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We all want to be better at blogging, that’s a given! Wouldn’t you love to go to those blogging seminars that you always see online? Getting to mingle and hear some famous bloggers talk about how they beat the odds and became successful, it’s a great way to understand how you can take your blog to the next level.

The chat turned out great and here is the archive:

But sometimes you can’t always make it to those events! And even if you could, most of them charge an arm and a leg for admission, and it makes it tough on a newbie starting out because you may not have that much money to spend on an hour seminar!

Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2013How You Can Get In On A FREE Event!

When I was speaking in Ohio at one of the many blogging conventions this country has, I realized the price of admission to go to one of these things. To be honest, it’s kind of outrageous and sometimes hilarious at the price they charge just to get into one of these things.

While there, I really got to thinking about events that I could create that would be free to bloggers who were just getting started. The kind of event that you could attend in your own living room or office.

Naturally that event would have to be online, and that’s just the event I created!

Why People Go

You want to be included in events like this because usually there are some great professional ideas that come out of them. The kind of ideas that can really get your blog off the ground and start getting a name for yourself. That’s why people pay outrageous prices of admission…to be included in these ideas!

Now You Can Go To This Twitter Event!

The event that I have created is called Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2013 and it’s going to include a lot of good things that you can use to bring your blog to the next level!

This event will be on Twitter and you can come! Look for the hashtag #BlogTips to see the discussion.

Who What When Where

The What When & Where

The event will be held on Twitter on January the 9th at 6pm EST and will last until 7pm. If it goes over, that’s fine too! I don’t want to hold these great bloggers to a time limit! One of the speakers, Marcus Sheridan recently did a post where he went over his allotted time while speaking at one of the many conferences he does, and I just don’t want to limit these people at all!

It will be focused on social media marketing strategies and how you can take your social media to the next level and get some visibility and traffic to your site! There are really so many points that you have to focus on in your social media strategy and the professionals can show you some great pointers!

The Who

No, it’s not the band, but almost as good! I really hit the ball out of the park with the guest Tweeters in this chat this time!

First up is one of the greatest content marketers in the business, Marcus Sheridan. He can show you how to distribute content through social media with a more positive effect for traffic. Plus a whole lot of other good stuff that even I don’t know about! You can follow Marcus for the event here.

Next, is a blogger we all know and love. Yep, you guessed it! Ms. Ileane! I love Ms Ileane because right from the very start of our relationship she has always been super helpful with just about everything! From YouTube to, Ms Ileane can be found on just about every social media platform available!

One thing that always stuck in my mind about Ms. Ileane was in an interview I did about her on my blog called An Intimate Interview with Ms Ileane where she told me that the key to successful social media strategy was building relationships and communities. I’m really excited to see what she will be giving us in this event, because you know it’s going to be good! Follow Ms. Ileane on Twitter!

Next up is Alison Irish, or Allie Rambles from Ramblings of A WAHM. Allie is a true “mom blogger” and she even gets up at 5:23am! Now that’s dedication! Her theories on social media marketing are astounding to get more visibility with your updates and bring more value to the reader. Follow Allie on Twitter!

Most of you know me, I’m an ex-coal miner that turned to blogging after a serious mining accident ended my career. I simply love social media! I will show you how to bring the reader to your site from these social media platforms by giving tips on how to write catchy content that attracts the readers! Follow me for this event on Twitter!

Be There or Be Square!

I really am looking forward to this event on Twitter. I have always wanted to bring value to the reader without them having to pay an arm and a leg for it! Please check out the event in more detail!


You can RSVP for this event in two places: Google Plus and Facebook.

Also, add me on Google Plus to get in on some future events that I will be doing called “Google Plus ‘Hangout with Wade’” where I will hangout with one or two bloggers every week and talk about different things that can improve your blog! Who knows? I may ask you to hang out with me! (My wife is making fun of me right now…lol)

Anyway, I’m not a popular blogger, and don’t profess to be, but I want to help people learn how to get visibility and make money with their blog. I know this Twitter event is going to really help you in your social media strategies, and I hope to see you there!


Hi, my name is Wade Harman. I'm a full time blogger|speaker|social media coach that blogs primarily about Relationship Marketing for Social Media. I dedicate my time to building relationships and helping others! Go to my blog, find and press the Make A Friend button and see what happens! If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

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  1. Thanks Wade for informing on the twitter event. I better be on my diary and timer now because i am not missing out on this one. With the much i am liking twitter day by day i am in. cheers and thanks for sharing.

  2. Gonna be there man!

    Marcus going to be there makes me really want to be there :)

    Twitter is one of my favorite social media sites and this will help me get my site more known…

    • Wade Harman


    • Wade Harman

      Hopefully you can make it Ryan! Yes, I was really surprised to get this caliber of people to do this!

  3. Hello
    Well i never thought of this. I use Facebook so much. I am not so active on Twitter. But now I think i need to be active to attend these special events :)

    • Wade Harman

      This is just something that you can join in on without spending any money! Heck, people are going to be spending over $200 to get to see Marcus in San Deigo…I have made it possible for you guys to see him, plus a lot more cool bloggers, for free!

    • Wade Harman

      Good to hear…please visit my website…you can click the banner image to receive updates on the event!

  4. How i wish to be there so as to meet other great bloggers around the world but am doubting it. It’s good to be on such event so as to learn more from people. thanks for remember us about the event.

  5. Hi Wade, I’ve been through so many tips out there that discusses about Twitter and they’re just too great. I just love this event and would love to be a part of what you’re going to share with the community. On the best side, I can learn so much more about Twitter in this event.

    Thanks for your event – Ferb

    • Wade Harman

      Glad to hear you can come! We all are looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see Marcus’ blog post about it! I wonder what he’s going to say!

    • Wade Harman

      You should hook your Facebook and Twitter accounts together and when you post to Facebook you will post to Twitter and vice versa. Check out my “Recently Posted” for a killer tool that can implement the tool and automate it too, so you don’t have to stay on these sites all the time posting!

  6. Aasma

    Hey Wade,

    Really great idea to have a twitter event. I’m not going to miss it after all I’m getting a great opportunity to ask and learn from Social Media experts.

  7. Wade, I’m in, and I will be there! That’s the beauty of Twitter in particular, you can simply follow a hashtag and boom, it’s like you’re pretty much at the event since the updates come in real-time and they come thick and fast! Have a great new year and I’ll see you on the 9th!