7 Website Traffic Tips to Get 10 Thousand Website Visitors Per Day

I can hear you groaning from here when you read the title of my post, 7 website traffic tips to get 10,000 website visitors per day. I know there are bucket loads of website traffic tips out on the Internet, however I actually do get far more than 10,000 visitors a day on one website alone.

I also know how far away that sounds, but let me tell you it’s closer than you think!Tips to Get 10000 Website Visitors

#1. Links on Related Websites Only

This is an obvious one but people still ask me if you should gets links on any old site you can. NO. It is a waste of time.

When I score a link on a related website both my traffic and sales spike. This is because the right people are coming to my website to see the right content for them. You can test the waters by adding links here and there and waiting for results. You will notice that some links do absolutely nothing, while others get your website pumping by injecting bloodflow.

I have essentially learned this from dealing with Adsense. When using this kind of advertising on your website, and you gain a decent related link, you will see your earnings rise for that day. I do it all the time, in fact I wish I could do this every day. If you are not seeing obvious results like this, you must be building your links in the wrong neighborhood.

#2. Guest Posting to Steal Customers

LOL Ms. Ileane will love this one!

Many websites have the customers that you need and guest posting allows you to steal some. It is not exactly stealing though, but there is no doubt guest posting on highly related blogs gets you the right traffic you need. You might even get them to sign up to your newsletter and hang around your website for years to come.

Either way, you need to identify the websites that are strongly related to your website. For example, if I wanted to sell Web hosting, I would not guest post on a website that is for experienced bloggers already. I would look for a website that was targeting people before they actually got a website or blog. You might be able to sell hosting to experienced bloggers, but you can sell a lot more hosting to people that do not have a blog. These people are the ones that also make your traffic go sky high!

#3. Regular Posting

I have known about regular posting for years but just couldn’t keep up. I saw a drop in traffic if I stopped posting fresh content and if I did post like clock work the traffic would keep climbing and climbing. Those periods where I did not post set back my traffic rise and made it harder to get the momentum back.

At the moment I am posting every second day on my Tips4pc blog and the momentum is picking up fast. I expect to get the traffic up to 20,000 visits per day very soon.

The other side of the coin here is to publish content like a madman and build traffic like that. Not really a good idea because there is no doubt that you sacrifice reader engagement when you post too often. No one has time to comment on your articles and get involved in any way. That’s why I like to publish every two days. That’s 48 hours of limelight and promotion for each article.

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#4. Researched Content

Always make sure your content has the correct information for your readers. For example if you have a how to article, and your instructions turn out to be completely wrong, your reputation will be damaged. If you continually do this your website will not be successful and your traffic will not build up. Don’t be lazy, do your homework!

Use a content curation tool like Scoop.it to keep track of the topic you research. Watch this Scoop.it Tutorial from Ms. Ileane

In order to get 10,000 website visitors per day, you need to have well researched content that will make your human visitor happy. We all know that we need quality content to succeed in this blogging game, so don’t risk your business by publishing junk that is not fully researched!

#5. Information in Need

If you see a whole, then fill it. But with a little SEO, you can really grab the traffic you need.

Websites can have 1000 articles but still not get the traffic like I do. It is not the quantity of content that gets the free traffic from the search engines, it is the right content that gets the traffic. For example on one of my websites, I had 54 articles published and was getting 1000 visitors a day. On my Tips4pc website I had around 700 articles when I started getting to the 10,000 visits a day range. Well how did I get 1,000 visits a day from 54 articles? I researched the keywords I used and promoted them. After all it was a smaller website and easier to choose the best content to promote.

Don’t get me wrong, Tips4pc has promoted content but not much compared to the quantity that is published there. Basically if you have the time to create content around keywords that you know people are searching for, you will have 70% of your promotion job done for you.

#6. Organized Information

Gathering the information and publishing it on your blog seems easy, but you need to organize information to make everything easy for the fifth visitor. I believe that writing SEO content that will suit both the search engines and the humans is an art that has to be mastered. SEO helps you organize your content because it requires you to have subheadings, keywords, and related links in and out. All of this make sure information organized an easy for the reader to see what your content is about.

One key reason that Tips4pc is so successful is because of the way I set out my articles. A lot of the articles on this website are how to articles and have subheadings, bullet points, and screenshots. All of this makes it easy for people to follow my instructions.

#7. Teach People

The information you need can be found for just about any topic but it is how you deliver it that sets you apart. We have all heard the saying “Keep it simple stupid”. Well this applies when you are trying to teach people. Why show off and make things sounds technically difficult? Try and explain your steps and information in an easy to understand way.

