How To Get Thousands of Subscribers Using Content Syndication

Content Syndication in basic terms means providing a series or sequence of content in any format that can be delivered via a subscription. The original presentation of the content might be a series of blog posts, news feeds, podcasts, videos, presentations, white papers, etc.

Let Go by Pat Flynn
But the critical component to the concept of content syndication, is that it must be made available as an RSS feed or a subscription.
Keep in mind that everyone has their own preference for how they like to consume content, for example, I’m a visual learner so my favorite format is video, and I’m sure you have your favorite format too.

The bottom line is this; the best way to get more subscribers, is to make sure your content in syndicated in as many different formats as possible.

Or, in the words of Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, learn how to Be Everywhere!

RSS – The Easiest Form of Content Syndication for Bloggers

How To Get Thousands of Subscribers Using Syndication via @BasicBlogTipsFor bloggers the syndication format which is most familiar to us is RSS, also known as Really Simple Syndication. When you started your blog, regardless of which platform you’re using, you didn’t need to lift a finger to generate the RSS feed because it is an integral component of every blogging software.

If you’re new to the subject of RSS feeds, be sure to read this post that covers all the basics on how to find your “raw” blog feed and how to burn it to Feedburner (don’t worry it’s super simple and I recorded a video to hold your hand through the entire process).

It is critical for new bloggers to understand the concepts of RSS feeds and using sites like FeedBurner and Google Reader in addition to the multitude of other Feed readers available that allow people to subscribe to your content. For example, you might want to take a look at a cool alternative to Google Reader called Feedly (it comes highly recommended by prolific writer and freelancer Sharon Hurley Hall).

Email Marketing Takes Content Syndication to the Next Level

Most of you who are reading this, might be ready to move beyond getting RSS Subscribers and you’re venturing into affiliate marketing or even better you’re promoting your own products or services. If that’s you, I’m sure you realize the importance of capturing the emails of your visitors and building your subscriber lists is the way to go.

In fact, list building should be the primary goal and the most important call to action on your blog! Content syndication through an email marketing service like AWeber or MailChimp is essential to your success. Personally I recommend AWeber because of the advanced segmentation features, but there are several service options for you to choose from.

Place an email sign up form in a prominent area on your blog like the header, sidebar, about page, or you can even put one at the top or bottom of your blog posts. Some bloggers use pop-up forms to attract subscribers and find them very effective. I prefer a more subtle approach like using the opt in box on the sidebar, which is built into my blog theme (aff. link) but just like any other marketing strategy, you need to use your own judgement and test a few different strategies to discover what works best and appeals to your specific audience.

Need to know the difference between RSS subscribers and Email List subscribers? WATCH THE VIDEO!

Video and Audio Content Syndication Platforms

Syndicating your content on video platforms like YouTube can help you grow your subscriber base substantially! YouTube is the number #2 search engine in the world and posting videos on YouTube exposes your content to a huge audience of potential subscribers that you will never be able to reach otherwise.

Remember, if you don’t have a YouTube channel, people who search for content in your niche on YouTube, will never find your blog. Even worse, they’ll never see your email sign up form if you don’t have a YouTube channel. And the numbers of people surfing YouTube looking for answers to their problems is nothing to sneeze at. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your content to the millions of consumers who spend billions of hours watching videos on YouTube. Read some of my previous posts for suggestions on easy methods to create YouTube videos and how to leverage YouTube to get more links and traffic back to your blog.

Bonus Tip: Submit your RSS feed to Triberr and Viral Content Buzz for more shares and traffic!

