How to Attract More Guest Bloggers on Your Blog

First of all, lets talk about why we need guest bloggers? As a blog owner, we need to produce high quality content in the form of posts on daily basis to make sure our blog is moving in the right direction. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to generate targeted posts due to the busy lifestyle we all are living or we are short of blog post ideas. Guest blogging can fix this problem to a great extent. To solve the problem of publishing relevant contents on regular basis, you should incorporate a guest blogging system on your blog.

Guest Blogging is Beneficial for Both Owners and Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers wanted
Guest Blogging is a Win-Win situation for both the blog owners and guest bloggers. As a blog owner, you are able to publish targeted and high quality content on your blog in the form of guest posts. While as a guest blogger, you are rewarded for your work in the form of quality backlinks, referral traffic and branding for your website. But now the question that arises is how to attract guest bloggers of our niche to write guest posts on our blog. If you are looking to get answers for this question or similar questions, I’m going to help you with this guest post:

1. Create Submit Guest Post Page

First thing you should do is create a page to inform your blog readers about guest blogging opportunities on your blog. You can name this page Submit Guest Post, or Write For Us, or Contribute Guest Post etc. In this page, you should mention the benefits of guest blogging and your guidelines for guest bloggers with contact details. Once you have created this page, you should add it in the header navigation section on your blog so that it grabs the attention of most of your blog readers.

2. Get in Touch with Other Guest Bloggers in Your Niche

Next thing you could do is begin making a list of blog owners in your niche and invite them for guest blogging on your blog. When you invite others bloggers, most of them will be interested in writing for your blog in case your blog has already got some popularity and they are aware of the concept of guest blogging. Apart from this, you should browse other blogs in your industry that accept guest posts. You should generate a list of guest bloggers who are contributing guest posts on those blogs and invite them for guest blogging on your blog.

3. Contact Blog Owners That Are Accepting Guest Posts

Ideally blog owners who are accepting guest posts on their blogs are familiar with doing guest posts themselves and would be interested in contributing a guest post on top blogs in their niche’s for better presence on the search engines front. Here is the ultimate list of 100 plus blogs accepting guest posts on their blogs. You should invite the blog owners of these blogs to write a guest post on your blog.

4. MyBlogGuest Community

MyBlogGuest is a guest blogging community website started by Ann Smarty, a well known blogger and social media activist. This blogging community has a discussion forum that one can use to invite guest bloggers to post on their blogs. So what you should do is create an account on this website and start a thread of your own to inform guest bloggers about the type of posts you want on your blog. Once you are signed in, you will see lots of similar active threads you can even reply in case you are not interested in creating a separate thread or you can use both the options.

5. Social Media Websites

I would recommend you start using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and other popular social media websites to find guest bloggers for your blog. It would not be a difficult task in case you have huge follower base on these websites. You should make tweets about the same on Twitter and status updates on Facebook. I was able to bring in some popular guest bloggers to my blog through these websites when I tried this method in the past.

Do you have any other killer idea that can help us attract lots of guest bloggers on our blog, please share in the comments section below? You are invited to share your opinion in case you are not agreeing with any of the tips mentioned above for finding guest bloggers for our niche specific blogs.


Anil Agarwal use to write unbiased reviews around different blogging products like SEMrush, Elegant Themes, Bluehost, Long Tail Pro etc on his blog.


    • I himself try to answer the questions or queries as soon as possible that I got on my blog. No guest blogger would love to work with an inactive blog owner.

      • Hi Anil,
        I’m pleased with your tips and ideas for finding great bloggers for guest posting opportunities on our respective blogs. I really appreciate your tips and ideas. However, using MyBlogGuest is another new concept entirely to me if I’m to say the truth but, it really gonna help me find the best blogs to guest post on and also, to find the right guest bloggers for my blogs.

        Thanks a ton

    • And also, we should inform what they can and can’t do with their guest posts on your particular blog. You should try avoid your blog to turn into article directory. I’ve done a few mistakes by accepting the posts without much consideration. The distinction between a blog and article directory is that a blog is more lively. When guest blogger just submits his post then vanishes, what could be worse?

  1. I have never tried contacting other bloggers for Guest post on Comptalks as many bloggers do it willingly for Comptalks, anyway thanks for the advice , from now on will try to contact as many bloggers as we can.