Often when people are typing into the search engines, they are usually looking to solve a problem. When they land on your website, you might have the right information, but they might not understand. You need to step back and put yourself in other people’s shoes. Forget about the knowledge you have and think about the knowledge they have and how they can understand your article.

For example I teach people how to build a WordPress website from scratch, even though I have probably done this thousands of times myself. Of course it is easy for me, so I cannot look at the information from my point of view. Once you realize this, you will be grabbing traffic that you never even imagined, as many other Webmasters do not think about who they are explaining the information to.

I know these methods are not the usual traffic getting tips like “article marketing” or “tweeting on twitter” because there is always more to it. You can promote all you want and get traffic to your site, but when they get there, you better just have what they want. It is as simple as that.

Following these tips I have shared will not only bring you new traffic everyday, it will also bring you return visitors, which in turn tells the search engines that your website is a worthy site to list.



My name is Milica (Mitz for short) and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging by building WordPress websites that are set to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge. Please feel free to download one of my favorite FREE REPORTS if you are interested in improving your blogging business or starting one from scratch.


  1. Mitz,

    Great post. I’m not at the traffic levels you mentioned but I apply a lot of the practices that you do for my main blog (and they work). What are your thoughts on content “distribution” via social media or elsewhere?

    • I use social media to promote content but not too much. I do not go looking for followers or following hoping to get followed back. I actually think these methods are short term and I am going straight for the long term, solid links that stick.

      I get fantastic floods of traffic from sites like StumbleUpon and digg but they make no impact on sales or sign ups. I get a reasonable amount from Youtube and that traffic does convert.

      Above I have given general tips to suit most niches. I would have to say that each traffic source should be tested for your niche. Sometimes social media does convert, but not for me.

      • Mitz is right,

        Spending hours trying to get people to follow you is not really productive.
        But interacting with people that share your same interest is a winner.


        Its more long term than the click of a “Follow” link.


  2. Hi Mitz.

    Certainly having teach to people in simple and clearly that your readers should understands your message and I think producing content keeping in mind that your reader is not a technically a sound or a newbie than that would be easy for the reader to understand.

    Thanks for sharing very informative article, I really loved it :-)

    • Yes I had to teach myself to not talk tech too much. You can tell you are doing this when people say “ok now can you explain that in layman terms”

      People used to say this to me in real life so I started to change.

  3. Aasma

    Links from relevant & niche related sites, plus well researched informational articles always create an opportunity to attract huge traffic… Certainly no doubt about it. Social Media sites are now proving boom for all content marketing strategies, not only it gives more exposure but also helps you for lead generation.

  4. Mitz, good post! Very informative, very useful for someone who is struggling to see all such those feels like a magic to them! Also, it is worth trying this protocol, as it fetches something more useful!

  5. Great tips! 10.000 visitors a day is pretty impressive, but i also guess there’s a lot of work behind that number. I find tips number 7 very interesting. I have tried the same myself (on forums) and given very specific instructions for how to gain a backlink from a high pr web page and these posts seem to generate a lot of comments and attraction from visitors.

    • Yes they would!!

      There is such a gap out there.. All the qualified people talk down to newbies in forums. all you have to do is explain things easily and you will get traffic.

  6. I agree with your method, but you dont have anything to make sure do all 7 tips right will get 10,000 visitor a day. Because not every niche have the same reader!

    Whatever, thank you for your post!

  7. Thanks for sharing this great tips, to be honest lately the only thing I know and how to gain enough traffic to your site is using back-link strategy. I have to admit you have given me a bright idea that I can use.

  8. Yep, if I think what make s a great blog/website, it must be cutting edge and valuable content you would usually pay for. That’s what will make a site take of quite well.

    May I add something? #8 Commenting

    – On related blogs
    – With a high Pr
    – Good comment to post ratio and,
    – Engaged community.

    Is that okay? I am actually launching a brand new blog and only using commenting. It’s totally virgin, right? Four comments so far and 285 visits in a week.

    • Yes commenting is a great strategy but on related articles is the best.. I wish I had more time to comment as it is like fishing..You go out and leave a comment to hook a fish. And I love it when i catch a fish. :)

  9. It is all about having a plan and going through with that plan. Writing often is important too, but don’t forget to promote it.

    Partnerships will take you far with the traffic that you need. I like how you say guest posting is one of the ways to get very good traffic, and “targeted” as well.

    Excellent Article Mitz!

    • Yes I love targeted traffic and seriously avoid methods that do not give me this.. Many people have ways to get traffic but I only want targeted traffic and guest posting rocks for that!!

  10. Excellent points! Guest posting is my favorite because you can get both a link to your site, traffic and social love at the same time.As a small bonus, your own site will start ranking for more competitive keywords thanks to the links from high traffic sites.

    As bloggers we need to post regularly and it needs to be excellent content.I am going to see if it is possible to get repeat traffic by writing posts in series, like part 1, part 2, part 3 and so on… (The TV-series method, people must come back to read more.)Has anyone tried that?

    • I like to write tutorials that follow onto others. I am not a fan of part 1,2 etc… I like to split things up into chapters like a book but have unique titles for the search engines. .

  11. I think a focused strategy on Information that people are actually searching (#5) is so crucial. Definitely agree with all the Rest by SEO traffic based on quality article that related to topics people are searching can bring mass amounts of endless traffic.

    Great article!!

    Ryan H.

    • Yes creating content that people are searching for is always neglected! I notice this all the time and fill the void. :)

  12. I’m not gonna lie, I scanned your post! Now, going to read again word to word.

    Main reason for skimming is: whenever I read a blog post on “traffic tips” I eventually end up with forum marketing, comment on other blogs, use social media – same crap!

    This post is totally different from them, that’s why I’ll will read it again thoroughly.

  13. Your tips could work but it is not easy to get that many readers. I like the put a link on a related website. I might try that one, thanks

    • My tips DO WORK not could work… They are very simple too and to make them work you only need to take action!

  14. Hello Mitz,

    All tactics sounds pretty interesting and effective and almost all your tactic revolves around content. So if our website offers content that really worth reading and helps people to make their life easier then we all sure able to get 10000 visitor by putting small effort in marketing.

    Great Post… :)

    Romy Singh

  15. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Mitz,

    I find #7 to be beyond critical. All tips are awesome though, it’s that 7 sticks out in my mind as a secret to traffic generating success.

    Teach. Solve problems. Why do people show up to your blog? To have their problems solved. If you follow each step but ignore 7 your traffic dips. No real strong interest in what you have to offer, unless you solve problems with each post.

    I always visualize myself as a blog reader or prospect interested in my niche before I write a post. This puts me in the shoes of people who might visit my site. If I can identify and solve their problems, I never lack for readers.

    Thanks Mitz!


    • Yes you will not lack for readers if you follow tip seven. My real life helped me figure this out as I used to build computers and repair them. I was a computer freak and when people talked to me about computers I relized I was far too technical for them.

  16. These are great tips! I’m in the process of rethinking the direction (niche) of my blog and this post highlights the importance of figuring this out quickly! :) I’m not going to make a radical shift but I am making a shift.

    I also like your point about not posting too often. I took the advice of successful blogger who posts daily and I burned myself out. My stats did go up but I was ready to ditch blogging after a while! Now I’m posting 3 times a week with once of those being a guest blogger writing the content for me. It’s a good schedule for writing, promoting, responding to comments and visiting other blogs!

  17. Jack Sander

    Wow! This article covers pretty much everything, when speaking about how to set us a site and bring many visitors. Although at first it seems an impossible task, especially for newbies, I consider that by following your tips, anyone can do it in at most 6 months.

    • Yes you can get traffic in 6 months but it just depends on what work you do to get it… I did not do that much work…but I have been doing this for a long time now…

      Other websites I have are growing at a faster rate now because I know what to do..

  18. I’m also posting every 48 hours or sometime 3 days and I’m far away from 10 thousand visitors per day. I have just 500 to 600 visits per day for now but will follow your steps to increase it Mitz.
    As you mentioned that links to related websites only that mean If I have a website related to Technology than I can’t link that blog on my PC tips blog?

    • Yes tech sites and pc tips are related. I have a few techy sites and I do link build on all.. I also add blogging articles to Tips4pc and link to my building websites blog..This is great because Tips4pc aritcles usally get PR 3 or more if they do well.

      It is also helpful, if you have more than one website, to stick to one niche.. I have some sites in the saving money niche and it breaks my rythmn from tech when I have to work on them.

      • Actually I have two blogs in different niche. One is Internet marketing niche and second is related to health niche, but the internet marketing one is PR2 blog so can I link to my health from blog Internet marketing blog?

  19. In my old blogging days I just comment and made links from each and every blog I just met. But later I understood that just commenting on non related niche is not going to works. So I limited my comments in to my own niche as you said. It gave me good results so far.

    The other points you came up are also great. Nice share.

  20. Hi Mitz,
    You’re right about guest posting – it had the greatest impact in my helping me build my blog. Whenever I want to see a boost in traffic, I drum up a guest post for a couple of popular sites and those are usually record traffic days!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes I am a huge fan of guest posting.. but I do not always go for the poular blogs.. I go for blogs that will promote your post and keep it alive. :)

  21. Those are great tips to bring traffic on your site. I have tried some of them it really works for me, you really need to invest time to improve your site. Thanks for sharing this, I learned a lot form it.

    • Yes every bit of work you do on your site will help it become great! I like to do the normal jobs everyday, but then go and fix something, improve something, do something different.

  22. Wowsa, 10,000 is a lot! I shall be following your steps and hopefully achieving the same success! Thanks!

  23. Mitz,

    As always, I love reading your articles. Your tips are awesome, and if you boil it down to read between the lines, you are again, right on point.

    Content as been, and will be, King. Researching, Filling a Niche, and Wording things Simply are all ways of satisfying the everlasting tenants of blogging: Provide unique and usable content.

    Great post!

  24. Great post. You are right about 10,000 visitors seems like a long ways away and it is but as long as you break things down you can manage it a lot better. Just devise a plan and stick with it and you will get there.


  25. what happened to all the comments ? i made a comment and it got lost :(

    any ways , mitz thanks for post i think posting regularly and going guest post can increase your blog traffic very fast!

  26. I must say I love the way you write in such an understandable manner, particularly suitable for beginners like myself!
    I found the article #2 interesting in that selling is more effective to people who do not have a blog, I look forward to putting in to practise and reaping the rewards!!
    I will be following you with interest.
    Thanks a million.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks Duffie
      Glad you found something of interest in the article. You picked out a good point. We all need to think about WHO we are meant to be selling to and find out where they are. :)

  27. is true that regular posting will re-visit again those recent visitor and contain should be very productive as well…and awesome post from you Mitz

  28. At the end, it all comes to build a great blog with awesome content. That’s the best way to generate traffic. Google is aiming for that goal too, so they are now paying more attention to site with low bounce rate and high time on site. Maybe they’ll reward that site with higher rankings and of course, much higher traffic 😀

  29. Superb article.
    I think I can too get at least 500 visitors on my blog by applying the above methods. I have been doing guest posting from I while now and people are loving my posts. I have seen a rise in my traffic stats. That’s the best and the most reliable way to get some visitors.

  30. Hi Mitz,

    I didn’t groan when I read the title of your post, because I would love to learn how to get thousands of visitors to my blog everyday. Thanks for sharing these methods. I need to make more of an effort to get links on relevant websites, as you shared in the first tip. I definitely do not want to leave links in the wrong neighborhood. :)

  31. These tips works well but, only in that condition where we are not doing spamming. These things needs patients too. Thanks for such nice tips.

  32. Great Post Mitz,well done.
    what i personally feel is content is the ultimately the key to success in blogging.As long as your content is good,people will revisit your blog and might save your blog for the RSS feeds.

  33. On the fresh content issue, yep, that’s one good idea. Who cares for stale information, when we want to cope with innovation and change this online life demands us. The search engines are getting better at flagging nonsense content. We’d have to be more careful. Nice blog!

  34. Excellent article and so glad to see you here on Ileane’s place.

    I am currently focusing on 3 strategies – writing epic shit, doing a lot of guest posting and blog commenting. All these takes a lot of efforts but can drive huge results.

    I’ve two questions for you missy, why you’ve changed the domain name & why you aren’t building a mailing list.

    Thanks for sharing these excellent strategies, here.

    • I changed my domain name because I did not like the old one and my website was actually about building websites and making money… I wanted to match that.. Also all the sales were to do with starting a website and going from there…

      I am just moving with what the site demanded of me..

      As for the list.. I do have one.. I just do not want people to sign up for a free book though. I want people to sign up for real reasons. I give away all my free ebooks on my sidebar now..

      This is my new method as everyone is just turning email lists into spam now days..

      • Yeah Mitz I agree with you, If we offer a free E-book or something in our signup form the readers will signup with spam emails only for that e-book. The real subscribers are those who signup without any reason only to receive real updates from us.

  35. Mitz, good article. I think social Media is a good source of traffic .Posting links to only your own page or group doesn’t work.You need to post your link to related groups and others relevant pages also.However spamming is not an idea.If you want to look for business from social networking sites then I dont think apart from linkedin anything else will work.But if you just want traffic for your website or blog then you can’t ignore social media like facebook, google plus , stumble, digg etc.

    However I guess forum posting and building reputation through popular forums is a good idea for getting business.

  36. James Pruitt

    Thanks for this post Mitz. I think consistency has been my personal biggest shortfall. it leaves me struggling sometimes. I have been trying to reduce the number of projects and get myself more focused. Problem is I am running several niche blogs and I love all of them,. Have trouble deciding which one to focus on. :)

    • Get a VA. That takes time to get the right one but it is worth it. I have also had a problem with consistency and each time I fall behind my blogs go down a bit…It is so much harder to get back up then… If I had been consistent all of this time I would be having triple the traffic I have now!!

  37. These are the best tips I have read so far on traffic. Its amazing how you managed to get thousands of traffic. I believe you, it works. My YouBihar site gets 4000 visits a day of which 3500 are unique and first time and unique visitors. Its all down to proper content and also proper keyword search. I have not done guest blogging once, perhaps I need to get into that to attract more traffic, that is the next thing I need to do for some of my blogs. Thanks for showing the away.

    • Sounds like your blog is going great…but do not sit back and not guest post as this can really pump life into it!

  38. Kimberly, The Fur ,Mom

    I comment on several types of blogs. I would love to comment on other pet blogs so I need to take the time to find a few that I connect with; I know that it’s important that I leave thoughtful comments, which is tough to do if I’m not into the site’s content.

    Thanks for these great tips.


  39. Wow. Great article – the other bloggers always speak of “content being king”. Its simply not true….you need SEO to complete the sales cycle. No matter how good your content is, you need people to read it!

    Thanks again,
    nathan J

  40. I’m in lock step with you on the keyword research advise. Falls into that all important working smarter not harder line of thinking. Interesting read, many thanks.

    • Yes you are right.. researching your keywords is definitely working smarter. Why bother with keywords that are not searched for at all?

  41. Hi Mitz,

    I basically do all the steps you said, every time I publish an article. And you didn’t mention anything about changes in SEO to enhance the post, so that its the organic traffic we should focus on rather than direct traffic right?

  42. I surely would like to have 10,000+ visitors everyday! It is important for bloggers like use to receive as much traffic as we could possibly get. From the vast number of visitors, we could reap a few who are genuinely interested in our ads and reap revenue as well. It is a win-win situation! We just have to reach the people who are interested enough to click! Thanks for the great tips!

    • Mitz

      Yes that is the game we play.. Find the right visitor for your site and engage them, give gifts to them, and gain sales.

  43. Really these tips are very beneficial to get more traffic to our sites and blogs. It is important to create a great blog with awesome content. That’s the best way to generate more traffic. Google paying more attention on bounce rate of site. Bounce rate of site and blog must be less.

  44. very well written article. This sounds very simple but in my opinion getting that huge website traffic is way more complicated. But I like your simple concept. It might work, and it will be very helpful to beginners.

  45. Though these tips might seem basic to some people – but if followed correctly and applied to the right nich area it can produce a large number of traffic to your website. 10000 visitors daily is most SEO’s dream – Well done. Just comes to show that Hard work pays off – eventually after enough time.

  46. Thanks for sharing this useful tips. Just wanted to know whether link building on non related websites will still benefit in lifting up the pagerank or not.

  47. I think the only thing I don’t do is guestpost.

    I’d love to see a post from you about how to rebuild your traffic after Penguin has got you. :)

    • I actually did one after one of my sites got hit by Panda.. I had to fix all errors like broken links, poor or short articles and do more SEO everywhere!

  48. Thanks for these great tips. Simple, clear and easy to understand! Perfect.

    I’ll definitely be trying some for your strategies particularly no. 7.

  49. Even though i agree with all the points that you have stated but i know people who don’t post regularly, do not build any backlink but still do very well. How?

  50. Honestly I loved the point where you told to steal others email lists. Guest posting helps a lot in getting more subscribers. Thanks for your post.

  51. I liked they way you sounded your second point – Guest Posting to Steal Customers. i would definitely like to steal some of your customers soon.

  52. Thanks for this post. A lot of newbies will leave comments on non related websites thinking it is good. We need to target our audience as you stated by going to related websites.

    When it comes to getting traffic it’s usually complicated trying to understand it all, again as you state we must make things easy to understand when writing how to stuff. The way you wrote his traffic getting post is just common sense once you finish reading it.

    It takes some work but the way you can achieve great results is not difficult at all.

    Terry Conti

    • Yes it is common sense but sometimes we need to be reminded that things are not that difficult after all. :)

  53. Awesome tips right there! I’m still not getting a lot of traffic only about 700-800 uniques a day but that’s a good start for me since it is still only a month old. I will try guest posting soon.. Thanks

  54. I think “Teach People” is one of the most promising concept- if you want to get thousand of visitor to your blog. All the other points automatically will be included in that article. Am i right ?

  55. hey Mitz

    great post but i follow most of these tips but you can you please point out that how to market website free on which websites or forums

    • You can market your website on any related forum but it is best to join in first and add value to the sites before linking to anything!

      Otherwise there are forums like warriorforum and Daniweb that let you have a signature link.

      Yahoo answers is also good and blog commenting.

  56. Raaj Trambadia

    Hello Mitz! Nice tips out here. But I have one question – Even after following these tips, the results aren’t so good. Yes I know that patience is the key to success, but even if I continue doing the same steps mentioned above, how long do you think will it take to be a successful professional in the field?

