6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

Blogging is the most in-demand cyber tool today which anyone can have an easy access. With the presence of Web 2.0 platforms such as WordPress, Weebly, Typepad, Blogger and many others, blogs can be created without any problems of coding or too much web designing. But the biggest road block in any types of online business is the marketing part. Without proper Internet marketing regimens, your blog won’t survive the hefty blogging competition.

Social Media can save your business

social media marketing
Like blogging, social media sites are today’s trending tool for communication. It is an easy and quick portal to share content, connect with other people and create a “network” or community. In recent months, we saw another social media platform that is now making waves worldwide – Google+.

The rise of social networking has transformed the way people use the Internet. It has become a necessary part of our lifestyle. Different business industries are positioning themselves well to get a fair share of the social media exposure. With social media, your business can gain better marketing leverage plus, adding some value to your brand.

Social media and blogging as one!

Blogging and social media are the perfect combination for your online business. You just have to know the proper way of marketing your blog posts to your favorite social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others (including Pinterest). Below are the 5 effective ways you can promote your blog through social media networking.

Link your posts on your social media profiles

The number one rule is to post your individual blog posts into your Facebook page or group. It is required that you create your own blog Facebook page to keep a good followers of your blog through Facebook. If you wish, you can also build your own Group page to better expand interactions between you and your readers. You can do the same with other social media networking sites.

In Twitter, it is better that you tweet your post with different messages each time. Make sure that you take enough time gap as Twitter never allows repetitive tweets of the same content. Make use of URL shortening tools to shorten your blog post URL. This is very much essential especially if you want to add an enticing description to your tweet.

Use enticing descriptions for your posts

A research reveals that a question heading better attracts readers rather than just title of your blog post. You have distinctively write the best description to make your readers curious about your post, and hopefully visit your link. This is a type of link bait similarly used by expert Internet marketers in email marketing and other viral marketing regimens. So if you don’t know what to post or tweet, ask a question to make your readers respond by clicking your link.

Re-post other people’s content

It is essential that you share valuable and useful content from other people’s site to your social circles. This is the essence of “networking” in the first place. By sharing other people’s content, you are also exposing your own wall or profile to your network which will have a bigger probability of reaching your website or blog. Any people that were satisfied with the content you shared on your wall or pages, they will surely go to your own profile to look for more informational content.

Re-posting or tweeting other people’s content makes your social media interaction more natural. It means that you are not only caring about your own site or product, but you are open for discussion and friendship. Just look at people who are not Internet marketers, how do they use social media sites? Yes, they share valuable contents coming from different Internet sites. Similarly if you are a blogger, you should do what normal people are doing in the social media networks.

Don’t force yourself to acquire more followers

Forcing your way to gain more people on your network is not a good idea for your business. You should not apply “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of ideology. This means that you don’t have to follow more people just to urge them to follow you back. That is not proper marketing using social media sites. Networks are created naturally primarily because people likes your stuff, ideas and your personality. If you are using social media networks just to expand a large number of friends, then you are accumulating non-targeted people on your network.

So how can you gain more people on your social circles? The answer is Trust! You have to build a more reputable persona online through the presence of your blog. People will follow you naturally if they love your work and your site as a whole. Every post you publish is guaranteed to be viewed by people in your circles because they are targeted individuals who have interests with your work. So give your social networking endeavor a time to grow and nourish because in the long run, the wait is priceless.

Install share buttons

Readers will more likely share your blog content if you offer plugins or social media share buttons at the end of each of your posts. This will make it easier for them to share your blog posts on their own social media profiles, giving your site a big boost of exposure. Every blogging platform has its own way of inserting this type of widgets so I suggest that you instal social media buttons in your blog as soon as possible.

These are the 5 effective methods on how you can use social media and social networking properly to promote your blog. If I missed something here and you have other great idea about social media marketing that you wish to share with us, then I welcome your opinion and comments below.



Noah Mark Rodolfo is a Filipino blogger and a seasoned Internet marketer. He devotes his time writing quality articles on different niches such as online business tips, health, food recipe collection and weight loss product tips. If you like this article, you may read more in his own website at Home Based Business.


