Not Getting Those Subscribers? Fear No More!

Subscribers can be the life blood of your blog. They are your favorite fans, and you’ll find that subscribers are more willing to connect with you on a personal level then the other readers who stop by and eventually bounce off your site.

Good things can be said search engine traffic, but subscribers offer far more than plain old “traffic” can ever provide.

That is why it is so important to build up your subscriber list just as you get the right amount of targeted traffic.

Traffic and subscribers go hand and hand. No traffic, no subscribers.

getting subscribersIt is this way because subscribers exist in that pool of traffic coming to your site.

But just as you look at your feeder stats or the emails that are recorded for subscription, it kinda scares you.

Just as you went to check your stats, in your mind you said, “I think I am doing well and I think there is a number that is durable.”

But! Oh No! That is not what you saw!

You just saw the harsh reality of growing your subscriber list and subscribers. But, fear no more!

I will lay down 4 steps through this article that will help crush that fear and make your list building dream a reality!

1. You should include a subscriber box to your articles.

If you’re looking to get serious about getting subscribers and this list building stuff, then you will need to find out exactly where your visitors are focused on when they are looking at your website.

A majority of visitors will be looking and reading the content on your blog. So make sure to have a subscriber optin box in the content itself or after the article at the end to allow blog visitors to become subscribers.

This ensures you get the most attention from a visitor. The design of the subscription form has to eye-catching. OptinSkin and other WordPress list building plugins will help you with the design of an attractive and attention getting form that will help you get more subscribers. Be creative and use all of your resources to remind your fans about your “call to action” so that they feel compelled to sign up for your list. Watch this video to see just one example of a creative use of the optin box.

2. Your blog design should be top-notch.

People are very iffy when it comes to giving out their email address and most people are reluctant to give them out just like that. If your blog has a unique design and developed to its top potential, then the mentality of a visitor will change.

Your blog should have some level of authority to it, and over time you can establish this. Basic Blog Tips has an amazing design and people trust Ms. Ileane with their emails.

They are very willing to receive the insightful tips from Ms. Ileane here at Basic Blog Tips.

3. Your content or articles have to be infused with personality.

You are one boring person if you write with the same tone of voice.

You Hear Me!

Add as much “you” into your writing as possible. Add some sort of analysis to an article and provide excellent proof. You can even use humor to entice your visitors into becoming subscribers.

People will much more enjoy what you are presenting. Many are just tired of reading the same thing over and over again.

They could go to a library and just pick up a boring book!

Let them not think the same way of your writing, when they read a boring book!

4. Your content must provide absolute value.

You may be wondering why I listed two points relating to content.

Have you heard of the saying, “Content is King?”

Well, I agree to that saying only when getting new subscribers.

Content is king when getting new subscribers. Many will sign up to your blog based on the excitement of helping solve a problem.

Excitement from finding out a new way to get results. Many things based on the value you provide through your blog can help them make up their minds to subscribe to your blog.

Go out there and get those Subscribers!

Now it is time to fight out there and reel in those subscribers. Subscribers are like the fish of the sea. You will catch a few out of all the fish.

You won’t catch all of them.

There could be some that are dead and not responsive. Zombies!

But these steps help ensure that you will get the most quality fans that you can get for your site.


The online world can be very complicated place. There is information all over the place. Want to reach higher goals with these top wordpress plugins? I am Samuel and I own Internet Dreams. Internet Dreams is a place where you can engage and learn how to set up and succeed with your blog or site. Internet Dreams talks about SEO, blogging, social media, and much more..... Follow Internet Dreams on Facebook!


  1. Hi, Samuel Pustea !
    Thnks for nice post.
    I have a question, is rss feed directory submission helps to get more subscribers?
    I submit my blog feed on many feed submission site but not get positive result. Now i Fed-up :(

    • To tell you the truth, I don’t have much experience with feed submission sites.

      The only reason why is that I try to focus on more important areas of my blog such as creating content, commenting, and social media promotion.

