How Can An Army General Teach You a Lesson in Blogging?

Blogging newbies and vets! Attention all you blogging grunts out there, I have a message for you. You run a blog for one reason. Yes, you want to share value and help people. But you really want to tell people to do something. So they take the call to action and both parties prosper.

Like a general. I tell you to do something you do it. Simple. Easy. Makes everything run smoothly. So why should blogging be any different? Study top bloggers: this crowd commands, and readers do.

Generals and Blogging

Sign up for my email list. Buy my product. Pick up my free ebook. Subscribe to my RSS feed. Top bloggers have conviction. They say, you do. Why is this the case? Why do some bloggers tell you to take a call to action, and you take it?

ConfidenceBlogging Generals

Where it starts and ends in the blogging world. Confident bloggers command their readers to do stuff. Like a general. The readers do it. Of course the content before the command must be top shelf. If a wimpy looking, 95 pound, scrawny general weakly uttered a command, you would laugh. You wouldn’t act.

But when a stern looking dude coming in at about 225, 6 foot 2, bellows a command at you, guess what? You’re acting on the command. Yep, size played a role, but as a blogger, you need not be big. It’s all about attitude, energy, and yes, you can create an illusion that you are much bigger, and commanding, by being confident.

The Blogging Issue

Most bloggers fear being “salesy”, or too promotional. I remember before I joined a tribe, I heard from a particular blogger that I was too promotional. This was simply his lack of faith, in his opportunity, being projected on me. I laughed. I knew better. So I ignored him, and continued promoting myself, and my opportunity, barking calls to action like a blogging general, and growing my team, and readership.

I didn’t enter blogging with a wimpy mindset, feebly asking people with lukewarm calls to action. I told them to sign up for free tips to make money online, to share my posts, and I never allowed non confident grunts, who were afraid to command their readers, to get into my head.

I focused on my blogging efforts and ignored anybody who had a negative viewpoint of what I was doing. To heck with ’em.

Not Obnoxious

Quick point here. Commanding does not mean being obnoxious, rude or pushy. All these tactics use force, and force negates. Commanding like a general means being straight, to the point and bold, making frequent calls to action, peppering these orders throughout your blog, so readers take the call.

How Can You Command with Blogging?

Include 1 to 2 calls to action on your sidebar. Clear, direct, “do this now” type stuff. Include one to two calls within your blog post. Again, clear and direct. Then include a call in your resource box, and a banner, influencing readers to take the call.

Commands should be focused on 1 thing: sign up for my list. Or you can tell people to buy your product.

I swear, unless you ask people to do something they rarely do it. You can’t hide your call to action under layer after layer of your blog and expect people to see, and take the call. You gotta be a blogging general, and tell people to do something, to take the call, so they take it.

Too many bloggers fear telling people to do stuff. The lack faith in their blogging ability, or their offering, on a deeper level. This lack of confidence goes out amplified, scaring off prospects, readers and anybody who could form a prospering relationship with the blogger.

You need to clear this stuff up before you become a successful blogging pro. You need to believe in yourself, and your opportunity, and you need to not fear asking people to do stuff. Sounds simple, and clear, but you’d be stunned at how many bloggers fear asking folks to take a simple call to action, multiple times on their blogs.

Subconscious Stuff

People feel your blogging confidence or lack thereof on a subconscious level and respond accordingly. If you are confident, people listen. If you lack confidence, people don’t listen. All subconscious stuff. How do you get through any subconscious blocks? Put on your stars. Tell people what to do. More people feel your confidence, and take your call.

Congratulations. You are a blogging general. Now drop and give me 50!

Your Turn

Do you act like a blogging general? How clear, direct and frequent are your calls to action?


Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. Receive simple tips for generating cash online at his blog. Click Here


  1. That’s really a good post…you explaining the content in different manner.
    I would like to say something to you.. make this post more friendly to the new bloggers..If a new blogger reading this article they defiantly take some time to understand the concept..

    Any way thanks for a different article…

      • Great Ryan!

        Your post reminds me of an article which I read few months back in a yearly ARMY Magazine with title “How can a blogger teach you a lesson of WAR?

        And the main points were exactly the same you have mentioned, with the 2 characters flipped.

        Thanks :)

    • That’s the nice way to give commands through blogging style the general said if you have confidence for making blog you have to find any topic that make any sense or find any current news that’s relate to technology, politics and games etc., you have to find those visitors who get interest on your blogging.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    Your article was so sweeping. :)Entirely giving a new subject to blogging. I never thought that blogging could ever be so much related to Army! You have broad vision and clarity in your writing that can surely convince and bound people to read down your post.:)
    Thanks for such an innovative share.:)
    Loved knowing a new panorama to blogging.:)

  3. Very well written to my liking Ryan! Of course I do not have these skills(it is not a confidence thing, just fact).

    I can sell the hell out of the services I provide, so I am taking exception to the “Call to action” angle you’ve written. Face to face is my specialty and I have learned how to get my site’s found, but yes no real call to action on them. Thanks for the confidence boost. I am pretty matter of fact….face to face, but there are no for sure signs of that on my websites.

