Suffering from Blogging Conformity?

After over a year into the blogging world I felt I had to discuss conformity. Most of us are suffering from a severe case of blogging conformity. Because we just ran out of the uniqueness in blogging.

What is conformity?

your blog conformity bores me
Conformity is when you conform or comply or behave according to certain rules and standards because they are perceived as the “norm”. Let me make it easier. You act in a particular manner and stick to it because that manner is perceived as socially acceptable. Okay, this might work in the actual social world. But it really is something to think about when we enter the blogging scene.

Many of us have this tendency to stick to the same pattern of blogging behavior because we feel it might “work”; it will do the “trick” and because others are saying so. We tend to get into the trap that we feel will lead to blogging success and help us make money.

Two major symptoms of the conformity case:

  • You don’t know what your passion is

That’s right. You are just blogging because everybody seems to be doing it. You don’t have any idea as to what you want to be blogging about and where your core interests lie. So, you blog hop and see how blogging is done and then seem to know it all. And begin your own blog about how it’s all done.  Not everybody out there is blogging about blogging and social media. And not all top blogs have to do with social media. There are loads of topics, why stick to one?

  • You have nothing new to offer

All your topics have been discussed and written about a million times over. You talk about the same old tricks and tips about making your blog number one, blogging ideas, making money, optimization and all that jazz. Why didn’t you think of something new? No one is going to read another SEO tutorial. There are major sites already telling them how it is done. What’s the point about talking about it all over again?

The conformity cure:

Though there isn’t one way to find the cure, there sure are a lot of things that can be thought about.

  • Find your passion. I can’t stress this anymore. What do you really like talking about and writing about? What kind of posts do you enjoy? Where does your passion lie?
  • If you HAVE to talk about the same topics, have your own twist to it. Be fresh, be interesting.
  • Bring in new ideas. Loads of us are all waiting for new ideas to come by and strike us. Inspire us.
  • Experiment, push your abilities, test your ideas.

Final thoughts:

Do you think there is such a thing as too much conformity in blogging?

Do you think you have fallen into the conformity trap?

Any other conformity symptoms that you have noticed?

Are you following your passion in blogging?

What is your take on the conformity cure?

I love talking and I love your thoughts! Jump right in! 

P.S. A special thanks to Holly for her anti-conformity comment that started this discussion!



Hajra is a psychologist who loves writing and blogging is something she just got addicted to and now can't seem to let go! In her blog she just seems to be complaining about life and is fighting right back!


  1. Hey Hajra,

    Informative read 😀

    I agree with you. Too many bloggers on the same field (blogging about how to blog) and that’s all because of people’s greed (or more like a need) to make money online. People think that it is very easy to make money through blogging (Well, it used to be. But, now it is not, thanks to all the competition).

    In blogging, I think, most bloggers confirm to what the “A-listers” say (well, not everything that the A-listers say are true and even if they are, it may not not work for you because you have different situations in your life).

    Another trend that I notice is that if someone gets good attention by writing on a topic – on a popular blog. All of a sudden, you can see many other bloggers writing on the same topic (which is kind of weird!).

    And as I wrote in one of my recent guest posts, Passion alone isn’t that good (over time). You need compassion – a care/concern for your readers, as over time, passion losses its strength.

    Anyways, thanks for the awesome read Hajra,


    • Hajra

      Hey Jeevan,

      Thanks so much!

      There are a very few blogs that actually give good information about blogging. I feel there is an over load of certain niches because people fail to explore the other realms.

      And BTW, the A listers hate to be called the A listers! They feel they are trying their best and sharing their knowledge, in no way do they imply that they are better than others!

      Topics do follow a regularity all around. But there are ways one can have their take on it. For example, let’s take Pinterest (it is the latest craze) so many people are talking about how to use it but a few have come up with great ideas on how it can be put to use for business purposes and related information. That is innovative and not sticking to one realm.

      But yes, having said all this, I must confess that during my early blogging days, I did feel the need to conform and write about something everyone was writing about. I feel one does feel the pressure at times. Glad I am all over it!

      Do you feel the need to conform, Jeevan? Or you believe you will stick to what you believe?

        • I can’t handle my study and blog both.Some times i think that i will make carrier in blogging and some time the points take in my mind that blogging is not a guaranteed business.

        • Hajra

          You know Salman, there is really nothing like good education. And though blogging might be a career choice now, it is always safe to have a degree that will help you in getting a day job. I wouldn’t say stop blogging but yes, find your balance between blogging and studying.

          Blogging isn’t a guaranteed business, I don’t think any business comes with a guarantee, they all come with risks and we just need to tread that fine line.

          Make a schedule and try your best; you do know what it good for you!

        • Hi Salman, Every student who does blogging face this problem Because Blogging is somehow addictive. But you need to make a proper balance between your studies and blogging.