      I think those are much more important and something you should look into now Iqbal :)

      • Actually i also give much priority of my article, and other seo optimization. But i work with rss feed directory submission for just get more subscribers. I read about this on some blog.

        Anyway i always agree of your this line “creating content, commenting, and social media promotion” to get more traffic and subscribers also.

        Thank you.
        Iqbal 😉

    • I think RSS submission is not right way to get subscribers. You must concentrate on writing unique content . Should use paid feeds subscription where confirmation email is not required for a subscriber unlike Feedburner .

      • I quite agree with you. I lose half of my potential subscribers to Feedburner because they don’t go back to confirm their subscriptions. You cannot afford to do the hard labor only to lose your effort just like that.

      • If they don’t confirm their emails, then most likely they are very uninterested people and most likely wasting your time.

        Don’t bother with those people….

  2. Getting subscribers and building your audiance isn’t something you can fake by doing different techniques. The only way is by delivering good quality content on a regular basis and staying in the game long enough for people to take notice.

    • Very true.

      It takes time to build a very quality following and that is the only way I recommend to do so.

      They are many ways to getting subscribers like I said, quality content and design is a very good start :)

  3. Vivek

    Great article. Adding the subscription box below the article gives more subscriber ( rate 6.4% ) as compared to the subscription box in the sidebar ( less than 2% ).

    And you are very correct about design. If you are able to provide your visitors with unique and easy to navigate and easy to subscriber design, then you will surely get more subscribers.

  4. Thanks for the information and I agree the main thing to drive subscribers is your own content that should be unique and valuable to your audience.

  5. Hey Samuel, Well I’m following three of the tips above to increase the number of subscriber on my blog, but not just the first tip which is to include the email subscription box below blog post. I’m not using it because I don’t want to give to my readers too much calls to action, just one converts well I think.

    BTW, enjoyed reading this post.

    • Well, whatever it is, try to take out the less important call to actions and include a subscriber box there.

      There is no other else important than having visitors subscribing to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment :)

  6. Good tips to get lots of subscribers. Its all about being personal, giving that personal touch, giving out free things and then you’ll get lots of subscribers. I agree that having a subscriber box in every article does a lot of good as far as getting subscribers are concerned. Thanks for these great tips.

  7. Great tips! Content is kings but I stand behind “actionable” content is even better. I think you should ask your readers to subscribe. “If you liked this post, then sign up for more in your inbox.”

    I added a subscriber box, well image that links to the sign up form, and my subscriber numbers have been growing steadily ever since. Now I have a box in my sidebar and at my posts.

    And I totally agree about having personality in your posts. People can relate so much faster and will hopefully like you more.


    • Of course Allie!

      You have to always ask your readers to subscribe and the more visible it is, the better the conversion.

      You have to always be looking for ways to connect with your readers and finding ways to communicate with them :)

  8. Wade Harman

    Getting subs is the life-blood of your blog. That and social media promotion like, you can buy Facebook likes to get more recognition to get these people to your site and have more opportunities to get more subscribers.

    The thing about it is to generate something that is of value that you can give away to your readers. And it’s important to not give away junk. Give something that is worth their email that they will trade.

    • The subscribers are your real fans!

      They are willing to see your content 24/7!

      If you are giving something away, you are totally right Wade!

  9. Hi Samuel,

    I use the Greet Box plugin on my blog, what do you think about it? My blog is kinda new so most of the visitors to my website don’t subscribe. I’m planning to start some free report giveaways maybe it will raise my chances of getting subscribers.

    Thanks for sharing this, have a nice day.


  10. Incredible post Samuel, congratulations. First of all I agree with all the tips you’ve placed here. Tip number 2 regarding blog design for me is very important as you say, no one is going to hand over their email address to a shady looking site or one that has not been attended to very often, and value is extremely essential. What can you offer someone who subscribes to your updates?

    Also, many premium themes like some of the Genesis child themes are optimized with opt-ins built into the themes which is great, saving you money on external opt-in plugins. I also want to add another useful tip, by adding your opt-in into your about page and contact page can increase subscriber count dramatically, I have found on my own blog.