Podcasting is another vehicle you can use to drive your subscriber numbers through the roof. World renowned technology giant Apple, introduced iTunes back in 2001 and for more than a decade, iTunes continues to reign as the number #1 platform for podcast discovery and distribution. According to a recent survey conducted by Edison Research, one in six Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. And despite rumors to the contrary, podcasting is alive and kicking, and I highly recommend it as a format for content syndication. iTunes is not the lone source of audio content syndication as other players in the field of podcast delivery include Spreaker, Audioboo, SoundCloud and even Stitcher internet radio, which now broadcasts on car stereo systems manufactured by Ford Motor Company using their Sync technology. I’m willing to bet this technology will be available from other auto makers in the near future, and before you know it, you’ll be listening to the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast while riding in your car, without the use of iPhone adapters or earbuds. :)

Facebook Profile Subscribers

Did you know that people can subscribe to your profile updates on Facebook? If not, get a glove and get into the social media game and turn on the subscriber option on your Facebook profile. Here’s what Facebook said when they announced the subscription feature back in September 2011:

“Get Your Own Subscribers

If you’d like to share your public updates with more than just friends, you can get a Subscribe button on your profile, too. People who subscribe to you will get posts you set as “Public” in their News Feeds. This is an entirely optional feature – you need to opt in.”

Go to your Facebook profile and turn this feature on and start building subscribers on Facebook today. Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to openly sell things on your Facebook profile but you can certainly share links to articles and all of the other content you’ll be syndicating thanks to this blog post.

Watch this video called Subscribers: A Content Marketers Greatest Asset as I describe the importance of subscribers and share some additional insights you don’t want to miss!

There are a few more popular platforms for content syndication I should mention, for example SlideShare or you can even use Google Presentations and I’m sure you think of some I missed. Please feel free to leave a comment so we can add them to the list! Remember, Pat Flynn told us to Be Everywhere so let’s leave no stone un-turned.

RSS, email lists, Podcasts, YouTube Videos, and social networks like Facebook are popular methods for content syndication covered in this post. But above all, be sure to produce content that is engaging or entertaining and your content should add value to your community by answering questions, solving problems or serving a higher cause.

BONUS TIP: It is very important to remind people to subscribe to your content. In every piece of content you produce, always include a Call To Action reminding people to subscribe.

This is how you can use content syndication to get thousands of subscribers and grow your community!

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  1. you know Ileane, I never really made any effort in syndicating my blog content. I always think that I will but I always end up doing something geeky like coding an RSS parser!

    maybe I need to hire you to be my publicist ! #:-)

      • Hey Ileane,

        “I’m sure you realize the importance of capturing the emails of your visitors and building your subscriber lists is the way to go. ”

        I think if you’re in it for the for the long term, list building is vital. Not only for promoting products but driving people back to your website. But I understand some people don’t want to commit to another monthly outgoing.

        Building a list is a MUST!

        This article Rocks.

        • Hey Simmeon, It took many months before I was convinced I needed to start taking on the task of email marketing. But it is well worth the effort.

          • Hi Ilene
            I have to give Simmeon the thumbs up here. I resonated with this part of your blog the most because I am working on building a list.
            I’ve done some “test runs” on lists I have purchased. (Should have gone with my first thought of NO) but convinced now that I want a quality list.
            I don’t want quantity as much as quality, so I’m working on it. It will take a longer time, but by engaging with others, they are coming on to my platform and this makes me happy.
            The rest of your post is amazing and I have to thank you,

      • Neha

        hi Ileane, I will definitely follow these tips you mentioned above. I never made efforts to syndicate blog contents. I’ll use on YouTube to increase followers. thanks for these awesome tips and your great video.

    • Ilane your’e write a truly great things, this is about the RSS feeds which is great way to find similar topics with tons of blog, it helps to find out your competitors blogs. many newbies are writing nonsense things which is not upto date these things are crap for all of us.

  2. Hi there,
    Great blog post on content syndication. I do use Magic Submitter to submit most of my content.
    I just posts a new blogs post tonight where I linked to blog posts that talked about traffic generation, I should have added yours to it.

    • Hi Paul, what kind of sites does Magic Submitter send your content too? I’m not sure how that one works to get you more subscribers but I’m glad to hear it.

