How to Take Charge of Your Blog Post Frequency

One of the challenges bloggers face and a question I see popping up on the internet a lot is – how often should I publish a new blog post? The basic problem is that we all want to maintain a steady flow of traffic yet at the same time, we try not bombard our readers with more content then they can possibly consume. It’s a delicate balance to achieve; especially when we add SEO considerations to the mix of our often futile attempts to rank well in the SERPs.

In search of answers to this question about blog post frequency, many of us turn to veteran bloggers who provide guidelines based on their own experience that end up being accepted as the rule of thumb, or mantra that tons of bloggers adhere to. However, I prefer a  different approach that I’d like to share with you and I’d love to get your feedback as well as any advice you have on the subject.

How to determine blog post frequency

Blog Post ScheduleI looked back through some of the responses I gave to this question about posting frequency and as it turns out, my answers have varied a great deal. It’s not that I’m wishy-washy on the topic, it’s just that in each circumstance the person asking the question was at a different point in their blogging journey. For example, here is a response I gave in the Website Babble Forum to a user who was starting a brand new blog:

“I would be more focused on publishing a new post every day or two until you build up a fairly decent amount of content – like 15 to 20 posts. This should give your readers as well as the search engines a good idea of what your blog is about. After that you can decide if your going to post more often or less often. I would do a minimum of once a week but if you want to do more that will work too.” 

Other factors to consider include the size of your audience and of course your blogging niche. Take a look at my friend Justin’s blog. DragonBlogger is an extremely popular blog focused on technology and entertainment and he often publishes blog posts multiple times in one day.

Take charge! Here’s how I determine when to publish a blog post

Most recently the question about blog post frequency came from Rahul of Learn Blog Tips. Rahul is a hard working blogger who started his blogging journey a short while ago and quickly established himself by posting quality content on a regular basis. I responded to Rahul in this video, and I’m sure you’ll find it helpful if you’re struggling with the same issue – take a look:

How To Determine Blog Posting Frequency


In the video, you’ll see that I use a blend of overall traffic patterns combined with the popularity of specific blog posts based on the WordPress stats from my dashboard. I demonstrate how I use stats from the JetPack lite WordPress plugin. You can get the JetPack lite plugin from the developer here. And you can keep up to date with the videos that I post on YouTube by subscribing to my channel by email.

What’s your take on this? I’d love to know what tools your using to determine how often to publish a blog post.
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  1. The niche is very important and I guess that this is the main reason that you should consider when deciding how much you should write. Or better said how often, because there is no such thing as “too much”.

    I agree with the fact that once per week is the minimum that you should aim for, but for crowded niches with things happening daily, at least a few times per day.

    So as I said – it’s the niche that usually tells you how often you should post.

    • Hi Calin, yes the niche is very important but don’t let that drive you crazy especially if you are just starting out it would be almost impossible to post more than once a day. Justin from DragonBlogger could not post as frequently as he does if he didn’t have the support of an awesome team of guest authors. This is something that a new comer would most likely fail at doing. Thanks for your feedback Calin! Have a great weekend.

      • Ileane,

        Loved the video.

        Did anyone ever tell you that you have a warm voice?


        As a blog owner, we should all be taking a serious look at our stats and making our own personal decision.

        Just like you said in your video.

        Traffic is such a fluid thing, so we need to track it.

        And react as and, when we see changes occur.

        This should clear up peoples dilemma.

    • I’m with Calin. I always advise at least once a week because that’s easily manageable, even with busy schedules.

    • Hey Calin. If I could (had the time and resources), I would post every day of the week on my own blog. I know it helps a lot to bring your Alexa rank down. Having a low Alexa never really brought me any favors, so I don’t focus on that anymore.
      I like a post a day, but for my own blogs I reckoned 3 posts a week (Mon, Wed, Fri), but for my customers it’s different. I used to sell them on 3 posts a week too, but it’s difficult coming up with 3 good posts a week on the topic of ‘oil monitoring’, or ‘filtration units’. So we went to Mon and Thu as a company.