  2. Some say better to guest post on blogs that don’t use DoFollow in their commenting system (KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled) because these blogs tend to have less comments, hence less link juice leaked. I wonder how true is that. Appreciate some advice.

    • But I have seen lots of popular technology blogs that are keeping comments nofollow used to get huge amount of comments on their blogs. But its true having dofollow comments attract lot of SEO’s and bloggers who are interested in generating just dofollow links for their websites and blogs. Ideally, we should generate both dofollow and nofollow links so that our links type look natural to Google and other search engines.

      • Yes I agree, We should build both type of links. Dofollow and nofollow. Nofollow is not totally waste, atleast you can get traffic atleast.

        About guest blogging,
        I think its good to get guest posts but never accept too much of guest post because blog turns into an article directory if you write less and accept huge amount of guest posts.
        Blog contain a good proportion of admin’s posts and guest posts.

        • Very true. Really satisfied with your thoughts. I need to increase flow of contents coming from me on my blog to make sure my blog is moving in the right direction.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Anil,

    Be social. Reach out. Guest posting opps flow to the social blogger with ease.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Amrik Virdi

    I see guest blogging as an integral part of my business, both by attracting guest bloggers and me writing for others. It helps to spread the word about your site and you get to make a number of new contacts through the process.

  5. Anil,

    I think your ideas for attracting Guest Bloggers is very good. However, I disagree with one of your very first statements that you NEED to post every day.

    Posting every day is great if you can come up with quality content. But you Don’t need to post everyday to be successful.

    Look at Derek Halpern. He kills it and post less than 3 times a month.


    Ryan H.

    • That’s true.

      But there will be very few bloggers or website owners who got success writing just 2-3 posts in a month time (May work for celebrities only most of the time). Most of the time, it’s about how frequently you are update your blog with fresh and targeted post.

  6. Hi Anil, Great to see you here at Ileane’s place! I have to agree with Ryan, quality over quantity. Most blogs I follow don’t post every day but they do have quality content several times a week.

    I like the idea of having a Guest Post page on my blog. I get approached by strangers wanting to guest post at The Wonder of Tech. Sometimes it works out well, other times it’s just a ploy to get commercial backlinks on my site. A guest post page might weed out the latter type of posts.

    Thanks, Ileane, for having Anil here. (By the way, you were on the first page of Zite again. Well done!)

    • I would never advice to compromise with your quality whether you are posting once in a day or week or even once in a month. Quality should be maintained in all cases.

  7. With my own experience I can tell how difficult it is to get a reply on a request to guest post on some blogs. Blogger usually do not reply to the emails they get for guest post. I know they are busy enough as they got some big busy blog but how can someone doesn’t reply even after 10 days?

    • Most of the time, I used to get replies for my guest posts requests in a coupe of days time. But there can be exceptions when blog owners are on a holiday or buy with some offline stuff etc. In case we are sending guest blogging request to a blog owner who haven’t added any post on his blog for long time, there are very few chances we will be getting any or positive reply from them.

  8. Raaj Trambadia

    These are great tips to attract guest bloggers! I’ll surely use these tips when my blog is more famous 😀 Cheers

  9. What you can also do is participate in guest blogging. When I do guest posts it makes more people come to my blog and also want to post on my blog as well. This is the reason why guest blogging is a most for you as a starter.

    Another thing that you can do is run blogging contests. This will attract tons of guest bloggers to your blog. They will also invite traffic to their articles in order to win the prizes. This in turn means free and possible targeted traffic for you.

    Lovely post and awesome tips you wrote about.

    • Really agree with your thoughts

      Guest blogging contest can do wonders for you if you are giving away cool prizes to the winners. You can get great success with contests even if you don’t have a popular blog but the only thing you need to do is create good amount of buzz about your contest among targeted bloggers.

  10. I’m really into guest blogging for all of the same reasons that you mentioned above. I use use a site called BloggerLinkUp to find guest posts and people to write for. Basically, it’s an email service that you can sign up for (for free) and they send three emails a week with all different bloggers that are looking for posts and offering posts, so it’s a really great way to stay connected and also to find things that are interesting to you! Thanks for posting.