  3. Your blog posts are so thorough that I always come back to read more. I’ve recently been getting into article syndication myself, but I had no clue there were so many different ways to go about it. I’m definitely going to try some of these techniques out, thanks!

    • Hi Nell, When you mention article syndication and it’s important to include that call to action somewhere in your article so people will catch on.

  4. Ileane, one more time you gives me a great tips on how to grab thousands of subscriber and Yes RSS could be the easiest way on ‘distribute’ most content of our blog to other people. Moreover this tips is really educative and informative to most bloggger for both nubs and pro.


  5. I haven’t thought of this until now. I think I should also produve a series of post fora single topic.. thanks for the tips leane! I’m glad I passed through your blog today..

    • Brandon, maybe we can get together for a Google+ Hangout and go over some things to get you started with AWeber. Email me with your schedule for this weekend ok?


  6. There are many people who are scrambling every day to try to drive more traffic to their blogs, increase their newsletter subscribers and increase their revenue. They’ll try almost anything, it seems, but mention content syndication to them and many have no idea!

    Content syndication is a powerful tool to help you get out there and be heard. Often, it can be put on “auto pilot” with just the “one time” “time investment” of setting it up.

  7. Great post, interesting tips and I love the video content too, maybe even more then text.
    Getting people to subscribe can be hard sometimes, but this post can help a lot.
    thanks for sharing

  8. Hi,
    This actually my first comment on your great blog Ileane.Hope am not too late.
    I think email marketing will always remain at the forefront of internet marketing strategies.With the game getting competitive with each passing day,however, I think we shall see even more sophisticated ways of gathering subscribers.
    I really haven’t put much effort into video and audio content syndication, but those are strategies that will definitely play a major role in my future marketing campaigns.
    Thanks for an insightful post.

    • Hi Norbert, I’m glad you decided to join the conversation this time. I have a few tutorials that can help you get started with creating videos and podcasting too. Good luck!

  9. The RSS feeds are something I ignored to know what it is! I really regret doing that till now. I started my blog and still not comfortable to show anyone, I perhaps am not happy with my own content on the blog. But, sooner or later, I would want to content syndicate my blog. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

    • Lakshmi, the only way to get better is to keep reading and writing. Of course you will make mistakes but as time goes by you will begin to build your confidence. Btw – make sure you sign up for my email list. I want to connect with you and make sure you can ask me questions directly ok?

      Hang it there!

  10. well its a great way to get traffic and get engaged your website. I always syndicate my blog through rss. I will also try my facebook subscriber option . Thanks for this useful information.

  11. Ryan Biddulph

    Great point about the Call To Action Ileane.

    Some people have awesome opt in forms or graphics yet do a poor job asking for a sign up. If you provide immense value with your content and know it, tell people to sign up! Trust me, folks are more than willing to give up their email address if you over deliver each time you create content, in any form.

    Thanks Ileane!


    • Hi Ryan, thanks for giving everyone a pep talk. It’s the truth – people want to get the good stuff delivered right to their inbox. :)

  12. Sure, this is the best way and easiest way to get to targeted audience. Video and audio syndication is the key, RSS syndication can be dangerous if it not natural and pushed hard. I have seen many times in SEO forums, different practitioners complaining of getting penalized for syndicating RSS feeds to many websites.

  13. James Pruitt

    hey awesome post miss Ileane. Thanks for the shout out in the video :) if you post a video, I DO know it right away 😀

    • James, that means you are subscribed by email OR you are getting your YouTube digest delivered daily. Hopefully it’s the former – I need more subscribers like you :)

  14. Those are some great tips Ilene , i have been using blogengage and youtube to get subscribers and backlinks . Its been working great for me. Thanks.

    • Yay! So glad to hear that you are using YouTube and of course Blog Engage is a no-brainer for most bloggers. Thanks for letting me know.

