How I Use Social Media To Drive Traffic to My Latest Blog Post

Traffic is the lifeline of a blog; if you don’t have it, you don’t exist. Most people rely on the mighty search engines for their traffic. But there are other ways of getting traffic to your blog by utilizing the power of social media.

The role of social media sites is front and center when it comes to driving traffic to my site. The most popular ones include; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in descending order in terms of traffic. This means that Facebook is the biggest traffic referrer to my site, other than the search engines. But how do I really do it?

Using Social Media for Blog Traffic

The best social media sites for driving traffic to your latest blog post

Facebook traffic

How I Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to My Latest Blog Post via @basicblogtipsAfter publishing a blog post, I would head over to Facebook and post it on my timeline. Don’t just post the URL ‘as is’; try to write a small description to go with the link otherwise it looks stupid. People are more likely to comment on a link that has some sort of description with it. When others see it and comment on it, it all counts as a “thumbs-up” on the number of likes. Also join groups where you can share your blog post.

There will be groups in your niche that allow you to submit your posts. Even I have such a group where you can just post the URL (and a description of course) and many of us would actually visit the site and some of us could comment on it. I personally am a member of about 10 such groups that allows me to post my latest post. Even if about one person from each group likes your post, you have 20 likes that looks good on your Digg Digg counter. If your posts are good and compelling, obviously you will soon make a name for yourself and you will start getting traffic through this method.


The second thing I do is head over to Google Plus. I have 3 accounts and I post on each one of them. I have also joined groups in my niche and most of them allow me to post my article on their group. Believe me, it does work and again you will get a small trickle of traffic from Google Plus. I am not sure what the goal of Google+ is but some analysts are saying that Google wants to prevent the migration of internet users to Facebook and other social networks. It is interesting to note that some of the biggest brands are not yet active on G+ including McDonald’s. In fact, they don’t have a single post on their page.


The third social site here I head over is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not just for networking, it even allows you to post things just in the same you would do on Facebook. You need to remember that you must have a good looking and professional profile. Try to make connections and if you have 500+ connections, they stop counting, you are then in the 500+ super connector’s club.

It takes a bit of time to get these connections but eventually you will get there. Share your latest post on LinkedIn which will be seen by your connections who will in turn engage with your post. I see a direct connection with my activity on LinkedIn and traffic to my site. Try to update your status few times a day. If you are a business owner, you should even have your own group.


Twitter is great social networking site and it has great abilities to drive traffic to your blog post. It has done wonders for my site as well. I have two accounts and as soon as I have published an article, I then tweet about it on both the Twitter accounts. Now there are some brilliant retweet sites that allow you to get retweets on your new blog post.

If you are looking for retweets and traffic then join JustRetweet and Easyretweet. I use both of these tools. They allow you to retweet other blogger’s content and in return you get offered credits which you can use to get retweets. Both of them are free services but their paid accounts allow you to get featured, get more retweets and more followers. Recently JustRetweet has integrated Facebook and Google +1 which means than you can now get more retweets, Facebook Likes and Google +1′s under one platform.

VIDEO: How To Get Social Media Traffic from Triberr


StumbleUpon is another one that I use. But it has not worked as well as I like. You need to use this sparingly and stumble other people’s content more than you do yours. The ratio recommended is 80:20 (other peoples VS your own content).


YouTube is another one that I have utilized but too be honest, I have not been able to leverage the power of YouTube to drive traffic to the extent some people have been. But nonetheless, I have created videos that have attracted good views which in turn drive traffic to my blog posts. Ms. Ileane teaches you how to promote your content on YouTube.

Be sure to sign up and for Ms. Ileane’s newsletter and get her free YouTube report.


If you are not using images then you are missing out on major traffic. Always include images in a blog post and add Alt tags to it. I have a travel site so it’s easy for me to use images. Even if you are not, there are plenty of royalty-free images than you can pick to use in your blog.

