. Joe is really great at explaining the whole page upgrade thing. Gotta love him. Talk to you soon Ilka.

    • Hey Joe, your video was so timely and you left no stone unturned. I thought it would be a great idea to share it here. I look forward to sharing more of your great content and I would love to feature you in a guest post one day soon. Let me know if your up for it. Thanks!

  6. Delena Silverfox

    Hi Ileane!

    I noticed today when I logged in on Facebook it gave me the option to act as my fan page. I thought it was a really great idea, and wondered why they hadn’t done it sooner! I might only have 14 fans at TMAM right now (which is why I took the Like option off my blog; I’ve read enough about negative social proof over at Ana’s TGC!) but I have plans to grow those 14 into thousands! Just takes time. =)

    I’m off to check out Joe’s blog. Thanks for the heads up about him!

    • Hi Delena, I just visited your blog but I didn’t see your Facebook link. Please share it with us so we can Like the page. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. april bishop

    I was just searching for DO follow blogs and see here the list in front of me..This is really amazing.


  8. Thanks for the video, Ileane. I have to admit that even after watching it I’m still somewhat confused. I think my mind’s either closed up or cluttered with too much other stuff. At some point I figure I will change my FB business page over, but right now I need more time to figure out for myself why it’s better.

  9. Actually I already have went to my fan page , after hearing that they have update on layout of fan page..

    and I am going to look onto some other features today.

  10. I have been waiting for this. I stopped the fan page I created before because of the notifications that we can’t receive. At least even if it looks like a normal profile, they listened to what we needed.

  11. It was about time they did something good.
    Facebook makes changes every week, but most of them only confuse the user. They’re moving things, hiding things, making people waste their time.
    For example, i was really disappointed when they removed the option to clear sent friends invites. The web is full of people complaining.

  12. Every time I get used to Facebook, I feel like they update it again. Although, I am impressed with the recent updates that they have made. Because people are using it more as a social/business format then JUST personal networking, it’s gotten a sharper and cleaner look- a more professional one. What do you think they will change next to keep going at their rate?

  13. Great collection of posts on the new Facebook page upgrade, Ileane. I’m really enjoying the new pages, but I hope they will allow us to like, share, and comment as our page outside of Facebook soon. Thanks for putting these resources in one place for us.

    • Hey Brad! My pleasure to bring all of the answers to your Facebook Fan Page upgrade questions together in one place. I don’t like how Facebook keeps us guessing when they make changes like this. But it’s up to us to stick together and provide better resources for each other.

  14. Hi Ileane, first of all thank you so much for featuring my post in your wonderful facebook resources. I’m actually still using Hyper Alerts although facebook provides their own notification, it’s great to compare the results and for now, I don’t plan on stopping the third party apps yet. :-) We’ll see. Again, great info and thanks so much for visiting my site the other day. Appreciate it. Hugs!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • ChingYa! Where else can a blogger go when they want to keep up with changes on Facebook?? Your blog is the hub of activity for all of us. Thanks for (always) shedding light on the situation when it come to Fan Page Upgrades!

  15. Firstly, this is a great post I missed on my belated birthday!

    Also, I needed to mention that Clickbank now has a new FaceBook tool built in when you log in as an affiliate searching for products to promote. It allows you to hit a button next to those search results that will immediately post that listing to your FaceBook profile and of course if anyone viewing your wall posts clicks and buys something, you get paid 💡

    • Hey Will, now that is one smoking hot tip!! I hope you have a blog post on the subject of using Clickbank because I’m heading over to Market Secrets right now to find out more. I saw a review from Kristie Hines which stated that in order to get a payout from Clickbank you need to have sales from 6 different credit card accounts! Paypal doesn’t even count as one. Therefore using Facebook is the perfect solution to increasing your chance of getting more than 6 unique buyers. You always add such great value to the conversation Will. Thank you!!

      • The post on the new CB facebook link is not published yet.. I kinda wanted a case study either of me or anybody else who has used it so far..

        ..but I guess I could at least draft a post that mentions the clickbank profiting potential of their new tool 😉

        • Good. I’m anxious to hear how this option is working for you. I signed up for it but I haven’t posted any products on Facebook yet. Talk to you soon Caleb.

  16. Thanks for providing such detail to the most recent Facebook changes. I am superbly happy with the ability to post comments through my page as well as the notifications of comments and addition of new members.

  17. So One can now have fan page without having a Facebook profile, that’s a step in the right direction, that’s pretty cool

    • Chux, Facebook isn’t getting that good yet! You still need a profile and you have to toggle back and forth when you want to be a page. :)

  18. They make so many changes, it feels like they change something every week, i just can’t keep up. I log in to Facebook everyday expecting something new. Not in a good way.
    Sure, change is good, but they’re killing me with so much good. I want to have time to say: this facebook got so boring lately!
    Now that would be a welcomed change!

  19. Maria, these recent Facebook changes and all of this switching back and forth between Fan Page and Profile are making my head spin. The latest news I found out is that if you post from a third party app like PostPost, HootSuite or Amplify, it doesn’t hold as much authority as if you post directly to Facebook and you won’t get as many impressions. IMHO, this proves that Facebook is going out of their way to make sure that users with Fan Pages visit the site more often and spend more time there looking for ways to engage with fans.

    • They’re also improving their security against spammers and forced marketers, but every change they make also affects the normal user.
      I’ve heard some people saying facebook will die in 4 years top, and i tend to agree with them when i look at their recent policy.

