Why Nobody Is Commenting On Your Blog

So you have awesome blog and worthy posts but wonder why nobody is commenting?

More than 90% of people browse blogs without commenting.Nobody is Commenting

Mostly, they are hurried to solve their problem and once they get the solution, they run away to fix it first. Do your posts solve their problem?

You can’t do anything for those 90%. Believe me!

Convinced that getting people to comment is no easy task.

But wait, don’t give up. Make sure any of the following is not the reason.

But why should you have comments, after all?

  • Lot of comments proves that your blog is popular, valuable and useful.
  • Often readers share valuable comments which increases the value of your blog posts
  • Comments enables you to connect with your readers. This in turn will build relationships with them
  • They are more likely to purchase your products/services than somebody completely strangers
  • Good number of comments provides the reassurance and motivates to continue blogging

Okay huge benefits! Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Then, why is no one commenting on your blog?

No Quality Content

Forgive me, but I could not read your post completely. How do you expect me to work even harder? You want me to comment for that crap post?

Shazida shared a message on Ms. Ileane Fan Page Facebook Group. She found a duplicate post (word-by-word) by a crap-researcher. He copied a wonderful post of Main Uddin and expected good money in 😉  I wonder why anybody starts blogging if they don’t have anything to write about?

Quality posts not only improve the number of comments, but also the quality of your comments.

Scared to be controversial?

You always write general posts and always prefer to stay in the safe zone? Do you take both sides of a debate because you are scared to make your position clear?

Writing about controversial topics can stimulate debate and thus welcomes more comments. But ensure you don’t offend others.

Never asked for commenting

The world is very simple if you look at it straight. Our knowledge and wisdom made it more complicated.

You want comments, more and more comments, don’t you? Then why you never asked your readers to leave comments?

Invite your readers to comment – This helps prompt action.

One more thing, what about being more creative and inspirational? Why not to invite specific comments? The call to action that will give readers inspiration on what to comment on.

How about asking them for their tips,  preferences, opinions, advice, or their feedback?

Simply descriptive posts

Blog posts are not thesis writings. They are not articles too! Blog posts are live piece of text. Your readers should feel you when reading your posts.

You may not get people interacting and commenting as expected for the posts with simply descriptive text.

Be more conversational, ask questions in the content of your post. Specific and simple questions can inspire readers to answer. They comment to answer your questions. Don’t you?

It can be very effective to include questions in your title as well. Set the scene from beginning. Did I ask you a question?

Mr. Know It All

This can be a pitfall most often. When you write about any topic, you tend to be more complete and offer every bit of information required. But this can be one of the cause why you are not getting comments.

To get more comments, leave some gaps. Let your readers contribute in their comments too.

One Way Communication

This can be most dangerous. As I suggested you to avoid simply descriptive posts, you should avoid ignoring your reader’s comments too!

Show you value your commenters and appreciate them. If possible, give them some incentive to make future comments.

Provide personal and genuine reply to each of the comments you receive. Simply, thank you for commenting may not be sufficient. Blogs are interactive by nature and do accept it.

Comment system is complicated

I can’t understand why people use complicated comment system. WordPress has a nice and complete commenting system. CommentLuv Premium makes it perfect for your blog. Why did you choose complicated comment system?

People visit your blog to read, not to ponder and write on your blog post. So, they are often lazy (naturally?). Make it easy for them to comment, if you aim is not to scare your readers away.

Incentives – bribing?

You can offer some reward for those who comment. You can announce the best commenter of the week/the month. You can highlight their comment in other posts.

Not yet using CommentLuv Premium?

CommentLuv Premium really makes it easy to provide incentives for readers to leave comments on your blog.  It allows them to link their name, website, Twitter ID, and their latest blog post to the bottom of their comment.

Not Moderating ?

I won’t drop even a single word if your comment list contains spam messages. Manage and moderate your comments. Make sure it is free from spam. Never allow people to inappropriately step over the boundaries.

