1. Good tips Jane. Here’s a little more advanced tip one could employ: Since everybody seems to have a different idea of how often they want to be emailed, it may be a good idea to simply ask your subscribers! I use AWeber and they make it simple to send out a quick survey, which you could use to see how often your subscribers want to be emailed, for example – once a week, once a month, etc – then you can use that data to segment your subscriber list by frequency. Makes for happier subscribers in the end!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m a big fan of email marketing myself, but i dont belive in sending out too many emails – no matter how good your offer is. 2-3 emails a weeks has worked well for me. Pure text based emails completely without images or any “bling” has also given me good response rates.

    • Rick, personally I don’t follow a regular schedule to email my subscribers. I just send out an email whenever I have something cool to say. And certainly I don’t send more than 2 emails in a week (that’s remotely rare). But I still get some unsubscribes saying that I email too often! LOL>

  3. Hey Jane,

    Email Marketing is very important and extremely effective if done right. Sadly a lot of people abuse it by purchasing email lists or by randomly spamming using internet robot programs, which usually leads to their email jumping straight to spam/junk and never read.

    On top of that I think links in those emails might be penalized by search engines such as Google, if they were determined as spam.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Purchasing a list is by far the worst ways to do email marketing. It will easily demolish a business! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sayed.

  4. Hi Joseph! I have been using a email script from listmessenger dot com for more than a year. Its not free, but affordable (one time payment, around $50). There are no subscriber limits to the script and its pretty easy to use. You will have to install it on your server but the entire process is pretty simple.

    • I’m curious about registered users on my WordPress blog. They may be spammers, but I have hundreds of registered subscribers. Any point in trying to contact them or getting them to opt into Chimp Mail? What do people do with these WordPress “registered subscribers” It’s not obvious how to communicate with them. Does listmessenger do that?

      • Hi! Listmessenger, and lots of other email scripts, should give you the option of sending an opt-in confirmation e-mail prior to adding subscriber. Let’s say you already have a list but you’re not sure if these are spammers or not: Produce a mass list with the email addresses and send it out with the opt-in confirmation option. That way you will be able to remove the spammers.

  5. Riya

    You can use Aweber or MailChimp, these are the best email marketing software available to email marketers. Do check for their coupons codes as you can get discount as well. 😉 Good Luck!!!

  6. Usually newbies don’t have enough patience and they don’t want to put effort in list building and they do all things which ultimately ends with spamming. They should be more careful if they actually wants to build long-lasting blog or business.

    • Aarti, you’re right. It is true that one cannot tolerate the dead slow growth of a list especially until it gets its first 100 subscribers!

  7. I am not much fond of doing email marketing but I think I may try it now. Thanks Jane for sharing this one. I will definitely be considering your tips.


  8. Jane,

    the good thing is that ethical e-mail marketing is also the most profitable e-mail marketing. By caring about what your readers receive and making sure they really want to be on your list with double opt in’s you are not only being ethical but greatly increasing the chance that your message gets opened.

    What is the point of blasting someone with hard-sell marketing six times a day if it just ends up in the trash bin. It is far better to send lots of good messages with only the rare occasional sale. That way you pique their interests and make sure all of your customers/readers have the greatest opportunity to actually open the messages you send.

    • The “punch in the face” marketing could have worked a couple of decades ago but certainly not now. People have more and more privacy issues, they want to be well respected – sending out too many sales emails will simply won’t work, but will only ruin the sender’s reputation.

  9. I think email marketing is a brilliant method in developing a business. Thank you very much Jane for sharing your information about ethical email marketing. Your advice I think is excellent, too.

  10. Hi,

    Nice one with lot of ideas for online marketing i am sure this option of online marketing will prove good for all those who are working in online marketing because now adays most of people have not much time and they don’t want to receive a phone call for marketing.

  11. Anyone who emails me more than once a week and has in every email something to sell, I go directly to the unsubscribe. Emails must be building a relationship with the reader and get them to go read your blog. I find its better to offer products on a blog than in an email. The email should also help you establish yourself as an authority.

    • David, let me ask you a question about your comment.

      I’m not 100% confident about how to best use my email list. In the past, I’ve emailed to promote individual posts and then I started writing a small introductory message before listing the titles and related URLS. If I’m not selling something, what’s the best way to build a relationship with email subscribers?