      • blog engage is kind of costly for me right now , i would love to know some of the main features of it from you personally.

        i would love to try it in near future though.

        i want some blog network from andy bailey , i am huge fan of that guy , he is such a sweetheart lol

  15. Ileane,
    Nice tips and content syndication. Moreover, you have conveyed some good info as a part of bonus tips like post planner etc. Will be trying to use that. Thanx for sharing.

  16. Hi Ileane,
    You always post something unique and great and this time is no exception. Loved your post. Even i have installed RSS Feed Reader and i use it all the time. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Tai Goodwin

    Another way I syndicate my content is through Blog Talk Radio and – These two audio formats add additional opportunities to reach my ideal audience.

  18. These are great tips. The only problem is that you need to find a bunch of readers first, otherwise it doesn’t matter how many ways people can subscribe.

  19. Great post Ileane. You’ve covered most of the bases here in a nice concise post. What’s important here is that you follow your own advice. Anyone who knows you will recognize that you have implemented every one of these tactics. (I’m off to share now.)

  20. Awesome video Ileane. I am a visual person myself and prefer videos over just about anything. I think that it is a great form to connect to your audience and done properly, can be a great source of traffic. I do agree that it is not easy to get subscribers to your channel, but I guess that if you don’t make it easy for people to subscribe, the chances are indeed slim.

    BTW, looking at that post planner, looks interesting…

    • DiTesco, if you are interested in Post Planner I think it will really help you get things done on Facebook much more quickly. However, if you are more interested in LinkedIn, than the Social Buzz Club might be great for you too. Thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel, it means the world to me.

  21. These are some excellent tips, Ileane! I have some of these things in place, but need to work on a few more. As always, I appreciate you writing and teaching in such a way that makes it easy to implement. I’ll be back for more!

    • Hey Rebecca, keep me posted with your progress. Just take one thing at a time until you are ready to move on to the next. You’re doing a great job so far, I can tell.

  22. Growing your RSS And Email Subscribers is a day one must for long-term success blogging. Keeping people coming back your website is just as important and finding new people.

    Thanks for a great article Ileane!!

    Ryan H.

  23. Getting a lot of subscriber on your site is not an easy task. But when you have a lot of of subscribers, everything will be more easier. Just be patient =)

  24. Hi Ileane, I must say that Youtube is was the first biggest traffic source of my blog when I upload my first Facebook tutorial video on Youtube and added one of my blog article on the description of the video and I’m still getting links coming on my blog from that video.

    I like your articles specially those articles in which you’re guiding us about Youtube video marketing. Thanks Ileane,
    Have a nice day.

  25. Hello Ileane,

    Again awesome and informative post. My favorite format to consume information is text and videos.

    I just bought Aweber account few days back and started to explore it. Right now i’m doing many testing to get a good grip on it. but soon I’ll implement Aweber perfectly on my blog and then going to use all these tips.

    So thanks. :)

  26. That’s a nice post, i was just looking for ways to increase my rss subscribers list and found some nice tips above. I will try and see how to use awber effectively for my purpose Any further tips will be appreciated :)

  27. Of course, it will surely capture many visitors on your blog. Thank you for this information Ms. Ileane. I got lots of information from this blog. My realization is becoming wider. Content Syndication is effective I say.

  28. Videos are one of the most enticing content for me besides of written article. Popular hosting sites like youtube makes possibility of having maximum exposure. Just be sure that your video really address a need of your target audience. Including description plus a blog related to the topic makes it more appealing to the audience.

  29. Content syndication is a powerful tool to help you get out there and be heard. Often, it can be put on “auto pilot” with just the “one time” “time investment” of setting it up.

    Thanks for the awesome post.

  30. I did RSS content syndication when I was a noob but Google nowadays treat it as duplicate content so it’s better not to have your content on other websites.

    • That’s an interesting comment, Bishwajeet. Somehow, though, I can’t picture how posts from and RSS feed on my reader are going to count as duplicate content for you. What am I missing here?