      Ileane, I love what you’re doing with your videos now. I’ll get to that formula too. The intro, the title sequence and then the content with calls to action at the end. I also see you’re using an extra plugin to show your YouTube videos with social sharing buttons. You’re well on your way to becoming a YT celeb. I’m busy building courses on the Wistia platform and I’m thinking if I should use it for my vlogs as well, but there is the cost to consider.

  2. Jack Sander

    Determining how often to post a new article is a great challenge for most of us. As you have pointed out, the minimum bottom line is one post per week, but there are cases in which we have to be more active.

  3. Certainly posting a blog post depends how often you write your post, I also following the same strategy I got one niche than I started writing post thrice a week but now gradually I reduce this and now I am writing once a week and still that giving me great response.

    I think its the starting point where you decide when to reduce the posting frequency but you should be very careful.

    Thanks for sharing great tips and learned few things!

  4. This is something I wonder about too Ileane. I wish I could write more for my own blog and I am stepping it up a bit more recently but couldn’t manage more than once a week or fortnight realistically. But then I am writing for other blogs too so my name is out there I guess. Thanks for your advice and for sharing on

    • Hi Sian! In your case it sounds like a good thing that you are writing for other blogs and building your portfolio on the web.

      It’s always my pleasure to spend time on BizSugar.
      Thanks for stopping by Sian.

  5. Aasma

    Really interesting and informational video, and I think frequency of blog post mostly depends on blog niche. Like if you’ve any kind of news blog then you can easily publish 10+ post in a day. On the other hand if you’ve educational blog you might like to publish your each blog post every 2nd or 3rd day.

    • Aasma, that’s the reason you see most of the news and tech blogs are run by teams of writers. No one can keep up with all of that content without help. Thanks for you input.

  6. Ileane, I loved this video. I like how you say “it depends”. Every blog is different and there should be no cookie cutter way to posting frequency. I have checked analytics and see that the drop happens on Sunday for me. So why waste one on a Sunday? I now wait until Monday. I could try posting a little later too on Monday. I try to skip a day here and there. I don’t want to burn out. Thanks for the sharing your insights on this.

    • Hi Lisa, I’m so glad you like the video and you’re on my side when I say “it depends” lol!
      Are you using Google Analytics to track your traffic or do you have some other fancy tricks up your sleeve?

  7. Hello Ileane

    No words! You made a video few days ago, now a wonderful article on blog posting frequency. Really I struggled a lot with this problem. Most of the bloggers(especially the noobs have to determine the right blog posting frequencey to succeed).

    Here I would like to mention an imp. note, “it’s a worst strategy to post daily especially for the beginners who have zero online reputation”. But one should also consider their niche.

    If the niche needs regular updates; like tech blogs, news etc. then daily posting works. But for the remaining it’s absolutely a matter of building the reputation first.

    It can be done only through a proper voice and posting stellar content like you’re doing here(of course include me ;)). Moreover awesome content takes bit time! It can’t be produced on daily basis.

    P.S. I’m following your suggestions and I can see more traffic, more comments at my blog. I decided to post 3 times/week(MWF).

    Thanks for mentioning me with your sweet readers Ileane. It’s an honour for me. I’m really glad.

    • Hey Rahul, I’m really glad that you asked this question because you inspired me to do the video and this blog post. I’m always here for your questions Rahul because I know that you are working hard and you are committed to the craft of blogging. It’s my pleasure to assist when possible. :)

  8. Good article, Ileane. I guess it is up to you. Posting everyday is not really helpful.

    Posting rarely is not helpful either. SO somewhere in between Is the best option. Your posts have to be of absurd quality and to write everyday, you cannot maintain that.

    Great video as well.

  9. Hi Ilean, Nice post, I think eveyr blogger should read this. Posting daily is really not a good idea. Its only good for who has Tech Blog. But if we are working on Blogging Tips Niceh then daily posting is not good. BTW Nice to see that you are using JetPack :) I am using it from day one. BTW Nice Video and Thanks for this tips.

    • Hi Amit, thanks for your kind words.

