Updated CommentLuv Plugin Increases Productivity for Bloggers

CommentLuv Premium is one of the most well known WordPress plugins on the planet. Most bloggers who have the plugin installed are devoted fans of it’s developer Andy Bailey and they are well aware of the benefits that can be reaped by having CommentLuv installed on their blogs.

More traffic, more engagement, more back links, more subscribers, more social proof, more control;

The list just goes on and on.

CommentLuv treeCommentLuv Debates

I’ve certainly benefited from using CommentLuv Premium here on Basic Blog Tips which is why I’ve gone out on a limb in support of the product.

I’ve even got into a few heated debates with other bloggers in defense of this powerful tool.

It’s worked out great for me because each time there appears to be a feasible argument against installing CommentLuv, Andy Bailey retreats to his man-cave and smashes the naysayer’s rebuttals to smithereens with an arsenal of artillery that lives on without defeat.

Sorry I had to go there and plant that destructive picture in your mind because it’s really all about the LUV! Seriously, I don’t know about you, but for me using CommentLuv is truly about giving back to people and letting them know that they are appreciated.

Using external commenting systems on WordPress might have a few advantages but the latest iteration of CommentLuv has blossomed into it’s own little ecosystem that grows right inside your very own interface.

I mean really, isn’t that why we’re using self-hosted WordPress to begin with. To own our domain and the entire kingdom that goes along with it, so we can keep all of our stuff on our own turf!

The latest updates to the plugin are going to help us be more productive too, you’ll see…

ReplyMe and Subscribe to Comments Plugins Be Gone!

Since I’m feeling rather “regal” I’ll go for it and say this: Off with their heads!

There I go again….sorry about that but I just had to let that one loose! I guess I’d better get to the video so you can see what I’m talking about. Let’s watch it now:

CommentLuv Premium Updated with Reply Me Features for WordPress Blogs

Exciting isn’t it? Here’s what I demonstrate in the video:

  • Where to find The Ultimate List of CommentLuv Blog “Lists”
  • How to get a link to your CommentLuv Blog list
  • Why we need a new version of the ReplyMe Plugin for WordPress
  • What the new ReplyMe email looks like and how to customize it
  • How to reply to comment inside your WordPress dashboard and get CommentLuv
  • Additional Updates to CommentLuv Premium
  • How to Remove Twitter Links
  • How to Remove Keywords
  • How to Remove Luv
Here’s something I didn’t mention in the video but it’s worth noting now. I got this tip from Vanita at After Bedtime Blog and she said that you can keep some of your settings from ReplyMe if you install or upgrade CLP before you remove the ReplyMe plugin. Vanita also explains how to turn on enhanced Track Back Validation in the GASP settings in this video called The Truth about CommentLuv.


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  1. Hi Ileane,

    After so many scary updates of Google Panda and Penguin, Backlinking through CommentLuv blog commenting is still effective and we all should thank Andy for developing and maintaining such cool tool!


  2. Well hot damn! thanks for the shout out sistah! i so did not see that coming. was just dropping by. lol. trackbacks are sinister. seriously. 😀 aww man, ya know, i tend to read on the run, now i see your confirm i’m not a spammer line. lol. guess im going to have to comment more often.

    • HA! Hey Vanita – I thought you did a great job in the video so I wanted to give you a shout out. Keep encouraging new bloggers the way you do, you’re awesome.

  3. Since I have installed ComLuv in my blog traffic that I used to get before has increased. And, all thanks goes to its developer Andy.

    Thank you so much for taking this topic again in light.

  4. Hi Ileane. As you know I just won a free copy of CommentLuv from (thank you to Andy and David from BlogTipster). I have it all setup on my website and I am just waiting for someone to try it out. My favourite function is the ability to provide DO FOLLOW backlinks for regular commenters who have at least 3 approved comments.

    • Hi Steven,

      That’s so nice of you. I’m sure Andy will appreciate it – he does so much for us that he deserves some tender Luvin care too. Thank you.