Once I have published my article and when traffic from social media begins to fade away, I pin the image from the post to Pinterest and then resubmit to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn giving the article another lease of life from social media. I also try to engage more with others and repin other people’s pictures some which return the favor. It all adds up.

Remember you can automate some of this. I have set mine with HootSuite but I just like doing it manually as well. This means that my latest post gets posted a couple few times on each of those social media sites. If you’re not posting everyday then you can repeat this couple of days later.

Just don’t fall asleep when you are listening. Not because Ileane’s boring or anything; it’s because she has a smooth, mellow and motherly voice – almost like a lullaby. Isn’t she lovely?

Twitter retweets, Google+, and Facebook at the moment are very effective in increasing your rankings, social back links and making your site look better in the eyes of others. Remember, provide good and entertaining information and gain the trust and credibility of your fans and followers. Finally, always share other people’s content more than you promote your own.

How do you drive traffic to your latest blog post? Share your social media strategies.


Hi, I am Shalu Sharma. I am the founder of YouBihar, the social networking site for the people of Bihar with over 13,000 members. I am also a travel blogger and write about India and travelling to India.


  1. I too am working hard to increase my social presence. I only launched my blog this week so it’s going to be a slow but very necessary process.

    • Jamie, you will get there, it might take a while but eventually you can get there. Follow and engage is mantra you need to be using. Thank you for your comment.

      • Jamie, I’d like to say best of luck for your blog.

        Social media really does help to increase our blog traffic within no time, If done right, these social networking sites can bring huge traffic to our blog.

        Make sure to do proper social promotion, engage with your followers. 😀

        • ohh if you started your blog just now, it’s a great place to learn things you are lucky. I came to know about BasicBlogTips after my 5 months journey, till then these guys have helped me alot in improving my blog and user experience. :)

  2. Hi Shalu, and welcome to Ileane’s blog :)

    What a lovely surprise to see you here and with an interesting topic as well :)

    There is no doubt about the power of social media, and in-fact it is the one thing that brings in a lot of traffic to my blog too. With the frequent Google updates, one can’t always rely on that kind of a traffic all the time. Yes, it does come in, but not as much as I get through social media and the relationships I’ve built with the commentators at my blog too.

    Oh yes…we do share a few common groups on Facebook, and I guess we do follow the same ways of sharing there, and the same goes with Twitter and LinkedIn as well. Pinterest does wonders for me after Facebook and Twitter, and that’s one reason the images we share should make an impact in the readers mind. Just like you, I still need to work upon YouTube and StumbleUpon, and a few others too. I guess we just our limited bit with whatever time we have in hand, and that’s about it, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a wonderful weekend, both of you :)

    • Hi Harleena
      I agree with you completely. With the updates happening so frequently, building up your presence on social media is even more important. YouTube and StumbleUpon is also great but need to work more on it. Thanks for your comment and sharing the post.

  3. Hi Shalu,

    First and awesome post, thank you for the detailed traffic tips on top social media sites. Now a days majority of the peoples are focusing on social media traffic, rather than SEO.

    • I actually read somewhere that social media will have a huge influence on SERP, which is one of the main reasons I’ve been putting extra focus towards it, especially Google+.

      Google+ has had the best results for me in terms of social media, and the extra visits are doing wonders for me in terms of income, and will probably have good effects on my SERP in the future as Google search becomes further integrated with Google+.

  4. Neha

    Hi Shalu, i think google+ traffic is much more beneficial for social and SEO purpose and yes as always twitter gives you more traffic when your articles are in viral. thanks for this information.

    • Its all about engagement and how you manage to use those social media sites for traffic. Its about cracking the code if you like. Google+ is great. Twitter definately has the potential to make it viral.
      Thank you for your comment.

  5. We can’t always rely on search engine traffic, because there are a lot of people competing for the top 10 spot. But, getting traffic through social media is not easy either.