          • Hajra

            Hey Atish,

            That is true, More than blogging itself, I feel the need to promote your blog, interact with others, learn more is kind of like and unending urge! And that becomes very very addictive? Earlier I used to be logged on constantly. Now I just have time limits set apart otherwise it gets in the way of work!

            Do you find yourself being addicted to it all?

        • yes you are right Hajra. Yes I am an addict. But I am enjoying this addiction. after 9-5 day job I use to do blogging stuffs for 4 hours daily and whole day on weekends.
          But If it comes to the guys who are still in their schools then they need to be more focused towards study because for blogging we have whole life but for completion of degree is good if it happens at time.

        • Hajra

          Hey Atish,

          I find managing blogging with work really hard and I am surprised how so many students are doing it!

          Yes, I would definitely give much more value to education and concentrating on it!

          Thanks Atish for adding so much value to the conversation!

        • Hajra

          Hey Atish,

          I made it a point to be there before I come by and respond! Thanks for directing me there! It was a wonderful read :)

          Ileane rocks..doesn’t she? 😉

      • Hajra

        Hey Karo,

        I certainly didn’t mean that :) Yes, the A listers are doing a great job, but what many of us tend to do is follow them aimlessly. They forget to recognize the fact that the A listers actually carved their own niche for themselves and took the course they thought was right for me. They have a mind of their own and don’t feel the need to pertain a certain group. I would definitely agree with that explanation of yours. Bang on :)

        I loved reading your experience. Even if people have to blog about blogging, I ain’t suggesting I am against it in any way.What I stress upon is the ability to write something of value and something that actually is reflective of what you believe and do. Just because every body else is doing it, doesn’t mean we HAVE to fall into that trap of following them in the exact same way without having a purpose or thought of our own.

        About making money, you just bring up another very valuable point, there are so many out there that promise that they will tell you how to make money and guarantee so much more.

        I am glad you managed to remain true to your very own self! You Karo just might be a very good example of non – conformity!

        So glad having you here. Also, who are your two practical mentors you mention here?

        • Thanks hajraks,

          Actually I am against people starting a blog about blogging even though being against it wouldn’t make any difference. The topic has been over flogged. Since most of us use a blog to make money online, many of us are bound to have some different opinions about it but does that mean everyone that does have some experience about it should start a blog on it? It’s making it really difficult to sound unique and to do promotions. I surely hate to sound like everyone else.

          I love to talk about blogging because I have had great experience with it. And knowing that I am targeting beginners that need help the most, encouraged me to continue when I thought it may be best to sell the site sometime ago.

          However I am planning to launch a new site before the year ends and I am so excited about it because it will take me far away from blogging and anything related to make money from home. I really look forward to that time when writing will be much much fun. No too much thought will have to go into writing a content like it does for my present topic – SEO what is right and what is not. What works for backlinks and what’s just waste of time. Too much thought goes into each article I write.

          “Karo just might be a very good example of non – conformity!”

          Thanks, I think you can say that.

          As for the bloggers I referred to before, they are not my mentors but just people I love and respect because of how they’ve managed to stand out.

          I call them my two favorite bloggers. And they are Pat Flynn of and Glen an

          Pat is so transparent. In his monthly reports he lets us in sometimes more than he should. He discusses about new projects he knows his audience will benefit from, and then takes us sometimes step by step through his process of doing it. And the best part? He challenges his audience everytime to do more. I’ve heard many talk about niche sites, but I actually built one after Pat did a niche site challenge on his site and challenged his readers to join in. I joined in eventually when it was convenient for me and I took my audience also through my step by step process. So because of him I ended up with more practical articles on my site, a niche blog in a great niche (though somewhat competitive) that I’m about to sell soon for a 4 figure and a great business idea (I plan to later do more niche sites and flip some of them). And finally as popular as he is, sometimes I need a quick tip from him I send him mail and/or contact him on his facebook page and he replies within a few hours.

          As for Glen, you really have to want to learn to enjoy his posts. And I always I do. He puts in so much time to write detailed, step by step graphical posts. He’s my example of a great blogger. The way he delivers his posts are so unique that even though he doesn’t write sometimes for months, when he does write you’ll know he has delivered again. That’s how I think people should blog. I don’t agree that you must write every time so you can appear as a regular poster. Write only when you have something of great value to offer. And your readers will wait for your posts eagerly. I know that I look forward to Glen’s posts and when it does come and I don’t have the time to read it (his posts are usually very lengthy) I bookmark it and make a note to revisit it.

        • Hajra

          Hey Karo,

          That was such a well thought comment. Thanks a lot.

          When I wrote this post I had newbies in mind. Though I am just over a year old; I blog hope often because I love reading and I come across so many blogs that talk about blogging per se. And when I see their background and their posts; it looks like this is their first blog and they have been learning about blogging for five months or so and they know how to make money online and they can help. It is quite a worry to see them that way because they feel they might click when in actuality they are recycling the same content over and over again.