  5. Vivek

    I too personally like commenting on every commentluv enabled blogs. I think it makes commenting worth, and so I am usually regular visitor to every commentluv enabled blogs : Like Yours : Keep using it : And I will keep visiting you blog ( don’t get me wrong )…

    • Hi Vivek, you don’t have to worry. I can’t see getting rid of CommentLuv any time in the next decade or so. Thanks for being a loyal reader and adding value with your comments and insights.

  6. I heard about this upcoming update to CommentLuv on some blog. It seems finally I will able to give a test drive to newest version of CommentLuv on my blog.

    In the era of Penguin and Panda, CommentLuv is the only last hope of backlinkers to generate some quality backlinks to their websites. :)

    • Hamza, I hope you enjoy CommentLuv. I don’t think it’s the last hope for back linkers unless they have lousy content. People can still build organic links if they give the people what they want (that’s a song by the O’jays – I think I’ll share the YouTube video over on Google+)

  7. Commentluv is a great plugin and it has helped many to get traffic to their site. I have just updated to the latest version of this premium plugin and can see some of the changes for the better. This is perhaps one of the best plugins I have bought so far. Thanks for this video and explaining the update.

    • Hi Shalu, I know that you have seen an increase in traffic an engagement on your blog thanks to CommentLuv. It’s nice to see when that happens. Your great content has a lot to do with it too and besides you’re a fantastic networker! Keep rising to the top my friend.

      • Ileane,
        Thanks for your kind words. I want to say thank you too for your support and for the initial review you did for my site. You have provided great support in the form of awesome articles, FB forum support, answers to my email and other things. Thank you..You are a genius.

  8. I have a free copy of commentluv premium but sometimes feel that if i give away so many do follow links what will google do to me in the future updates. Although the comments and your post does give me some courage I am not sure

    • George, you can remove DoFollow on any links you think aren’t worthy (did you watch the video yet?). In fact you can make all links Nofollow if you want. Let me know if you need help with the settings. CommentLuv Premium gives us so much control sometimes we forget all the options we can use.

      I rarely remove DoFollow, because when I don’t like the way a link looks I just remove the LUV altogether.

  9. I am commentluv user too and I agree with you saying that commentluv is all about trying to give back something to other people. In our situation it is very practical to know how to give rather than to receive, it is an attitude that in return will give us more than we are expecting.

  10. I love the new features that CommentLuv has just added. My favorite is the ReplyMe integration because sometimes I want to know what the blog owner has replied back to me, but I don’t want to subscribe to ALL comments on the post.

    You do a great job recording videos that are easy to follow, easy to understand, and capture my interest.

    Also, what plugin do you use that asks for the viewers email address on the YouTube video? That’s super creative!

  11. Hi Ileane,

    this was a great and detailed description of what CommentLuv can do. This is really about sharing LUV and promoting our bloggers community. I just got it through your link – such an unbelievable discount.

    I think about CommentLuv as a treat for a guest at your home. Someone comes over and as a courtesy you offer some soda or chocolate candy. Feels nice. :)

  12. I had not heard that Andy was unwell! Of course I’ll say a prayer for his speedy recovery. (Perhaps he’s just saying that so he can get a few days’ rest, peace, and quiet from the demands of his adoring fans? I wish!)

    Love the Luv – it’s definitely my favorite plug-in. Love your videos, too, Ms. Ileane. It’s like Nutella without the calories, and ten times more useful!

  13. Ileane, I just love the CommentLuv premium since I got a few months ago. It’s the best plug-in I have and only one I purchased to date. It’s a awesome tool and love the reply to feature. I was not aware of the do not follow as well. Thanks for the tips again here. Glad to see you the ambassador for it too!