  6. Rahul
    diversification is now the key to web traffic. If you can leverage the power of social media, you have a great tool in your hands.Its not easy but not impossible either. Its about connecting and sharing other people’s work as well not just yours. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  7. Well all of the sites presented above are great for more traffic but i like StumbleUpon the most as it is going to be a giant in the future as i am getting some great hits from this site…

    • Stumble upon is nice for starters but you should aim for diversity of websites in the long run. This will allow you to reach more people to your site as most internet users stick to one or two social sites. Just remember about moderation in your social media links so Google wont label you as a spammer 😉

  8. I’ve always utilised the social networks for Blazing Minds right from the start, almost 5 years now, one thing to always remember with them is timing.

    It’s all very well posting to sites such as Twitter, but the posts soon get lost in the noise, so my advice would also be to post on the networks several hours again later with the description updated so it doesn’t look like you are duplicating yourself, works for me 😉

      • Buffer is an awesome app for doing this or you can set up Twitterfeed for example to only tweet out your new posts several hours after they go live in your feed 😉

  9. Yes Social Media boosts traffic quite amazingly. Specially the Facebook. I get my most of the hits through Facebook sharing. And maintaining a Facebook page is an job in itself , to engage with fans.

  10. I utilize the opportunity of getting traffic from social media all of the time for Internet Dreams.

    The best performing social site for me has been Facebook along very closely, Twitter.

    The best advice I can give someone to succeed on those two social sites is to be very unique and very engaging :)

    Samuel from Internet Dreams

    • I agree with you on Facebook, if used properly – it works. I am glad that its working out for your site Internet Dreams. Thanks for your advice about being unique and very engaging.

  11. Hai Shalu,
    The tips mentioned above for getting more traffic are really useful. I am happy that iam using all of the above mentioned social medias to generate traffic to my latest post soon after it is published on my blog.

    In addition to that i have learned some other unknown techniques to engage more visitors to my blog from your awsome article. Thanks for sharring! :)

  12. HI Shalu Jee

    Great to see you here!

    You’re right, social media really plays a critical role in getting good number of visitors to the blog/website. A constant engagement is really required to sustain that. I’ve tried stumble upon but never knew it could really a traffic booster.

    Thanks for this great share. Have a great week ahead.


    • Hi Sapna,
      If used wisely, all those social media sites can work in your favour. Its all about engagement at the end of day rather than posting your links right, left and centre. By the way, lunch will be on me… thank you for your comment.. much appreciated.

  13. There are some great tips here for getting traffic from social media. I use most of them except YouTube and Pinterest. Maybe that is something I should work on a little more. Thank you for the great article.

    • Larry, for those who use YouTube, it can be the best of them all. Pinterest is another great one but you need to post some really interesting stuff. You should definitely try it, you never know what might work.

  14. Thanks ….No doubt social media is a great source to drive traffic,till then i have used all of them but not so deep,i usually share the post…but after going through the article i must engage myself to get more targeted traffic.

    • Rafaqat, wish you all the best in your use of these sites. Let us know how you get along. Feel free to get in touch and keep reading basic blog tips.

  15. Hi Shalu, nice to see you here on Ms. Ileane’s blog. I have seen you via Twitter. I would add Tribber to your list as well. I used to love Stumble Upon but since they made changes over a year ago I don’t use it as often. And it lead to high bounce rates. My fav is Twitter by far followed by FB and Google+. There are other places too like Blog Engage and both of which I learned from Ms. Ileane, she is sure wonderful. Her voice is very soothing indeed.
    Your site with 13,000 member is quite impressive, very nice!

    • Hi Lisa,
      thanks for mentioning those sites. I am also with Blogengage and it automates the tweet process. is another good one where you can post (also learnt from Ileane’s). Thanks for your comment and for the compliments.

  16. Hi Shalu,
    Great to see you here. I must say that I’m especially impressed with your use of Pinterest to pin and then repost your content to other social media outlets. That’s one I’m definitely going to try. Thanks for sharing your insight on this.