          Like you said, a well thought blog post requires work and I am glad you strive towards giving the best to your audience.

          I am so glad you are starting something that will have you indulge in the love of writing; that is a rare thing to hear these days.

          As for Pat, I have been to their sites but haven’t been a regular there. I have heard of Viperchill too but somehow haven’t been frequent there as well!

          It is tough to identify what we really want but we have to make sure we are sure of what we are doing; whether we think our work is worthy and what works best for us.

          Karo, it has been amazing knowing you through the comment! Good luck with the new blog in the pipeline! Do keep us in the loop when it is launched!

      • Hey Hajra,

        Thanks for the reply (and sorry for my late reply :D)

        Yes, I agree with you. I was just implying that many bloggers actually confirm what A-listers say.

        Yes, of course. Everyone has their take on the issue. But, nowadays, I see a lot of similar personalities in blogosphere (considering that there is a personality for each and every blog post). Many bloggers don’t actually put much effort into writing the issue from a different perspective. Instead, they just rehash the information and give it out.

        I don’t really like to confirm with the crowd, especially when it comes to blogging (I find it little bit hard to follow the group for some reason :D). But, of course, I have had times when I have followed the crowd, unconsciously.

        By the way, Hajra, how do you link to your guest post in comment luv and at the same time link your name to your blog?

        • Hajra


          Oh, it’s totally okay ; I am just glad you found time to come by! :)

          Ya, it does get tough either ways; staying away from the conformity and not doing it either! :)

          About the links… well, that is a little technique Brankica taught me. You should get in touch with her for that! :)

          Thanks for coming by; I see your guest post is up. Will have to stop by soon! :)

  2. Holly Jahangiri

    That does it. I’ve changed my mind. I rather LIKE being inspirational! Not in that glurgy sort of “climbed a mountain after breaking both legs just to rescue a stranded kitten” sort of way, but in a “led the revolution!” kind of way.

    heh… glad you didn’t quote my rough draft at guest posting guidelines.

    My mom used to say that kids in the 60s and 70s wore denim jeans to be “non-conformists,” and jeans ended up being the biggest sign of conformity EVER. We’re herd animals, like it or not. There’s something deeply instinctive and ingrained about safety in numbers, in blending in with the herd, in not being ostracized and having to go it alone. But that’s just so BORING!

    • Hajra

      If you read the comment above, you will see how I mention that I did feel the need to stick to the regular loads of time. But seeing so many awesome personal blogs, I felt that I should be sticking to my core values. I will write about what I believe. Even when I do blogging topics, I can’t bring myself to write on topics that have been discussed. Maybe that is why I feel I am a lazy writer!

      And when I read the word conformity we discussed over at your post, I felt I had to write about it!

      But did you ever fall into the conformity trap?

      • Anybody got a Swiffer? I see a huge dust bunny on your blog, Ileane – can’t believe you whitelisted the little annoyance known as Prunebutt. Next thing I know, he’ll decide a Muse doesn’t NEED an author and start writing guest posts for you.

      • Prunebutt

        Aren’t you afraid, with all that writing about nothing, that all the words will fall out of your head and you’ll have to eat a dictionary?

        So many writers seem to have this fear. Silly writers.

        Then again, so many bloggers seem to be doing it all wrong – eating thesauruses. You’ll notice that it always makes them ill – always they are compelled to sick it up on their blogs. There’s my blogging tip of the day, folks : Never eat a thesaurus.

      • Hajra

        Try it out, just write about whatever comes to your head and tell us how it goes. Remember to put the alarm at 20 minutes!

        I am wondering who has done that eating?

  3. Hello Hajra.
    I like this. It made me feel better about something that I was not so sure about.
    My blog is largely about SEO, marketing etc. It’s all been said and done before but my twist is that it’s aimed at small local businesses.
    My passion is to see more of them benefit when so many think it’s out of their reach.
    The thing I wasn’t sure about was a couple of posts that I published that were way off topic.
    One was about the greed in our society and what the banks have done in the name of greed. I felt so strongly that I had to voice my opinion. The other was about the fireworks in London on new years eve. They were so spectacular that I just wanted to share the video with the world.

    • Hajra

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks so much for liking it :) I am all smiles!

      SEO is a strong thing to be talking about but then you say you are aiming it at small local businesses; that just gives it the own little twist we are talking about!

      You know, I have a personal blog that is supposed to be primarily humorous, but sometimes I discuss serious issues. Why? Because we all need to discuss things that interest us or bother us. It makes us human. And yes, moving away from the general niche is okay now and then. We just need to make sure we are out of tangent all the time.

      There are so many blogs out there; we have to learn to be unique or stand out … in a good way 😉

      Do link us to the video, we would love to see it!

      Also,there is something I would ask; don’t you like run out of ideas for SEO ; I mean it has been discussed quite a few times, how do you keep yourself going?

      • Hi Hajra.
        As requested, here’s a link to the London 2012 fireworks video (click my name). They are really spectacular.

