7 Steps on Your Journey to Building A Profitable Blog

Building a profitable blog is a great way to start making money on the Internet.

Journey to building a profitable blogIt’s becoming more popular and these days many bloggers are seeking the experience and want to learn how to make blogging profitable.

Once you discover how to build a blog and have a system in place for generating income, you don’t have to spend all of your time during the day to run the blog properly. Just make sure to practice some of basic actions on a regular basis and you will be able to make money out of your blog.

At the same time, you don’t need to quit your day job, in order to start making an income online. Now I’m sure that the question arises in your mind, how can I start blogging for money? This question comes to mind especially if you’re a beginner, but even some more experienced bloggers are eagerly seeking the answer to this question.

So, let’s get started with discussing the basic fundamentals you need to put in place on your journey to building a profitable blog.

Select a proper Niche:

Selecting a proper niche for your site is equivalent to securing the foundation of a house or building. If the foundation is strong, the house will be too! Select a niche which you are passionate about in an area you have a good knowledge about. For example, if you have a very strong knowledge about photography then try using that for your niche. Niche blogs tend to attract targeted traffic from people who are searching for solutions to their problems. Most of the time they are willing to spend money when they find the solution they are looking for. You want your blog to offer solutions and be seen as an authority on your niche topic.

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Establish a Profitable Domain:

Visit a preferred domain registrar like GoDaddy or NameCheap and secure a good domain for your blog. The domain name should be in the category of your niche.

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Next, go to HostGator to get your own shared web hosting account. If you already have a web space and a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you can directly publish your articles there.

Build high quality content:

The amount of content and the quality of content are the two factors that define the service you are providing to your readers on your blog. Take your time and write up around 15-20 quality articles per month and make sure that the content offers good value and helps people solve their problems so that your blog can easily attract more readers from search engines. This will also be incentive for others to share your content on site like Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Build targeted traffic:

This is the most important task to be performed on a regular basis. One of the best methods of doing this is guest blogging. You can submit some of your content on a niche which is similar to your’s. This will drive traffic to your blog. Many of the top blogs are accepting guest posts these days, just be sure to do your research and submit your request in the correct format and use the proper channels. For example, Ms. Ileane prefers that guest author requests are submitted via voice mail on SpeakPipe.

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Integrate social media into your blogging routine: 

Social media can be very useful in helping you build a profitable blog. You can create a fan page on the Facebook as well as you can make an account on Twitter.

This will keep you more connected to your audience and at the same time it will glorify your blog as well. Not only Facebook and Twitter, there are many social media sites and communities like YouTube where you can use these sites to excel your business. Watch this video where Ms. Ileane shows how to earn additional income for your blog through Google AdSense and YouTube.

Bonus Video: How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos with AdSense

Interact with your audience:

Everybody likes to be treated well. If you are responding to your audience then they feel connected to you and this increases the number of visits they make to your blog.  Be sure to respond to them so that they become more interested in your blog. Let it be a status on Facebook or a tweet on twitter, interacting always has its edge.

Also, don’t fail to start building an email list so that you can gain subscribers and make an even deeper connection with your readers. Use an email distribution service like AWeber to collect contact information so that you can keep in touch through an automated follow-up sequence.

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Once you start getting a good amount of traffic, you can monetize your blog now. You can join an affiliate marketplace like ClickBank and add helpful product links inside related articles. Don’t overdo it, but try to maintain a pattern of 1 or 2 links per article.

Another way to capitalize on top blog topics is to develop your own products. For example you can create an ebook and offer it to your subscribers or make it available for sale in the Amazon Kindle store.

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Keep following these tips and you might end up with one of the most lucrative blogs in your niche and start making a good deal of profit.

Got any more tips about making a profitable blog? Please share them in the comments.


Amrik Virdi is a professional blogger.


  1. Hi Amrik,
    Good to see you here with this solid tips.
    You know is those early days, most of us went into blogging without a clear picture where we were going. Today it’s different. With such tips, beginners today start off on a good footing.

    Thanks for bringing this up and thanks Ileane for the video

    • I am just starting out and wanted to say thank you for these great tips. Building targeted traffic is the hardest part for me so far. If you have any advice please let me know.

      I think another great tip is to not underestimate ourselves when we dive into the ocean of the internet. There are a lot of people in almost every niche. Rather than compete it’s important to know why we are different and showcase that as much as possible.