    Thanks :)

    • Ok well it depends greatly on you…

      Are you really guest posting?? 1 or 2 a week?
      Are you posting great content regularly?
      Are you finding out what you visitor wants and giving it to them?
      Are you sharing, caring, joining, mingling?

      My first website took 3 years to get decent traffic..My second website took 1 year because I knew what to do..
      My second website took 2 years to earn what the first website earned after 4/5 years.

      Experience in all fields also helps. Yes I got traffic but then I had to learn what to do with it.. I am still learning today..

  57. I ‘ve read these kind of Blog Post from many bloggers but getting 10000 visit per day is quite difficult to me .
    All these 7 tips are useful but It require much time to reach the 10000 Visit per day
    Is There any fast tips for getting 10000 visit per day
    Pls Reply Me

  58. First of all I would like to say thanks to Mitz for such a beautiful article….
    I am agree with all your tips you mentioned here… but it is a fact that 10000 visitor per day no one can get over night….

    Blogger have to keep patience and he/she have to follow all your tips to get 10K visitor and to maintain that count.

    Patience is must have quality to become a successful blogger

    • Yes this is right.. many times I used to think “is it all worth it” but it was.. At the time I had no idea what would happen though…It is like feeling around in the dark, not knowing where you are..

  59. Since i read this post and started applying the principles i learn here some weeks ago, i have noticed the drastic increase in the number of unique visitors and also pageviews to my blog. I came back to say thank you very much for the information that turned my blogging experience around.

  60. Hi Mitz,
    You nailed it. There might be some other things one can do, but I limit myself to content. Good content en quality work! That and a dose of ‘Don’t take yourself to seriously’ and a terrier mentality. Oh, that were three…
    Since the last ‘mighty mr. Google’ algorithm updates (panda, penguin) quality is very important, as is maintaining the quality of your blog…
    // Jan

  61. Thanks For the great info. It is not easy to achieve 10k visitor per day as your blog. Most blogger fail because they want an overnight success.

  62. Good day sir, my name is vita cyvita am from Nigeria. I started blogging on the 9 of April 2012. I blog about news and gossip. Sir i read this article i must confuss they are the best. But i wonder how one would apply No 3 and No 7 on a news nichie. And also i want to know how come i post every 30minutes and am not pulling all does traffic? The highest i get is 1600.
    I hope am not asking too much i just want to know. Thanks.

  63. I really like your website traffic tips. In fact I like them so much that I am linking to this article from an article on my web site at http://www.ez-biz.com/seo-for-website-traffic.htm
    You cover many of the common since basses that need to explored before new webmasters go looking for the magic pill that will bring in boat loads of money..

    Thanks for the great list, I will be using part of your outline for my site in the near future.

  64. First your article seemed too much to be giving away on a tutorial, then your site had your face in a weirdly manner on the sidebar, but then the article…was spectacular! Its like someone studied the subject and just gave what mattered the most to us!

    Thank you so much for this guide!

  65. An inspiring article, no doubt.

    All good tips and strategy apart from the first one about related links. I’m assuming that you are talking about linking only in the context of visitors clicking directly through and not as backlinks because many SEO experts will tell you that having a variety of links from a diverse range of sources will actually help to boost your ranking in the SERPS?

    Maybe you could clarify?

  66. Hi Mitz, great post. Yes for great traffic guest posting is the main thing ang regular posting must be in our routine. and commenting on related sites.
    Thanks for such a nice info Mitz……..

  67. great article…i actually liked the concept of guest blogging-its actually stealing the visitors from a established website to your own website 😉

  68. Dear Mitz,

    Thank you for this post. I wish building site traffic was as easy as you and others make it seem. I hope that after I learn learn all these tips I will find it is easy.

    For now I am just trying to drive the right people to our site, and like you mentioned, finding a way to guest blog where our target audience already hangs out sounds like the way to go. I just wonder how you entice a potential competitor to let you speak to their clients… For instance, I wonder how you did it….

    Thanks again for the tips.

  69. Thank you for the post. Well getting 10000 visitors day is not an easy target to achieve and you have mentioned some great ways Mitz. Most important thing i think is that to get 10000 visitors in a blog, the blog should have many well researched articles. And then when you will guest post in different sites and the you will see visitors in your blog, you will find that the visitors will change into permanent visitors whcih is very important. Many bloggers are not sure whether these strategies will work or not( as seen from the comment section of the blog ) but I certainly agree with what you have said Mitz. Thank you for the post!

    • Yes it is all hard to believe until you see it for yourself! I am going beyond 10,000 a day for one blog now.. Once you see that traffic constantly growing, just keep doing the same thing to continue upwards.