      • Maria, I’m not so sure the Facebook will die in four years but I think that Facebook will be so drastically changed in four years that you won’t even recognize it. Heck, it’s changed so much in the last six months I barely recognize it now. :)

  20. I am a big fan of facebook. And now i am a big fan of joe hackman also. What a share it was. Thanks for providing such detail to the most recent Facebook changes. Simply great.

    • John, Joe is a great guy and he’s always on the forefront of news and information vital to our success in using social media.

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  22. Facebook is making too many changes too fast. I find it nice to see different FB set-up but it’s kinda confusing on my part. I can still feel more comfortable than the old FB, yet I know that their upgrades can benefit all of us users and even those business people.

    • Hi Samantha, I’m convinced that some of the changes Facebook makes are intentionally confusing. Just think about it, why do we always need to rely on other bloggers or news sites to explain the changes to us? Facebook needs to make announcements to everyone with full explanations about what the changes are – AND how they impact your interaction with the site and your audience.
      These changes keep everyone talking – they even make the evening news! – and this drives everyone back to the site to check their settings and test out some of the features. Oh and by the way, while you’re there you will notice that you need to get more friends or fans so why don’t you buy some advertising?
      It’s an interesting business model and it seems to work well for them! :)

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed some changes a while ago too. I like your point that these changes drive more and more users to check out their new settings! It’s absolutely true! For some it’s really an attraction, but for some, it can cause disappoint though.

  23. Actually, Facebook keeps giving us thrilling things to blog about and this is one of the most excellent upgrades I have ever seen in months. However, this new feature surely looks very cool.

  24. Video is really informative. I feel good to learn new and new things. And facebook upgrades it’s features most of the time.

  25. Via .The recent changes by the Facebook development team have caused a couple of glitches in the site. But for any Facebook user who has more than a couple of hundred friends these notices can quickly overwhelm the news feeds and bury whats really important — status updates links photos and video…The Hide button doesnt work in this situation.

  26. Daniel Snyder

    So many people are frustrated by facebook’s constant changes and updates. I’ve even heard it called a “controlling interruption of our social lives”… ridiculous! I can understand how it can be mildly annoying to have to learn new things and adjust to change, but that is what life is all about. Not only that, facebook is not out to make life difficult for its users, rather they are constantly looking for how they can improve the service. Changes they make are always made from the perspective that they are now offering something even BETTER to they’re users. These people who are oh so negative about facebook’s changes and updates remind me of conspiracy theorists. As though Zuckerberg is out to ruin their lives or something.

    • Daniel – you’re right some people go way too far in their criticism of Facebook. I think it’s because they’ve put all of the eggs in one basket and any changes impact their marketing strategy in a major way. It’s the same thing that happens when Google makes changes (like the infamous Panda update) :)

      But I do disagree on some point about constantly making the service better for users. Many of the changes IMO are done with the goal of driving traffic back to the site. For example, why would they get rid of tabs on Fan pages?? I haven’t heard one person say – OMG! I’m so glad they got rid of those confusing tabs. On the contrary, it’s like now that everyone has adjusted to tabs and become familiar with them – we’re taking them away. Of course this is really no big deal for many but my motto has always been – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In this example case I don’t think it’s a case of getting better – it’s just “different”.

      When they took away the chronological order of posts in our streams, there was so much dissent that Facebook finally gave in and added an option to view “most recent”. Oh boy – you mean to tell me that Facebook thought people would really have a better experience by seeing older news than “newer” news??? It’s just giving me more stuff to click on in order to get to what I want to see.

      And don’t get me started on “extra clicks” on Facebook. Here’s another example – I can act as my Fan Page now – YEAH!! But every time I log in I have to switch from profile to page. If I want to authorize a new Facebook app – I gotta switch back. If I want to comment as my Page, now I have to switch back. Next I want to check in with my friends – switch again. Now I want to….you get the idea. :)

      Sorry for the mini-rant but I find Facebook very annoying at times (can you tell) :)

      Thanks for putting up with me….

  27. The good thing about the Facebook upgrade is that it shows how serious FB is about keeping the site dynamic by constantly adding new, user-friendly features that help in business.

  28. Facebook have that addiction in it, which still makes it maintain it’s top position. And i agree with above mentioned details.

  29. Danny

    Although the update is already old (because of my late comment) but the links are still very useful. Also the ones in one of your comments Ileane.
    But too be honest, sometimes I just wish Facebook would just stop existing,

    • Danny,
      “Facebook, please disappear” LOL!
      Oh well, I don’t think that dream of ours will ever come true. So the next best thing is to find out how to make the best of it.

  30. Sometimes, I think that Facebook is just thumbling in the dark when I see all the constant and drastic changes it makes all the time. However, the next thought on my mind is – “No way! They know what they’re doing, but you just can’t see that yet.”

    And then I realize just how many people talk and talk and talk about every single change. And then I get it.

    • Ana, in this case I think Facebook had to react to Google+ so I won’t blame this one on trying to keep us confused. They announced changes to profiles during the F8 conference the other day. Now we have to wait to see what changes they are going to have for Facebook Pages…..

      • I agree. They had to do something.

        I can’t wait to see what are they going to do about the profiles next. Do you think that they will ever adapt the customization of profiles like MySpace had? I kinda miss that.

  31. A lot of people are looking forward to seeing the Facebook Timeline update. There are a few who have seen the teaser by joining the developers group and using the Developer app. It’s being advertised on the log-in page as well. I’m really looking forward to how it’s gonna be like.

    — Man Ray


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    There has been no shortage of Facebook news this week including the changes to your Facebook Fan Pages that now behave like your profile. Here’s a video from Joe Hackman….