        As for running out of things to talk about on the subject of SEO. No I don’t.
        Because my blog is aimed at small businesses and us mere mortal bloggers (lol), I just write in nice simple terms.
        I guesss I do cover stuff that’s already out there but so many write technical posts, I think (well hope) that your average website/blog owner finds my posts easier to read than many.
        I don’t just cover SEO either. I cover just about all things DIY website. I never find myself short of ideas, only time to get all I want to say on screen.

        • Hey Steve,

          I did hunt down for the posts long back and check it out earlier. Thanks for linking me again though! It was spectacular. No wonder you decided to upload it! :)

          Some of the best SEO posts are tough to understand; that is why I prefer the ones with tutorial or with snapshots. I am so glad you make it easy to read. That is one element on which people offering tutorial or techniques should be working on. Making the language understandable and easy to put to use!

          Thanks once again!

  4. Owner Financed Homes in Austin TX

    This is a great article for folks who are stuck doing the same thing everyone else is doing. I personally know that I sometimes get in a rut and have to be innovative while thinking outside of the box. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hmmm this is interesting. And I think this is the main reason I haven’t actually started up my own blog yet, because currently I feel I have nothing new to offer, I haven’t found my niche yet. Thanks for another great post :)

    • Hajra

      Hey Harriet,

      Why is that? Think of what you like reading, what you like writing about? What interests you… just anything. Have a personal blog, talk about your opinions, your views, your take on things. Get started and see how addictive it actually becomes.

      You have a lot of new to offer… your thoughts. No one can have YOUR thoughts… Don’t you think? :)

      • Well my favourite topic is music but I don’t think I can talk intelligently enough about it yet! But if you think I can do it anyway I may just have a go and get started! The big thing stopping me is I’m really close to graduating and I have to concentrate on that for now. Thanks for the encouragement!

        • Hajra

          Music is a fabulous thing to be talking about. Who said anything about not being intelligent. Share your favorite music, have your own lists – top 5, best written, lyrics, rock stars, country… anything, share concert experiences, benefits of music, what you listen to, latest hits, about people in music; see there is just so much! And I bet loads of people will be interested! How many people do you see on the road without an earphone these days?

          But yes, you are graduating and education comes first! Find the balance, prioritize! And good luck for the graduation! :)

  6. Hi Hajra, I think conformity to a certain extent is a good thing specifically when it benefits the majority. I guess it can go to far, I haven’t see this yet but I’m sure it’s happening. Perhaps people even have it when it comes to the quality, length and name of a blog commenter.

    We discard comments for many reasons due to blogging conformity, if it’s short and random, if it’s a weird keyword name, if there’ no avatar. Some of these for newer bloggers might be obstacles to learn and overcome but are custom to us now.

    • Hajra

      Hey Brian,

      Conformity to a certain extent does make sense sometimes. But what worries me is that so many bloggers just fall into the trap that they end up “recycling” the same content and it gets very repetitive. And we have blogs and blogs just repeating it.

      But people who come up with unique content and have a way with their passion have much better to offer. Its not like any of us want to see the same content over and out all the time! Wouldn’t you agree?

      • Oh yeah I would agree for sure, conformity when it comes to written content should never happen. Unless it’s to do with content quality and not originality.

        • Hajra

          Even if it is not content. For example, your Blog Engage a blogging blog but it is different in the sense that it provides a platform where bloggers network well and blogs get the attention they need. It has community written all over it!

          It’s like a mini – revolution in itself. That my friend, is non – conformity! :)

  7. Hajra, I think a lot of people confirm because it easier to get along. I like to think I do my own thing, but I am sure I do conform to some things. For instance, it is a practice to stay informed so I watch a lot of news because some people are news junkies and I want to share what I saw. When it comes to blogging I try to write on topics nobody is addressing or at least a small amount of people. way to make us think.

  8. You always want to add your own passion and personal voice to your blog. I think it’s ok to blog about common subjects so long as you have a passion and interest in the topic. But definitely don’t just conform. You can add your own point of view and personal passion to the subject and show how you are different from everyone else.

    • Hajra

      Hey Randy,

      Conformity in common language may be the tendency to stick or match your attitudes to what others and you yourself feel is socially acceptable.

      I tend to discuss it here as something bloggers do as in repeating posts and blog ideas over and over again because everyone else seems to be doing it. The main motive was to highlight that we all have a mind of our own and our own thought and processes; why blog the same thing then?

      Did it make sense?

  9. Hajara first of all I hate tests! Are those questions at the end of your article required to be answered?——> haha..
    Even though I am new to actually blogging to blog(I know you all have heard this before), do not know why I had not attempted this earlier. Thus far have met some smart and friendly people.
    WordPress for me personally has opened new doors that I am exploring, which has brought my butt here today.
    Being a person of service, I actually feel an obligation to help people learn from my mistakes in business and life(share very much offline).
    I suppose there are certain platforms for certain blogging, and we just usually end up at the blogs or sites where are love and passions lead us.