  1. “Forcing your way to gain more people on your network is not a good idea for your business. You should not apply “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of ideology. This means that you don’t have to follow more people just to urge them to follow you back. That is not proper marketing using social media sites. ”

    I have just a couple of days ago realised that I shouldn’t be doing this, stopped and removed the people I follow.

    Great tips, I need to get more active on my Facebook page etc. But I am steadily building up! Helping others will always be the best way to get your website around the social web, PR is everything.

    Simon Duck

    • Hey Simon, thanks for the heads up! I remember one program when I see this term “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” – traffic exchange programs. I used to promote my sites using traffic exchange programs back in the early days of my blogging career. Obviously, this type of method never worked out for me because it’s not targeted traffic.

      With regards to followers, I also took a wrong step when I first made an account in Twitter. Although following others would likely gain you many follow back, these people are also not targeted for my type of business so it’s no use forcing people to follow you. It is better that you gain followers by influencing them and not by force.

      Thanks Simon

      • I always tried to follow people who were in my kind of niche, but even when you do that and get a follow back, they are just doing the same as you and returning the favour, it doesn’t actually mean you now have one more follower on your website.

        Simon Duck

  2. That are really great tips for beginners. I usually Plus others people comments, posts and much more. And the result is quite good.

  3. Hi Noah,
    Thanks Noah For sharing the article. yes you are right that Social Media Sites Plays a vital role for Blog Promotion. As i know after SERP most of traffic comes from SM. I always love Goolge+.

    ~ Amit Shaw

    • Thanks Amit. I read your article “The Inseparable Pair: Your Blog and Google AdSense” and it’s very true. I use Adsense on all of my sites. I now experimenting on affiliate marketing for my weight loss site. I don’t intend to inset any Adsense on that site for at least a year. If its not working the way I expected it, I will surely revert to Adsense.

      By the way, I also love Google+

  4. “you don’t have to follow more people just to urge them to follow you back.” Thank you. I wish more people would say this. Good reasons to follow somebody are if a) you want to know what they are up to, b) they share information (links) that interest you, c) you want to support them by retweeting (or liking or upping or voting for) the information they share, and d) you want them to be able to direct message you.

    • Hey David, thanks for your input. Social media can be a great source of traffic if we know the right way to use it properly. For me, follow people who sincere on their work and not just to make money online. You can practically see this types of people right through their blogs and their contributions on their selected community or niche. Thanks

  5. I have seen “You Follow me and I’ll Follow you “this Ideology in many places and even I have participated but now I have leaned that this is not going to help , and yes sharing other peoples content is a great way…
    but what you do when you have only few followers ?? I think then you have to force yourself to get more exposure as much as possible…?

  6. Those are some great tips. Social media has become an important marketing tool with regards to blogs and websites in general. The fundamentals of social media need to be understood in order to succeed.

    • Hey Paul, thanks for your input. By the way, I visited your blog and I’m surprised that its already 6 years running. Congratulations! I like your site, is the topic of SEO tips okay for guest posting? Thanks…

  7. I think given the competition around one has to start differentiating between the meaning of connections and meaningful connections. The race to get the most comments, the most number of fans, the highest followers, the highest clicks somehow just has the whole sense of sharing content over ruled. Though all that is appreciable, clicks and shares and views only brings in traffic and traffic doesn’t necessarily bring in business. We need to realize on what we are looking for and what we expecting from our blogs and take the decisions as to what works better for us.

    I would agree that a blog that is easy to share and have content passed on always is more flexible with the readers. Once the reader has to do a lot of searching, a lot of things do get messed up.

    Thanks for the informative read!

  8. Fabrizio

    Top tips Noah and well executed too. Social media is something many people are not taking full advantage of and it’s something that can’t be ignored either.

    • Hey Fabrizio, thank you for your input. Yes, social media are sometimes ignored by some Internet marketers making them blind about the true potentials of “social networking”. And instead they focus more on SEO and other marketing regimens.

