RebelMouse Proves What A Social Front Page Can Do For You

RebelMouse – What Can You Do With This Social Aggregator?

RebelMouse is the cute mouse that can quickly aggregate all of your blog posts, social shares and create a front page within moments. What can this do for your blog or website?

RebelMouse For You

RebelMouse For Your Blog or Website

This handy tool works hard so you don’t have to.  This is how to use RebelMouse. It’s a great place to showcase all of your blog posts and social shares. You may also curate more content right on the RebelMouse dashboard. You may tweet or share the content right from inside of RebelMouse. Overall, they make it very easy for you to use RebelMouse. They have just celebrated their 1st anniversary back in April.

How You Can Get Started Today at RebelMouse

Sign up via your Social Network of Choice  – You now have 4 choices, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or you can even use Google+.

Sign Up for RebelMouse


Once you sign in via Twitter or the other social log ins you will see this image to be sure it’s set up. You can see I showed you my retail site as I was adding it to RebelMouse. Here’s Ms. Ileane’s if you want to take a look.

Sign up with Twitter

The beauty of RebelMouse is you can have dual accounts!

It makes it easy now when I log in via my own name as you will see below. NO extra charges either for this! Most types of networks charge for using more than one account. You can use your personal account and your blog or business account.

Dual accounts on RebelMouse

Add on your other social networks and your blog feed. When you are done you will see this image below. Awesome indeed!

Working for you

That is it! You are done. You just sit back and wait for the email. Mine took about 24 hours and then you can log in and look at your page.

What Else Can You Do The Free Edition of RebelMouse?

  • Organize your feed. You can set it up in various layouts. You can choose different fonts too.
  • Add content, you can add fresh content.
  • You can delete some shares.  You may find some and wonder, did I really share this?
  • You can like, star or share others feeds right in RebelMouse.
  • Link Juice – One would imagine you would have some link juice from RebelMouse with their page rank of a 6. You can even find Matt Cutts of Google on RebelMouse with his own page.

What Can You Do With The Premium Edition?

  • It is called Power Your Site – you can make your own blog’s home page from RebelMouse. You would have your domain name as well. You may also power a subdomain from your blog or company blog. 
  • Google Analytics are available in the premium edition. Great way to track your mouse.
  • Integration with Mail Chimp with custom newsletters.
  • Custom CSS tools. You can be more creative with your pages.
  • Optimized for mobile – a must these days.
  • Advanced embed controls for branding.
  • Pricing is $9.99 per month.

What Else Is Coming via RebelMouse?

  • New ad models – that will be in “real time” just like social media is. Ads can be made on the fly.
  • Sign up for alerts – followers and anyone can sign up for alerts from your page. The alerts will be emailed to them. It is LIVE now!
  • More email integrations coming soon.

Have you signed up yet?  What are you waiting for? Watch my presentation to learn more about RebelMouse.


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  1. Hi Lisa Buben,
    Nice , it’s a awesome article. It is very needed information for every bloggers and website owners. Nice sharing and the way of your presentation with pictures and description was good. It is useful , informative article. Thanks , keep it up.

  2. Great info. Have never tried this tool. I’ve tried something similar, Twylah, which looked great but I couldn’t figure out how to make use of it exactly.
    Will check this out.
    The options to make the homepage from rebelmouse seems interesting.

  3. Hi Nicko,
    Oh yes, I’m on Twylah too. I believe you will find Rebel Mouse easier to use and set up. I have not used the plugins myself with the premium version. But you could set up your homepage via them that way. Hope to see you other there Nicko.

  4. Good stuff. However, I think this service will make social media networking a little bit complex. Nevertheless, I’ll be checking this tool out. Might actually make things easier as well

    • Hi Pitt, it’s the type of thing you can set up and leave or you may go back and tidy it up and do various things as well. I liked being able to see my shares all in one place – it helps me stay a little more focused. Let me know how you like it Pitt. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  5. I am already in Rebelmouse and I like it very much. Its a handy tool. Premium version allows you to remove the rebelmouse boxes on the right.

    • Good to know Shalu, how long have you been using it? Thanks for the tidbit too on those boxes. Thanks for coming by and commenting on this one.

  6. I’ve used and like RebelMouse, but it could be because the mouse grabbed my attention at first or because I actually found it handy, or both!

  7. Sarah

    Hi Lisa, I’ve never heard about this before but after reading your article i can say it is good way to aggregate your content on social profiles to get maximum exposure. Going to signup.. Thanks for letting me know.

    • You are welcome Sarah, and the best thing is it really doesn’t take long to do. Enjoy and see you over there. Thanks for commenting.

  8. In this age of stiff competition where you have a huge list of things to do the RebelMouse is a great blessing to manage your petty things

  9. if the idea isto create a more unified view of you for other people to follow, that presumes they’re willing to go the extra step and look at your RebelMouse. Even though it’s designed to streamline, it feels like this service is adding a layer of complexity to a social media viewscape that is already dence

  10. Martin, you could set it up and forget about it too. It would still work for you with some link juice and others seeing your profiles there. It updates automatically. Of course you can do more with it if you choose to.

  11. Hello Lisa,
    Rebel mouse surely is a great choice, I selected it to manage all my feeds. I was not aware of all of these stuffs that I could do on rebel mouse.Thanks for sharing the post.

  12. I’ve heard the name, another blogging friend mentioned it but never told me what it was for. So call me a dummy Lisa but what is it’s purpose? It is like so that people can find different content of yours located in one place and chose what they want to read?

    See, I need things explained to me in simple terms so after reading through this I guess I’m still not totally getting it. I usually ignore most of the new things that come out because there are already 20 million programs coming on the scene and who needs one more to figure out. lol…

    Thanks Lisa and good to see you here at Ileane’s place. Great job with this post if I can only figure out what it is.

    Enjoy your week now.


    • Adrienne, at the very least it’s great link juice :) RebelMouse has a PR of 6. More people will find you. It’s very quick and easy to set up. (literally minutes)
      It’s also a great way to see how you are sharing via all your social networks. I found a few things and thought to myself, really, I shared that?
      You can go premium and incorporate into your blog or website as well. You can check out mine here too —>
      I hope it helps! Thanks for coming by Adrienne. Have a great evening.

  13. Thanks for the share. Great new application I can use. Rebel mouse seems like a great way to help me in my social media marketing strategies.

  14. Farrell John Conejos

    Hey Lisa,

    It’s actually my first time to hear about RebelMouse since I am not really on tools and stuff. But despite lacking information about useful tools, I still want to learn a thing or two about it so that I can decide if it’s valuable for me to use. Thanks for sharing this post about RebelMouse.

    • Hi Farrell, you are welcome. I hope to see you over there. IT is really simple to set up and get going. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

    • Sally, isn’t it a cute mouse too? It’s a very easy set up and you can do as little or as much as you want with this one. Thanks for coming by Sally.

  15. Just came across this Rebel Mouse for the first time. Its cute by looks and indeed useful for bloggers. I am gonna try this new thing right away. Thanks for the article.

  16. Hi Lisa…

    This is why I love my Job… There are so many things to learn each and everyday… I believe our generation is lucky to have people like you and Ileane to guide us…