    • Hi Kimberly – It’s so nice to be able to get one that is so old and outdated. It’s amazing that the ReplyMe plugin didn’t break after so many WordPress updates. Well we no longer need to concern ourselves with that one. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. CommentLuv Premium is one of the best plugin I have ever used on my blog, I mean It has 8 useful plugins in one which makes it so easy to handle for bloggers.
    The new ReplyMe feature is really great too which helped me remove 2 more plugins from my blog.

    Thanks for this post Ileane.

  15. Hey Illeane
    Commentluv got my blog where it is today, talking of backlinks,
    The fact that it helps with 2 linkbacks instead of 1 makes it extra cool, these days i hardly comment on blogs without a comment luv plugin.

    • Hi Derek, I see we think alike. I have way to many CommentLuv enabled blogs to visit and comment on. That doesn’t mean I don’t visit other blogs, but unless I have a question, there is a very, very slim chance that I’m going to leave a comment. The funny thing is, most of those questions that I ask on non-cl blogs, go unanswered. This lets me know that most of those bloggers don’t value feedback from their readers in the first place. Thanks for visiting Derek.

  16. Hi Ileane, CommentLuv, I’m sure is great and recently I’m going a lot of blog that talks about the ReplyMe plugin, I really want to know why don’t they update it.

    Thanks for sharing the CommentLuv features – Ferb

    • Ferb, when someone develops a free plugin for WordPress, if they don’t monetize it somehow, many times they move on to other projects. I don’t know the details with this one but I hope the developer has moved on to bigger and better things that are taking up his time right now.

      We can only be thankful that the plugin continued to work as long as it did.

  17. Wow! Wonderful post. Backlinks play a crucial role in search engine rankings. For Page Rank, Panda Updates and Alexa Rankings backlinks is important one. In that way Comment Luv is excellent tool to use. I installed in both of my sites one in wordpress and another one in blogger.

  18. Can CommentLuv be activated on blogspot Blogs? But I do comment on some wordpress blogs which have this commenting system and I love it :)

    • Yes, you can use CommentLuv on Blogger but you need to install Intense Debate. I have the instructions around here somewhere…brb with the link!

  19. CommentLuv plugin is definitely the best thing for us bloggers and I have recently installed it in my blog. Very useful for creating backlinks. Thanks for giving great tips here.

  20. Hi Ileane,

    Thanks for such a great post about the plugin CommenLuv. I just got it 2 days ago and I am looking forward to its benefits. Thanks for encourage it in your post and thank you again for the value.


  21. Hi Hi Ileane,

    After panda and peguin update Commentluv plugin is still effective for backlinks. I’ve free commentluv plugin installed in my blog but after reading your post I will update it to premuim.

    Thanks for the great post.

  22. Commentluv is an awesome plugin and I am also using it on my blog .I have noticed that the plugin has been already updated but not able to find any new feature. What are the new features of updated commentluv plugin.

    • Ravi, how long ago did you purchase the plugin? The last 2 updates were minor buy fixes for the new ReplyMe features. Each time you update a plugin – I mean any plugin not just CommentLuv – you should read what the updates are first. Let me know if you need help finding the information.

  23. Comment Luv plugin is really a awesome plugin, Like Ian I also like the reply me feature. Instead of subscribing all the comment, I can get to know the reply to my comment. :)
    BTW thanks for the post!

  24. I discovered the power of this plugin on your blog, Ileane. With this new update, there will be a fews more good options to use. It’s definitly a plugin to have on his blog.

  25. Aasma

    CommentLuv is certainly a great plugin for all bloggers. It not just help you to build links for your site through commenting but helps you to promote your articles. The new ReplyMe option is a great feature which lets you to receive email regarding reply on your own comments, means no additional emails.

  26. Without no doubt that Commentluv is an awesome plugin and I am also using it on my blog . I’ve notice that the plugin have been updated, and anyway i’m happy with the actual version also.

  27. Said it before, I’ll say it again: CommentLuv is a must-have and probably the best comment plugin on WordPress. The plugin will improve the social interaction on your blog, and this is not a sales pitch, I’ve actually seen it in action and was left impressed to say the least! Get the premium version for all your websites, it is still available at the Black Friday discount price which is a steal IMO!