    • BloggerLinkUp is a great resource. It can be a stressful exercise to find a credible blog worth writing for, but this service delivers a list of people looking for writers and a description for what they want. It’s a one stop shop for guest blogging that works very well. Usually emailed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I definitely recomend this for people looking for guest blog opportunities.

  11. The whole point about social media is to be social so I whole heartedly support guest posts on blogs, its good to see communitites being built through people being generous enough to share their blog space with other bloggers.

  12. Jack Sander

    As you have point out, guest blogging is a win-win situation for both parties, but I think we cannot base on this strategy to grow our blogs. If we don keep a balance between the gust posts and our posts, people could stop visiting our blogs.

    • From my personal experience, I’m sharing this. In the recent times I used to get lots of guest post requests on my blog. In fact 50% of content on my blog is contributed by guest bloggers these days. And as far as the traffic is concerned, it’s increasing every time.

      The only thing you should make sure that you are accepting just relevant and quality guest posts on your blog.

  13. I think guest posting is a great way to introduce yourself to other bloggers and to their readers, but where I start to get suspicious is credibility. Although I would rather the person submitting a request would have a blog, but when I ask for posts on other sites, I get bad vibes when I see links to posts that don’t belong to them.

    For me it’s about trust. I want that person to get to know me and not drop and run. I want to know who that person is, what they are all about, why they write and what they hope to accomplish behind it. The moment I think it’s more about back links, I pass on the offer.

    • Very true. It’s more about trust. You will never allow a person to guest blogging on your blog if you are not sure about their credibility and writing skills.

  14. Guest bloggers can raise readers a lot since there are always new posts to read. Attracting them can be crucial for your blog success. Thank you for sharing these tips

  15. Hey Anil,

    I am accepting guest posts. And have started writing guest posts a few weeks maybe months back. In fact, I’m sharing my strategy how did I get 400 comments on my FIRST guest post.

    I have linked it below, would be glad to see you commenting there.

    P.S. – It’s my contest entry… hehe… 😀

  16. Hi Anil,
    Actually it’s not difficult to find guest bloggers, using guest blog communities like myblogguest and bloggerlinkup can help a lot in finding guest bloggers no matter what your niche is, anyway thanks for sharing all these tips…

  17. Both, writing and publishing Guest Blogging should be an agenda for every newbie bloggers to make a better footprint in the vast blogosphere.

  18. Ammara Wasim

    Hi Anil !
    Nice post. Yes i am agree from your tips which you have shared. I am also interesting in guest blogging for my web site and i am sure your tips will helped me a lot. Thanks.

  19. Thanks that list of blog owners is very helpful, I may consider this. Never tried it before. But maybe i should put a page together to try and attract guest bloggers. I should save this page, and notice it again. Thanks for the advice!!

  20. Thanks a lot for this article. I really don’t know how to invite guest bloggers to write on my post. After reading your article, I now have a good idea on how to start doing it and I know that it will really help in building more traffic to my sites.

  21. Thanks for suggestion, I almost forget MyBlogGuest. And you have some very great ideas to invite guest blogger. This is my most favorite guidelines guest blogger – maybe is a great idea for everyone to follow.


  22. Nice tips here.
    Inviting guest bloggers to your blog is really good for blog owners , it gives a break to them and another viewpoint .

  23. i’m sure that we will get lot of guest bloggers if we are creating engagement on social media sites like facebook , twitter . i’m getting lot of guest bloggers through using facebook guest blogging groups .

  24. I am agree with Sai. If you have good PR and Alexa than Guest Blogger will Automatically attract to our site.
    And we need to engage on Every Social Media sites too.
    Thanks Anil For sharing the tips.

  25. You listed great ways and basic tips to get more guest post, social media sites and related niche blogs can be great help to attract guest bloggers.
    thanks for sharing

  26. Till now i didn’t started yet guest posting or accepted it!! from now after reading this post and observing all the above people success ….i also want to start it.
    Thanks Anil sir!

  27. mybloguest is great for finding more authors to contribute to your website for writing guest posts..! other good ways are to contact them directly to write guest posts on your website..!

