4 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Write the Next Guest Post

Writing Your Next Guest Post

One thing that I really love as a blogger is guest posting. There are so many things that guest posting helps you achieve. Above all, writing guest posts consistently gives your website or blog a quick SEO boost. However, in desperation or hurry, guest bloggers make potential mistakes while writing guest articles. The most common…

5 Proven Techniques to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog

Quality Traffic for your Blog

For a blogger, one of the toughest tasks is to drive quality traffic to your blog and build an engaged audience. I know this since I have been through this myself. Many beginners and newbies find it difficult to get people to read their content and eventually they get frustrated and end up quitting. With this in mind, I am going to give you a list of five proven techniques to help every blogger, whether a newbie or an established one to drive quality targeted traffic to your blogs.

10 Lessons from the Guest Blogging School of Hard Knocks

Full Time Blogger

In this post-Panda and Penguin search landscape, one much talked-about topic when SEO specialists gather together for a virtual drink is guest blogging. Guest blogging, as you may already have read from several different sources, is perceived as a way to rank high in the search engines, mainly because guest blogging is all about content. And with compelling content, social media sharing comes into play. Given the many algorithm changes that have been happening of late, social media, as some blogging and SEO experts claim, is the new SEO.

Want Me to Delete Your Guest Post? Just Make These 7 Mistakes

Delete Your Guest Post

Delete. That was the sound of me getting rid of another poor guest post pitch. I used to respond to every guest post request I got, but lately I’ve been inundated with approaches that are, quite frankly, poor. That’s probably one of the reasons that a lot of prominent bloggers are refusing to accept guest posts. I have to say that I love a good guest post. But I’m not so desperate that I will take any old post that someone throws my way. Here are the issues that make me turn down guest post approaches.

Is Guest Posting the Most Logical Approach?

Is guest blogging the best approach

Getting your site or blog noticed when you first start can be an mind boggling task. In fact, this is the number one reason why people start blogging and simply quit. Why? Because, they are getting no traffic and feel they are expending all their effort on writing and getting no satisfaction from it. Here is the thing – you need to start guest posting on authority sites in your niche.

HOW TO: Build Influential Contacts Through Guest Blogging

Every blogger knows the benefit of guest blogging. If they don’t they most certainly should. It is one of the most effective ways that you can increase your visibility, reach a wider audience and build lasting relationships with other bloggers so you can assist one another in the future. It is the reason so many do regular crossovers, despite not being official affiliates. But how do you make the most of every single guest blogging contact you make? Sure, the bulk of that effort rests on your writing quality posts and remaining friendly with the site owners and staff while doing it. Is that all of it, though? Actually, there are several things you can do to improve those nifty positives of guest blogging. Just follow these simple tips.

How To Be A Guest Blogging Genius With Targeted Posts

Become a guest blogging genius

Guest blogging has become the latest buzz word. Ever since Google officially banned every black hat SEO method people have been trying to blacklist guest blogging too. Small business owners, new born bloggers, everyone wants to be seen with a link from all those blogs that are doing well. You might have seen several guest posts here and if you are a blogger you might be summoning up the courage to forward a guest posting request. But if guest blogging is only for backlinks then I should warn you that, that you are missing the fun in the game.

5 Warning Signs You’re Not Ready To Start Guest Blogging

Not Ready for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has countless benefits and some even consider it as the holy grail when it comes to building authority, generating backlinks and attracting new readers. But just like anything else we do in life – timing is everything! The very first sign that you’re not ready to do a guest post is that you just started blogging a few days ago, so in this post we’re not even going that count that one, ok? lol One other thing we aren’t going to count is those of you who don’t even read or follow the instructions that the host blogger has provided for you. If that’s you, there’s a chance you might not even be ready to have your own blog let alone get started with guest blogging…continue reading…