      As far as Jet Pack is concerned I hope you are using the Lite version of it. Because the regular version of Jet Pack is not the one I like. JetPack lite only has two features – WP Stats and WP short links. All of the other options in Jet Pack are ones that I don’t need.

      ESPECIALLY not the WordPress comments. I use the Reply Me plugin for that instead.

      Well, let me know if you have the Lite one or not! Thanks Amit.

  10. Hello, Ilean
    Awesome!!! Very informative content about Blog Post Frequency.
    Blog Post Frequency differs from blogger to blogger- I mean any blogger post on his/her blog according to Niche and Visitors stats as well.

    According to my experience, Earlier i updated blog twice a day and i got my Alexa traffic rank 3.05lacs (from 28lacs +) within 45 days so i am saying Blog Post Frequency differs from blogger to blogger.

    Except all these, Niche selection is the most important.
    Thanks Ilean, for Sharing such kind of fabulous experience. :)

    • Hi Avinash, nice to see that you are making a difference on your rankings based on providing great content – and doing it consistently. That’s what is really important. Great to have you here and I hope to see you again soon.

  11. Thank you for this one Ileane, I tend to post daily as to get much traffic, like you, I also notice the flow of traffic is low during those days you’ve mentioned. I think I will be more clever now. :)

    Just one question, is Jetpack Lite similar to Jetpack? As im using the one.

    • Hi Herbert, the JetPack plugin comes with about 12 features that for me are a complete waste of time to install on this blog. JetPack lite only has 2 components. The stats – which I demonstrated in the video and Akismet (I think) which I got rid of about a year ago when I got CommentLuv Premium.
      Using the lite version saves me time from opening Google Analytics and getting distracted by all the in-depth reports there.
      Give it a try and I think you can eliminate the full version of JetPack if you are using that one now.

  12. Hi Ileane
    I am impressed with the way you answered Rahul’s query. The article is very very nicely written. Plus the video will not only help Rahul but will help many bloggers who had this question in their mind. It’s very good to see that you dedicate a good time to your blog.

  13. nice post. we should amintain a better frequency of posting the articles. This is a very nice and useful post. This post helps all the bloggers. thank you very much for this useful post.

  14. Raaj Trambadia

    Hey Ileane! I didn’t watch the whole 9:07 video …because it stopped at 9:05! 😀

    Okay thing I decided to mention when I was watching the video – You’re one of the…umm…actually, you’re the only person I know who is so damn lucky on a MONDAY! Arghh! How I hate Mondays!

    Talking about the post, I personally give enough time to every post on my blog so that it can get a word around the social network …and more. Hence, your answer is correct – It depends!

    And yeah, I said “Yes” when you asked “You don’t like that answer, right?”…but I take my answer back :)

    Gr8 video post! Cheers

    • Hey Raaj. I love that comment. You are so funny.

      I wonder why your traffic is slow on Monday? That’s odd. But the good thing is you are on top of this trend and now you know you can rest on Monday right?

      • Raaj, how long have you been blogging and how many post do you have on your blog? Also are you using social media to promote your blog? Yes you got my response about the guest post. :)

        • Raaj Trambadia

          Well I started my personal blog about 5 months ago, and the new blog was just started on 18th May (like 2 weeks ago).

          Yes, I’m using Social Media to promote my blog, but I don’t really have much followers/or friends who would actually be interested in that blog.

          Oh yah, the guest post has been written and is waiting for you to review :)

  15. Hello Ileane,

    I had this point in my first guest contest post. An irregular content publishing can annoy our readers. And guess what, I am doing that. But because I have examinations next month, so preparing for them. I am just publishing guest posts on my blog, whenever I get any. But the last guest post was really awesome. You will enjoy that.

    But as my exams get finished I will come back to see this video again. And will surely maintain this.

  16. “How often should i post in my blog?”
    Thats a very common question and the answer lies in researching your own blog. Very helpful post, thanks a lot for sharing it.