  28. In my opinion once you get good traffic ,a stable alexa rank and pagerank , guest bloggers find you.
    unfortunately most of them arent bloggers who want to promote their blog but are people working for seo companies just looking to get seo link juice.

  29. These tips are really useful for all new bloggers.Guest blogging can get you some highly valuable back links. You can also drive traffic to your business site from your blog by having links on your site as well as others.

  30. Nice tips bro, and posting regularly doesn’t mean you are following the right way. Its depend on the quality of the post. Yes, we can post regularly, if we have great ideas to share everytime. I usually post after 2 or 3 days. And yeah you are right posting in a month not suited for us, its only suit for celebrity :)

  31. Great Post. Very helpful for those who are looking for this. I too allow guest post in my blog. The best way i think is to join some facebook groups related to this :)

  32. I have guest post option in my site. But I have not created any page for informaing guest bloggers. From your article I understand its importance. Thanks for adding valuable tips

  33. Guest blogging is the best solution for me (I manage nearly 10 blogs, 2 of them are mine). The only problem that I have found is that bloggers tend to not trust others often.
    I have also fallen victim of “scams”, I had submitted a sum of articles and the only thing I wanted was just a link to my homepage nothing else. It was a ratio of 1 link/article and 7 articles total. I found out that not only my articles were heavily modified but the links were also changed… I believe there is room for a new standard. Maybe a way for two way authorization both for the writer and the blogger. That way maybe they could be both protected…
    Thank you!

  34. Thanks these are some great tips. My blog is still new, but I hope after the next PR update I can find some people to guest post on it :)

  35. I can’t believe that the most basic one of simply adding a “guest blog” page I have not done! Thanks for this quick refresher course on guest blogging tactics and after this I’m going to check out that master list of blogs that allow guest bloggers, as not only do they get great content, but I also get SEO juice :)

  36. Hi Anil,
    nice post, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    I think most important tip is write high quality content,
    then in consequence the traffic will arrive to the site,
    together with increase of rankings and guest posts requests.

    The best part I like about guest posting (submitting or receiving on my site)
    is building some nice relationships with writers.
    Friendships are one of the most important thing in life, also as a blogger.

  37. I just use Myblogguest and a guest post landing page on my site, it does the trick. I also browse other popular blogs in my niche while looking for writing inspiration and often contact the webmaster to see if they want to do a guest post exchange. That way i get content for my blog and a backlink just by doing the same amount of work.

  38. Hi Anil,

    Your points were worth reading and One thing I think Guest Authors attracted too is A blog where there is Huge Traffic and a large community’, In such a blog, Guest Bloggers occur more frequently and the same helps to build a large community of bloggers on any blog.

    And another technique I really love and is in trend nowadays even is Social media and there are some groups where we can find Guest authors for our blog.

    Thanks for your great tips. :)

  39. I think that if you want to attract guest posts it’s really important that you have managed to build a blog with respectful content and ideally with good PR. But even if your PR is low, all guest bloggers appreciate a well structure blog with interesting content. And attracting guest bloggers can be as simple as asking them. I mean if you read an article and you like it, or if you follow a write who you want to do a guest post, just ask. Try this approach and if it doesn’t work, then you can start using other methods.

  40. A Good PR of a Blog only attracts the Guest Bloggers. As they want PR juice to there own site and thus They will love to get links from High PR Blogs. Just like I m commenting here. To be very frank, Most of the comments are just come on our blogs for PR Juice only. But they don’t know, If you really want PR Juice then you should do Guest Blogging instead of Commenting.

    • I agree with you completely. I just think that until now everybody has realized that commenting is not enough anymore. It’s not worthless but it won’t do you any good if you don’t combine it with unique article creation and guest posting.

  41. Guest blogging is by no means a new marketing technique.I know a lot of people who have never used it because they don´t want to write excellent content and give it away. These people clearly have no idea of the benefits which are huge! You get new readers, more traffic, better search engine rankings and so on…

    I would like to add to the #1.point “Create submit guest post page”.You will need one of these pages, but many times people do not clearly say what kind of posts they are looking for and when the writer submits a post, it may be something that is not suitable for that particular blog.

    I always read the posts of the blog I wish to write for to get a “picture” of what kind of posts do well on the site.A list of popular posts helps a lot too.

    • Very good idea.