    OKAY I will do my best to answer one of your questions: I am following my passion for blogging. I have 2 niches, so hours under my belt are rapidly adding up in a very short amount of time.
    I do not know if this topic has been written on prior to you, but I want to say thanks for putting “your own twist on it”. ~ringahding~

    • Hajra

      Hey Bryan

      LOL! I hate tests too! But I love talking; and sadly, I can’t do it face to face so I ask question, you answer; you ask questions I answer! :)

      Oh, believe me we all are new here! I am over a year old (restrictive to blogging life) and still feel I need to learn so much more. At least you have a passion; you know what you want to write about and why you want to do it. See, you have a purpose. And many of us don’t. But we aren’t recycling the same content; at least we are trying not to!

      You are using your own experiences and that makes all the differences. I am sure many must have written something similar; but yes, I try to have my own point of view! :)

      • Bryan Ring

        My start on the web began when the local phone book place three different ads, without my consent. So I built our company website 2 years ago. Now it has just turned into a different animal that has me addicted as well.
        I L~O~V~E~ to talk, sometimes too much. I suppose the face to face aspect has never been a real problem. For me I am honest to a fault and just do not know when to shut-up.
        But as for passion, just simply love to pass along my experiences to those who are going through similar things I have. One thing I have learned in my journey is, expect nothing and do everything. If I cannot stay busy, I will go stir-crazy.
        I am no fool, I need to make a living like everybody else, but I do not wake up in the morning to see how much money I can make today.
        Lastly, hate to disagree with you, since this is your moment to, but everybody has a purpose. You have a true calling>>>I seen your site…
        Maybe one-day we will meet face to face and have a conversation over a cup!

        • Hajra

          Looks like we have the talking addiction in common! Yes, I love to talk, and the lack of face to face thing in the online world become a little difficult sometimes but yes, the wonderful part is that you get to read your favorite bloggers (should I say writers?) and then you get to interact with them, comment on their work and so on.

          Please feel free to disagree, I am a big girl, I can take it! Also, conversations work best with a little disagreement here and there! 😉 Yes, we all do have a purpose, I won’t disagree with that! But I feel coming up with the same thing is no way to earn money or make a living. It might get you somewhere, but it won’t get you far, at least not in the big “bad” world of blogging where it does take time to establish yourself. Is that what you were disagreeing with? 😉

          And yes… I hope we do have a conversation, cup of tea or coffee? 😉

    • Hajra

      Hey Bhupendra,

      The point I am trying to focus on is not only original content but also valuable writing. Some how many of us have got trapped in the conformity circle and just refuse to use our own ideas and thought in deciding a niche and working on it.

      I am glad it could help you! Do you find yourself blogging about the same thing sometimes?

  10. Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging

    I fell into the conformity trap when I stopped using my voice. I forgot that people come to my blog, because they like my personality and I took that out of one of my blogs. Big mistake that I learned from quickly!

    Thanks for this post. I will definitely make sure that I keep my passion. This is going to be something I remember when my I feel myself slipping back into conformity.

    • Hajra

      Hey Kimberly,

      “Your voice”! That was a phrase I missed using in the post and it sums up the whole message beautifully! Thanks :)

      Yes, people resonate with what you have and what you have to offer to them, they recognize you but once we get lost in the trap of doing what we feel we should because others are doing it; it gets a little hazy you see!

      I am glad you “found your voice” back and are back to your lovely self!

      But there’s this one thing I would like to know; when you say you did conform, did you notice any changes in the response – like traffic, stats, comments, shares..anything?

      • Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging

        With my photography blog, I noticed fewer comments and interaction. It took longer to get Adventures in Blogging off the ground. By using my voice (and focusing on my passion) I was able to get my newest blog, Keep the Tail Wagging, to a page rank of 2 in less than 2 months and over 1000 FB likes in a month.

        I think what I was doing was looking at other blogs that were making money and trying to conform to their style and I lost my audience. Once I got back to me, everything shifted right back.

        • Hajra

          Hey Kimberly,

          Thanks for that. That is just a good example of how people actually lose interest in what you write when you go off track! They get used to a certain pattern when they come visit and when they see the regular shift, they understand that we are up to no good! :)

          I am so glad you decided to stick with what you love doing! Thanks for stopping by and sharing that!

  11. Ohh I’m always late to comment on my friend’s posts. :(

    Where do you get those amazing ideas to write, Hajra? huh?

    I’m glad that I don’t have the first symptom, for sure. I’m not blogging because others are doing so and earning and all. I blog because I like to meet different people out there. I love to help others who don’t know me, already.

    And I would like to know your thoughts about me, in second case.

    And of course, I’m taking your cure tips. Trying to twist, make it interesting and easy to grab as well and experimenting with my ideas.

