Increase Engagement and Build Relationships with Blog Interviews

I hope you’ve had the chance to read some of the blog interviews I’ve conducted here on Basic Blog Tips. Blog interviews are like a “hybrid” blog post – on one hand it’s like a guest post, but on the other hand, not really because the interviewer gets to pick the topic in most cases. The reason we all enjoy blog interviews so much is because they are a great example of those successful collaborations I’m so in favor of, and the “engagement” that we all seek to have on our blogs is pretty much built in by nature.

Great Questions Make for Great Blog Interviews

I like the idea of two bloggers chatting away while the rest of the world listens in. Check out the highlights from two blog interviews and how asking the right questions made all the difference and helped surface some really unique and interesting responses:

In the interview with Kim Castleberry from Just Ask Kim here’s my favorite Q&A interviews

have you ever had a question that stumped you or that you had to do a ton of research to find the answer to? What was that like?

Oh yes… far more than anyone would believe honestly! I LOVE a good question that makes me do some legwork and WORK a bit LOL! While there’s no doubt I know my material forwards and backwards, it’s impossible for anyone to know the entire breadth and scope of the social tech industry off the cuff. My strongest skills that compensate for this however are really understanding how to find what I need in Google (asking Google the right question is key) and that I have an amazing network of people I’m connected to that I can ask for answers! I ADORE learning new stuff and when someone throws me a question that I don’t know, the hunt is on!

I love this answer because there goes those 3 C’s again – connections, collaborations and confidence! Kim certainly has all three and she works her magic on the internet like nobodies business doesn’t she?

The tables were turned and at times I became the interviewee (instead of the interviewer). One of my favorite interviews was with Atish from Tech Tricks World and for a minute this question almost had me stumped. After giving it some thought here’s what I came up with:

What was the happiest moment of your blogging life?

Wow, that’s a hard one. I have a ton of really great blogging memories….

Back when I was still blogging on I knew I wanted to migrate over to self-hosted WordPress. I really struggled with the decision about keeping my old blog name or finding a new domain name. I knew that I had to find the right domain name that had SEO value and really represented what the blog was going to be about. I spent about 2 weeks thinking about names and changing my mind back and forth, until finally it actually hit me one day when I was in the car driving to work. Basic Blog Tips! I couldn’t wait to get to work and turn on my computer so I could check to see if the domain was taken. Oh how I prayed that domain wasn’t taken. As soon as I got to work, I looked the name up and when I saw that it was available I was ecstatic! So I guess if I had to pick one special moment I would say, that was it. Finding the perfect domain name was really a joyous day.

I’m really glad you asked that question because I never  thought about it that way until now.

Tips for Great Blog Interviews

In a guest post I wrote on Blog Engage called The Basics of Blogger Interviews, here’s some advice for those of you who are going to be interviewed:

1. Obtain a list of the questions or topics ahead of time
2. Add the interviewer to your list of contacts on Skype, Twitter, Google+ and other networks
3. Make a few notes of key points and people that you want to mention
4. Keep your voice even, and remember to be natural
5. Be sure to smile – so that your voice sounds energetic and upbeat

A few of these tips are specific to audio interviews, but many apply to written and video interviews as well. It’s a good idea to keep a list of “canned” responses to typical interview questions so that you’re ready on a moments notice. For example, most interviews open with a “tell us about yourself question” and end with “what’s next for you” or “what are your predictions for the future…”  Now is as good a time as any, to jot down your 3 minute elevator speech so that you don’t get caught off guard. I’m not saying you need to rehearse word-for-word what you plan to say, because being yourself is vital to a great interview and you don’t want to sound “scripted”. Don’t forget, everyone who reads or listens to the interview will know that you’re being genuine and it will go a long way in your efforts to gain trust and form a bond with your potential new audience.

My recent interviews

Over the last few weeks I was interviewed quite a bit. Each interview has a unique twist and shows even more insights to my personal life as well as my online en-devours. Take a look at (or listen to) my latest interviews:

Have you ever been interviewed? Let me know (using the contact form) if you would like to do an interview here on Basic Blog Tips. You can join the other bloggers with awesome interviews here:

What are your tips for giving and preparing for great blog interviews? Can you think of some additional benefits for conducting blog interviews on your blog?



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  1. Very nice tips for interviews. I really enjoyed the interview with you Ileane. Your activeness in replying to all the comments and all made me a fan of you.

  2. I love to hear the conversation between who you’re interviewing with through videos and it would help a lot more. By the way, those are all great questions ask, really appreciate it.

    • Hi Ferb,

      I agree and I’m thinking about doing more video interviews. I know that it’s much easier to do with Skpe if you have a Mac so I need to find a good alternative for recording the split screen on the pc. Most of the options I found so far are pretty low quality. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Oh, I don’t have a Mac but I think is better to with Skype. If you have problem with recording then probably you might need to set Audio Mange Devices in the Control Panel to record louder.

        • Ferb,

          I’m referring to recording the video on Skype. I have plenty of tools to record the audio. But I want to do split screen on video recording. What do you recommend for doing that on PC?

        • @Ileane,

          I am use YAHOO! to video chat with my friends. So, I think it would be great, but you and other interviewer probably has to register for a new account.
          While you use video chat. There are 3 options on the screen you can use such as: full split screen, split screen…

          Another way you can do is both you and your interviewers record sound and video individually (you record your own while speaking with thats person and thats person do the same thing). Then, put videos and sound together with video editor like: Videopad…

  3. Hi Ileane, I agree with your advice when you are being interviewed, but sometimes there is no time and you just have to wing it, be spontaneous. I enjoyed interviewing you, a great one and fun.

    • Tom, yes the interview with you was a fun one! I think I’m starting to get a lot of practice at giving interviews these days. Each time it seems to get easier and the next time I do an interview, I’m going to give audio a try. Hopefully you’ll show me the ropes. :)

  4. this is a very important Internet marketing strategy and not only [increasing positive online business reputation], but also an amp or component for “effective search engine optimization” :-)

  5. Sounds like any interview is only as successful as the person who leads the conversation, Ileane, and you are great at that!

    I’ve been thinking of doing some interviews at TGC, but my main obstacle is coming up with great questions like that…

    • Ana, that’s great news. You’ll be fine with the questions. Just take a look at some of the questions your readers are asking you – I mean the ones you don’t get a chance to blog about and give them a little spin.
      Contact me anytime if you want to chat more about blog interview questions. My friend always wants to know where I come up with so many of them all the time :)

  6. After reading your great post , actual found that interview is how much important for blogger to Increase Engagement and Build Relationships.I like so much these two -Ileane Smith: Blogging and Building Virtual Communities and How to Blog Successfully – Tips from Ileane Smith interviews.

    • Bhupendra, I’ve already gone on and on about how much I liked being interviewed by Atish. Now it is time for me to tell you how much the interview with the people from means to me. I was floored when they contacted me to request the interview and I’m really quite proud of it. Most likely I’ll talk about it in my audio podcast. Thanks for your feedback.

  7. Hi Ileane,

    Impressive list of interviews! I see why you’re in demand.

    I have been interviewed a handful of times. I luv it 😉 I also interviewed world-renowned thrill-seeker Nik Halik. My advice in both cases: do your homework. I like to mention a bit about the interview, even when I am on the other side of the mic, because it shows mindfulness…that I respect the interview request, and took the time to learn a bit more about the individual.

    As for the person you are interviewing, do your homework! I never did an interview before but knew to dig deeper on Nik. His PR guy sent me a list of scripted questions, but I knew to learn more, just an intuitive nudge. Wouldn’t you know, this was about the 12th interview of the day for him, he sounded flustered. He said to ditch the questions….if I didn’t do my due diligence, I’d have been screwed, it would have been an awkward ending or lame interview. But I was prepared, and began to talk about his trading career – I traded myself for a bit – and other tidbits I only found out from researching him. Made for a really cool piece.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Bravo Ryan! You always have your thinking cap on, that’s what I like about you :) Please come back and share a link to the interview so we can all learn from the valuable lessons you and Nik shared. Keep up the great work my friend!

  8. The questions make all the difference between a good interview and a bad one. I still think that interviews should be conducted in person – the way they show on TV. Its important to read the body language of the interviewee to judge what kind of questions can be posed. Besides, they might speak freely (without a rehearsed script) for a live interview. Perhaps we can record interviews live and put them up on Youtube, in addition to putting them on blogs?

    • Raj, in person interviews are really neat. It’s great to meet up at an event with someone you want to interview. My friend Marcie, who does live-blogging will be featured in a upcoming interview here giving us some pointers on in person interviews. Thanks Raj!

  9. I used to interview professional wrestlers (back when I had major aspirations of being a professional wrestling journalist) and they would demand such rediculous things and they enormous egos. One wrestler who retired in the 1980s even demanded that I PAY him $300 for an interview.

    They have put me off interviewing anyone for a very long time. :)

    • Hi Dean, sounds like a rough bunch. I used to watch “pro” wrestling back in the day. I didn’t think any of those interviews I saw them give were worth $300 :)

  10. Deric

    Being able to conduct interviews with fellow bloggers will not only add to your learning but also helps the community that follows both bloggers. Sharing of ideas provides mutual benefits and better engagement to the topic. But of course, questions should always be carefully selected to ensure that everything makes sense and that sources of information should be cited for credibility.

  11. This is very timely as I am about to start conducting more interviews on ALL my sites. I love conducting interviews and would like to do more video interviews. I send my main questions in advance so people can have time to prepare. Another thing I enjoy doing is allowing people to share any successes and upcoming events with my audience. If we don’t ask, they may not say report it.

    So, be on the watch for interview my request in the near future. :)

  12. gladly,Ms. Ileane :-)

    Always happy to help others. I respect you, and what you do, in helping fellow bloggers succeed in earning a full-time living online :-)

  13. Patricia

    Hi Ileane

    I love reading interviews. Get to know more about people and what they are about. I have been interviewed and its good to be able to share too.

    Now I am back blogging (had a break while I revamped my lavender blog and built a new site) will be back visiting and learning from Miss Ileane.

    Have a great year Ileane and thanks for all you share. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia!! Great to see you girlfriend. I’m so glad you’re back online. Thanks for making this one of your first stops. I’ll be sure to stop by your place soon too.

  14. Great post! When setting up for an interview it is best to formulate questions ahead of time. Also it is important to appear friendly and warm – achieved by smile and being natural. Interviews are great marketing strategy too, so everyone shouldn’t miss this out.

  15. Another excellent post.

    I honestly was thinking this over the holidays. I think interviews are naturally an easy way to create quality content. Isn’t this what every single radio and tv show does?

    • Hi Jacko, the internet is slowly replacing everything we used to get from TV. Do you remember when they used to call TV “the idiot box” or what about “boob tube”? :)

  16. I believe it’s not just the interview or the building relationship thing, but also you tend to learn more and hear more of useful ideas that you maybe not heard before. Opportunities of welcoming new ideas and gain experiences to develop yourself, be able to share to this others is really priceless.

    I’m a fan of interview posts, I like the thought of exchanging points of views. They’re a re really interesting.

  17. Hi Ileane! You have great tips here. For me to do an interview, I need to know the person first. Check the background. Be familiar with the topic and really prepare the questions. Then be ready for follow up questions if needed.

  18. In every interview we surely learn from the topic of interview, either life or work experiences. I use to watch any kind of interview ’cause I know I have something to learn from it.
    Nice post!

  19. Ileane, i think it is a wonderful idea to get your site updated and posting daily new content to the site. I f i prepare a questionnaire (say 5 questions) and send them to around 400 bloggers/affiliates out there, they all would be interested in getting a linkback from my site, and in turn i will receive huge conent to update my site daily.. i need to work more on this.. thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Jeff, sounds like a plan. Just don’t send out the questions all at once. You don’t want the answers to become stale by the time you post the interview. I’d take 10 or 20 at a time. I also think it’s important to ask different questions depending on the personality and other factors about the person you’re interviewing. You don’t want your readers to become bored so mix it up.

  20. Great tips Ileane, I’ve not had the chance to conduct an interview yet but it’s certainly something I hope to do in the near future so your tips are most welcomed, thanks. I think the list of questions to ask is something that needs to be thought through carefully.

    • Hi Fabrizio, nice to see you. I hope 2012 is treating you well so far.
      Yes, it’s true the questions need some thought but don’t spend too much time on them. Here’s why I say that:
      When I do an interview, I will let the interviewee know up front that they can alter the questions as they see fit to focus on a specific topic or something they want to promote. Also, they can remove any questions that they don’t want to answer. Therefore my advice is don’t labor too much over the questions – just do it! OK? :)
      Thanks so much for visiting the blog today. Chat soon.

  21. being interviewed is always a beautiful thing, as it adds to your credibility, as well as Internet $ gUaP $ earning potential :-)

  22. Ileane,

    I enjoyed reading about preparing to be interviewed as well as interviewing.

    I have not done either yet but plan on doing a few interviews during the next year. I am trying to expand what I do on my blog.

    Thanks for the great tips. I am going to have to bookmark this post as well as several of your other posts that I go back to regularly.

    Happy New Year

    Dee Ann Rice

  23. The Interviews always been a great way of sharing knowledge and great tips but I must say as a newbie blogger Engagement will be my first priority…..
    Thanks for all your tips…….:))

  24. Megan R. Stinson

    Hi Ileane,

    Happy new year to you! I haven’t tried Blog interview yet. But my friends and I where considering of doing it. Thanks for this post. This may come handy in due time.

  25. I really can’t think of anything else right now that can add to the advantages of doing blog interviews. It is really a pity that due to time constraints, I have not conducted as much interviews as I would want to. Some time ago, I actually did a couple of them and it was great. People in general like to read good interviews as it is also a form of knowing the person better. Like you said, I think that the key to a great interview also has something to do with the questions.. Sadly, most interviews I see are not very creative and it seems that there is some sort of a “question template” that everyone is using. Your tips are definitely for keeps :)

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi DiTesco, I like to ask at least one question that takes everyone by surprise. I never want the interviews here to bore people. Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful weekend.

  26. Drewry is stopping by this afternoon at basic blog tips, to report that exercise progress is being made in the new year. Cardiovascular activity has been increased,and the weight is successfully coming down. I just woke up from sleeping close to nine hours, and on down the first 3 pounds. thank you everyone for keep me motivated :-)

  27. can we look forward to a YouTube basic plot tips channel, with future YouTube videos from Ms. Ileane, in interviewing bloggers? :-)

    [Hint] :-)

  28. It’s fun to learn that your happiest time in blogging was scoring such an AWESOME domain name. You definitely did great with that one! Ileane you are certainly one of the, incredibly valuable, social media connectors that are all so important today. You bring people together and are such a blessing to so many. Thanks for being awesome. I’m truly blessed to get to call you a friend <3

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for saying that Kim. You’re the best. I was thinking just the other day how much I would love for us to get together in person :) Maybe one day that will happen. In the mean time we need to schedule a Google Hangout real soon. Thanks for all you do!

  29. Ms. Ileane,

    do you write and submit articles to article directories, and use social bookmarking today, were driving traffic back to this blog ? I noticed you had beautiful search engine rankings, which was why I was asking :-)

    • Hey Drewry, I’ll try to answer a couple of your questions here. First I wanted to introduce you to my friend Torrey McGraw and you can check out his blog and the awesome interviews he does on Skype with the split screen (Torrey has a Mac) In this post he interviews Anita Campbell from BizSugar
      Next, about my YouTube Channel, I’m building up enough traffic and subscribers on the channel so that I can become a YouTube partner (like Lisa Irby) so it doesn’t make sense to start a new channel. All of my videos will go on the same channel for how.
      Now, about article directories, I do have a handful of Hub Pages, but they don’t send any traffic to this blog. I always find Ezine articles to be boring, especially given the fact that you can’t add images, so I never bothered with it.

      • Ms. Ileane,

        thank you so much for your reply to my blog comments, about article directories and writing content to promote your blog. I just click the link inside your blog comment and went to the site.I have heard of Anita Campbell before as biz sugar CEO. I admire Anita for her leadership, and creating such a successful social news submission website. To talk about hub pages, I just created an account over there the other day, only to find out that site users can’t add their URL address in the body of their hubs, nor do profile site users have the option of adding their domain in the author resource section. However, the site is still good for people to make money from affiliate marketing, as well as Google AdSense. I checked out your Alexa traffic rank and very impressed by your US traffic rank numbers. You have definitely been doing the blogging work of keeping the search engines happy “smile”. I’ll keep an eye on your YouTube channel, and will be happy to help you gain subscribers, in efforts of you succeeding of potentially becoming a YouTube partner this year. I have three YouTube channels now all with AdSense. Check out one of three below. For now, I’m just adding food videos and videos of brand new and certified used vehicles for sale at car dealerships on the YouTube channel :-)

        with your energy and charisma, you’ll be able to gain hundreds and thousands of YouTube subscribers in a very short period of time. You have a special aura about yourself, which is like yourself being a “magnet for attracting success” to come your way. Keep up the good work :-)