    • Bishwajeet, In this post I’m not referring to adding your RSS feed to a network that will duplicate your content. I’m talking about making the original content being available for subscriptions. Thanks.

  31. I hate to admit that I didn’t start building my list till after 6 months of being online. I didn’t give it much thought and I am glad I changed that tune. But I think people should use what is most comfortable to them to avoid feeling over-extended in trying to be everywhere when time isn’t on your side, but I do love these tips.

    The more you grow, the more you should try things you haven’t done. When finally took the plunge to do videos, I saw how much fun it was and I can’t wait to do more. Thanks for all the unique tips and stuff I haven’t heard of.

    • Hey Sonia, six months to start building a list is great compared to me. I waited over two years. lol
      Just like you I didn’t want to add another task to my ever growing “to-do” list, but in the long run it makes more sense to build the list.
      You are doing videos like you’re an old pro – so I can tell it comes naturally for you. You’ve had some really good ones so far and I will stay tuned for what’s coming next.

  32. I have tried this approach, but people somehow don’t like me :) I do like them, but they just find me … disturbing I guess :)) Great read, thanks for the info!

  33. Great Post Ileane!

    It is really important to get yourself everywhere. I recently read that you can syndicate .pdf and power points as well but I am not entirely versed on it yet….

    Do you know much about this?

    P.S. I voted you up on blog engage and added you :-)

    • Kevin, you can syndicate pdf’s through services like SlideShare and I have a few PDF’s uploaded there if you want to check them out. Most people think of uploading Power Point Files but either file type will work. I also like a service called SlideRocket that has some added features to spruce up your presentations.

      Thanks for adding me on Blog Engage, I will add you also.

  34. I will be following your tips here. Slideshare seems promising. You have lots of followers on it. Thats great. I am heading over there to create an account.

  35. Mitz

    Hi Ileane
    Great post!
    I like rss the best as it is hands free for me…
    Email subscribers are cool too but you need to learn a whole new set of skills to run yor list…
    I have thousands of subscribers between my websites but still trying to get the emails down pat… It is something I do not enjoy so I avoid it… :)

    • Mitz, you should give AWeber a try. It’s all drag and drop and you can send text emails too. Really if you just want to send your RSS feed you can do that too without any extra work – just set up your account. I bet you would do well as an affiliate too. Check it out and pretty soon you’ll be hooked – I know you will!

  36. Ileane, people tell me I have pretty good content.I have a good traffic site, have commentluv installed, but still do not get that many comments, I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, can you help me out?

    • Here’s are a couple of quick tips (without me even looking at your site first)
      1. ASK!! that’s right ask people to leave comments. You can ask them at the beginning of the post, at the end of the post, in the middle of the post. It doesn’t matter – just ask. Like I said in this post – if it’s comments you want, make that your Call to Action!
      2. ASK again – you’re in Facebook groups and you have a Facebook page right? Just ask your friends on Facebook to leave you a comment. When you post to Twitter ask for comments.
      3. Bonus tip – have a commenting contest. Find something to give away, then hold a contest (you can use Raffle Copter like I did on the Blog Engage giveaway contest) and make offer the most points for comments. That will get your readers in the habit of commenting on your blog and once you break the ice they’ll keep at it. I’m sure of it.

      Keep me posted because this was a darn good question and I hope I gave you a darn good answer lol!

  37. I’ll definitely follow these tips you mentioned above. I never made efforts to syndicate blog contents. I’ll use on YouTube to increase followers.

  38. Raaj Trambadia

    Hello Ms. Ileane. I do understand that having a subscribers list in an email marketing platform (Aweber, which is used by me, you and thousands of other people) is really an advantage. But what when it comes to the number of subscribers? It’s hardly 5 on my list! Please advice. Thanks :)

  39. Certainly, a great way of using content syndication and I am agree with you on call to action point and I believe its the point where your sell counts and you got to remind people to do to subscribe to your feed to get something interesting.