  17. Ileane,

    My practice is to post every Friday. However, if I’m writing query letters to magazines, and/or to bloggers I would like to write for or ones I’m seeking an interview with, I might not get to posting on my weekly schedule. I don’t worry much about this because with writing queries weekly this is part of my marketing. I believe in slow, steady and quality content, so if I miss a Friday post, I’m not in a panic. I enjoyed the post. Thanks.

    • Hi Janet, I like your slow and steady approach. The bottom line is that it works for you! Thank you for stopping by.

  18. Hi Ileane,

    This is a popular topic among bloggers! :) What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. I know very popular bloggers who insist on daily posting and other very popular bloggers who say that posting one or two times a week is ideal.

    I think that it really depends on the goals of the blogger and the niche that they are in. Some niches require multiple postings per day while other niches do a lot better with less frequent postings. A fashion blogger may be expected to post a lot to keep up whereas a personal development blogger may do better posting less because it takes time to digest and implement what has been posted.


    • Hi Stacy, it interesting that you mention popular bloggers. Because that brings to mind a question that I hadn’t thought about when I wrote this post.
      Do you have any “popular” blogs (excluding Tech blogs) that you read each and every day just because there is a new post? I sure don’t – but on the other hand there are some blogs that have a once a week posting schedule that I never miss a week of reading.

      Thanks for the comment Stacy, that’s the first time I looked at it from that point of view.

      • Ileane,

        The only blog that I’ve ever visited daily (aside from my own!) is Ray Higdon’s blog. He put out the challenge for people to post content daily and I tried it. It did improve my blog’s rankings a lot but I got really burned out. Daily blogging is not for me so I’m glad to be in a niche where 2-3 posts per week is perfectly acceptable!

        I also visit some giveaway blogs daily but for entirely different reasons, to win stuff. It has paid off because I recently won a new laptop! :) Some of those bloggers post 12 or more times a day, which is a good example of the niche playing a large part in how many posts are ideal for a given blogger.


        • Stacy, the good thing is, even though you were getting burnt out you stuck with it and you are doing a really great job with your blog! I’m so glad you hung in there. :)

  19. Hi Ileane, Thanks for sharing the video on how often should I publish a blog post.
    I also love Rahul’s blog. Rahul is really working hard on his blog.

    • Hi Ehsan, Rahul’s hard work is really helping him get noticed in the blogosphere. I hope he doesn’t forget me when he gets rich and famous. :)

  20. I publish a blog post about every other day, but I will not blog if I feel I have nothing good or entertaining to write. If you feel that you can’t write anything of good quality, it’s better to wait until you have something of value to give to your readers.

    • Great advice Kevin, if you don’t have anything to say worth posting why force it. Btw – does your traffic take a dive on the weekends too?

  21. Ileane,

    This sounds a lot like a true business. Using the stats from your blog and other tools to help you navigate your blogging business. Great information. Your main point of finding out what works well for your readers AND what works well for you is something of a mystery to most.

    With this info people don’t need to through it to the wall and see what sticks. A blogging schedule seems to help drive that balance. The next thing would be to give people what they want. Thanks for the hot tips!

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    • Hi Ken,
      Thanks for the positive feedback!

      I have a few more stats programs that I plan to share with you guys really soon. This one tool provides so much information that I need to decide what to include in the video and what to leave out. Stay tuned…

  22. Great video. As far as I am aware, blogging should be done every single day. There are so many cases where a person blogs daily and gets lot of traffic within months. You have explained it nicely Ileane. You blog is on my top list of my reading list. You have interesting stats about the different weeks. Weekends are grey areas don’t know why. Perhaps people are out enjoying themselves.

    • Shalu, I think you’re right. Most people are out enjoying the weekends not sitting in front of a monitor like me. :)

  23. I think that the best way to do that is to check top direct competitors. Of course every niche is different and this also reflect on how to determine the right frequency.

    • Carl, you might think this is weird, but I never check on what my “competitors” are doing. But I do know that they check on me all the time, because I see traffic coming from sites like opensite explorer for example.

  24. Certainly posting a blog post depends how often you write your post, I also following the same strategy I got one niche than I started writing post thrice a week but now gradually I reduce this and now I am writing once a week and still that giving me great response.