    PS – and yes, Ileane is lovely and awesome! :).

    • Hi Kiesha. You can try retweeting and sharing your pins a few days later after you have published your post. Thanks for your comment. Liked your “PS” note.

  17. A lot of good tips in your article, thanks. The entire promotion scene has changed with the proliferation of the social networking sites. I can remember a few short years ago submitting my site to the big three search engines and then watching for its appearance on page one of the results. Do you think G +1 will ever have any real authority? I hope not.

    • Its difficult to say what’s going to happen with G +1 but they certainly seem to be making a mark in online marketing and with webmasters.

  18. Thanks before for your great tips. Of all the Social Media that you mentioned above, especially for pinterest I strongly agree that those all can drive traffic to our latest blog post . For personal, I was greatly helped by Pinterest because Pinterest really helped me to get visitors or traffic.

  19. Great information on social media Shalu. I use to get most of my traffic from Facebook but lately I’ve been getting it through twitter. As long as you’re promoting on social media and giving a lot of value, you will inevitably get the traffic. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Shalu,

    Great post! I, too, get most of my traffic from social media. My blog isn’t really a search engine magnet because my site isn’t optimized for the search engines. (Or so I think.)

    One thing to add though, Reddit, I think, is still a good source of traffic. One client of mine asked me to write articles for his site on this particular business site, which is pretty popular, in my opinion. The moment the articles got published, he pushed them on Reddit, and the first article I wrote for him bagged top spot for the most popular during the month of April.

    The second one, which got published this month of May, is already on top spot in its category. I’m not trying to count the chicks before they hatch, but I’m guessing the post might make it to the top ten for May, too. :)

    • Maricel,
      I agree that Reddit is another one that can be used. But its exclusion from the list is deliberate. I think Reddit needs to be used sparingly otherwise it doesn’t allow you to submit. Hence care must be taken by sharing popular stuff appropriately other than your own. Your article seems to have done well on Reddit, well done for that. Thanks for your comment and your thoughts on Reddit – much appreciated. Have a nice day.

      • Thanks for the added info on Reddit, Shalu. I’m not a user of the site yet, but my client is. Your insight re some of their posting guidelines is greatly appreciated.

        Well, the posts doing well because they were pushed on Reddit caught me off-guard. That was totally unexpected. :)

        (By the way, they did well in the site where the articles were published. They’re not necessarily claiming top spot on Reddit.)

  21. Social media traffic is great. Given the so many search algorithms that are rolled out, relying too much on search traffic is a risk.

    And the traffic that comes to any blog via social media is the kind of traffic that sticks and can be easily converted – at least that’s what I’ve seen from my experience.

  22. pinterest has been good for me till now, to get traffic from pinterest images should be catchy and google plus is so so for me but i got awesome traffic when i shared my posts in google plus trends.

  23. Hi Shalu Jee,

    I try and do all of this and a lot of it is working.
    I’m just having trouble building a following on Twitter. All of the other platforms its slow and steady, but with twitter it seems I can’t get ahead. Any ideas?

    • You must get followers on Twitter. In order to do that, you must be creative in your approach. Always use your real photo, be personal at times, follow those who follow you, tweet good stuff, use hashtags etc. I hope this helps.

  24. I’m using Facebook,Pinterest ,Reddit and stumbleupon and Twitter to drive traffic to my blog . Got fair results with facebook and stumbleupon and no results from othe other social networking sites . I’ll be trying out the retweet tools justretweet and Easyretweet tools that you’ve mentioned .
    Thanks for the info !

    Best Wishes ,

  25. Hi Shalu Sharma,
    you are really such a sweet writter, you always just share valuable article’s. I do appreciate this post for how to use Social Media to drive traffic on Latest Blog Post. I use most popular social media networks like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, myspace, Google plus & pinterest to increase traffic on blog & blog post & to be honest. I really get benefit to share on social media. It really increase traffic.