  70. Guest posting is awesome but sadly it’s hard to maintain. I was doing it for a little while and found the job of keeping up with comments was just too much! I don’t have time and the ROI is not big enough to justify the time spent on it. So what I decided to do is guest post because I want to, not because I need to.

    • Hi Brian
      I wrote a post about how I get paid $100 to guest post on comluv.com.. That was under estimated too and only on the publish day… I think I can find time for that!

  71. Great tips here Mitz! I have read many articles and books on how to get traffic, etc. This was more insightful than most and now I have a few methods to test out, thanks!

  72. Hmm! I’m agreeing with you over here..As far as i experienced nothing can be gained if we put our hands in the bucket of water beside wetting our hands only.

  73. Thanks for the tips. I recently noticed that getting links on the right site is key. The trick is trying to find ones that send you traffic when you comment, etc. You have to be very thoughtful about where you are leaving your links!

  74. I loved that part
    Guest Posting to steal customers
    I accept guest posts on my blog and still guest post and seriously this helped a lot

  75. Some great tips there. As someone else said it can be hard work but if you want to be succesful you have to put in the effort. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  76. Mitz,
    First let me congratulate you for the distance you have traveled to be the successful internet entrepreneur you are.
    I registered my blog under my country’s top level domain name (.co.ke) and as expected I had no issues trying to build local traffic as Google search algorithm gives priority to local websites.
    I however am struggling to build targeted traffic as my blog offers general information for the locals. I have read about niche websites but I don’t know how I can make my blog one!

    • You have to find out what websites the locals go to also and join in with them.
      You can also hold a competition/ giveaway and hand flyers out in the street to get people to go online to your website.

      Local stuff is very ground level so stop thinking global and get out into the real life community and spread the word.

  77. well i think the fresh content and right audience matters more, daily update with fresh content and posting the updates quickly can lead to 10k visits a day or more.
    Nice post. This is really a great tip.

  78. Great post Mitz. I must be honest that reading this post overwhelmed me at first. I then told myself that you too started with no traffic and look at you today. This is good for the rest of us as it means that we can achieve similar results. I am sure that many of us would be happy with a consistent % of the traffic that you are receiving.

  79. Thanks for an awesome post Mitz. I agree with all of your points and my personal experience says that frequent posting is crucial in boosting traffic. Sadly, I have not been able to post as frequently on my blog as I want to because I am handling many projects and multitasking. But I hope to get everything under control and go back to the regular posting schedule that I previously followed.

  80. first of all i want to say thanks for this post again. My name is vita cyvita i blog @ 365naijanews.com with all due respect sir i have followed all you method but it helping me oh. But i have not been able to get up to 1000visitor yet the highest i have got is 700.

    The question is what could be the promble?

    What do i do to improve on it?
    I hope to get answer to ma question.

  81. thanks for sharing some valuable information.but,
    my site is [link removed by Ms. Ileane – if you want to share your blog link use CommentLuv]
    daily i’m getting less than 10 customer only.but i’m adding my articles most of the websites,twitter,facebook, but i can’t make .please suggest me what am i do to increase my website traffic.please don’t mistake me .otherwise you negotiate my aomments

    • Some people will not get traffic because they have done something to annoy Google in the first place… Never start out on a bad foot…

      I can build a website and post a few articles on there and the min traffic I get for starters is 30-40 a day.. That is the base number if you have ok content… If you are not getting this then fix your content first… Get the base traffic and then move on from there..

  82. to increase website traffic, frequantly posting is soo important,
    Im agree with you, but as you mentioned in your one website there is only 53 post, after that what you ae doing?
    you just promoting your content on other websites, or still posting ragularly to get more visitors ?

  83. I am half way reading the comments, whew! Its sort of getting stiff neck, and freezing hand due to a number of responses.

    Anyways, i would like to ask how many hits your site get as of today?
    10000 hits / day; I’m just wondering Google won’t penalize/suspect your site about the hits?

    Are all of them done manually?

    • Funny question.
      Most of my traffic is from the search engines so Google is sending me the traffic itself.
      Yes I get 10,000 uniques a day but I started out at zero like everyone else.

      Google will not penalize me.. Only if I have broken links or errors on my site… I create great content and thats all google wants.

  84. how old website to get hundreds visitor in a day? i have 150 article and 4 month website but visitor only 3-5/day from search. what’s wrong with my website?

  85. Valuable information from somebody who has been there and done it.

    I think one of most simple, but truthful, points is regular posting. If you really dedicate yourself and put yourself out there, you should naturally get hits. If you leave too many gaps between posts, your readers may lose interest and seek posts elsewhere.