    It was an awesome article, Hajra.

    • Hey Abhi,

      Soon or late, I am just glad that you made you way here! :)

      I don’t get ideas, I speak my mind… man, I do sound like a pompous one don’t I? 😉

      I made it sure that I just have to write about what I feel is right. Not because others are telling me to or that I am getting the vibes of what is “popular”. Holly did help me through this, that lady shows how you have to be comfortable with what you write. And just keep going :)

      Making it interesting does need effort sometimes; but you have have to go with what you feel and try as best to make it as much as “you” as you can; not all about you but “you”!

      Lol! I don’t make sense most of the times!

      • oh yeah?

        You know? a couple of words can lead my mind to speak. To say what I think about it, not what all think.

        And yes, Holly helped me, too and helping.. to be comfortable with what you speak in your article. Be YOU in your article.

      • I’m gonna shake it up a little and disagree with Ricardus and Hajra on this one.

        I have a passion for blogging and my subject but there are times I just cannot think OR I am just learning what everyone else already knows, and I simply need to write about. YES, I have a post on SEO. LOL. But it is MY SEO. :-)


        • Hajra

          Lol! You kind of disagreed and agreed with us sweetie! And I love that comment! :) I like people who disagree… gives us something to talk about 😉

          Didn’t you say “MY” SEO; well, that’s what we are talking about. Have your point of view; have your say, talk about your experiences; we have all heard about SEO’s but we would be interested in your personal experience with it. Sprinkle it with a lot of Allie!

          • Hajra,

            I guess I did. I was just saying that having that passion doesn’t always create nonconformity. I have a post about SEO but so does thousands of other bloggers. I did write about my take on it but then again, I am simply reiterating all the stuff that has already been said also. When I found my passion for SEO, it didn’t equate to nonconformity.

            When I said “SEO” I was referring to you stating above “No one is going to read another SEO tutorial.” Because that is exactly what I did, another tutorial. But I will give in and say it was sprinkle with Allie. LOL!

            Did that make sense? I have a problem with leaving out words because my typing is really bad. LOL.


          • Hajra

            Hey Allie,

            You made perfect sense! Yes, sometimes we try to have our own way of telling things; and though some may say we are just conforming and doing the same thing, we have a different take on it. Well, to each his own I believe! :)

  12. Hajra

    Hey Joe,

    I love your suggestions. There is just so much to discuss in the world; why do people so strongly stick to one niche it what amazes me.

    One can use blogging bettering techniques to better the blog; but why not make the content different. Like a fellow blogger once remarked “If everyone is blogging about blogging; then who is blogging?” 😉

    I think we just should realize what we really want to write about and just go with it; no matter what others are doing!

  13. Hi Hajra,

    That’s one of the reason I decided to “switch” and focus on BrowsingRome because I have more fun writing and sharing my experiences in Rome and Italy. The writing comes more easily and while others maybe writing the same thing, I add my own personal perspective of things.

    • Hajra

      Hey Diana,

      And I love your work on Browsing Rome! Once we stick to what we actually like doing, the writing and reading both become much easier!

      P.S. Are you shutting down your other blog? Because I did love that too!

  14. Deep

    They do appear the words of a psychologist. Conformity never heard about it, that was really something interesting to read about. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hajra

      Hey Deep,

      The psychology never seems to leave me; you can take the psychology out of me, but you can never take me out of psychology 😉

      Conformity is basically a term used in the actual social world wherein one adapts or behaves in a certain way to fit in or to be socially accepted. You could Google it any day 😉

      But yes, it is a very interesting concept. Do you feel you have done something repetitively similar, or lost your “own voice” in the blogging world?

  15. Hey Hajra, you are really making me nervous about my blogging passion. Do in need to do to a self analysis. lol….
    But it was great to read about something new.

    • Hajra

      Hey Devesh,

      Lol! I am glad you liked it. You don’t need a self analysis. Just try thinking about what you really like and what you like doing that might help you blog about and around?

  16. apparently Hajra
    earlier i was in conformity but now learned to make post good interesting and easily grasping for others,
    but must say Hajra i saw your post in other blogs too it really unique and interesting make user engage. hope able to write like you 😀

    • Hajra

      Hey Rohit,

      I appreciate the compliment so much. But that’s too much to take in. I ain’t all that great. I am sure you can be much better than me :)

      I would love to hear how you learned to start writing afresh? Did you just add your own take to it?

      • Frankly speaking still in this writing thing i am kido but after doing some researches like reading other articles then people review on that article, their view what they want, what they dont like and ya most importantly after writing any article i now examine that article as a viewer not as a writer which helping me to make good article.

        • Hajra

          Hey Rohit,

          Frankly speaking, we all are kids when it comes to writing. We just learn as we go along. But yes, reading a lot does help tremendously. And you just have to make sure you are reading good stuff, things that you actually learn from. Not just blogs, but books too! There is so much reading in the world that we can never run short.