    Anyhow thanks for the tips once again, another great guest post Ileane :)

    • Hey Fabrizio!

      Glad to see you here and you have such a nice blog!

      Design is very important, yes!

      You can always offer anything that provides value through that. Doesn’t have to big!

      Thanks for telling us that! I didn’t know your subscriber count can increase by placing your op-tin form on those pages.

      Thanks for the comment man :)

  11. Regarding the first point, yes I agree that end of posts is one of the best places to put a subscription box (and someone in the comments also seemed to have backed this up with a stat)… however the importance of an optin in your sidebar should not be underestimated. It provides a lot of visibility to your optin, and is convenient for a visitor who might be looking to subscribe to you.

  12. Wow that’s really great …I am also following some of these tips….I am totally new for some tips you shared …..I like the way you present the content ..

    At last thanks for a great post…

  13. POP-Up subscriptions tools work greatly for this purpose. WPSubscribers a plugin like optskin, also good if you want to add subscription box inside your blog post.

    • They are ok, but I don’t see them as the best.

      Sometimes the pop-up can be a hassle to the visitor.

      Optin Skin is one of the best plugins to use right now!

  14. Subscribers are very important for our blogs. We should concentrate on getting subscribers. They can make huge difference in our blog. Thanks for sharing it…………

  15. Samuel, I think everyone agrees that content is king, but does everyone really know what that means, it seems like an overused buzz phrase by bloggers and seo specialists. Content does have to have personality, how to tutorials are great becuase they solve someone’s problem & people always love free content. These are two ways to make your information relevant and useful. Hopefully these can also help people get email subscribers.

  16. No doubt, the ideas are great to capture the importance and worthy trust of reader to join your mailing list.

    But, still I say! If you are failed to compile with your readers, your design, and every other work will be wasted.

  17. Interesting to see others comments about the best way to present your opt-in box. Seems like as long as you present something solid along with your opt-in, you’ll get some sort of response for your blog.

  18. Certainly good tips and I quite like that you’ve started with the very basics. For sure subscribe box should be visible and many bloggers are missing this point. There are many strategies that can be implemented, for sure there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

  19. It is so simple, if readers love your contact they would definitely try to give you their love back and subscribe to you. So all the games starts and ends on Quality Content! :-)

    • That can be a way too!

      Content is the medium you use to communicate between you and your readers.

      So it definitely counts!

      Thanks for your comment man!

  20. Getting subscribers also involves a very solid value proposition… What is the subscriber going to get in return for their subscription.

    “If I subscribe what will I get back in return?”

    That’s what every person who subscribes to a list asks themselves…

    Does your offer intrigue people? That what you have to ask yourself.


    • Good questions to ask yourself.

      If you provide very good content, then that could be the return that is in for them.

      If you have a product, a sample of it can work very well!

      Thanks for your comment Ryan and love your blog, ComLuv!

    • No, not necessarily.

      But that can be a very good option in your near future though!

      But for a beginner, just start with updates of your posts.

  21. The subscriber button is important as it brings the visitors back to our site. The subscribe box should be reasonably large so it get noticed to all visitors quickly.

  22. Getting subs and constantly building that list is definitely the name of the game. It’s wise to do because your list becomes your own targeted personal traffic source that doesn’t depend on Google 😉

  23. Building out a follower list is easy. The difficult part is to get quality subscribers.

    The best way to boost the number of your subscribers is to run a contest which asks the contestants to subscribe to the blog.

    As usual, Nice post Samuel

  24. If one should place the subscribe button properly i guess one would get a lot if subscribers, Placing it at the bottom of an article also helps alot, it helped me build my subscribers list

  25. hi samuel, thanks for your great tips. i’m suffering for getting subcriber to my site. i’ll try your tips hope its work for me. i’m using google feedburner for my subcription tool, what do you think about that..?

  26. Hi Samuel love the post and I couldn’t agree more with you regarding infusing your personality into your articles, that’s a sure way to engage with your readers, build rapport and have more chance of reeling in subscribers.