      I thinking of creating a popular posts list on my blog to give an idea about the kind of guest post I’m accepting from them

  42. I have to admit that I am just getting into guest blogging myself. I’m finding it a great way to help generate content for my site. I’m still trying to keep my posts more frequent than guest posting at the moment. I have started getting a few more requests, though, especially since I put up a page with some guidelines.

    As to me guest posting, I am planning on doing so soon 😀 Already have one almost ready and hope to have up soon 😀

  43. Hello Anil. I would like to re-comment on Ryan Hanley’s comment. He said blogging everyday is only good if you come up with quality content. I totally agree. But don’t you think attracting guest blogging is not the BEST idea? I am saying it because of the spam issue! Please let me know about your reviews.

    • I will be help more if you can tell me what kind of spam issues you are talking about. If you are getting too much spam registrations, you could try Sabre type of plugins which will stop spammers from doing automatic registrations on your blog

  44. hello.i agree with your points.guest blogging has always a good parameter to get more traffic and to improve page rank.this is a wonderful post.thanks for sharing this with us. this is a high quality content and i hope these tricks will help me out to gain more page rank.

  45. Establishing rapport with the blogger is i think one of the best method to attarct guest blogger on your website. But sometimes i feel guest bloggers submit genera articles on any topic instead of specific articles. Thus spam our site and dilute our contents and value amount our readers. Am i right ?

    • I think we need to be very specific about the kind of content we will be accepting from guest bloggers. It would be great if we could mention exactly the kind of content we will be accepting as guest posts in our guest blogging guidelines. I hope this will save us in reviewing lots of general guest posts.

  46. Great Points Bro. This Post Helps lot for those who are looking for guest posts on their Blogs. I think Facebook Guest Bloggers Groups will help lot to Blogs Owners who accepts Guest Posts

  47. Guest bloggers do help. Just to attract is the hardest part.

    Asking is a great way to get them to maybe write an article for you. just get more established and they will come.

  48. Tashi tsering

    Yes, guess blog is a good idea to get targeted content and return targeted traffic and back links . Nice post…I like it and, am sure everybody like it too.

  49. One another way of attracting guest poster is direct contact to product or site owner and inform them about your guest posting facility. This will work in two way. 1st is all those will visit your blog at least once and 2nd is interested people will post guest post on your blog.

  50. Hi
    For the first time I am hearing about a website dedicated to find guest posts. This was a new information for me. I love guest posting and I think I can find some guest bloggers through MyGuestBlog community. Thanks fo the tip

  51. As the Guest blogging becomes the trend to make the Stable Do-follow backlink from Different sites and as if we have a good PR Blog and sometimes PR and other stuff does’nt matter cause i have PR0 Blog but still got a Guest blogger. So a Good content and daily Update of your site make the attractive environment for your Blog.

  52. That’s a great post! It can be of great help in attracting guest bloggers. As you say Social media websites can play a good role in attracting more guest bloggers. The 2nd point of “Get in touch with Other Guest bloggers in your niche will also work well.

  53. Anil, you are right about guest blogging. It definitely gives site owners a chance to increase their fresh content and gives bloggers a great way to get massive exposure.

    At [link removed by Ileane] we have come up with a solution for both by making it insanely easy to set up your blog to host guest posts and for Ultimate Guest Bloggers to then post to them.

    With the latest Google algorithm updates, Guest Posting is one of the best way to generate interest in your site and you have summed up how to attract guest blogger very nicely.


  54. The niche of your article plays a great role. It is important that you write on the topic of interest. Probably anything to do with people’s common problems like health problems and teenage problems and their solutions could be one of the subjects of interest.

  55. It was Good tips to get some bloggers to be interested in guest post on blogs, but my question is my blog is not popular and just started few months ago, How can i attract bloggers to write for me. Is this method work


  56. facebook groups proves to be very good for me i get lots of guest posts from facebook group members. I am also a member of myblogguest they also have a decent community of guest authors

  57. I has recently created the Guest Post page, but i has not know how to make users to submit their guest post. The tips are much helpful.

  58. That was amazing piece of information you have provided.
    I myself recently started a blog on Startups and Technology and getting high quality content for my blog is on top of my list.

    Thank you for the great information.