    I think its the starting point where you decide when to reduce the posting frequency but you should be very careful.

    Thanks for sharing great tips and learned few things!

  25. Hey Ileane,

    I’ve seen the same pattern on my blog… lower views during the weekends and more during the week, especially M-Th. So I have restricted my posting to the week, unless something time sensitive comes up.

    I love Jetpack — its a great resource. Also, I agree with your answer about posting frequency for someone just starting out — as often as possible until you get a foothold.

    Thanks for the post. Nice to see that we’re on the same page!

    • Hi Dr. Bob, it amazes me how some bloggers will go out of their way to emulate what they see other bloggers doing. Most of the time they can find better answers by paying attention to their audience instead.

      Thanks for adding your stamp of approval on a few of my strategies. I appreciate you. :)

  26. Hello Ileane,

    Great video. Thanks for sharing your own valuable opinion about most mysterious and confusing question of blogging “In what frequency We should update our blog?”.

    I think that sweet and short answer of this question is one word, and the word is “Depend”. Our blog updating frequency depends on many things like Niche, Our Audience, Our Knowledge, Our Writing Talent and etc….

    • Great to see you Romy and I’m pleased to hear that you like the video too. Please give it a +1 on Google is you get a chance. Thank you!

  27. I really enjoyed this video, Ileane. I love your thoughtful and yet relaxed approach to this, meaning you give yourself permission to not post at certain times, based on objective criteria.

    I’m going to have to install JetPack lite. Thanks for recommending it.

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for the positive feedback. Are you using Google Analytics to track your traffic now? Any other tools you would like to share? Let me know how you like JetPackLight.

    • Ileane, I got a comment/question from you in response to my comment, but I’m not seeing it on the site here for some reason, but I thought I would answer it anyway. :)

      You asked if I’m using Google Analytics, and if I had any other tools to recommend.

      Yes, I do use Google Analytics. Right now that is all that I’m doing, but my daughter and I are transcribing the Social Media Examiner Social Media Success Summit and we just completed one on metrics. One thing that stood out to me in that was how to integrate analytics options in HootSuite with Google Analytics. It requires the Pro account to be able to do that, but it looks to me like this may be worthwhile, particularly if you really want to be able to measure the results of your social media efforts. So I may be adding that in the future.

        • I am, Ileane! Great information on there, for sure. Nichole Kelly was the one presenting this session, and it was excellent, as are all of the other presentations. Social assist in GA was covered, but only briefly, and your video really helps flesh that out a bit, so thank you!

          The thing that has me intrigued with the HootSuite option is being able to track the impact of specific tweets, etc. But I may not get to that until down the road a bit! (Too much to do and too little time, as I’m sure you can relate to!)

  28. I usually just check Google analytic for stats about my traffic, I didn’t know you can display traffic stats info inside WordPress using a plugin.

    Thank you Ileane, going to install JetPack light.

    • Jacky, those WordPress stats are right inside your dashboard and it’s really easy to see how well posts are doing that you just published. When I want more details I can pop over to Google Analytics.

  29. I think it depends on what particular are you in. Some blogs, need to post regularly and to keep them updated but for some is not. The best is quality blogging and trying to be more creative so that readers will stay and read your blog

  30. I ‘ve been using that same stats module since before it became apart of JetPack and one cool feature of it that many may not know is that it shows the search terms ppl used to find your site site and if you highlight that term then right click it will give you an option to open it up in Google search 😉

    As for my particular posting frequencies, I usually post once a week unless unless something comes up that I think needs to posted or something that needs to be acted upon within a certain time frame.

    • Excellent tip Caleb! I forgot all about that and I should do a video on the topic. Are you using the light version of JetPack or do you have the full version? It’s funny because most people were excited with they came out with JetPack and I was disappointed because I didn’t want all of those extra features. Now that I have JetPack light I’m happy again. Thanks so much for sharing that tip my friend. Good stuff.

      • I’m using the full version and although I have heard about the comment hijacking, I simply turn off certain features I don’t use yet within Jetpack . Some of those features I use like the Gravatar Hovercard and Spelling and Grammar checker..