  9. Nice thoughts. I share other people’s links on Twitter, but for whatever reason often forget on Facebook (and, go figure, I have more Twitter followers). I also agree about not following tons of people to get them to follow you. It’s often very obvious when someone is doing that (and annoying). Thanks for the write-up.

    • Hey Yang, that’s my point, you can acquire more followers if you can get their interests. This is the beauty of social marketing, it’s like a competition. All of us are striving to encourage people to join our network, and the most influenced marketer wins!

  10. I understand what you are saying here but I’ve read a lot about Google+ being a bit of a fail and having used it myself, I don’t see what all the fuss is about… surely there are better social media platforms for promoting blogs than Google+? I’m just not convinced by it.

    • Thanks for your input Harriet. Google+ is an entirely new ballgame. I suggest we wait a year or two if it really comes up to our expectations.

    • Google+ has the HUGE advantage of being Google. Social media sites have been an important factor in search results for quite some time. The internet is full of information, but Google knows that the most useful information for your friends is probably the most useful information for you as well.
      Google will make huge efforts to make G+ succeed, but they are not afraid to kill ideas when they fail…remember Google Buzz?

  11. hii Noah,
    Its a very fine article.I am totally agree with you that installing social buttons in your website can boost your social presence .

    Forcing people to like you looks very spammy and unprofessional .


    • Hey Kushal, social media buttons are powerful tool which make or help your visitors spread the word with their own network. To be able to be successful, you need to write a very compelling and informational post that will encourage your readers to share your content. Thanks!

  12. Thanks Noah that’s a really nice article you have written. Social media does help a lot to promote your blog and significantly increasing targeted traffic to your blog. But you shouldn’t really use your account only to share links from your blog one should also share use stuff from other sites.

    • Hello Davesh, you have a point there. We need to use our social profiles as natural as possible. If other people are rampantly sharing contents from various sites, we too should take advantage of this so that our followers will get fair neutrality and will not be bored with comes to our posts.

      But take note that we have to be careful when using social media sites. There are Internet services that prohibits (to say the least) the use of social media marketing. If you’ve read the new Google privacy policy which will take effect on March 1, it does not entirely prohibits us to share content using social networks but cautioned us that there are consequences of doing so. So if you have Google accounts, better think about this first.


  13. Deep

    That’s right Noah social media sites help a lot to increase traffic to your blog. Also getting good backlinks from such sites help you rank better in search engine ranking.

  14. Great Post. Yes, a lot of people forget the basics such as sharing links to their blog posts on their own FB wall or their FB Fan page OR their friends pages. As long as the blog post is NOT spamming and salesy, why NOT share on your Facebook friends’ walls? What’s the point in having FB friends if you can’t share information once in a while? And having those social media syndication buttons such as for FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. really makes it easy for people to share your stuff!


    Jupiter Jim

  15. Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging

    I used to sign up for the “follow me and I’ll follow you” threads in forums and ended up with nearly 2500 likes on Facebook for one of my pages and less than 100 people are interacting.

    The focus really should be on creating good, consistent content and connecting with others. I’m not willing to give up those 2500 likes (I can win them over), but it was a great lesson – because I built an audience of people who don’t visit my blog.

    Thanks for pointing that out, because I come across many people who are so focused on their numbers that they get discouraged.

    • Same here Kimberly. I also had that type of ideology in my early days of Internet marketing and it doesn’t got me anywhere really. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I do think that promoting those who do visit your blog or website is a great thing. Also agree that the “Scratch your back” is not a good policy, it will bite you in the end.

    I suppose it is time to stop commenting and agreeing with everything you have written, because I do and get to promoting this post. Great post Noah!

  17. As a result of this post, I am going to double check my social share options. I don’t think I’m doing that right. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hello Maja, I agree. That is the reason why we need not to rush our post just to have content. We need to research and analyze the best article possible for our readers. If we are writing just for the sake of Google rankings or to increase your post count, we will never likely gain followers nor money on every type of Internet businesses.

  18. Derek Morton

    This is are all great tips. I agree with the one about sharing other peoples content. The philosophy of “Giver’s Gain” is definitely one that works. If only we had more people living by it.