  26. Hey Shalu you wrote an awesome post but let me add one thing if you go to social media just to share your post you will not develop your community there; for this you have to be with them by sharing, liking and commenting on others sharing as well

    • Edson, I agree that you need to share others people’s as well. I have mentioned that already. My third last sentence says it all…..Just above the last line..”Finally, always share other people’s content more than you promote your own”. Thanks for your input and have a nice day.

  27. Thank you Shalu for the great and detailed post. I have just started blogging and all these tips are very useful for me. I just need to keep working on my blog and try not to give up.

  28. Excellent Article shalu – I have followed some of your tips and not only did I see a really big boost in traffic to my blog, I have found so many blogs that welcome guest bloggers. Thank you for sharing with us.

  29. Sue Tamani

    Hi Shalu

    Great article, mentioning all the must-do social networking sites.

    I also use TribePro and Onlywire, getting from 1,500 to 2,000 social backlinks automatically per post. Unfortunately they are not free :(

    I hope everyone clicked on all the share icons on the left hand side as a thank-you for your article Shalu.

    I look forward to your next post.


    • Sue
      TribePro and Onlywire are good tools. I too hope people have been clicking on the share icons….Thanks for mentioning the automation tools and your comments. With, TribePro do you need to create accounts with all the accounts they automate to.

      • Sue Tamani

        You create all your accounts in Onlywire.
        I have 17 but you can join over 45. I just joined the ones with high Page Ranks – 8 and above.
        TribePro looks after all the shared syndication.

  30. Of course. It is commonplace truth.. Social media and Blogging is indissoluble.. These are all great tips. Thank you for taking the time to post them. As I try them out I will let you know what kind of result I get. NOTE: I have a Like button on my page but did not think to put one on my post. I will start doing that with my next post. Again . Many thanks.

  31. Blogging gives you a platform and provides opportunities for you to engage with readers and professionals by spreading your networks via social media. If you are selective and interact with a relevant audience it can ultimately lead to more connections and drive more traffic to your business.

  32. Hi Shailu, I do use social media for getting traffic, mostly I perform through Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for sharing wonderful article.

  33. Hi Ileane,

    Thanks for explaining this. You have been doing so well since I’ve been following you. I always learn from reading your posts. I was wondering how people use FB to gain traffic. I’m going to join some more groups. I wanted to know how to use JustTweet too. Thanks for such a good explanation.

  34. Hi Shalu

    I’ve recently started to use Google+ and Pinterest much more than I was and have found that Google+ is now my largest social media traffic provider.

    I don’t really use StumbleUpon too much these days either. As Lisa mentions above, the bounce rate from their traffic can be very high.

    • Tim
      I can understand the concerns about bounce rate when using StumbleUpon. But to be honest, I never bothered about those metrics. But thats just me. With StumbleUpon if it goes viral, then there is the ability to generate 1000’s of views, converting some of them into regular viewers.

  35. Hadley

    Social Media is arguably the most important thing since the Google Panda/Penguin updates as it’s the key now to engaging your audience online.

    I know a lot about Twitter but haven’t utilized Google+ properly yet, great little piece of information for it.

    • Thank you Hadley. As you say, social media plays an important role nowadays now after the Google Panda/Penguin updates. It is important to diversify your traffic sources.

  36. Thanks for this summary on what to do once you’ve written your blog post. I like the tip and video tutorial about JustRetweet, a site that I have heard of but never considered using to promote blog posts.

  37. Hello ; thank you for the detailed traffic tips on top social media sites. Now a days majority of the peoples are focusing on social media traffic, rather than SEO.

  38. Hi Shalu,

    Many thanks for those really practical tips. Regarding Pinterest, I have some concerns about copyright for some images – I mainly use Creative Commons images from Flickr, many of which I’ve been able to pin, keeping the link and attribution to the creator, while still altering the pin’s link to my own site – however, I’ve lately found a lot of Flickr images won’t allow you to edit them like that. I’ve also used some images purchased from sites like Istockphoto and Bigstockphoto, but they’ve advised that even if you’ve bought the image, you can only ‘pin’ the version with the watermark, which isn’t much use. I’d be grateful for your thoughts on that?