        BUT if you have more info on it then by all means let me know.

        • Caleb, the Thesis Awesome blogskin makes is very easy for me to use the Twitter anywhere feature. I prefer that over Gravatar hovercards. My issue with the full JetPack is – they give you 15 features and at most I would only use 3. But honestly I only need one and that is the WordPress stats. Even JetPack lite gives me the WordPress url shortener which I NEVER use but one out of two ain’t bad compared to 1 out of 15. lol!

  31. I agree that we need to keep our blog posts up a one per week minimum. Although, we should only post when we have something quite interesting to say. Posting just for the sake of having to post wouldn’t be as high quality as the other posts you have on your blog.

  32. The rule here is to blog about things that are of high quality. Whether you post sparingly or frequently, it does not matter as long as reader or viewers can expect good articles and posts from you.

  33. Hi Ileane,

    I used to commit 2 posts per week and now to become once per week. My take on is that frequency does not really matter as long as you blog consistently. However, anything more than once per week might be too much unless you have other means of communication with your list, i.e. email…

    If you did not talk to your list for some time, some of them will forget you and slowly move on to others. On top of providing helpful content, it is essential to train the readers / subscribers to have some sort of expectation, i.e. to get to read once per day / week, etc…


    • That’s a fantastic strategy Ming, thanks for sharing it. Have you determined any particular day(s) of the week that you like to post on? How did you make your decision?

      • I haven’t fixed a day but will avoid weekend generally. It is a good idea to fix a particular day of the week to post so that people will get use to it. I have seen some people did it in the past for a couple weeks / months but eventually did not keep up.

        However, one of the blog did it so well that I always look forward every Friday for his traffic video (because of the practical tips)!

  34. That was really useful Ileane and I think you are absolutely right. I also get lulls on Saturday, yet Sunday it picks up (although still lower than Monday). I think it also has to do with how much else you have to pack into your day , i.e whether you are part or full time in your business.

    I think 1 or 2 great quality posts that answer your target market’s questions is better than 7 a week where you are struggling to find good content.

    Just subscribed to your YT channel!
    Great information Ileane,

    • Hi Nicky, some weeks Sundays are a little better than Saturdays but I’m not sure why I just know avoid those days unless I haven’t posted in a while.

      Thanks so much for subscribing to my YouTube Channel! I’ll be sure to subscribe back.

  35. That’s a great question Ileane and I get asked that a lot as well.

    I think that it depends on the individual and what type of schedule they want to keep. As you mentioned in your post, in order to even start getting traffic to your blog if you’re brand new then you need to write probably every day just to get some good content on your blog.

    From there I would post at least once a week but two to three times would be much better. I use to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s but last summer dropped down to Monday’s and Thursday’s. Because I have a good amount of regular readers my traffic consistently climbs upwards.

    Watching your stats is a great tip so if something isn’t working for you, change it.

    Great tip Ileane but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.


    • Hi Adrienne, thanks for bringing your positive energy :)
      What did you base your decision on when you changed your schedule? Do you ever deviate from it and post more than twice a week?

      It’s great to hear that your traffic is climbing because I think that some bloggers are under the impression that if you don’t post 6 or 7 days a week you will lose traffic and that is really not the case. Thanks for sharing that.

      • Ah thanks Ileane!

        Honestly, I was writing on two different blogs and it was hard to keep up with being consistent with my commenting and visiting other blogs. The other blog I wrote for I only posted once a week but I got just as much traffic and comments to that one as my main one.

        I think it’s the content and the interaction that will keep your readers coming back time and time again. I’ve consistently posted twice a week since changing and I have no intention of quitting now!