    • Hi Ayaz, the call to action is one of the most important tools that will bring you more subscribers – no matter where you put it.

  40. Such an useful post Ileane, thanks for taking the time to create this one. Many business owners use Linkedin more than FB. They have the option of adding their RSS feed in the profile box and also at the end of the profile. The one at the end of the profile showcases the meta description of your recent 4 posts, which works as a great advertisement for Linkedin readers who are checking out your profile.

  41. Thanks for the insight into SlideShare! I never heard of it till now and it is quite impressive. Definitely something I will promote to my SEO clients who need to do a better job with syndicating their content.

    • Brent,
      LinkedIn purchased SlideShare a few weeks ago, so I’m sure they will come up with some more powerful integration tools soon.
      SlideRocket and Prezi are two other presentation services you can share with your clients. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment.

  42. Opening your profile to subscription is a great way to get people to notice you. When you have a lot of subscribers it only means that you have a lot of people who has interest in your posts. It is a great way to share links to articles and also get enough attention to make some money out of it.

  43. Well Ileane , many bloggers fail to succeed in blogging due to traffic even though they’ve good content, the main thing which led them to fail is “RSS subscribers” if it is blogs, they can increase their subscribers, the more the subscribers the more the traffic!

  44. Such a great article. Just a couple of reminders, while posting to increase RSS subscribers is that we need to promote and make our visitors subscribe first then ask them review the article. Hopefully we get reverts and improve our article in next publication.

  45. Great summary and info. I’m using RSS, an opt-in form and light-box pop-up but hadn’t thought about the Youtube channel. Duh!! thanks for the tip.

  46. Building an email list is one of the hardest, most rewarding things that you can do to make money online. It took me awhile to get over 7,000 subscribers, and that’s still not a lot to some people, but the benefits of having it are awesome!

  47. Hi Ileane! I personally think that creating unique content for syndication can supplement my SEO techniques. It may seem counterintuitive, but a well-controlled content syndication strategy can drive links back to your site and still allow you to rank for the content you’ve worked hard to create. Thanks for your valuable insights!

  48. Wow.. indeed it is the best for what I am searching since 30mins on Google..

    And thanks for tip about YouTube Channel..

    “Include links to your RSS feed and Email Newsletter in the descriptions of every video you post on YouTube!”

  49. Hi Ileane! It’s always a pleasure to be here :) I personally think that to some extent publishers have to accept that they can’t have their cake and eat it too, if you are going to license your content to other sites there is always a chance that those sites might outrank you for that content so I’m definitely not too keen on the idea. Thanks for the great share as usual.

  50. RSS Feed Syndication is really a “no brainer” for effective backlink generation and traffic pulling with amazing results within a short time in both subscribers and readers.

  51. Great post! I read recently that many subscribers (up to 70%) don’t know how to use RSS. (sounds odd, yes) so email opt-in is even more important than ever. I’m curious about list segmentation that you mentioned. I use a Aweber too, and am wondering about how to separate the autoresponder series from broadcast emails. I have a 10 part e-course as the ethical bribe for opting in. However, I don’t want to send a broadcast to someone who’s just getting started in the autoresponder series, as that might seem confusing. suggestions?

  52. WOW!!!its a great way to get traffic and get engaged your website. I always syndicate my blog through rss. I will also try my facebook subscriber option . Thanks for this useful information.

  53. To be honest I haven’t even started working on content syndication. Your article a good first step for pointing me in the right direction. I will have to check out your post on Feedburner as I have seen that name around, but I have no idea what it is or what it does.

    Everytime I come here to BasicBlogTips I learn something new. Today I realized that I need to include a “call to action” in my Blogs. I have always just written and have never thought of telling people to suscribe, follow, share, or comment on my writing.

  54. I know RSS is powerful, but I never felt like I was exploiting it to the utmost so I really appreciate these tips. Thank you!

