Successful Niche Review Sites – 5 Great Examples

Lots of bloggers are intrigued by the concept of creating niche review sites and making money while they sleep. The premise seems simple, but depending on the niche you dive into, you could have a hard time finding success.

In my last article here on Basic Blog Tips, we talked about a few different niches that you could start making money with right now. To help you better understand how niche websites are created and focus their content on driving leads and generating revenue we are going to take a look at five different examples.

These examples of niche websites cover a wide range of interests, from web hosting and online gaming to health care related topics.
When creating niche review sites the important thing to remember is that you want to become the #1 resource for whatever it is that you are trying to rank and push leads on.

Here’s an example before we get started.

If you wanted to create a niche review site on knives, you would want to provide the following:

  • Category of different types of knives
  • Reviews on each type of knife
  • Comparison posts of top knives
  • Q&A related to knives
  • Researching knives long tail keywords

By focusing your efforts on everything possible about knives (your niche of choice), you are more likely to rank in the search engines with a free organic listing. The less competition in your niche and the more long tail keywords you go after, the better chances you have for ranking in the top results.

Let’s Dive Into the 5 Examples of Niche Review Sites!

Everyone loves some nice screenshots and visual examples, so that’s what we are going to do.

Be sure to check out each of the niche website ideas listed below and see how they are focusing their effort on creating quality content, then passing them along to actually sign up for a lead gen offer.


As bloggers and site owners, we are all too familiar with the world of WordPress themes and the many services out there that offer premium theme subscriptions.
Of course some of them are better then others, and a site like made it their business of building a collection of themes and rating them, while earning a commission on all referred sales.

Theme Grade Reviews


If you want to talk about a competitive niche, then you would have to start talking about online gaming. While gaming isn’t as big in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world, there are plenty of review sites out there. Many of them will break down their niche sites based on specific games, like this example does for roulette. Notice how they point out the top roulette bonuses and use “play now” to bring in new referred players from their site.

Roulette Reviews

Web Hosting Geeks

Just like we are all familiar with WordPress themes, we all know the high commissions that web hosting services can pay out. There’s no wonder why it’s easy to find niche review sites focused on finding a fantastic webhost. One of the largest and most successful hosting reviews sites in the game today is WebHostingGeeks. It’s one thing to offer reviews of your own, but their massive site has been able to collect almost 9,000 original and authentic reviews from hosting customers around the world. Quality stuff!

Web Hosting Geeks Reviews

Knife Rating

I originally used “knives” as an example at the beginning of the post without the thought of using it as real example. I plugged “knife reviews” into Google and came across the free niche website below. This is an excellent example of what I mentioned earlier, in that the site breaks down the many different types of knives out there, then provides individual reviews and ratings on each.

Knife Reviews


Lastly we have a simple looking (yet awesome) HDTV review site. While the main page of the site looks like your normal blog and article content, it’s actually a lot more complex and even has a form for you to sort out the best reviews on the site based on television brand, size, price range and rating. Another great example of how you can create an effective niche site using wordpress and a blogging platform.

HDTV Reviews

Now it’s time to start creating niche review sites of your own!

With all of these examples and the breakdown that I listed at the top of the page, you should have a lot of great ideas for a niche and how you can start creating niche review sites of your own. Find some good looking niche website templates and once your niche blog is created and established, it could be a great source of monthly income for you or you could even go on to sell the site for a nice payout.

Be sure to do the necessary research before hand to make sure the competition isn’t too competitive and that you have a wide range of long tail keywords to rank for. It’s also important that you make sure there are plenty of ways for you to monetize your site and traffic, as many of the people who visit your site are going to be ready to take immediate action.

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  1. Hey Zac,
    I think the most difficult part of this is choosing the niche. If I’m to go in for this, I’ll forget about these top competitive niches and go in for something few marketers will think about.

    Thanks for the guide. Hope you are having a nice weekend

    • I agree Enstine – the great thing is if we create review sites in niches that are not so competitive we a proven way to add great value and make money. Thanks Zac – these are terrific case studies to show how to add value! Quinn

    • It’s definitely easy to get excited about starting a niche site without doing enough research prior to launching. This usually results in you setting up a new domain name and some content… then getting bored with the site and letting it die off.