  36. Hi Ileane
    Thanks for this great post! I’ve a relatively new blogger, so your tips were very useful. I’m interested in your comment about JetPack full version) and it taking over your comments. Can you explain what you mean by that? Good advice about posting frequency, I’m going to check out my statistics.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Jet Pack full version has tons of features that are unnecessary. For instance, most established blogs already have a plugin for people to subscribe to comments. Personally I use the Reply Me plugin but there are others that are just as good. When you install the full version of JetPack, it adds a module for comments that is turned on by default. Now your commenters get two emails about their comment – one from Reply Me and another one asking them to confirm their subscription to your blog in! If they confirm – going forward they will ALWAYS get two emails each time they leave a comment or whenever someone else comments on that post.
      How annoying is that!! It also looks like spam don’t you agree?
      There’s a whole list of reasons why I don’t like the full version of JetPack and that one is way up at the top! I actually recorded a video to talk about this topic in more detail I need to edit it and upload it to YouTube so stay tuned….

  37. Posting daily would kill me. I have a day job and don’t have that much time on my hand to post everyday. I think very few blogs can get away with this depending on the niche, but at the same time, I don’t want to overwhelm someone either. I evaluated this myself and noticed what days I get the most traffic and when I don’t.

    My slow days are great for me to rest, write new posts or just spend time with my family. Everyone is different and have their own perspective on how they approach their blog, readers and frequency, so I always say, do what you feel is best for you. If you take the approach like you showed us in your video, that would be the best way to look at when you get the most traffic to capitalize and get the most out of your posts.

    • Hi Sonia, I know what you mean about having a day job and trying to keep up as a full time blogger. Who knew right? But we love it don’t we?
      I always give credit to the fantastic guest authors that I have here on Basic Blog Tips. My blog would be so empty without them :)
      Thanks for your comment Sonia and thanks so much for watching the video!

  38. It will depend upon the niche on which you are working upon as sometimes you might have to publish good amount of articles per day in certain niches whereas for blogs like Yaro’s some pillar articles every 2-3 days would be great.

    • Bishwajeet, I’m glad you mentioned Yaro. I think he’s great and I have nothing against him or Darren Rowse. I just think that people need to stop focusing so much on what they are doing and pay more attention to their own blogs :) To be honest I stopped reading both of those blogs a long time ago. Not that I don’t recommend them I just don’t have time….Truth of the matter is, I bet they don’t read my blog either – even if they do, they aren’t leaving comments. I devote a lot of my time reciprocating to the bloggers who are helping me build this community by sharing, commenting, guest blogging, doing interviews, etc. With over 20,000 comments and over 50 guest authors, I think now you can see why I love having those WordPress stats in my dashboard so I can get a quick overview of my traffic.

  39. I think its about the content of the post. Quality is a must. I would like to post something new if I think good enough to update my blog. If not, I rather do something else.. Just my opinion… :)

  40. Great tip Ileane wonderful article on blog posting frequency I think its the starting point where you decide when to reduce the posting frequency.thanks a lot for sharing great tips.

  41. I think this will be different in every niche, on tutorial niche it is really hard to push 1 post every day. I do 3 post a week, since it take a lot of time creating the tutorial in PSD. Good read on this article though..

  42. I think One should look at the busiest times on your website and then plan accordingly. If you offer a product or service to the international community then you’ll have a lot harder time finding the optimum time due to the daylight savings time issue. One thing is for certain – once you’ve determined a schedule – then stick to the schedule, no matter how many late night one needs to work to keep up to date with your schedule.

    • Hi Anton, thanks so much for sharing your feedback and mentioning the international component of scheduling blog posts!

  43. I think that if the site is new, you need to add as much info as possible and then work on traffic. After it picks up some decent views, you can slow down on the blogs and maybe do a new blog twice a week. Thank you for your input and video!

  44. Tough question but good answer! It totally depends on your goals, your time, your industry/niche… nobody really wants to hear that because it means we have to THINK! But we just want the ANSWER!

    Personally I didn’t give it too much thought, but I decided to stick to a regular schedule that I knew I could manage, and that would provide enough content so people would keep coming back, but not so much that it would be overwhelming. In my case that’s 3x per week and at least for me, I find that it’s super important to have a regular schedule because I know that otherwise I would never get anything done.