If you have CommentLuv Premium, you can enable GASP which takes good care of spammers.


Are you approachable? Yes, it is important to maintain a confident tone, but being overconfident can intimidate readers. It can deter them from commenting. Will you listen carefully if I provide feedback?

Diamond cuts diamond

Is it always true? Beware!

There are many kinds of people and you may find harsh readers sometimes. Be graceful in replying their comments. Everybody reads your reply, not only the commenter whom you replied to.

If you are already in battlefield with another reader, how shall I dare to comment there?

What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around. You shouldn’t expect others to comment on your blog if you are not commenting yourself.

Comment on other blogs and they will be prompted to visit your site and comment on your blog too.

Commenting on other’s blog will help you to brand your blog and get recognized in the blogosphere.

Not a member of any tribe?

You can find some groups in Facebook and other networks in your niche. Consider joining a commenting tribe.  Think about creating your own.

I hope by now, you found the cause why you are not getting comments for your blog posts. I welcome you to visit my blog and follow the ‘how to blog‘ series of posts if you are interested to learn blogging. I started the series to discuss the basics of blogging!

Do you post comments on other blogs? Do you offer incentives to take the time to leave comments? Invite me to comment on your blog.


Hi I'm Suresh Khanal from Bivori.com. Interested to blogging, different monetization options, WordPress Themes, Plugins and various blogging tools. I love setting up new blogs, customize and optimizing them. Want me to write for you? Add in your Google+ circle and lets get connected.


  1. Great post Suresh, you have certainly give a lot of people some food for thought here.

    I have seen my comment amount drop like a stone since I turned my blog from do-follow to no-follow, and it wasn’t just spammy comments that dropped I also saw a drop in good comments.

    • Hi Dean,

      The switch of dofollow and nofollow should not hamper much provided you’ve already developed a good readership. However, if your blog was listed on many dofollow directories and they were the major source of traffic, it may count a huge.

      Did you notice a traffic drop from referral source? Did you find only the comment drop or the traffic drop too?

    • You are right Dean, making the blog nofollow deters spammers for sure but it also deters some readers who wish to pass the juice to their sites. Same thing happened with me when I switched from dofollow to nofollow. But Comment Luv Premium saved my blog :) Now I can pass link juice to regular commentators and keep out spammers.

  2. Aasma

    I think it’s always essential to ask your visitors to leave comments after reading your posts. Many studies has showed that if you’re asking for comments from your visitors then you can attract more comments.

  3. Hi Suresh, Its a really good question and off-course why not, comment section is that place where true conversation starts and this is the reason why I can’t ignore it even a single word.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Ranjan for the comment. By the way, I like your name – Ranjan, it means joyful in our langauge. Don’t know if it is same in yours too. :-)

      Back to the topic, I’ve seen another model of blogging too! But it is not for relationship or building brand. You set up a blog, search engine optimize to get huge organic traffic and monetize that traffic. This model works for some fixed-term projects with a proper planning and good earning for shot period. Though they are happy to have comments but not worried about it. Anyway, that is another story.

      For blogging model like ours (where we are trying to brand ourselves) commenting is a life blood, in deed.

  4. Comment is very good option to interact with your users or reader and it also shows the popularity of your blog. With this two way communication you can get the detail what things your reader are liking and what is ignoring it. Thanks for sharing this post for understanding value of comments on your blog.

    • Hi Alok,

      You raised very important point. Many times it is the blog comments that inspire awesome post ideas. Those posts become really successful.

      Moreover, you have a glimpse of what sort of content your readers are looking for. So a good opportunity to put your blog into a better direction.

  5. One great way is to actually ask people to leave their comments/thoughts/feedback in the comments section, or better yet, finish off with a question which prompts them to leave a comment. I do concur with your point on making it easy for others to comment – I personally suggest moving the comments section as close to the end of your article as possible, eliminating any ‘garbage’ from in between. So that when a reader reaches the end of the post, the ‘Post a Comment’ box is the first thing he sees.