  2. Hi Amrik,
    Thanks for sharing with us.i agree proper niche and consistency plays an important role in increasing traffic which makes your blog profitable because without traffic everything you do is useless.thanks for sharing again.

    • Amrik Virdi

      Great to see you here. There is no doubt that consistency plays a big role in blogging success.

      Good luck.

  3. Wow !
    That was some great tips Amrik ! :)

    I am already following some points that you mentioned above, but it seems I have missed some :-/

    I will follow your tips and keep posting 😀

  4. I always say the best way to engage the blogosphere and to generate revenues is to come up with a products or service you can sell and get 100% of the month from it. This can be marketing, e-books and so much more. You just need to be the one earning the larger cut.

  5. blog monetization is not that simple as it seems 😉 I wonder what percentage of bloggers make good money from blogging… not that many I bet :)
    best regards!

  6. Hi Amrik,

    Well i think , only targeted audience can really monetize any blog and targeted audience only comes from trust and trust come from high quality and informative article. I am really struggling to create that kind of blog. Well i hope you got it ,i am newbee and i have lot of things to learn before i will be able to monetize my blog. Nice article and i hope to read more such article.


  7. Hi Amrik,

    Thanks for sharing the article with us, I think you said all the points ,there are lot many things to do with all to make a profitable blog but above mentioned are useful to make a strong base of a blog.

    Thanks for sharing the information
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  8. Hi Amrik,

    Selecting the right niche and a good domain name is really important in the early days of professional blogging. I had suffered a lot due to wrong selection of a domain name in my initial days of blogging career.


  9. Getting targeted forms a very crucial part in these steps to success. Most bloggers start great but struggle in finding the right audience – which is somewhat tough these days, given the competition and the variety of people hanging out online.

    Thanks for the great tips Amrik!

  10. Hello Amrik,

    The first thing to begin with profitable blog is “selecting the niche” and working on it. Now the next thing is working on it consistently to get it tip in short time.


  11. Hey Ileane,

    You are so fun, LOL! Love your video, and thanks for that tutorial on Adsense.

    Of course Amrik, all great advice. I’m a big fan of writing quality content, that is content that solves problems like you said, but also writing content that delivers from experience, much like Ileane does. There’s a lot of theory out there, but I think what readers want is writers sharing their personal experiences, their pitfalls and personal insight.

    Elizabeth :-)

  12. Hi Amrik,

    Well I think niche selection is very important. Also doing keyword research before you jump in and get a domain name, create content, is essential because if you rush this part the work will be cut out for you in the long run.

    And not relying on a single source of income is another thing people should think about, you should always look for new ways you can add sustainable income streams to your portofolio.

    Great post Amrik, cheers.


  13. Hi Amrik,
    yes, the integation of the blog post with the social media has most recently gained an immense importance. However, the conversation with the readers and the presentation are always the key factor.

  14. Hey Amrik,

    Nice to see you guest posting here on BasicBlogTips :)

    It takes alot of work to create a profitable blog, but with these steps you have written about in this article is an excellent guideline.

    Again, it is said easier than done!

    Have an awesome day from Internet Dreams!

  15. You hit the bulls-eye.Hard-work and dedication are a few things you need to be able to succeed online.

  16. You rolled out some awesome tips here which i love bro,. With all my years of blogging, i have learnt that getting engagement is one of the hardest task as a blogger. Traffic is also one great road to a bloggers jurny. thanks

  17. Building blogs has a lot of good benefits but you must always remember this that it takes a lot of commitment, patience, technical know-hows and most importantly, the passion to see you through the ups and downs of blogging.

  18. Mohd Aktar

    Hi Amrik, the steps you have mentioned for building a profitable blog are absolutely important. Even the bonus video by Ms. Ileane’s is great as usual. Thanks

  19. we should focus on slectin a right niche and domain, beacuse it will help alot and will build a venue. mostly people pick wrong niche and lose their interest over time.


  20. these tips were really helpful for me and Gave me some Ideas to change some of my blogging habits many thanks pal thanks for stopping by 😀

  21. Most of the sub topics in the article are not new but their presentation is quite unique and have a fresh look that do not bore the readers and instead it infuse new passion in struggling bloggers like me to keep following the universal blogging tip and go ahead.

  22. Vivek

    Ok that was a great post. Social media and keyword research are the most important factor which every internet marketer have to think about. Social media helps to get connected with client’s or readers whereas keyword research help you get more organic exposer and traffic.