  19. I remember when I participated in sports (Mostly at the intramural level), or watched the varsity practices. It always seemed we(they) were practicing the fundamentals. That was true from the grade school team to the college team.

    No matter how simple the posts seem, or how many times I have heard it, I always seem to glean a bit of information out of them…even when I was certain I knew it. (Actually, I must confess I sneaked over to Twitter and re-announced my last post patterned on your method).

  20. Not that I have one it yet (still trying to climb the Google rank), but offering sales if you reach XXXX number of followers was darn effective for one of my favourite nail polishes (Zoya if you are curious).

  21. These are just SOME of the tips for social media and blogging. But these are the most common tips followed by..I Guess, almost everyone who has ever known the exact meaning of social media and blogging.
    Just adding buttons to your blog doesn’t term it as a ‘social media strategy’. You need to first produce ‘Share-able’ content and then participate in the community of your niche.
    Social media strategy is using perfect landing pages and offering something unique to make your visitors return for more.
    You have covered just the basic tips for social media beginners.

    • Hello Srikanth,

      First off, thanks for your thoughts. Second, my article is entirely intended for both beginners and seasoned marketers. Why? Because not all bloggers use social media as their main traffic source. You also pointed out that content and landing pages are critical if you want to keep your visitors to come back, another good point.

      However, since this is a free website where anyone can leave their opinion, it would highly be essential and helpful if you share to this blog’s readers some of the “expert tips” for social media which I think you lack on your previous comment. This way you can validate your point of views by sharing your experiences or knowledge.

      I am sure that many of us here at basicblogtips.com will gladly here your thoughts.


  22. chanikacha

    Social media is truly impressive, It helps us promote our website and products. We can build a fan page on facebook this is how I promote my products and websites. Mostly the three social media I used are googl +, twitter and Facebook.

    • googl +??? Is there something like this? LOL

      There’s much more than these social networks. You can join online blogging communities, participate in forums and commenting. 😀

        • Oh yeah, I know it was by mistake. I was just having some fun. :)

          Did you miss my article over BBT? :) I gave my 10 reasons for not visiting a blog.

          I recommend you to read the article linked below. Leave your comments to let me know. :)

  23. True! Social media can really save your business, if used properly, and efficiently. It is really easy to share your messages about your business or products through a blog post. Do you think this is enough? No! You need to continuously monitor your blog post regularly, and see whether anyone has commented on your post. You must reply to the commenter as soon as possible. Why? It will help both the parties interact, and build a strong rapport. This will ultimately benefit your business. Trust me!

  24. Today Social media has become one of the best ways to promote one’s blog. It really helps get traffic to one’s blog, Many people hate visiting blogs again and again and here social media scores highly, People can still get updated with new post without visiting again again. Thanks for posting these tips, I hope they’ll help me improve.

  25. Hi Noah,
    I agree with these 6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog are really amazing to build your blog and your follower, i think build your own Group page is great way for enticing descriptions for our posts

    • Hey Bhupendra, yes, a group or page are both great ideas on how we can more expand our relationships with our readers. It helps creates healthy interactions and it better promotes our brand. Thanks

  26. Really Good tips and i like the way you have Sidebar Social Media Share Button.. it always Remind us To share Some Good Contest Like this with our Friends and Followers… Good tips..

  27. Very good list. It is amazing how much activity there is on Twitter compared to fb these days. I recommend using twitter I have the best results there.

    …retweeting the good stuff works good too, if you want help look to help others first.

  28. Sanjeev

    Nice post, Social engagement should be a metric rather than just the number of followers. If the connections are not engaging enough than they are not useful and we should not spend our energy there.