    Like you I find my weekends low – totally expected, but it would be silly for me to try and post on a Saturday! I’ve been watching traffic, too, and reconsidering which 3 days to post. I guess the key is exactly what you said, which is to pay attention to your traffic and stats and tinker with it until you find something that gives you the most bang for your buck.

    • Hi Carol, I like how you didn’t bother searching around for answers from the “pros”. I try to stress the importance of trusting your gut. I’ve never been one to follow the rules anyway :)
      Thanks for stopping by Carol. Maybe the we’ll schedule another Google Hangouts on Air soon. :)

  45. Hi Ileane, Great topic! I started off with five days a week and about a year ago dropped down to four days a week. I recently dropped to three days a week. Getting established I wanted to write a lot and cover as much tech as possible. Now I’m looking to spend more time on stories and write about topics that require more research.

    I also feel that some blog posts need to “breathe” and won’t get the attention they deserve if they are followed too closely by another post.

    My traffic hasn’t suffered for it, so I’m thinking my readers are happy still!

    • Hi Carolyn, I totally agree with the concept of letting a post “breathe”! If the discussions in the comment section are lively enough, that’s a good sign that you might have some “breathing room”.

      • Good point, Ileane. If the conversation in comments is lively, a new post too soon might cut it off.

        Also I have found if a post hasn’t had a lot of comments, that may mean that people haven’t had a chance to stop by. Sometimes a post needs a day or two to find its legs!

  46. I have been publishing at least one post per day but to be honest I am finding that hard work with a full time job too so may reduce it down to 2-3 a week with some guest posts in there. A very good read thanks for sharing

    • Hi Craig, if you’re working full time there is a great chance that you’ll get burned out trying to post every single day (unless your blogging and your job overlap). You don’t want your quality to suffer because of this, so I would scale back a bit and keep my eye on those stats to see what happens. Best of luck to you Craig.

  47. Hmmm, very good ideas. Although I think just as hard determining how often to post is remembering to post as often as you choose! I can be terrible with posts and go a long period before remembering to post again. Any suggestions for that? Haha

  48. It took me awhile to figure out what works best in my niche, but finally settled on two posts per week, every Monday and Thursday. In the 6 months I’ve been doing it, I’ve never missed a scheduled day. When I’m on a roll, I can write several articles in a row, then schedule them to on the appropriate days. That helps in case I’m on the road or don’t have any new content.

  49. Really interesting post Ileane and I love the video, you discuss and present the topic very clearly.

    Personally I aim to post 3 times per week though I do not have a regular schedule and prefer to post when I have something to say to my readers rather than trying to stick to regular publishing days. I actually like my random approach to posting as it allows me to fit it in to my work schedule much better.

    Like some previous comments my Monday stats are generally lower than the rest of the week so I rarely post on a Monday. Though I do sometimes have really good stats over the weekend but not really sure why as it does not seem to follow any pattern.

    I enjoyed your post and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  50. Quick question: This is related to blog post frequency, but it’s also about how that ties in with your email service provider. I use Aweber, and have been trying to figure out a way to have Aweber send an excerpt to my list each time I make a blog post. When people sign up, i have an autoresponder series that goes on for about a month. I think that sending those same people blog post excerpts would be kind of confusing, or cause overload, so that suggests a separate, or segmented list. Any suggestions on a good way to make all that fit together? Thanks!

    • BTW – Aweber does have the “Blog to Email” function, but it seems to require the use of a template, and the “excerpt” feature is either missing or I just missed it.

  51. I think frequency depends on your blog. On my blog I have expiremented wuth different frequencies to measure the impact on results. Generally speaking, I get more traffic on days that I post as opposed to days that I don’t. But on days when I post twice, I don’t necessarily get more traffic than on days I post only once. I have never measured the impact when I post 3 times however.

  52. well you should write when you are ready to write…these are my thoughts but we should try to write atleast once or twice a week..this can help us building a good blog.

  53. Here I go to the side of quality of content.Writing too fast for blog decrease quality of content. Thanks for the nice video tutorial.

  54. Thank you Ileane,
    That was mighty kind of you and I’m sure it’s going to be very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing