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I love all things web development and web design. Plus I'm doing content management for small businesses. Other than that, I've been running my own blog for a while now.

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Basic WordPress SEO Tools at Your Fingertips

Basic WordPress SEO Tips

You set up a blog. The design is great, your selected niche is perfect, but … visitors just won’t start rolling in?! Why is that? Thing is, you need to also do SEO. Yeah, I know what you may say. You’re already building links and doing a whole lot of other sorts of things. What you may have not done is making sure that your WordPress site is properly fine-tuned in terms of on-page SEO and your WordPress setup in general. It goes without saying that building links is a primal must for every single blogger, but at the same time you may be leaving money on the table just because your WordPress is not setup as it’s supposed to be. Why not get the biggest bang possible for your buck? That’s exactly what the post is about.

How to Select an Awesome Domain Name For Your Blog

Picking an Awesome Domain Name

Having an awesome domain name is a vital component of your branding and essential for creating a positive online presence for your blog. Once you decided to launch a brand new blog, you should come up with a great domain name for it. You need to think about the name that you want to call your online baby. You should pick a proper domain name because it can influence your site’s future success or failure. Well, perhaps not that drastic, but it’ll have a great deal of impact on your website for sure. As a matter of fact, it used to matter a bit more before the Google EMD algorithm update, but picking the right name can still either help your blog or keep you back from success. I’m going to list a few crucial factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting a domain name for your new blog.