    I can only do 37 push ups, do I need to run laps or something now? haha Great job! !

  4. Aasma

    Hey Ryan,

    Really useful advice, It’s your confidence that makes the difference. Never afraid of failure and criticism, be what you really are. Always put your points, don’t follow anyone instead decide your own way and make others to follow you.

  5. Hey Ryan!

    That’s really good post, and your points were also very cool to know. Yes! An Army General can teach a blogger, how to reach the audience with confidence.

  6. Confidence can be a very good weapon at your disposal.

    Call to actions are very important and I seem to forget sometimes to use them.

    Bad of me.

    Thanks for the article Ryan!

  7. I see it in a different way. The role of the army general is to kill, destroy and attack. I am not sure that is the right approach. But I agree with your point that one needs to command faith and desire to succeed and be firm with it. Interesting perspective.

  8. Thank you for wonderful tips. I think they can be used much wider, not just in blogging. I personally write not in blog, but in social networks, and I can totally agree that until your call to action is extremely clear, you’ll never reach your goal. Those who only start blogging often think that call to action looks like ads, but without it you post wont reach the goal. So you need the balance – interesting content with call to action

  9. Hey Ryan, Interesting angle. I’ll buy in to the idea of a military discipling needed for blogging and I love the idea of commanding sign ups to the list. But I’ll stop short of the guns and the tank!

  10. Wade Harman

    Call to action is important on any blog. Placement and word play is key to encouraging people to take that CTA.

    I think it has everything to do with blog layout and writing style. Create a product that interests the reader and you have a sale, subscriber, etc.

  11. Great tips on how to succeed in blogging! I would also add these two: having passion for what you write about and being open to learning everyday will make you a successful blogger.

  12. Hi Ryan, being the owner of a large social network that has specific rules and guidelines I like to think of my self as a general or leader. I do my best to show confidence but I’ll also be the first to admit I don’t know everything. I loved your idea for a call to action, I’ve recently installed Pop up Domination on blog engage and I hope it helps build my e-mail list. Perhaps this is my first step to my own call to action.

  13. Your success is not only depends on how you command, also how you actually use your words on your CTA’s.

    This is really important for any online business to make more conversions from their call to actions. Great share Ryan!

    BTW I always try to use commanding words on my blog posts.

  14. Woah! I love the creativity man. Keep it up! It’s very interesting and got me hook that’s why I finished the whole article and digested all the idea you gave. Thanks Ryan!

  15. Yup Ryan, Commanding like a general and being straight forward is good in blogging that is why I’m commanding my readers to buy the theme which I’m using on my blog because I know It’s good.

    I’ve got to learn a great lessons today,
    Thanks Ryan.

  16. Hey Ryan, The call to action is right on. I don’t know about you, but I think a lot of folks who struggle online have a serious fear of selling.

    They want to earn money, but they actually think the sales process, or promoting themselves is bad.

    Have you noticed this?

  17. Spoken like a true General. And although the subtle approach can work over time, it is better to be clear and direct so there can be no misinterpretations on what your visitors should do 😉

  18. Lol, such a rare post that makes a lot of sense and I simply loved the way that the author related the Army functionality and Blogging.

    Great work and I appreciate your effort :)

  19. Cool post Ryan! How easily and fantastically you have related a blogger to an army official commanding his squad. Very interesting article indeed! I feel internet is all about exploring new ideas and your website readers come here to get some more information and solutions to their problems, so its human nature to follow someone who is commanding you and here you are an expert in your field, so doubtful visitors will take your advice and follow your call to action.

  20. I know, it’s been drilled into this soldier for so long that you must do A, B, C and D: and one of those is that you must have a “call to action”. I know this, but my personality fights this every time that I tell somebody to take action. It’s is a fight and it should not be.

  21. Hi Ryan!

    Very well written to my liking Ryan! Of course I do not have these skills(it is not a confidence thing, just fact).

    I can sell the hell out of the services I provide, so I am taking exception to the “Call to action” angle you’ve written. Face to face is my specialty and I have learned how to get my site’s found, but yes no real call to action on them. Thanks for the confidence boost. I am pretty matter of fact….face to face, but there are no for sure signs of that on my websites.

    Great Post!!

  22. I think it’s a good idea, but explaing the contents in different manner. I seem it can be a useful tips on blogging. An army try to teach you about their life style which will help to do lot of stuff and lack punctually in your life.

  23. Being an officer myself, I should have know to do what you’re talking about. I just realized I haven’t been asking people to sign up – in my posts. Gonna correct that tonight with a lot of short edits to pretty much every post I have.

    Thanks for a long night ahead!

  24. Hahaha funny article with very informative news.I never read this type of post before,Yes it true that strict blogging learn us many thing as like Army