    • Sue
      Issues of copyright violation is a major concern when using Pinterest. That is why we must be using our own images or that is in the public domain that will allow you to use for even for business purposes.

  39. Hello Shalu,
    Social media is one of the best way of getting everlasting traffic to ones blog. Since Google has roll out there social network and community, it has made the social world even more interesting. Thanks for the wonderful post Shalu and do have a lovely week

  40. Good post, thank you for sharing those tips.

    Our blog is set up to automatically post our blog posts to our Twitter, FaceBook and Google + accounts. We also utilize OnlyWire to post to the other social media outlets that we have established accounts with.

    This automation saves us a lot of time in getting our blog posts out there.

    Thanks for the tip on JustRetweet….will have to give it a look to see if it may work for us.

    Thanks again!

    • I have heard of OnlyWire but never got around to use it. Perhaps that would be the next step. Justretweet is a good one, most top bloggers are using it.

  41. This is great advice I really like using justretweet it is a great way to make your post go out virally.I have posting links on facebook but I always forget the blurb which explains why I am not getting the traffic I should change .Also if you can I would suggest making your own facebook page for your blog becuase it helps make another community.I think the most important part of using social media is to remember the “social” part .Its important to the people not at them

    • Hi Marty
      I agree with you that we tend to forget the social part of the whole thing.The Facebook page or group is a must for any business. Thanks for your comment.

  42. Your suggestion concerning checking out other StumbleUpon content several times more than you submit content yourself is actually a good technique to use with all social media accounts. I noticed that since we started re-tweeting content from Twitter accounts we follow, many of them have started to re-tweet our content… when we get around to posting it that is.

  43. Awesome post here, these are surely the best methods to get traffic and increase your Alexa ranking
    thanks for sharing!

    • I am glad you liked it. I cannot confirm that it will help Alexa rankings but I am confident that it will increase your traffic if done properly.

  44. Wade Harman

    It’s a good process, but one can get into the habit of just posting their links on their social accounts.

    You seriously have three G+ accounts? Lol!

    Anyway, it takes more than just posting your links to social media to get traffic. It takes follow up, interaction, engagement, and consistency to drive social media traffic. No one really takes into consideration the psychology that is involved in driving social traffic to their site. They simply think that all they have to do is post the link and it will magically appear.

    But you’re right to assume that this is the first step at least. Got to start somewhere.

    • I do have three G+ accounts, the reason for that is I use one for business and one for personal use, otherwise what will happen is that there will be too many emails in one account. I must look into the psychology of the driving traffic from social media – seems interesting.

  45. I tried stumbleupon and it was hard. Didn’t achieve much traffic from it so it’s no use unless you have a plugin that automatically posts there so you won’t have to worry about it. If traffic comes from that post then it’s a bonus.

  46. “Most people rely on the mighty search engines for their traffic”

    Which is a terrible idea given how often Google and friends change their rules. I find it much more effective to rent banner space on other people’s sites. For a few bucks a month you can get hundreds of people to visit your site, people who aren’t merely bumping into it as is so often the case with search engines.

  47. Hi shalu
    social media these days plays very important role for driving traffic especially pintrest,facebook,twitter.

    • Indeed, they must be used to supplement the traffic you get from the search engines. Combined together, it has lot of potential. Thank you for your comment.

  48. Fortunately, social media offers the versatility you need to keep your engagement fresh and alluring. However, it is important not to fall into the trap of believing that having a presence on social media is all that is required. To effectively use social media to drive traffic to your website you have to make some extra effort engaging with the others and update your posts consistently.

    • As you say, just by having a presence is fruitless until you put in extra effort engaging with others. Well said! Could not agree with you more.