          I always have this in my head that my writing is crappy. So I have someone read it for me before I actually post or submit my article. A point of view is always helpful! But then when it isn’t possible, I feel I need to just go ahead with it! But yes, a well framed article does require some amount of work.

          These things help me grow as a writer. Though I still feel I have a long long way to go!

          What do you feel helps you grow as a writer?

  17. Hajra

    Ah the debate on how often! Well, that is totally up to you to work it out… but yes, Browsing Rome is going awesome and I love the things you share there! :)

    So, for now it is Rome all the way, Sir!

  18. RetailMeNot Clone

    your questions are really make me to think more about my passion in quite confused,im searching answers for those question you have asked in this..

    • Hajra

      With a name like that I really am thinking now! 😉

      Jokes apart, just get back to what you really love doing. For me, I love writing and blogging was a way I got back to it. I may not be good but I try to better my skills!

  19. Hi Hajra,
    I do suffer from blogger conformity but not all the time. I often get short of unique ideas to write new blog posts. Can you give me some suggestion as to how generate new ideas for writing?

    • Hajra

      Hey Shree,

      There a lot of ways one can come up with ideas. Then it is up to your work to turn that into something unique. Let’s say you want to write about Facebook, why write about how to use facebook for business, how to set up a page and all that; there are tons of blogs and posts about it already. Why not write how you used facebook, why facebook didn’t work for you, why facebook did work for you, what do you think is wrong with faceboo, what do you think is right. There are a million and one ways to go about it. Now I am not saying I am any expert. But what I do encourage is thinking outside the box. We have a lot of people writing the same thing, why not try something different.

      To generate new ideas, I really don’t have any “tips”. I am a very lazy writer at times. But what I do is have a little book or a notepad with me everywhere I go. Ideas can come anytime, they don’t have a schedule. You see something, you hear a conversation, you come across something interesting and all that might give you something to write about. Keep jotting it down. I don’t trust my memory; I always make it a point to jot down all the ideas. Then when I actually sit down to write, I open the document and see what I have collected. A lot of them goes to trash but a lot of them do work. You just need to work around them as you feel is nice.

      Also, a lot of reading is wonderful! The mind has tremendous potential; we all are just lazy to put that to use!

      I hope that helps!

      Do you have a schedule or a plan where you decide what you want to write about?

      • Hey Hajra,

        Thanks a ton for the advice. I will follow it religiously and I hope I will get positive results. I do not have any fixed schedule or plan. I am also quite lazy and write when I feel like. :) Is that a problem area?

        • Hajra

          Hey Shree,

          Oh definitely! I am quite lazy myself; but there is a bigger picture to be kept in mind. The success of your blog! I post very irregularly on my blog; but then now I make sure to at least blog once a week; or at least once in ten days. I know that is a little thrown far apart. But yes, I try my best.

          Do you plan on having a schedule?

          • Hi Hajra,

            Sorry for replying late! A schedule is good to have but many times I fail to maintain the schedule. I know this is not appropriate but often at times I cannot help. Generally I try to write two times a week.
            Is that a good frequency? Or should I blog more often? To mention here, it is not my personal blog, I write for the company I work in.

          • Hey Shree,

            No problem!

            I always feel I need to have a schedule but I don’t end up having one and a day job makes it tough for me too! Most people stick to twice a week and earlier I did stick to twice a week to. But then, when my freelance job started getting a little more demanding, I just had to focus more on that than blogging.

            It could be a personal choice you know, what you want and how you want to do it. I am trying my best to blog at least once in a week; but yes, guest posts included!

            Doesn’t your company have a blogging schedule that you should stick to?

          • Hi Hajra,

            Well in my company I am lucky that I have been given the power to decide how much to write in a week. :) So I just asked to make sure if the frequency is okay.
            I cannot misuse the power you see. 😉

  20. Hajra,

    In a world with so many, many, many, many, many, many (whoo!) blogs, it is so hard to find content that is new and fresh. BUT people do it all the time so we know it is not impossible.

    Over the last few weeks I have been commenting like crazy (you know why, lol) and I am frankly tired of reading the same old subjects. Boring! You can tell who writes well:
    One, the post is actually interesting enough to read the whole thing
    Two, there are intelligent comments
    Three, the are many comments (look at Hajra she is sitting at 76 right now)
    Four, you do get the feeling the blogger cares, ie, not in it for just money.

    If you conform, you will not last. make up your own stuff. Find it. It is in your brain, pull it out.


    • Hajra

      Hey Allie,

      I would agree there are more than that many many’s! :) It is hard to find content that is fresh and that is why I am encouraging that we make a start! There are loads who are doing it so why not try it ourselves!

      I like how you point out at elements. After the post; my favorite has to be comments. I love it when people write thoughtful comments; they don’t have to be long but I like reading thought provoking comments that share personal experiences and triumphs.

      It is hard to “pull” out ideas; but it is your own brain; you know how to mess with it!