  12. Danny

    Great tips!
    I wish more people would implement them.
    Especially the one about frequency. I think even one email a day is a bit much.
    But if you can deliver fresh quality content every day, then it is ok.
    But some companies just send me the almost exactly same email allmost every day.
    Because they think they are making a great offer, but I get less and less interested in them, because I don’t like anyone who spamms my inbox.

    • Danny, people don’t like to be mailed everyday, as far as I found out lol. I send one mail in a week or sometimes in 10 days (if I’m busy with something else) yet, I get one or two unsubscribes for every mail I send and some people fill out the feedback as “too many emails”. You see? It depends on your list, though.

  13. I know from my friends that there is such a problem when users have no opportunity to unsubscribe from someone’s emails . I guess that there is such an opportunity but probably it’s hidden somewhere so that non-technical user won’t be able to find it.

  14. Thank you sharing the correct way to do e-mail marketing. I have been bombarded with messages from people who downloaded my e-mail address from Facebook, and it is totally annoying. And as you stated, I will do unto others as I want done to myself.

  15. I use feedburner. Haven’t tried services like Aweber. My problem is that a lot of subscribers who willingly give me their email ID don’t bother to confirm their subscription. I have even tried sending them reminders. It sometimes work, sometimes doesn’t.

  16. These tips will surely help email marketing in a effective way. I have seem so many spam email marketing campaigns and I am sure most readers will mark it as spam and eventually their mails will not show up in the inbox.

  17. I use a spare email account to sign up for any lists these days and 90% of the time the only reason why I sign up is for research. I like to see what other people are doing with their lists and seeing how they operate.

    Shockingly, the majority of them blast the living day lights out of me with affiliate offers ever day. It’s shocking.

    I mean, what ever happened to the quality newsletter? Sure there are some good ones out there but the vast majority of crap heavily out weighs those. They give the good guys a bad name and make people reluctant to want to sign up to any lists.

  18. I 100% agree with everthing you have said. I recently started emailing my past clients with a monthly letter. I actually got my domain suspended by my hosting company due to “SPAM” . After I told them what I was doing and where I got the list they changed their minds. So I suggest anyone that will be sending a large amount of emails that is on shared hosting to get pre-approval from your hosting company. I did not know about this but now I do. Just an FYI.

  19. Spamming email doesn’t pay. These days anti-spam filters are better than ever and there are major consequences for doing it. You’re better off remaining one of the good guys :) Nice post!

  20. Email marketing is fairly easy, but at the same time very tricky. I personally prefer to run campaign from A-Z in-house with scripts hosted by me and 3rd party SMTP. This way I can analyze every thing – from bounce rate to click-through. As well I don’t think that it is a good idea to run newsletter more than 2 times a month maximum or email list get exhausted.

  21. As mentioned in many comments the trick is to find the right amount of email to send. I think sending email rarely is also a bad thing, then people doesn’t seem to connect with the person. As long as you send quality content and occasional promotional material I don’t think there will be a problem.

  22. Hello Jane. It is good to have ethical email list.But often subscriber do not pay too much attention to our mails. What is solution for this?

  23. Email marketing has been realized as a great channel to reach prospective customers. Businesses can not only find new customers but also retain existing customers through email marketing

  24. I’m always very careful not to sarcasm, because it is subject to misunderstandings.
    The e-mail communication, by definition, loses the subtlety of the dialogue face to face. It is more difficult to grasp the nuances of expression, to distinguish between jokes and phrases said seriously.
    It is therefore advisable to keep the tone of the message on a conversational level, but not sarcastic. The sarcasm can sometimes be brought out with so-called emoticons;-) (joke) or :-) (smile). However, this use of punctuation is not particularly suited to a professional email professional, and much less to a promotional message.

  25. Great advice. The best I’ve read on this topic so far. It is easy to understand and well argued. I am not a fan of email marketing, especially on the receiving end, but if I were to sign up for a newsletter, I would want it to be like the one you described in this article. Thank you for educating all of your readers on the proper way to do online marketing!

  26. Jane,

    I’m still trying to figure out what the content of my emails should be. I have a personal blog that talks about a variety of subjects. With each email, I lose a few subscribers and get a few clicks on links. I don’t sell anything but understand an email list is important for blog success. What advice would you provide me?

  27. Email marketing would definitely work if done the right way! Building the lists with great mail addresses in it! Writing a catchy subject! It’s so fun when it goes successful!

  28. Don’t pump out too many emails with out very good content.

    Even with good content, you have to send it out sparingly. Read that in the article :)