    Also offering a ” freebie” is a good way to reel in to hard to get subscribers, everyone loves freebies right?


    • Yeah Mark!

      I love them myself :)

      Engagement can almost be the most important factor in getting more subscribers.

      Thanks for your comment man :)

  27. Hi Samuel!
    Well I’m following three of the tips above to increase the number of subscriber on my blog, but not just the first tip which is to include the email subscription box below blog post. I’m not using it because I don’t want to give to my readers too much calls to action, just one converts well I think.
    But i really loved the post!

    • If you have to many call-to-action’s at your end of your article, I would look over them and take out the less important ones.

      I would definitely include the opt-in box at the end of your article, which can be very important.

      Thanks for your comment man :)

  28. Aasma

    Hi Samuel,

    Nice points, It’s essential to first have well-researched article then you must add subscription box at the bottom before the comment section, so that every loyal reader could easily see it and subscribe it, if they’re really interested on your stuff.

    • If you have amazing content, they will most likely want to subscribe to your blog!

      Preferably, add it after your article before the comment section.

      Thanks for your comment Aasma!

  29. Good post! Subscription box is required if you are running a blog, according to me top-right sidebar is a best position for it. I am a new blogger and till now didn’t get success regarding this, but I have added it in my sidebar, hope it will help in future :)

  30. Well said Subscribers are the life blood of our blog, yes they are. They are the one who really thinks our blog is worthy. So nicely you have listed out the tips to get the more and more subscribers and to some extant I do these things but don’t know where I am going wrong.

  31. I never really got started with my mailing list, I think the reason was because I never offered them an incentive to sign up, like a free ebook or something, plus I rarely used the mailing list anyway.

    A mailing list will certainly be crucial for me next year when I try my hand at affiliate marketing.

  32. I see how you didn’t start and is a common mistake many bloggers do.

    You don’t have to offer something free.

    You can always offer them updates that you do to your blog. That’s it and you can still gather emails for your list.

  33. I struggle to get subscribers. I sometimes notice that some people sign up for the feedburner updates and after 1 week they vanish. It might be because of the fact that feedburner sends a mail every single day. Have to look for some alternatives.

    • Yeah, that can definitely happen.

      Feedburner can have some issues with it, but there is always an option to look for alternatives.

      Always keep the subscriber count rolling though!

  34. Sneha

    Hi samuel,

    Nice Post..!!!

    We are nothing without visitors in which subscribers are the best one. As they like our blog and want to get in more from it.

    Maintaining subscribing list is of real value.

    Thanks for sharing..

    • Samuel

      True Sneha!

      You do know exactly how to get those subscribers!

      Always give them a reason to subscribe :)

  35. Thanks for this article. I’m working on building up my blog and have recently added subscription opt ins to all the pages on my site. I an using Aweber to help automate this process. Like everything on my blog this area is a work in progress. Just keep the tips coming, they are appreciated.

    • Hey Mike,

      Good start!

      You chose an excellent email service provider! Aweber is the best out there.

      Keep up the good work on your blog, and you will see more subscribers soon enough :)

  36. I love this article. I have been trying to get subscribers, and then just realized that I need to make it easier for people to actually become subscribers. As for the content and value, I hope that is what we are all striving to achieve, but I guess that is for the reader to determine.

    • Making it easier for the to subscribe is going to make it easier on your mind knowing you have provided for them the best possible way!

      Your content should have value and you can clearly see if your content is getting the appreciation through the comments.

      Thanks for the comment Ashley!

  37. Thank for all of your tips. it is important to build up subscriber list to get the right amount of targeted traffic but you have to create a good and valuable content for your blog. It’s true good tips to get more subscriber. I will follow tips to increase the more subscriber on my blog.

  38. I’m not at the point where I have subscribers yet (or many, I should say since I have a few) but I’v gone through your post to make sure I covered all my bases.


    • No matter how many you have, we can always improve our numbers to get even more!

      Good idea Graywolf.

      Thanks for the comment man!

  39. Graywolf

    Quick update: after following your advice I now have 35 subscribers even though my site was down for 3days. Good info!