  49. Your article has shown me the mistake I was doing. I used to share my posts on facebook but not put a description on it. Thank you for highlighting my mistake.

  50. Wow, this is a great blog post. Social Media is a great place to build your blogs traffic from. Thanks anyway.

  51. Thanks for the tips.One of the challenges I am facing now is how to increase traffic to my site. Surely this will help me.

  52. stumble upon and youtube is not working for me. when comparing to other top social medias. this article will be more helpful Bloggers who are focusing on traffic .

    Thanks for sharing useful information shalu jee

    • With SU, you need to stumble other peoples’ as well. But it works for some people, its a matter of finding out which one will work for you.

  53. Thanks for the post. I usually just post my URL to my Facebook wall, I will now be putting in a description as well.

  54. Social Media should be a part of any effort to rank a site online but I think it would be a mistake to rely only on social media. having said that I find myself getting more and more social traffic compared to search engine traffic and I am giving more weight to social marketing than ever before.

  55. Hey Shalu,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Yes, social media sites really helps us to drive more traffic to our blog and also helps in promoting our blog but the main thing is that we have to use it correctly. This post really help all the newbies.

    • If used correctly, its has a lot of potential. You must post useful and entertaining content to make it work. Thank you for your comment.

  56. Well obviously you have used the full potential of social media in your marketing plan. And that is great in order to achieve the user engagement which is also essential to build your brand and authorship. keep up!

  57. Hi Shalu,
    Great post you have here, and it pretty much covers the main social media traffic sources no one should ignore online.
    I am particularly in agreement with you about adding descriptions t to your URL. I would like to add that varying the description text across or within a social media site is also very crucial.
    For instance, Google+ considers posting the same link in many Google+ communities without varying text or using the share button as spam.
    Thanks for sharing, Shalu!

    • Hi Lola
      Adding a description is an absolute must. Its makes your campaign much more crunchy and to the point and you will be seen as someone who is posting good stuff.

  58. Pinterest is one of my favorite social sharing sites. That’s why when I make a blog post, I always include images in order to share it on Pinterest. 😀

  59. Great guide Shalu mam.

    Social media is a very large source of traffic when used effectively and now a days I am working on my social presence specially twitter and LinkedIn.

    I have never used JustRetweet (though I have read about it many times) but today – now – I am going to start using it.

    Thanks mam!

  60. Social media is really essential for providing the traffic to any website.You can even add the importance of sites like delicious,reddit,buisness friend etc.

  61. Hi Shalu,

    With the addition of social media as platform for promoting blogs, it actually made every bloggers life a little bit easy since these social media sites are capable of bringing traffic to any blog site with the proper technique or method will be use. I actually think it’s an advantage for beginners or for those who are planning to engage in blogging since they can now read on how to properly use the social media to promote their blogs. Anyway, bloggers do owe a lot with these major social media sites.

  62. This is a very helpful post. Social media could, in fact, make great impacts on your blog’s traffic plus the exposure gained along the way. Thank you for sharing this.

  63. Andrew

    Interesting post regarding to social media traffic. Every new bloggers and new website owners are looking to how to get traffic.I hope facebook and twitter, those are the best source to get more traffic from social networking sites.Now a days most of the people are looking traffic from social networking sites but not from seo.

  64. Thank you very much for the post. Excellent. Strategic information and powerful tips.
    WOW ! So many things you have to do and so little time. Even one social media is difficult to handle. When I think of 4-5 and each of them with more than 1 account… it makes my hair curl.

    How do you make it?
    One thing comes constantly in my mind: automation. Without automation there is no way you can resist on more than one social media site. You’ll be exhausted and quit. So you need to set a good automation system. How? That is the question!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write this post.

    Have a nice day

  65. Social networks are great to work on but you need a full time dedicated person to work on them or dedicate yourself to work on it but once you have good enough followers or likes on your fan pages you’re not gonna be any needy of traffic. it will come to yourself just by sharing the content.