  28. I really look up to Andy because he has created such an awesome plugin. In addition, he updates it regularly, as to keep up with the latest trends and changes. I consider CommentLuv plugin has made a different in online environment.

  29. I have always been a fan of commentluv. Ever sense installing it I have gotten a ton more traffic to my site. I am a huge supporter of it.

  30. After reading your article and a few others on the internet I decided to go ahead and purchase CommentLuv Premium. Thanks for the great info about a great plugin for WordPress.

  31. I am so happy I bought the comment luv plugin as it just gets better and better… People better hurry up and buy though as this might be the last lot sold with lifetime updates.. Again I am glad I got in early. :)

    Andy could easily charge a monthly recurring fee for this service and I am damn sure I would have to pay it because I cannot live without this plugin! :)

  32. Really Excellent Information… I was just thinking about to post on my blog about but sometimes its nice to read out from some of the favorite a blog… Thank for share this post.

  33. I haven’t used commentluv until now, but it seem to be a very useful plugin. I wish to install it on my blog too. Would you please help me on installing this?

  34. Commentluv is a wonderful plugin, I too personally like commenting on every commentluv enabled blogs. I think it makes commenting worth, and so I am usually regular visitor to every commentluv enabled blogs, good post, thanks for sharing.

  35. I know I’m a bit late to use commentLuv Premium but glad now my bivori.com too uses commentLuv Premium. Andy offered it truly in dime sale this black friday.

    You are right Ileane, commentLuv is constantly growing and covering more blogging aspects. It appears that ultimately there will be two things required for blogging – wordpress and commentLuv. I wish the ‘tweet old post’ feature too be integrated into commentLuv.

    The best thing in commentLuv is the control you got over the links your commenters leave. The premium GASP is truly awesome and now much impressed with ReplyMe feature!

    Thanks for the awesome post re-insisting the commentLuv premium – yes, it is perfect recommendation.

    • Hi Suresh, That is so nice to hear! You finally did it. Good for you.

      I doubt if the Tweet Old Post function would become part of CommentLuv simply because it has nothing to do with the WordPress commenting system. I would be a completely different plugin. Well it doesn’t hurt to ask. You can always contact Andy with your suggestions now that you are a proud owner of the CLP!!


  36. Ermmmm…Ileane, tell me again how you REALLY feel about CLP! LOL.
    You asked what my favorite feature is: Even though I turned off comments on my blog, I love that I can put my five favorite links in CLP and share them whenever I leave a rare comment on other CLP-enabled blogs.

    If I REALLY want to share a specific link, I pause my comment, log into my WordPress dashboard and make a quick change. Then I go back, retype my website and voilà!

    See why that’s my favorite?



    • Hi Mitchell!

      That is absolutely one of my favorite features of CLP also. I think more people should take advantage of this one especially when they have a lot of content on their blogs. It’s a good way to breathe some life into a post that you haven’t promoted in awhile.

      Thanks for stopping by, great to see you!

  37. Hi Ms. Ileane,
    One feature that I am partial to as a CommentLuv Premium member is that articles such as this one land in my inbox everyday therefore allowing me direct access to the article and saving me valuable time. Even though my niche is totally different than yours, I still have a blog page on my site and articles such as this one give me incredible insight on how to get visitors. Basically, the nuts and bolts of how to get a website found. I am in total agreement that CommentLuv Premium is the best money any business will ever spend and you make a great Ambassador for the network and Andy. Thank you for all your helpful tips, they are much appreciated. Happy holidays!

  38. I try and keep the Plugins I use to the best and minimum as bogging your site down with plugins can decrease site loading times but this is something I use. Love how easy to use WordPress is.

  39. Most who know me, know of my love for CommentLuvm so much so that I have it installed on all the blogs I work on, but besides that, each time that Andy brings us new features it allows us to remove plugins and not only improves the site, but improves the interaction between writers and commentators.

