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My name is Jeevan Jacob John. I am a blogger, marketer, learner and a lot more things. You can learn more about me by visiting my blog - Daring Blogger.

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The Science of Commitment: Are Your Readers Loyal?


Are your readers loyal? Loyal to your blog? (meaning they are returning visitors/clients/subscribers).
Let’s forget that for a moment…Do you know why I am writing this? I do love writing on other blogs, but beyond that, I love the traffic that I get from my guest posts.

After reading this post, some of you may visit my blog, which is what I want. But, my ideal goal is to convert you into returning visitors (Hey, I love new visitors as much as the next guy, but I prefer returning visitors. Don’t you?). So, let’s talk about commitment (or loyalty. Call it whatever you want, it’s valuable and very powerful).

Blog Posting Frequency: Do I Care How Often You Post?

blog posting schedule

In blog posting frequency, you are the decision maker – if you want to post 3 times a week, have the ideas to do it (I know, I don’t) and have the time to do it, go ahead. Now, if you want to get more page views for your site, posting more frequently will certainly help. But, posting more frequently doesn’t guarantee you any new traffic. It might attract new traffic, but it all comes down to the content you provide and the reader.

Why Commenting and Social Media Suck As Traffic Sources

Get more traffic

Most of us have written about driving traffic through various traffic sources like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blog Commenting, Guest Posting and SEO. Yet, we have to spend our time based on the type of traffic we need. We can divide traffic into various groups based on different factors such as visitor loyalty (visit length and bounce rate), based on sources (direct vs referral) and based on their visit (first time visitor vs returning). In this article, we will talk about what the several traffic sources are best and how we can use them to achieve our specific goals with traffic (for the purpose of this article, your goal is to drive more new visitors to your blog).…continue reading…

Better Sidebars for Better Conversion – How Does Yours Look?

Remove all Sidebar Distractions

The video in this post is all about optimizing your sidebars for getting better results. We’ll cover: Customizing your widget titles for astonishment – Conversion by astonishing is something that we all can do. We need to astonish our readers by being different and then convince them (it will be easier for you to do is if you are able to astonish) to subscribe or do whatever you want them to do. And removing sidebars from the post pages for better conversion. We will talk about how your sidebars can act as a distracting mechanism to your readers and how you can change that.…continue reading…

Why You Shouldn’t Care About Blogging Schedules

blog posting schedule

When it comes to blogging schedules, this phenomenon will cause you to do the same thing over and over again – and in the long term can hurt you. For example, I am a big fan of blog challenges (read my other post about blog challenges if you would like to know more about the advantages of doing blog challenges). And, if I were to follow a blog schedule, it would really mess up my creativity with blog challenges – and with other blogging stuff I do (I always like to discover new ways and experiment with it and I hope that you do too …continue reading…

Do You Do Blog Challenges?

struggling to get backlinks

Blog Challenges. What a great way to get exposure, traffic, subscribers, money and maybe backlinks all at the same time. Well, the above statement depends upon the challenge. There is only one another way, that I can think of, that gives all these benefits – Guest blogging. Nowadays, you can see a lot of blogging related challenges online. Participating in those challenges offers you a good deal of benefits. In this blog post, we will take a good look at the benefits of hosting and participating in a blog challenges…continue reading…

Is Your Blog Post An Essay or A Novel?

Is your blog post a novel

Information is rather small nowadays (Especially in blogging). We can’t really give any new information (unless you talk about a new strategy, method or whatever). Otherwise, it is all the same content. What we have to do is to write it in a different perspective, a perspective that is interesting (this is where the Interesting part comes in).…continue reading…

Do You Plan Before Writing Blog Posts?

Potential blogger plans her writing

I have tried writing blog posts by planning the content even before I start to write. But, it doesn’t work for me. Because the problem is that, If I think of some ideas for the post body, then I will be restricted to thinking within those ideas (It is hard for me to think out of those ideas). So, I usually don’t try to plan my post body before I start writing blog posts…continue reading…