        • Drewry,

          I’m already subscribed to your channel on YouTube. Some of the dishes look scrumptious. If I can make a suggestion – did you ever consider adding a slide or an overlay showing what the name of the dishes are that you are showing? I think it would add so much interest if people knew what they were looking at. If you want some more ideas about how you could do that just let me know. Cheers!

  30. Its really perfect Ileane.
    I loved going through all post and enjoyed interview.Its always a great source to derive and compel people towards your blog keeping them engage.

  31. Hey I reckon posting interviews as a part of the content you post on your blog is one of the best discussions generator, because it’s pretty much like reading a conversation between an expert and another expert.

    What’s more is if the interviewing questions are not simply yes and no questions, but instead are more open-minded, I believe score the most comments and opinions, anyway thanks for your tips in doing great interviews, especially the tip about smiling that’s most important!!

  32. Amrik Virdi

    Hello Ileane,
    I really like above tips which you have shared. I would like to add some points on the above subject:

    1. An interview helps your blog get credibility and trust: by getting someone influential answer your questions you (in some way) receive his approval of your resource;
    2. An interview is a great way to get more social media visibility: the influencer you are interviewing is most likely to share the interview using his social media channels which means more traffic and new followers;
    3. An interview is a powerful community building tool. Nothing builds a community better than the opportunity to easily self-promote your brand while helping promote others.

    Keep writing!

  33. Ms. Ileane,

    thank you so much for subscribing to my YouTube channel. I truly appreciate you! (smile)

    I would love to add all the extra special effects my YouTube videos, upload them, the thing is, I’m a little stuck on stupid when it comes to making videos professional. I’m humbled enough to say I don’t know everything about the Internet… LOL (smile)

    I would love you to teach me or show me some good suggestions on how I can spruce up videos “YouTube for dummies like Drewry”…LOL! :-)

    I’m ready to learn gladly, whenever you’re ready to teach :-)

  34. Hi Ileane, How do you feel about transcribing video interviews included on a site? I’m considering doing a couple interviews myself and wondering whether transcription is worth the effort.

    I see a few pluses and minuses to doing it.

    The upside:

    – good for SEO as it shows more text content and you can include relevant keywords
    – time constrained people like me who don’t like sitting through a video and would rather have the option to read.

    The downside: It can be a LOT of work (unless you pay someone). even then, it seems like it should be broken up into headings instead of just a long string of text.

  35. Hi Geoff,
    Great question! I’d love to have ALL of my video transcribed. One day I should invest in Dragon Naturally speaking. I have no idea why I haven’t done it already. Not only should you transcribe your videos for your blog posts, but you should also upload them to YouTube as captions…boy do I have a ton of work to do :)

    On the other hand, it’s also vital that your video descriptions and tags are keyword rich and if you want to learn about that you can check out this video from Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.
    This link takes you to the 28:00 point where he talks about video, but you might want to watch the entire presentation from Blog World 2011.
    Thanks for coming by Geoff!

  36. Hey Ms. Ileane,

    Thanks for the awesome tips about conducting interviews on your blog. I see that you have got great results with it. I might try it in the future (There is no chance that it will work, if I try it now on my blog; since mine is a new blog :D).

    By the way, Just wanted to ask you something about comment subscription here: I see that there is only one feature and that is follow up of all comments via email. Most of the blogs I have visited have a separate feature to get emails when we get a reply to our comment. What are your thoughts about that, Ms.Ileane? Is there any particular reason why you have only one feature – to get followup emails for all comments – enabled? Or do you think it is better to have just one subscription method? Just curious 😀

    • Never mind it was just a problem from my [email] client’s part (I did get the email notifying reply – It went to spam for some reason. I have filtered it, so no problem now :D). Thanks anyways!