    My advice to anyone running a WordPress blog is, invest in CommentLuv, I honestly think that Blazing Minds wouldn’t have had the boost it had and the following it has now without CommentLuv, not only that, but the social benefits for Twitter etc are brilliant.

    Ok, I’ll stop banging on, but it is awesome 😉

  40. Commentluv plugin is a great plugin, I think new one is much better. It is very helpful for both traffic and get quality of comments.

  41. I am a new user of commentluv and absolutely am a big fan. We have a community of bloggers and websites. It is so much better than trying to spam sites using keywords instead of our real name. I feel my name has value. I like the honesty. This is my first time on your site. Time to go explore it more.

    Wayne Melton

  42. LOL, your the official commentluv ambassador. Awesome list, I am going to be doing the same thing. There is never enough time in the day to complete all of it. I noticed that you took buffer off the sidebar of you blog. Do you not use it anymore? I have been using it a lot lately :)

  43. I am going through all of your posts on commentluv. They represent quite a community of commenters. I ‘ve just added the basic free commentluv and I’m sure that will help me;but please give me your best reason for commentluv premium. What’s the “A” reason.

    • Mike, I have one word that will help answer your question: Control!

      CommentLuv premium gives you control over exactly who get’s what – in terms of links – dofollow, keywords, twitter handles etc.

      You also get to control what links YOU are leaving on the thousands of CommentLuv blogs you can leave comments on. Keep in mind if you have premium you get to cherry pick 5 extra posts or pages that will show up in your CommentLuv list. AND you can change those 5 whenever you land on a blog post that is related to something you have blogged about in the past.

      You’re also going to get GASP – Pro, and these new ReplyMe features.

      The current pricing in place for CommentLuv Premium includes LIFETIME updates. But that is going away after the first of the year….

      Hope this helps!

      Btw – thanks for saying such nice things about my blog. I got a Google Alerts on it and that was a really pleasant surprise.

  44. CommentLuv is great. It makes your visitors realize that you care for them and use to visit your blog again and regularly. Thanks CommentLuv!!

  45. I recently installed CommentLuv on my site and I love the results that I am getting. It just seems to work. Its one of those plug-ins that I believe that all blogs should have installed.

  46. Thanks for the great post on CommentLuv Premium Ileane. I didn’t realize how good this plugin really is! Just added “Buy and add CommentLuv Premium plugin to my blog” to the very top of my to-do list 😉

  47. I’ve been using CommentLuv for quite some time now. It was because of some of the posts you made advocating for it along with another blogger that inspired me to get it. I started out with the free version, found that I absolutely loved it and quickly made the switch to CL Premium. I’ve never looked back and I think it’s been a great addition to my blog! I’ve certainly increased the amount of comments my blog has recieved since adding it and I hope it helps to continue with that. :)

  48. I had read so many articles on the pros and cons of dofollow and nofollow and became more confused than ever. On a few previous sites, they were nofollow and didn’t use Commentluv. I decided to go all out on this new site and purchased the plugin. I’m very curious to see what my results will be, and hope that it will be successful. Good article and advice. Thanks.

  49. Even since I installed the CommentLuv on my wordpress, relevant networker participation has increased and the quality of the comments that I see has sky rocketed.

    Yes, as a networker I agree that commentluv is one of the greatest plugins that has become available for us web masters.

    Keep up the good work Ileane, I already read all of your articles of high quality! May God bless you and send you lots of high quality traffic to your website.

  50. Hello Ileane
    Ya You said right Ileane.. Back linking are too effective yet.Commentluv plugin is heaven for commentator.Comment lover come and leave a comment for taking part inn discussion as well as in to get a back link.Thanks for sharing this article to us.

  51. Hey Ileane,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this important post with us. Yes, commentluv is great plugin and it helps in increasing comment and also helps in blocking spam comments.