    • You raised a good point Jeff. Moving comment box up, immediately below the post should work better to get more comments. However, it will depend on the priority of the blogger. Whether you want your readers to leave a comment or click on other links.

      I do agree, moving it above will improve the number of comments you get.

  6. Suresh Khanal @ Very useful and researching post on commenting system of a blog .But in case of my view comment has no value if those are coming from first time visitors or rare visitors such as I am a loyal fan of Ileane Smith so I give comments on her each blog post , in fact my comment should not carry the real value of the blog or blog post .

    • Shazida, we initiate two-way-communication in comments and throw ideas here and there. Most often new ideas are sparkled in the comment discussion. Though you feel you are not adding much value while commenting, you don’t know what actions it has triggered in the blogger’s mind.

      Many times, the feedbacks and comments have become the source of a new post!

      Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving comment. I do appreciate it.

    • Quality counts first, without any doubt. Well being controversial can be most returning, however, you should make sure that you have strong points to back up your discussion. Jonathan was punished for being ironic when his readers did not understand his satire.

      So, by being controversial, I mean you should not stay behind just because a larger folk believe in something else. Put your points in floor!

      Thank you Steven for the comment.

  7. very nice tips about commenting by comments on blog we can more visitor and get attention of visitor
    thanks but remember some comments are spam so delete them

    • It used to be a real trouble to deal with spam comments, Rahul, now it is no more! I have CommentLuv Premium and it contains GASP. The premium GASP is unbelievably powerful to catch and ditch spam comments.

      Thank you Rahul for your suggestion!

  8. Good post Suresh,

    I have to agree with you . Too many times bloggers are scared to be “controversial”.

    It’s like they are taking the corporate America domesticated mind set to the internet.

    That is a recipe for boring ignored posts that no one wants to read let alone talk about.

  9. Namaste to you Suresh

    Can I dare to be different? So on this occasion, I will make an attempt to differ from you for the sake of it.

    I do not think comments on blogs matter at all. What matters are targeted traffic. I do not care about comments any more as I used to. If I have have them well and good, if not then tough luck.

    Most of the most famous blogs do not even have commenting enabled on them but they get thousands and thousands of visitors a day. Comments do matter to those beginners or semi-professional bloggers but to be honest what matters is targeted traffic at the end of the day. They are the ones who makes money for you. Have you been to John Chow’s blog, look at the number of comments he receives…Sometimes none!

    Many commentators only come to make comments, for the link juice and not to buy from your affiliate link or buy your services.

    Correct me if I am wrong. Just trying to be different! Trying to follow on your second point (scared to be controversial?).

    • Namaste Shalu Ji,

      Truly appreciate to see you taking the other way to your destination.

      As I already told in response to Ranjan’s comment above that there’s no single model of blogging. I guess you’re inclined to second mode.

      This post is about why nobody is commenting on your blog and it is obviously targeted to people who like lots of comments in their blog. I hope they will find one or two reasons where they’re making mistakes.

      Regarding John Chow, we already discussed it in response to Pubitra’s concern at Blogger Ileane’s Fan Club.

      So, at the end of the day, the truth is – what’s your goal and what tools you’ll use to achieve it. I like to see you different.

  10. Dear Suresh,
    I think comments is used to get feedback from visitors on your post but it’s difficult to get comments from all visitors. I still remember that once I disabled comments on my blog and I enabled them after getting your suggestion. Thanks for this post, I got some more ideas about the comments.

    • Glad to see you here Ganesh!

      Getting no comments and disabling commenting system is certainly two different things. When I see any blogs without any commenting system, I feel like the blogger is not in a mood to listen others.

      Glad to see your blog growing!