  29. Great Post. Very informative. This information should save many brand new internet marketers from making the common mistake of believing all the mis leading get rich quick schemes that are being advertised all over the internet. It is refreshing to read honest internet marketing information instead of all the false promises that so many blog posters write. Have A Wonderful Day Corine Miller

  30. Hi Noah,
    I agree with all of these tips. I get really frustrated when I read a really good post and I want to tweet it but don’t find any of the socializing buttons to do so. Even more frustrating is too look for the blogger’s twitter handle and not find it anywhere on the blog. I think everyone that wants to have a web presence should understand the need to facilitate sharing on the web. Great post!
    All the best,

    • Hey Kenny, you are absolutely correct. Those buttons would be useless if people don’t like what they are reading…..Thanks

  31. This was really great tips !! I realized that sharing some other good content may help you . i am getting good response from my followers and friends . Agree with your point not forcing your self to get more followers . If they are not interested in your content then its of no use

    • Hey Sai,

      60% is a large number dude. Congratulations. I think you are better social marketer than I am….Keep it up! Thanks…

  32. Hi Noah,

    Thanks for the great tips. I think people forget that the basic tenets of social life offline apply online also. You wouldn’t expect to always be asking a friend for something and never give back. Your point on sharing other people’s content is key.

    This has been a big issue on Pinterest, where some businesses are starting to use it just to promote their own products. That’s fine, but you have to share other people’s images too. Then the flood of traffic can be unbelievable!

  33. Hi Noah,

    What a tips, simply superb. Social media websites has changed the scenario of online world. And we internet marketers are very lucky that we have got so many traffic sources these days from where we can derive good amount of traffic to our blogs and websites. Those days are gone where we have to depend on only one source of traffic i.e. search engines. So every internet marketer should concentrate on every traffic source whether it is search engines, social media sites, blogs and many more.

    Thanks to Facebook and Twitter which has given a great platform to promote the blog in more effective way. With the help of these social media sites, we can develop the great network of ours with various bloggers as well as with our readers too. But if anyone has to create the bigger network through these social media sites then he or she must remain active consistently on these sites then only you will see the fruitful results. Just creating the profile and fan page on Facebook will not do the wonders or miracles.

    To get tons of visitors from these social media sites, one has to do work hard and you should always share the informative content which will going to help a lot to people out there. By the way, you have drafted this post very well and I enjoyed a lot by reading this post.

    • Hello Manish….you are right! hard work is simply the biggest road block for most Internet marketers, that is the reason why many of them fails. They thought that making money online is as simple as 1-2-3! Thanks for the share.

  34. Engage in Social Media is a necessity to increase traffic and brand.

    I have released a Top List, a tool that can also help increase visits to your website. its address is (link removed by Ileane – use CommentLuv to leave links- the only reason I didn’t delete the comment is because you used the social enticements, but that won’t happen again)

  35. Hey Noah,

    Great tips for new bloggers (And for others :D)

    Yes, of course. Maintaining an active social media account is really important (before that, you need to take other basic steps like integrating social media accounts with your blog). Networking is what that matters – and it can help you a lot with promoting your own stuff.

    Anyways, thanks for the tips!

    Jeevan Jacob John

      • Thanks, Noah :)

        Appreciate your request. No, I don’t accept guest posts right now.

        2 Reasons:

        1) I am just in the process of building this blog 😉
        2) You won’t have much benefit by guest blogging @ my site – Being a guest poster myself, I understand the importance of ROI. I don’t want you to spend time writing an article and getting nothing out of it.

        Hope you understand, Noah:)

        Thanks again for asking 😉

  36. Completely agree about the point about “Description”. I have seen many out there who just bombard groups and profile with links but no description to tell what it is all about.

  37. Hi
    great post :) the techniques you have mentioned actually work especially if you get to read a good content , do not hesitate to Re-tweet or share it on your wall.this will actually work in promoting one’s views.

  38. Hi Noah, good post, I especially like the the question heading idea. I already had figured that out but sometimes I don’t do it. Now, I have been reminded that I should

    • Hey David, glad you liked it. Sometimes, we are better off trying other things that we thought wouldn’t work out. This is very true in blogging where we should try different things in order to learn and develop our skills. Thanks for your comment.

  39. Great Blog! Thanks for the great tips. I think people forget that the basic tenets of social life offline apply online also. You wouldn’t expect to always be asking a friend for something and never give back. Your point on sharing other people’s content is key.