  55. I haven’t been lucky with RSS. I only have a handful of subscribers. It harder to get subscribers than building a list.
    Is it advisable to subscribe to AWEBER even if you don’t have a list or your just starting to build your list? How about free services and just migrate the data once it starts to kick in?

  56. Hi Ms Ileane!

    Your content sure has placed you in a lot of places. Even with the internet being so HUGE, I’ve seen you in many different spots in one way or another. That is a main reason why I started to follow you! You are a great example to follow.

  57. Ileane,
    Nice advice and content syndication. They also have some good information as part of the bonus tips on how post-transport planners, etc. attempt to use it. Thanx for sharing.

  58. Ms. Ileane, thanks for sharing. Email marketing is really a good way to get traffic. Email Marketing Services by Benchmark is the best. Can you suggest me another best email marketing website.

  59. Call to action is critical, we always have to remember to remind people to get subscribed to rss feeds, to become facebook fans, etc..

    • Well, Armand, I’m not supposed to be answering your question since you want an answer from Ileane but, I think I can answer it too. Feedburner is without a doubt a good choice. You can not only manage subscribers, you can activate email delivery and see the stats as well. Let’s what what Ileane has to say about this thing.

  60. I have seen how affective RSS can be for bringing traffic in a short career (if compared to yours) but I’m still struggling with Email Marketing. I have read a lot about it’s benefits but after reading your post now, I’m full with determination to really take my blog to the next level.

  61. Danny glenn

    I knew about rss, but never knew what exactly it was. This helps and shows me how useful it can actually be.

  62. Hi Ileane,

    Well I think the key to getting more subscribers is the call to action you use to get those people to click on your link.

    I don’t have that many RSS subscribers but the number is steadily getting bigger. I do a lot of split testing on my call to actions, this way I can really optimize the conversion.

    Awesome post Ileane, packed full of great tips. Just added it to my Evernote, hope you don’t mind.

    Enjoy your week,cheers.


  63. Thanks for this great article.. any form of internet marketing and especially that focus on content distribution like article marketing, press release video marketing, is content syndication. but there are some automated syndication service that simply take your last blog post and distribute it automatically to other blog networks and news networks, those services are the best and the most effective for high results and increase on traffic..

  64. Hi Ileane,
    Another Informative post from you.I must admit you are a amazing writer and share valuable content as always.Keep Up the good Work


  65. The bonus tip is a big one. I haven’t done it yet but on different forums, I’ve heard of people who say that if they have a call to action, they got better results.

  66. I do use content syndication and I have also added a subscribe bar for users to subscribe to my email alerts. As of now not seeing any great results but I guess my blog is also very new so it will take some time before I have atleast 100 subscribers

  67. Hi Ms. Ileane,
    Thanks for your good tips. If i had to choose RSS or Video and Audio Content, I would choose the video and audio content for content syndication, because I think this is more unique.

  68. Deepak Mehra


    I think content is king of any blog. so content is make your blog smart.

    Thanks for share with me!!

  69. Hello mam, I am confused about email subscription services which I can use for RSS feeds. I read that you recommend Aweber but at this stage, I have opted Mailchimp. Can I go with mailchimp or should I shift to Aweber if I’m targeting future goals?

  70. Hi, Ileane. I’ve used your tips and now I have more than 500 followers on twitter, more than 1600 followers on Pinterest and more than 800 on tumblr. But I still have no Idea how to promote my blog in Facebook. Basicly, if I’ll PUSH “Like” in my FB accont I’ll have immideatly 1000 reposts, but problem is in Language. My FB account not in US zone, but my blog in English speaking zone. What you can tell about how to create community in Facebook from ZERO?

    • Hi Alex, I dedicated an entire section of my ebook to Facebook. You can download it here, just use the widget at the bottom of the page and Click the Like To Download button

      Also, be sure to sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t done so already! Use the form on my sidebar.

      Hope this helps.