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SEO Trends to Focus on Post Penguin 2.0

Post Penguin

In 2012, we saw Google and other search engines making revolutionary changes to their algorithms. Sticking to Google only, we saw the company rolling out major updates to their deadly algorithms that landed several thousand websites in the dust. Google continuously updated and terrified Webmasters with Google Panda and Google Penguin updates and refreshes.

What Is Google Author Rank – Everything You Need To Know

building a great blog

There is a lot of confusion on the term Google Author Rank, and many are searching online to know more about the importance of this upcoming ranking factor in the search engine. Author Rank is most likely to be another algorithm by Google to rank your identity online in their search engine results. It will allow the Google to easily share a sneak peak into your life, and on the standards of your work and eventually reward you in the SERPs.