    • I wouldn’t just focus on “wordpress themes”, I would break it down into “business”, “portfolio” and “personal” themes. Go deeper into what people are looking for.

  2. Zac Johnson, it seems you are on top of this game. Now more than ever most bloggers are into making niche reviews that are going to be a hit.

  3. Great lists of the niche reviews site. Gaming sites and hosting reviews can be a better idea to start with as it is more profitable than others.

  4. This post was so useful and informative cool reviews it’s very important to choose a low competitive niche with High searches thanks for sharing

  5. Those 5 niche review sites are quite something, they seem to be at the top of their game. But these review sites are lot harder because you have to try them first and then review it. You might need a team, correct me if I am wrong.

  6. Hey, very good article. I know that a lot of people get their squidoo lens to the top of google by thorough research of a very niche product but these are great tips for creating a whole site

  7. Hi!
    Thank you for a very nice article and useful information. The examples you provided are just great. What I would also like to add is that to be successful with a niche website a person must be really crazy and passionate about the topic of their site. Even if some niche seems to be a great opportunity, without passion and great knowledge it will be extremely hard to make a success of it.
    All the best,

  8. Hi Zac,

    Awesome post. I’ve seen many one page niche review sites got hit by panda/ penguin. But quality still holds their value. Thanks for the list of quality niche sites.

  9. I love how you “showed us” these sites Zac. Most talk about them but you gave us examples to check out. I really like that, it makes more sense. Olga is right too that you need to be passionate about the niche you choose. Always important too!

  10. Review sites work and this is a great reminder of the fact. End users are always looking for product reviews and if you put together a site that provides value to your audience, you will get traffic and make money from the site.

  11. I had to bookmark this right away I so wish I knew this stuff when I started a year ago.Thankfully I can fix my mistakes on my new site.Thanks for the knives analogy it really sunk in when you put it that .Now I am going to check out those sites

  12. Farrell John Conejos

    Hi Zac,

    There’s no denying how important to find a niche for online marketing. It’s the very first step to do. The 5 sites you gave is a nice example to look at. I’ll try to visit these sites one by one in order to learn more about their niches for future references. Anyway, thanks for the informative post.

  13. When you make a niche site just make sure you have inner pages too and good quality original content.
    That way you won’t get slapped by Google animals

  14. Hi Zac,
    Thanks for the post am about to start my next niche site and I was just thinking about which niche.
    I got few great ideas from your post.


  15. Picking the right niche – that could be a real headache… I remember the times when I was trying to figure out what niche I want to write about. The first thought was to start writing about the topic I’m crazy about, lets say cars. But then I thought what new I can discover here – nothing so I decided to start blogging about the topic I’m not so good at and it was a real Bingo!

  16. Thanks Zac for writing an article providing some examples.

    Examples are such a powerful way to relate the message effectively!

    If one has extra time to invest in a review site, then I am all for it!

    Thanks for the guide.

  17. Hi Zac,
    Your post in summary talks about how a blogger can simplify the design of their blog to make it easy for the viewers to read. Using menus makes it easier for online user to get what they want in a blog. Great article.

  18. These are all great examples! I wish I would have saw these when I started my first hair loss website. I had so much trouble getting started but just looking at the layout of these websites would have helped. Thanks for the great blog article!

  19. In picking a niche site, regardless of whether it’s a review site, I always look at income potential. Nobody wants to put a bunch of time/energy into a site that only get a few cents per click/sale… well, at least I don’t.

  20. Interesting article Zac… I’m wondering how things will evolve since Google is clearly paying less attention now to domain names with long-tail keywords… I imagine having anchor text that is targeting long-tail might be penalised next if people build too many links on those terms. This might make it more difficult to market niche sites don’t you feel?

    • It’s now more about the content and quality of incoming links coming back to your site now. Focus on a few high end and relevant links and you should be able to start ranking well.

      • Thanks for the reply Zac… I guess the challenge is always going to be getting links from high authority sites directly to your niche sales landing pages… easier said than done.

        Actually one thing I am curious about is getting links from high authority pages that do not have much relevance. E.g. you link to the UK roulette site in your article… would those links have as much value? My impression is that Google is getting quite particular about relevance in their algorithm these days… curious to know your view.