  11. Hi Suresh !

    This is by far one of the best post I’ve ever read about blog commenting. You have almost touched every points possible. Great!
    Do you know – Number of blog comments and your response to them is a Search Engine Ranking Signal used by Google (Undeclared), out of almost 200 signals. And it’s going to play a vital role in Google Author Rank (due in 2013).


    • We can’t say exactly if Google counts the number to determine ranking but it is easier to believe. :)

      Thank you Nandita for the comment and I’m already flattered!

  12. This is a very helpful post, but there is a slightly scary phenomena happening here in the UK, that is that the negative economic situation here has made the general public more hard nosed and less helpful or willing to do comments or product reviews (even people who phone and tell who how great your product is.

  13. Very good piece Suresh,

    As you said, when blogging, we should not be afraid to be controversial, not just to be controversial, but if we try to agree with everybody our post might just be too plain all the time.

    Comments are the blood stream of our blogs, so we should do everything we can to attract comments, asking is definitely a good start. Lots of people don’t think of that.

    Being approachable is of the most importance, if you’re not, then people will flee from you, so that’s something we should all be doing.

    Thank you for linking to my blog, by the way :)

  14. Jeremy Cissell

    Its especially hard to get comments when your blog is mainly information oriented. We just started using commentluv to inspire some comments.

  15. Great list of how to get comments. I guess the only other thing I could think of is getting lots of traffic. As you say 90% o f people are just not going to comment on your blog. SO if you got 10% to work with might as well make that 10% as large as possible with high quality content.

  16. Simplest reason could be you`re not commenting on other blogs. Not commenting on other blogs can`t drive more comments on yours. Because as mentioned the real users who came to read to take information don`t have time to comment, in most cases only those to whom you commented will comment back.


        • Emmy,

          You’ve simply presented the photos and I also did not fine what to comment on those posts.

          I think giving a short introduction of the celebrity, or the design, or the designer or anything that is demonstrated on the photo and mention a few achievements. Then present the photo and give your brief view about the photo below the image. You can ask the viewers to leave their comment on your views or on the image presented there. That way, I guess people will know what to comment on.

          I hope it will help you to get started.

  17. I never comment on blogs that use Blogger’s commenting system or Disqus. Using one of these comment platforms requires signing in with Facebook, Twitter, or your Google account and that just gets annoying after a while. The default WordPress comment system with CommentLuv is definitely the way to go.

    If the blog uses Blogger, they should install Intense Debate which works just like the WordPress comments and even comes with CommentLuv!

  18. Suresh, Agree with you, Comment is a good way to interact with the readers, it motivates both & benefit in long term relationship. Some readers visit just to get solution & few of them don’t like the content. Quality is important to get good loyal readers who is regular to blog & comments frequently. Comments are the basic things to follow to get recognized and build relationship.

    • I wish you best of luck Prakoso. When I was in beginning stage, I used to read a lot of blog posts and comment on them. This has two positive impacts – one, I come to know my niche and the good bloggers there and second, my face was on every blogs and they start to recognize me.

      Commenting can be really nice thing to grow as a blogger!

  19. Ok that was correct the simplest reason could be you`re not commenting on other blogs. Not commenting on other blogs can`t drive more comments on yours. Because as mentioned the real users who came to read to take information don`t have time to comment, in most cases only those to whom you commented will comment back. thankss

    • That’s somehow true Remie. I won’t call readers as real readers and fake readers but there are kind of readers who rush into the door, grab the goods and set out immediately. Whereas there are some who keep surfing here and there among blogs and keep engaging.

      What I’ve noticed is, you’ll mostly get comments from those with whom you are connected. Else if your blog is really popular, there are additional commenters because of your traffic or high ranking.

      Thank you Gaillard for the unspoken alley of blogosphere. :)

  20. I have found that when I enabled anonymous comments I almost get 10 comments daily, but when I disabled it for 2 days I only got 2 per day. So people are ready to leave comments but at the same time they do not want to reveal themselves.

    • Yes, that can be another reason.