      • Hajra,

        Yes, I love the comments where you feel people want to be part of a conversation.

        I hope they don’t have to be long, I can’t compare to you or Deeone. I try my best with short and sweet. I’m like that offline also. My extroverted friend thinks I am shy but I just don’t talk a lot. My husband would beg to differ. LOL.


        • Hajra

          Oh absolutely, I think the talking thing in me likes reading comments and it makes it so wonderful to just read what people have to say. Makes me feel that my post is special (yes, I like that! ) I think the guest post at your blog is enough proof of that!

          Length is not an issue. I just like to pull Deeone’s leg about that! But yes, a valuable, well thought comment makes all the difference. I love how people use humor in their comments too.

          Short and sweet works fine for me! :)

  21. Hajra,

    I really do think that the comments made on a blog reflect the bloggers ability and intelligence. Most of the time. I can write a whole post on that, but, honestly, it could also offend some.

    Let’s just say that sometimes we let bad/spam comments past us for comment count and this may not be the best thing. I do it sometimes but I feel my integrity is challenged at that point.


    • Hajra

      Oh yes, credible comments do have a lot to say about the blogger themselves. but I feel some are better are expressing their opinions than others. But you have to do better than just Great Post, sounds interesting any day! :)

      We do do that; let spam comments past us for comment count; but isn’t the comment thing just a huge pressure to have a large number for us to call comments! I mean we do conform that way to; having the need to have a large number of comments.. don’t you agree?

  22. hey Hajra
    I recently came across your blog and have been reading posts. I thought I would leave a comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often

    • Hajra

      Hey Sandipan,

      Thanks so much! Looks like you have been following me around! LOL!

      This is my first guest post here and yes, I love the response I am getting. People are so wonderful to have related so well to the post.

      I am so glad you enjoyed reading the post. But tell us, do you think you have got stuck in the blogging conformity or is it something that you successfully avoided?

  23. Rachel LaStoria

    After reading a few comments I have found that many people have seen a pattern of common blogs like myself. I think many people (bloggers) are too worried about making the blogs more liked than just blogging about what they are interested in writing.

    People have a serious need to be liked and will often conform to that which is considered “likable,” and start to have a normative social influence because certain topics are popular (which leads to repetitive blogs). This could possibly be why every topic on social networks, like Facebook, are all the same ( people want more “likes”).

    Considering the factors that make a person conform a blogger starts to feel inadequate when starting to blog. They feel they do not know enough, so they follow whomever they believe knows the system.

    Blog are not meant to be about one thing. Every individual has different interest and I think it is important to grasp that concept. Blog what YOU know, not what everyone else is blogging.

    • Hajra

      Hey Rachel,

      That is probably the best explanation to this post! Thank you!

      When I entered the blogging scene I cam across so many blogs talking about social media and related that I was confused whether I was doing the right thing; but then I had to make the decision of what I am able to do and what I can do. You need to learn before you write about something. Many of the bloggers talking about social media don’t really have much to offer and we need to differentiate between what is worthy and what is not.

      It is important to hold on to what you love doing and work on it. It will always show in your work and that is important!

      Thanks for stopping by! Although you didn’t link me up to anything; I would love to read your work!

  24. Too much blogging about blogging? No problem. Pick a new topic and get passionate about it.

    If you think you have run out of ideas, I want to remind you that around the year 1900, the US Patent and Trademark Office declared that all the ideas had been patented.

    While you are thinking about it enjoy a cup of coffee and a biscotti.

    • Lol! I love that comment! People should be coming up with newer ideas; let us prove the US Patent and Trademark Office wrong 😉

  25. Hajra,

    Here I am, late to one of your great blogging parties again. Well, Steve Hippel posted this one on Google+, so he drew me in…

    What inspires me is the imagery. Sometimes I have ideas for images I want to share; then I come up with a whole bunch of text to go with the images. But, sh, don’t tell everyone – some people have told me they actually learn something from my text.

    Take care,


    • Hey Leora,

      I am just glad you come read my posts! I am thankful to Steve!

      Lol! I love how you say that! You work around your posts through the images you decide on. Is that what you mean? That is so innovative! I always have to figure out the right images for my posts. And I never end up with the image I have in my mind…

  26. thank you for this very interesting post i am a first time visitor and by the looks of thing you have a big group of readers, i will be sure to return to read more posts.

    • Hajra

      I am so glad you liked this! BBT is an extremely good read for bloggers! You will definitely enjoy being here!

  27. I really was not aware about conformity. Blogging is a serious addiction, I’m presuming. Hence, conformity plays a big part.

  28. Very nice post Hajra I realize that blogging takes time if you are not capable to gave a proper time for blogging than success ratio is too low and i suffer from it i not blog for a long time and google just drop down my blog from PR2 to 0. Now i think i make some good routine and write some quality post at regular basis or twice in a week. What is your advice for me.