  40. Hey Noah, all great social media tips, but just wondering if you could share with us the time you spend a day on social marketing versus the time you spend each day on your other daily tasks?


    • Hey Liz, I can say that in a day, 15% of my time goes to social media marketing while 70% on composing blog posts (I currently run 4 blogs and an affiliate site) and 15% on other link building methods such as commenting, guest blogging, etc. Thanks…

  41. Great Post!

    Social Media should not be used for selling purpose it should be used for providing & sharing your knowledge because people love’s your article’s.

    Once you able to maintain a good reputation over social media eventually that will paid off to you, but using a social media is to educate people and providing solutions for their problems with clear instructions is most important part.

    What is your best resource while using social media?
    (link removed by Ileane – use CommentLuv to leave links. See this CommentLuv post if you’re not sure how to do this)

  42. Dear Friend, you are very right social media is best way to promote more and more. I like your post which gives me more idea and ways to promoto my blog. Thanks you again and keep provide more and more details on subject.

  43. tips are interesting …. I’ll try it, I need a trick and suggestions how to bring visitors to my site? I hope you can help me…thanks

  44. Hey… The rise of pinterest is especially interesting. I just wonder how they will actively curate their site. ie how will they make sure that no one self promotes. No one seems to like self promotion. I suppose this is because of people abusing social networks to self promote.

    Google, on the other hand encourages you to self promote on social networks and is increasing weight of this social network signal. For new bloggers, this can get very confusing.

    Could you possibly do an article on how to use Google+ for promoting your blog?

    Also, if you have a moment, please check out my post. I would love your feedback


  45. The most straightforward and simplest way on how to market on Facebook is to use Facebook’s PPC platform. With the advertising platform still in its early beginnings, cost per clicks are low and targeting your audience by their likes and interests have never been made much easier. If you are interested, you can also check out my post on How To Do PPC On Facebook.

  46. I’m working as an SEO Analyst. And I know in and out in SEO. But I have been trying to learn about SMO. Now I did read your article and got basic idea about how to promote my blog using SN’s.

    Really helpful post for people.

  47. Solid Strategy

    Developing a web presence strategy is not a difficult exercise as it should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy. If you have your marketing strategy defined, include the following additional information:

    Figure out your goals for this effort. Are you looking to increase visibility, obtain an expert reputation or drive inbound leads? Knowing what you are trying to achieve heads you towards the right activities and eliminates wasting time on exercises that won’t get you where you want to go.

  48. Social media adopting always produces the best results. Promoting your blog using Facebook, for example, will definitely increase our blog traffic and give you a competitive edge over competitors.

  49. Good work..
    I am new to blogger dynamic views and kindly let me know how can i use social connect on that. Usual plugin s are not working properly..

    • Dhan, you can’t add any plugins when you use Dynamic views on Blogger. I have a post about how you can add AdSense with Dynamic views but that is just about all you can do to extend the functions of Dynamic views. You should switch to WordPress if you want to take advantage of plugins.

      • Thak You for the reply…
        But i heard that blogger is better to be found and listed by the search engines..
        Is that true…?
        Thank You

        • Dhan, it might work for some, but from my experience (I have 2 Blogger blogs, 1 WordPress, 1 WordPress.com and 2 Tumblrs) what you heard is not true. The next time you see this somewhere on the web, please send me the link so I can give them a piece of my mind. LOL (and show them my stats too).

  50. Thank you for the great tips, Noah! My friend and I have been trying desperately to promote our blog as much as possible, but I’ve been using the “You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” philosophy (which I have now learned is BAD). I guess I just don’t know HOW to have a good blog yet… Our blog is an online store, so I don’t know what to write interesting articles about or what to repost from others… I know you’re busy, but if you get a chance could you please look at lizziedianas.blogspot.com and give us any tips? Advice from an expert would be much appreciated!
    -Diana, of Lizzie Diana’s

  51. Awesome blog! just wanted to let you know I picked up SEO pressor through your link just now, I need it badly, have a good day :-)