  66. Amazing post Mam. Getting traffic from Social media is much more easy than search engine. I am just wondering why you miss tumblr ?

  67. Hi Shalu,

    Lovely to see you here at Ileane’s blog and what a wonderful subject to capture. I mean we all do love social media right! Our blogs are considered part of social media so we are all in love with those.

    I remember when I first finally started learning how to promote my blog the “right” way and it was by sharing it on the social media sites as well. But it didn’t get traction because I was sharing it, it finally started getting traction because other people were sharing it.

    But you know all about making those connections and we have to start somewhere right!

    Now I admit I use to share my content on LinkedIn but I just have my blog stream on my profile page now. I didn’t have much luck with them or Pinterest. I know that you have to put the time and effort into promoting them there as well but they just weren’t my sites of choice.

    Thank you again for this post and sharing what you do to get your posts recognized. No better way then to learn from someone who is getting the results.


    • Hi Adrienne
      My first post on Ileane’s. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I get some traffic from LinkedIn which is always great. But the best one so far has been Facebook.

  68. Great post! Most definitely social media is the best source for traffic these days. We all are fighting a battle against Google’s surprises. I think the success of social media is because it is a way to escape reality and the mess the world is in today.

    News about crime, wars, murder, corruption etc. is part of our daily lives. To look at a picture of a friend, a pet or baby and see peace, friendship, love and happiness, sharing something funny or just having contact via this medium with family or friends; takes us away from reality for a while.

    Great! Keep going and I wish you only success for the future…


  69. It seems everyone has their favorite or two of social media sites. I prefer pinterest as I have a ton of images that appeal to the sites demographics-women. I think all have their benefits, you simply need to find the sites that drive the most traffic and tumblr seems to do a lot for me as well.

    • Lisa, if you have images, you should use utilise Pinterest to the fullest. It has huge potential. Tumblr is another good one. I am seeing lots of tumblr posts in the search engines.

  70. Great content Shalu, I’ve been building up my network on Google+ and plan on using more of it going into the future. I’m also a big fan of JustRetweet, retweets really help with your social signals, thanks for the informative post.

  71. My blog is a month old and has over 3000 views. Being a new blogger, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Digg and sometimes Chime, although I’m still learning how to harness the power of these social medias. It takes time to be recognised but it’s worth the wait and learning experience.

  72. In my opinion Facebook pages are the best way to get lots of social media traffic.
    I am getting lots of traffic with them. And Thanks miss Shalu sharma for this post …:)

  73. Great tips here, I am still learning my way, but social media is so powerful, if you don’t use it you simply get left behind.I’ve got some homework to do!

  74. Hi Shalu! Blog traffic is very much important for blogging sites. We can increase it via social medias. Thanks for your excellent tips.
    Nice Writing.

  75. Thanks shalu for sharing a wonderful resource on social media i really agree too social media emerge as a key player in offsite SEO optimization with the help of social media sites sharing of stuffs became to easy along with each other opinion

  76. Hi Shalu,

    Well said. Social media really plays a vital role in getting traffic. Almost you covered all the topics. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  77. Yep, it is true not to rely only on search engine when you have the power of social media. It can also work as the major source of traffic to your blog, and i use the platform of social media to its fullest. Thanks for sharing this information. :)

  78. Hey Shalu,
    You after the arrival of social media in India, it has boosted up and changed the way of spreading knowledge and news. In case of your blogs also, you can use these medias to reach and express your views with the help of blog to great number of people and it is truly a great medium to boost your traffic. :)

  79. I like this post. Drive Blog Traffic From Social Media – If you have been following my blog long enough, then you know I am a big fan of using social media to drive traffic to my blog.

  80. Hii Shalu
    Yep, after the wide spread of social media in India, it has become easier to share your views. So, this has helped a lot for bloggers too. They are using social networking site to the fullest to drive traffic to their blogs. Well thanks for sharing your ways to drive traffic to your blog.