    • Hi Jeevan, I think you will get some responses from people who can remember you from your TechPupil blog. Btw – I use the Reply Me plugin, but I see now that you found the email. Thanks for rescuing the email from your spam folder :)

      • Yeah, Most of them do remember me (Thanks to Blogengage and people like you who helped me to get a good start with blogging :D).

        I am happy and sad at the same time (since I did lose a lot of readers migrating to a new blog; but I am happy because I going to set things right this time, avoid the mistakes that I did earlier :D).

        No problem :-)

  37. I have read interviews many times, on your blog, your interviews. And really I learn from those interviews very much. And I am going to use this idea soon for me and my blog.

    • Abhi,

      you are definitely following the right directions for blogging success, by following Ms. Ileane’s way of doing things. If I can be of service in helping you succeed in your blogging efforts, please don’t hesitate to let me know. That’s what friends are for :-)

      • That’s so nice of you. For now I’d say, I’d be so grateful if you’d read the post linked below and, if you enjoyed it, leave a comment to let me know!

        Thank you very much for offering your help. I am going to be in touch with you.

  38. You always give us a new message through to your post. And the interview which you mention here is really amazing . I really enjoyed when i read this one actually. You always write an interviews about blogging and everyone is exception from last one.

  39. Abhi,

    so sorry about that my friend. Please forgive me. I assumed I spelled it the right way the first time, but didn’t go back to proofread it. I tried to comment on your post, but I think the akismet has my IP or e-mail address filtered. Can you look in your filter folder and see if you received a comment from:


    DrewryNewsNetwork dot com

    And possibly on filter and approve it as an official comment? I comment on a lot of blogs, and possibly someone hit the red flag on me as a possible spammer. Please let me know if you did receive the comment. Thanks so much, and please forgive me again for misspelling your name my face

  40. Ileane,

    First off thanks for the kind words on BlogcastFM.I guess I might have a thing or two to say about interviews. I think that the key really is to treat it like a conversation. When people get too caught in just getting through their list of questions the interview comes across more like an interrogation than an interview. The other part I’d say is really listen closely and build your questions based on people’s answers. I usually only have two or three questions that I ask somebody. All the rest is done on the fly.

    • Hi Srini, thanks for sharing your tips. I agree that a natural sounding conversation works best. I plan to do more live audio interviews soon and no doubt I’ll be free-styling it :)

  41. Ileane, I must say you are doing a fantastic job!

    I remember my start as a blogger, I did more than 30 quick interviews with bloggers, it was my pass to the real blogging world, and that’s how I picked my blogging team!

    Good stuff!

    • Hi Hesham, Now that you mention it I remember when you were doing those interviews. I guess that was in the back of my mind when I started up the interview series, because you know I’m always following in your footsteps! You’re such an inspiration – thanks so much for all you do.

  42. I’m always happy to read and hear about anyone’s blogging success on the World Wide Web, as it gives me additional motivation to continually move forward in my positive online business endeavors :-)

  43. I love conducting interviews. They are great for connecting and collaborating. And you are always guaranteed to learn something new. I’d like to interview you soon.

  44. Relationships are the most necessary in ANY thing! Here, since blogging is considered, building good relationships with blog interviews will surely give many readers state-of-art quality reading. They will enjoy what they read and will be inspired to write many quality blogs too.

  45. I am pretty proud that I took these steps ahead of time as outlined in the advice above. I now have compiled a list of people I want to interview. Now, although I did not study Communications, I am proud to have done my very first blog interview. It marks another venture that I am taking with my blog in addition to a weekly series I embarked upon last year.

    These are excellent tips and I am glad to have found this article. Keep staying engaged, Ileane!

  46. That was an interesting article madam :)
    I see a lot of articles around the web, where all bloggers ask only about 3 basic questions to the guest. Which simply destroys the whole concept :/

    I believe rather than asking simple questions, they should focus more on the hardships the guest faced through their blogging period and also some strategies they opted to make their blog stand out of the crowd.

    • Akhil,

      Coming up with creative questions that will appeal to your guest as well as your readers can be a delicate balance at times. I don’t think all guests are willing to open up about their failures, but a really good interviewer knows how to get them to share.

      Thanks for your feedback.