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Ahmad Raza is a Genius, Billionaire, Playboy and Philanthropist, ah well that is Tony Stark :p. Raza is a truly motivated individual who seeks great future in technology and tries to understand as well as absorb shifts in this most dynamic industry we call IT. He writes for Mobile Phones Specifications Portal and covers topics like cell phones, mobile pricing, laptop, cameras, tablets specifications, features and reviews. Do follow him on Twitter Ahmad Raza

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Top 5 Creative Link Building Ideas to Kick Start Your Marketing Campaign


A lot of agencies and marketers are good on paper and dominate in discussions, but when it comes to execution their minds go blank. Digital marketing is all about brainstorming great ideas and then implementing them. Learn how to develop a good strategy where you can observe mutual benefit, if such campaigns are well thought out and are based on high moral grounds, they can definitely secure traction, traffic, branding and backlinks from highly authoritative websites and media outlets. Think about helping others and good things will happen to you in return.

Top 10 Smartest iPhone Apps for Bloggers


For busy bloggers, it is often very difficult to manage their work on the go. Turning on a laptop or desktop just to keep check on things is a difficult task as compared to doing the same on an iPhone. In this article we have compiled a collection of top 10 iPhone apps for bloggers that can help them manage all of their work irrespective of the place and time as long as they have working internet connection.