    I’m nowhere near your level of traffic (I run a movie blog so the competition is ridiculous) but my traffic has increased tenfold just by creating regular features, making sure I blog at certain times and with certain content.

    Thanks for the additional tips!

    • Hi Ben
      Yes posting consistently is a big plus. I have finally started to post every two days on Tips4pc after years of inconsistent posting. I have no problem with getting the content but the promotion is a problem now… There is no doubt the content posting is great but you need constant promotion to back it up and put the cream on the cake. :)

  86. Hi Mitz,

    Great Article. Since my site’s traffic started growing I have been getting more and more guest post offers.

    Do you think that having too many guest posts is bad for the site or will it help the traffic grow more?

    Thank you for great tips.

    • Paul

      Hi Mitz,

      It really very interesting to do guest blogging. Today i have started guest blogging and i got 15 person from that blog. Its really very exited. But i am facing more problem to finding more blog for guest blogging.

    • I think that getting guest posts is fine but not to take over the blog. You need to show yourself more than the guest posters. But they are valuable too..

  87. Even simple video marketing is certainly the new trend to get tons of traffic. The catch here is, those readers are gonna end up on your video and hence on your blog based on the specific niche which increases a chance of them being converted to subscribers too.

  88. Just reread your post here Mitz, after Ileane reposted it to G+, and after thinking about it, I think most people fail at #2 the most. People might think relevant sites being just the same niche, but even if people are in the same niche, their experience level may not be at the level of your target market. I have run into this mistake myself. Now, I clearly define who my target customer is, and it makes it easier to find out what sites those people hang out on.

    • I totally agree James!
      People often have trouble finding their target market! That is exactly why some make money and other do not! :)

  89. How long should I do these to get 10,000 visitors for the first time? To be frank it seems this target is too much and difficult to achieve.

    • I started at zero and worked my way up. every year I gained 2000 extra visitors… (estimating) I never stopped attending to my site.

  90. Some very simple though powerful tips, Mitz….

    There are many opinions on some of your outlined tips….

    Posting regular posts is said to be a great method, though, the jury is out on just how often we should really post…

    There are sites putting in 3 new posts a day, whilst other sites post once or twice per week….

    Another thing I have found out over time, is that many things we are told will or will not work or influence the amount of traffic to a website, can often turn out to be the total opposite….

    Agree with the potential of guest posting, and also the tip on chasing links that are topic(niche ) related…..

  91. I have entertainment related blog. I am using some tips related you in this post. I like your all points its useful and valuable. I will follow your suggestion :)

  92. Its interesting and informative, thanks for sharing…….!!
    And yup guest post do make a big difference in blogs reputation and traffic……….

  93. I should probably start doing #1 more often haha. I’ve only just started building links and most of them are on blog help or blog tips because I’m still learning. It’s also hard finding dofollow blogs in my niche.

  94. Danny

    Great traffic driving tips, Mitz.

    I agree that these tips will work in driving traffic to your site, though, getting 10’000 a day can be a big ask for many sites.

    I have noticed how certain niches tend to draw huge amounts of traffic, if the site owner has put in an adequate amount of work and preparation…

    Some niches seem quite a challenge to even get a modest amount of visitors….

  95. Hi Mitz,
    Very nice detailed information to get traffic to your website.I have not tried guest posting but after reading your article will soon start guest posting.How much traffic can I expect from Gust posting and what should be my strategy for gust posting?

  96. Hello Mitz..
    ya the tips you shared are very essential for getting blog traffic.Every blogger must be researched on the content he will going to write.Thanks for these tips.

  97. Hey Milica
    Guest posting for generating loyal traffic is one of my favorite method. Guest blogging gives us an opportunity to make a new friendly relation with the readers. It also helps in generating good online visibility or identity.

  98. Danny

    Okay, I am dropping in a second comment…

    Mitz, where you said “link on related sites only” got me thinking about all those spam comments that I get(and filter out) that 99.9% of the time are in no way related to my sites topic(niche)….

    Having a look over this post for the first time in a while, it still stands the test of time, and the traffic generation tips are both simple, yet very powerful…

    • Thanks for taking a second look Danny!

      I hate it when people want to guest post on my site and their links have nothing to do with my niche. Crazy!

  99. Hey great post. I’m doing things the right way but I’m only getting around 5 visitors a day :/ I’m not sure why, I do only have like 6 posts I just started my blog around 3 weeks ago

  100. Thanks for this article. My blog isn’t looking to good with 59 articles after the first month.

    I am only getting about 25 visits a day.

  101. Lawrence Abiodun

    This is a very great work Ileane, but I am not really sure the simplest way I go about that traffic to my pretty 3 weeks old blog without getting penalized by google
    Nice work