  23. Hey Amrik !
    Nice list you have shared with us.Building high quality content is very true point. People need the best and different solutions for their problems, they don’t want just to promote you. Moreover Interaction with you audience is very essential point, indeed. You are right through interaction people feel good.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thanks Amrik for Sharing Wonderful Piece of Information! Niche Based Blogging is one of the best approach for getting handsome amount of revenue; Well written niche based content is the key for success online!

  25. Hy Amrik,

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips.I agree with you in your every step of this blog specially the first step “selecting proper niche” an work on it,it is the first step which makes your blog more profitable. Most bloggers start great but struggle in finding the right audience.


  26. i always love Amrik ‘s post, so i got many things from them. Selecting a profitable niche will give you more income, so this step is important. thanks

  27. Hy,

    Great post man!
    All the ideas are advanced and everyone must be used to get better results. Thank for sharing your experience with us.


  28. Writing 15 to 20 articles per month. That is too much for new bloggers that are learning how to write posts for their blog. But I like your article especially the part for selecting your niche.

  29. For almost all bloggers, I imagine affiliate marketing will be the optimal way to go. Build a list of subscribers, offer them valuable content–initially for free–and then you can start promoting affiliate products.

  30. The role of building a blog from ground to the top is a very difficult and time taking job.
    Most people generally leave their hands when they are not able to find topics to be posted, selecting their niche. Really the role of your domain name is also very important. The name must be always such that it is directly signifying the genre you write.
    Very nice info…keep sharing!!!

  31. These tips are really helpful as I am responsible for starting a new blog for the telecoms company that I run. With your tips I hope it will make a real impact on the business!!

  32. The niche is the key to building a popular blog. Like you said, this lays the foundation of your blogging career as people are searching for the solutions for their problems. Once you get that establish the traffic will start pouring in! Great post and list Amrik!

  33. Wonderful tips on creating a profitable blog. Niche selecting is very vital because that really determine trends. Selecting what you are familiar and very passionate about will definitely make you a good writer.

  34. Wow, a nice tutorial for bloggers to learn about monetizing their blogging skills. This is really great anyway. Thanks for this.

  35. Hey Amrik,

    Nice post! To be honest, I have read some of these steps with other blogs and for me, that is okay because I can see that these things are consistently being suggested which means these things are effective. But what’s more important is dedication, passion and perseverance. These positive attitudes combine with the helpful tips that you just gave is certainly a good 1-2 punch not only for blogging but every aspect of online and offline businesses. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing this very informative post.

  36. Being able to make good cash from your blog is what every blogger is after. Thanks for those tips Amrick – I must say they are very well defined.

  37. Very practical and easy to follow tutorial. How easy you have made it sound on creating profitable blogs. You are a genius i must say. Thanks for sharing

  38. Having a profitable blog is never an easy journey. But it surely is worth it when you know you’ve given your best and have done enough hardwork. These tips are amazing and are really of big help.

  39. Amrik,
    I am impressed with the way of writing.Before making a idea of a profitable blog on should be very careful with the selection of niche.After reading this part I understand the importance of choosing a niche.Hardwork and passion towards blogging will always do wonder.Best of luck for your blogging career.

  40. You are so right when you say that picking a niche you are knowledgable about, I see so many abandoned blogs because people have picked niches they have no interest in but have picked them simply because they believe it will yield them more money.

  41. thank you for this post , i know writing great content is vital but i don`t get it wright how can i write something that people are interested or that will make people share it?

  42. Amrit,

    Thanks for the tips. My question is how long does it take to see the results of a top backlink from one of the bigger blogs? I am new and just have a little confusion with writing on another blog before you get your new blog established. If the backlink gives you more traffic in a short time, then I could kinda understand. Help my confusion? Thanks

  43. hi amrik – this article seems like it is simple but those who really are the fundamentals like you said. Getting those steps in place first, then optimizing (your specialty), will be a formula to blog revenue.

  44. I think the most important thing to be successful online, is selecting a niche that you can survive. If you don’t love your niche, or should I say if you aren’t not excited to produce content for your blog, then you are done. My niche is something that I love.. and I can say that I never get tired of creating content and researching for my blog.
    Really nice post.

  45. These are strong reminders, Amrik! In addition to all those, we can always creatively improve ourselves even in things we’re passionate about. Considering that competitors are all around us, passion is not as rare as we thought.