CrowdBooster Analytics for Facebook and Twitter

In the sea of Twitter apps and other solutions to monitor your success on social media, Crowdbooster towers above the rest. The unique interface provides users with both a broad overview of their activity and detailed insights to the scope of their social influence at the same time. Although Crowdbooster is currently in beta, I strongly suggest that you apply for access now so you get in as soon as possible.

Crowdbooster Dashboard

CrowdboosterFrom Crunchbase:

Crowdbooster provides the world’s first intelligent social media dashboard designed to help businesses effectively grow and manage their presence online. With data-driven recommendations and advanced analytics, our technology inspires users to make meaningful social connections with customers that drive business growth and brand awareness.

I have my two Twitter accounts and the Facebook page for Basic Blog Tips connected to my Crowdbooster account. The interface is easy to navigate and visually appealing. When I log in to one of my Twitter accounts I can access:

When I navigate to my Facebook Page account I get access to:

Crowdbooster Video Overview

In the video I mention Francisco Rosales and I wanted to give him a shout out here. He has a very popular blog called SocialMouths, visit him there when you get a chance.

[box type=”important”]Crowdbooster is out of beta and you no longer need an invitation to join! You can go to the site and sign up for free.[/box]

I think Crowdbooster has what it takes to effectively monitor your social media influence and track engagement. Have you heard of Crowdbooster or tried it before now? Let me know what you think about it.


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  1. Demi

    This really looks great! I will definitely try this out and post a review here. Thanks and keep on the good work!

  2. Well, I think its a very interesting application you have shared. Thanks a lot. But, have you ever used this application to increase your Twitter and Facebook engagement?

  3. Hi eUKhost, Yes! I love Crowdbooster because I can find out about my new followers and how influential they are. This is great because I turned off email notices in Twitter for new followers and now I can easily find out who I should be engaging with. It also displays their Klout score and I’m a fan of Klout also.

  4. Nice tool, It’s suggesting you best time to tweet and update on FB plus telling you who is doing more promotion for you so that you can reward that person too or you can create more fruitful relations by connecting with that person.

    I really liked this tool, and you can send me invitation for it that would be great. 😉

  5. MegB

    Great tool….this is something that what I am searching for as nowadays I mostly engaged in SMO so this would proves to me very much helpful.

    Thanks a lot for this update as I am not aware of it.

    • MegB this is a great way to hone in on the people you should be connecting with and interacting with more often on Twitter especially. Crowdbooster has taught me a thing or two already about my followers.

  6. Thanks for sharing your insights about the twitter app crowdbooster. Its function is discussed in the video which can be very helpful. It is also recommended to use this and I do agree with that. It’s actually a brilliant tool to use.

    • Hi EJ! How are you? I know that you have an active Facebook following and I’d love to hear if Crowdbooster helps you plan your strategies in any way. Keep me posted.

      • Hi Ileane, everything is going great thank you, how are you doing?

        As for Crowdbooster, as much as I like it for it’s design aspects I really don’t get too bananas about using it. I think I’ve logged in maybe six times, I put all of these things (Klout) in the same category. They’re cool too look at, they offer a decent insight into things, but nothing helps me more with my social projects then being socially interactive does.

        Blog is looking great Ileane!

  7. Great tool, I have seen many twitter analysis apps but you rarely see any good apps for FB but it’s one of the best tool for both social media platform.

    • Aarit, that’s one of things I was impressed with about Crowdbooster too. Although right now some of the Facebook posting capabilities are a little buggy, I have to keep in mind that they are still in beta

  8. Riya

    Really enjoyed your review about “Crowdbooster”. You said it’s a invitation based apps so can you please sen me invitation for it. Very excited to use this apps.

    • Riya,
      Crowdbooster only gave me 5 invites and they went way too quick. If I were you I would try to sign up from the site and I think the waiting list is pretty short these days because not too many people know about the service yet. Let me know how you make out.

  9. Thanks for sharing this. I watched your video also, and think this will be a great resource to use. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it once it gets out of beta.

  10. Hi Ileane,

    Very very very interesting tool. Really there are lot of twitter-facebook stats that can be overwhelming sometimes, but after seen our great video I’d like to try it. If you’ve a invitation left it’d be nice, if not I’ll see later and no problem :)

    Keep up your good posts and videos!



  11. Hey Ileane,

    I love programs like these where you can use it to measure your success and be able to identify right away if you start going in the wrong direction based on the feedback you get.

    Thanks for sharing, keep up the awesome work. :)

  12. I have never used this new tool crowdbooster, however it is looking cool and I will try it. Thanks for sharing the information on it.

  13. Ileane,

    CrowdBooster looks like a great tool to use with social networks.

    If you still have an invitation I would love to have one. If not that is great.

    Really enjoyed you video on it.

    Thank you

    Dee Ann Rice

  14. Danny

    Sounds like a great program to keep everything together and analyze it. Stay on top of it.

    Interesting that it tells you the influential followers. probably based on klout scores.
    Very useful.
    I think the Chinese market is still lacking in these kinds of apps. They have some but it is not that impressive. (They will probably copy crowdbooster when they get their hands on it)

  15. Crowdbooster looks like a must have when it comes to engaging your followers. The video on it looks great. Anything to improve interaction and easy of use right?. Thank you.

    • Hi Eddie, one thing that Crowdbooster does that no other tool is doing right now (not for free at least) is showing you the Top Fan. Facebook insights doesn’t even help you in with finding that information.

    • Hi Faissal, I found out this weekend that Crowdbooster is out of private beta now and you don’t need an invite. Just go over to the sight and sign up for the free service. I hope you like it, please let me know if you write a post about it.

  16. Thanks ileane…i will definitely take a look at that tool…..from your blog i am learning more and it is useful for my blog are an great inspiration for this blogging community….

    • kurukshetran, thank you so much. I’m certainly glad you find the information here useful. Let me know what you think of Crowdbooster when you get a chance. Thanks!

  17. Hi Ileane,

    Wow, cool tool! I have never heard of it. Looks like it would come in pretty handy to keep track of everything including your progress. I’m not even going to ask you for an invite as I’m sure you don’t have any left, but I’ll sure keep my eye out for this.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!


    • Hi Ilka, CrowdBooster came out of private beta and you can sign up for it for free. You don’t need an invite anymore! Let me know if you end up writing a review so I can come and check it out. You will love the Top Fan feature in Facebook. Thanks for your comment.

      • Hi Ileane,

        Hey this is really cool! Thanks for letting me know! And, of course I will let you know if I write a review.

        Thanks again and have a fantastic day!


  18. First intelligent social media dashboard – I am hoping this will help me boost up my business energy and expansion follows. These tools seems very promising for the longer term.

  19. Dear Ileane,

    I’m just starting out in social media and the problem I’m having is getting enough traffic for any data to register. Do you know what follower base is needed to start seeing some analytics with Crowdbooster? Also, how is this different than Hoot Suite?


    • Hi Mike, sorry I didn’t update this post yet. Crowdbooster no longer has a free option. I haven’t migrated over to the paid version so I’m not up on the new features. is the service I’m using now and when I find a good tutorial for it, I’ll add a link for you to check it out.


  1. CrowdBooster Analytics for Facebook and Twitter…

    In the sea of Twitter apps and other solutions to monitor your success on social media, Crowdbooster towers above the rest. The unique interface provides users with both a broad overview of their activity and detailed insights to the scope…