  21. My site is very niche, maybe a bit to niche, but better to be different than to have 1000,0000’s of competition.

  22. Fantastic Article Zac, For Building a Niche based blog it is very crucial to understand product features, pros and cons in order to market the product effectively. Agreed that long tail keywords would be decisive factor for getting targeted leads from search engines!

  23. Interesting post Zac,
    I know that one of the best and most profitable ways to make money blogging is having some niche sites.

    There are so many potential in it, I’ve seen many people successfully build a niche site from start to finish and made it very successful. Of cause, i saw your niche site project as well as that of Pat Flynn and Spencer Haws.

    Those case study of you guys are the thing that motivated me to build mine. Still working on it though.

    Thanks for sharing bro.

  24. Thanks Zac for the information on niche websites, I was browsing for such article as in few days I am going to start an niche site. Thanks for the providing list of niche sites.

  25. Hello Zac, what an interesting article you have here. I followed these tips (a while ago) when i first launched my solar energy blog, man it was hard to wear the battles with the first positions but eventually i managed to reach first page after couple of months. All that matter is to research the niche well and to write great content.

  26. sometimes ago i create a niche site thats tops on google on specific keyword. After that i create several but not succeed.

  27. Yeah Zac , and while choosing Niche is difficult also picking the right Keywords is difficult as well, for Example if you choose a PC software Niche, then you have to think masterfully about the Most attracting Keyword from Millions of Keywords.
    Thanks for the info Zac

  28. I think the most difficult part of this is choosing the niche. If I am to go in for this, I will forget about these top competitive niches and go in for something few marketers will think about.
    Thanks for the guide. Hope you are having a nice weekend

  29. Hi Zac,

    ThemeGrade is one of my favorite, I believed themes are important to bloggers and that’s really great to write a review on.

    Thanks – Ferb

  30. Good thing with these review sites some are allow affliate links and rank well in Google if you use right keyword in title

  31. My site is about perfumes and colognes. You gave me a the great idea of starting a niche review site about fragrances to complement my website.

    Thanks for the post.

  32. Vivek

    According to me niche based websites are easy to establish but requires lots of focus to maintain and promote it. And I don’t think that wordpress theme is a niche.

  33. Hey Zac,
    Nice post and Yes, Niche sites really profitable then other but its very tough to choose the niche. I think Gaming niche is better option then other but the competition for it is very high. Thanks for sharing this post.

  34. This is a whole new perspective on niche blogging..I learned some new facts which i previously had no idea about..Thanks for sharing this…Much appreciated.

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  36. As already specified in this post a review site can look a simple idea but really prove to be a real competitive arena. This post explains things really well. The examples provided are also really good.

  37. Hi Zac,
    Niche sites are really one of the best ways to make money like water flows in river. But we need to spend a few hours to make the niche site perfect and it should not look like we are promoting the affiliate products. Choosing the best products is also an significant task at this point.

  38. Hey Zac,
    Really nice post and niche sites really profitable then other but its very tough to choose the niche but really prove to be a real competitive arena.

  39. Hi Zac
    Awesome article! I would personally take the niche sites that had recurring income attached to them, like the hosting website or the themes website. Of course the knife website is great but I like to have some income coming in even after selling the website..

    For example if you were selling Elegant themes on the theme niche site you would get the recurring commission once a year even after selling a site like that.. It is just an added bonus. :) I guess I am obsessed with recurring income…

  40. great article and very nice information as well as Great lists of the niche reviews site.niche sites are very useful and profitable..thanks for this Post

  41. after reading this post now i think that i also should give it a try.
    anyways it is a great post to read. you added more charm to it with these images which are screen shots of these sites.

    good job.



  42. But Zac, finding a particular niche for your website or blog is something which is not that much easy. You have to stick to the particular type of articles and have to do a lot of research for your next article always. That is the reason that now-a-days, many bloggers just do not want to have a particular niche and write about everything on their blogs!

  43. Yess, I was amazed at the 5 sites above, until now I’ve been build 5 niche blog and the result is very good, but I have not been able to build the best site as 5 site above. Thanks for the share with us.