How To Do Better Product Reviews On Your Blog

reviews for affiliate products

One piece of advice I would like to share with readers is something that gets asked to me quite often as a product reviewer and that is how do you get companies to give you products that you can review. To understand why company’s and brands reach out to bloggers and give away products in exchange for reviews you have to understand the reasons and benefits to the companies first. This will help give you insight as to what you can offer them and why they would send out products for free in the first place.

5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Being on Camera

Getting in Front of the Camera

If you knew me a few years ago I was so hesitant to be on camera. I may look comfortable now, but I was just like you, not wanting to “put myself” out there online.

I saw every flaw I was spending too much time shooting multiple takes of my video blogs and doing many retakes. I remember one video specifically—it took me 12 takes to get one to make it right. I almost gave up on video blogging because it was too stressful and I was spending too much time just trying to get a 2 minute video done.

4 Steps to Prepare Your Blog for Google Updates in 2014

Get ready for Google Updates in 2014

The much unplanned Google Page Rank update took place in December 2013 and it basically shocked (partially) the search engine communities around the world. This update is said to be the toughest or strictest for most of us; I saw several PR 8 sites dropping all the way down to PR 3 and brand new blogs achieving PR 2 and 3′s.

With that being said, what would possibly be the next ‘big’ thing Google had for us all in 2014? For once, Google is always changing their algorithms and it is proven multiple times that doing ‘what worked yesterday’ could probably not be the best technique after all.

Which Matters More For Your Blog – Domain Authority or Page Rank?

page rank making you crazy

Does your head spin when a Google Page Rank update comes out? Both Page Rank and Domain Authority get harder to climb up as your number gets larger. With Page Rank it’s easy to get to 1 or 2 but to climb upwards is much harder. The same applies for domain authority. The smaller numbers are easy to climb up to but once you reach around 40 you may plateau unless you are doing things very well to continue to climb up the rank.

7 Tools That Make it Easy to Organize and Simplify Your Blogging Life

Simplify Your Blogging Life

Let’s face it, blogging is a ton of work. You’ve got to keep up with your social media profiles, create and organize tons of content (both in written and video form), and you’ve got to market like crazy just to stay relevant. Some of you have children to take care of, day jobs to go to, relationships to maintain, and so on.It’s definitely a crazy blogging world we live in, but there’s a way to tone down the craziness just a little bit.You might be thinking that you’re already pretty organized (and maybe you are), but it’d be a mistake to think you can’t benefit from new ways to organize and simplify things.

How to Spend Less Time on Social Media and Get Better Results

White clock with words Time for Action on its face

Do you sometimes feel the gigantic sucking sound of social media taking years away from your life? Most people spend too much time social networking, because they have no clue what their social media goals are. Imagine spending 15-30 minutes daily on each platform. That could easily amount to 4-5 hours every day just social networking. That in turn leads to a whole lot of nothing happening in your business, since there is little time left to do any actual work. Here are some tips and tools to keep you on track.

This Message is Being Brought to You by AWeber…Literally

AWeber Workshop Thumbnail2

Most of what I’m going to share with you in this post, will benefit those of you who are using AWeber. But if you haven’t started building an email list yet or even if you’re using another email service provider keep your eyes peeled because there’s something in this post for you too. I’m not going to tell you how important it is for you to build an email list because I’m sure you have heard that a gillion times before, I’m also not going to give you a full blown tutorial on using email marketing or even AWeber. But what I am going to share with you are basic principles you can (and should) use in your blog posts, in your YouTube videos and podcasts, in social media updates and more.

2nd Annual Dragon Blogger Technology Gift Guide in the Social Web Cafe

Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Justin Germino (a.k.a. Dragon Blogger) knows his technology. He also knows what thrills kids at Christmas (having two sons, himself), as well as thrilling us bigger kids, when it comes to gadgets, games, and tech. Last year, I interviewed Justin for a holiday gift guide series and this year marks the second annual Dragon Blogger Technology Gift Guide, complete with Justin’s recommendations, based on a year of testing and reviewing these gadgets. Remember I mentioned he has two sons? All the more credibility for Justin who knows how to give the technology a run for the money, as well as keeping up on the news, the trends, and where the technology is projected to go in the future.

Are You Getting the Highest Possible Return on Investment from Your Blog Posts?

Highest Possible Return on Investment

For the new age blogger, it’s a jungle out there… Unfortunately it’s never been harder to get the attention of your audience than right now. Distractions are everywhere. I would estimate about 97% of blogs (which are usually started with high hopes) end up becoming pretty much dead within 12 months. The main reason for this being the blog posts are dry, dull and boring. The writing usually lacks personality and sounds robotic. Or the topics have already been covered a thousand times before on the other “me too blogs.” There is a certain art to writing, that extends further than just trying to teach people stuff on your website. It’s more important than ever to utilise a combination of both information and entertainment in your writing. In a nutshell, you’ve gotta make it interesting…

Video Basics: 5 Tips for Recording Outstanding Video Blogs

Chips video blogging tips

Videos don’t have to be perfect but studies show that using videos on landing pages and in marketing materials bring in higher conversion for one thing videos increase the length of time people stay on your blog, giving your message longer to sink in.rates. In this post I will share 5 basic tips you can use to make outstanding video blogs to promote your products and services.

Taking Maximum Advantage of Books: 5 Content Ideas for Busy Bloggers

content ideas for busy bloggers

There was a time when I couldn’t care less about books. I barely read anything and I found the whole activity pretty boring. Fortunately things changed when I grew older. Once I finally realized the potential of books (especially the self-improvement ones), I really got sucked into the world of reading. Reading is beneficial for [...]

Blogger Interviews: Blogging and Social Media HOA with Mitch and Ileane

mitch interview with ileane

When long time blogging friend Mitch Mitchell of I’m Just Sharing asked me to sit down and chat with him via a Google+ Hangout On Air, I was more than happy to do so. It seems I’ve been spending a great deal of time in Hang Outs lately so there was relatively little fuss involved with getting things set up for the recording.

How To Cultivate a Relationship on Google Plus

How to Cultivate a relation on Google plus

Google Plus is a platform above all others. It’s micro-blogging aspects makes the social update stand out to your follower when done in the right way. Google Plus can single-handedly bring your blog to the forefront of social marketing, however, you have to understand what to do in order to make this happen. Here’s how you will be successful with your social media marketing on Google Plus. Relationship marketing in a new form of success!

Need a New Way to Promote Your YouTube Channel? Try RSS Syndication

YouTubers on Triberr

I bet you’ve found countless ways to promote your blog using RSS syndication, but you might not realize you can promote your YouTube channel with RSS syndication as well. Using an RSS feed allows you to automate the promote process in countless ways. Since this is a short blog post, I’m not going to keep you in suspense about how you can put this YouTube promotion strategy to work, the first thing you’ll need to know is how find the RSS feed for your channel…