      People are more skeptical to leave email addresses and they better prefer their privacy. It will be easier for them to speak out if nobody is going to track them and identify them.

      But Ajay, allowing anonymous comment is something odd for us, as blogger, isn’t it?

  21. Comments are very important for any blog, as it is the best way to assess our work. In addition, some comments provide useful feedback and great ideas for other subjects.

  22. Hi Suresh, this is such a smashing article with tons of reason why users don’t comment on our blogs. Anyone having issues launching an active blog must read this post. What a great resource thanks for posting it man.

  23. Have to be engaging with your content.

    Also be faithful in responding to your comments.

    If you don’t, it won’t happen that you will get a massive amount of comments.

  24. When you give out love you will get that love in return. before you’ll receive good comment to your post, you need to spread out the love by commenting on other blogs so as to get more exposure.

  25. I found a lot of valuable tips on commenting in this article. I will try to get all them to work to get more response from my readers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I read every single one of your tips.

  26. Hey Suresh
    Nice article
    I think comment luv really helps in getting many comments
    Cause ever since i installed it, i’ve been gettting a whole lots of comment
    Btw Nice article

    • The sole purpose of commentLuv initiated with the view to reward commenters. So, this is very natural that it will help you to get more comments!

      My sincere thanks for commenting Derek!

  27. Hi Suresh! After such a lovely post, one cannot leave without commenting 😉 I really do appreciate your type of friend – you are a more ‘real’ friend than most. Good luck with your blog – keep up the building of real relationships, and you will go far! See you around, likely on Facebook ~ Ruth Martin

  28. I closed on my blog the comment section for a while because i got too much spam comments and it was annoying to delete them one by one and try to find a real comment so maybe it’s just me but since than i’m not really a fan of comment.

  29. I think a lot of people forget they’re dealing with humans when they write content; they write it to inform something as if they’re talking to a computer in objective emotionless code… but they forget that humans want emotional connections to people, and that the feeling of relationship and closeness with readers makes us stand out just as much, if not even more, than quality content; especially with all the noise out there today.

  30. Hi Suresh, this is very interesting article. The best way to drive comments and traffic is really to comments around other blogs. Some people just won’t do nothing and just wait for comments without asking for it and that’s really make them wait for a longer period.

    Thanks – Ferb

  31. No comment on your blog it means your blog not popular or not valuable for visitors. I am agree with you Suresh about points above why nobody commenting on the blog. In my opinion, No Quality Content is the most factor why people not commenting in the blog. Content is the king. If visitors don’t get any benefit from our post, they will not comment in the blog

  32. Peter P.

    The only comments I have is some junk about selling shoes which is totally unrelated to what I am writing about,

  33. Wonderful tips!

    I wanted to add something to your point about One Way Communication. It’s really important to pay attention to the way you write your post, you may be giving the impression that you are writing it for you instead of your readers. I’ve started to go back to older posts that I wrote and check how many times I’ve said “I” when I can rephrase it easily with “you”. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes.

    And… complicated commenting systems where you have to register to the site or jump through the loops to be able to comment? No thanks, life is too short!

  34. I get about 2000 hits a week, but few comments. I do not ask for them very often, so I get that I should do that more. Can I use CommentLuv on a blogger based blog?

    • I used IntenseDebate commenting platform when I was blogging in Blogger platform and that support the commentLuv.

      But Dan, why don’t you dive into WordPress if you’re really into blogging? I’m a huge supporter of WordPress for blogging.

  35. Yeah for getting successful author comments are necessary for your post.It not only show how much people like your post but also helps in improving confidence in yourself and motivate you to write more valuable content next time.I think commentLUV premium is the best incentive we an provide our readers.It helps me alot.

  36. Very nice,informative nad woth reading post Suresh !
    If you are running a technology Blog Then there is no need to worry,Because technology Blogs get very low number of comments !

    • It might be because people are desperately looking for solution to their problem. Once they get they are hurried to solve it.

      However, you can build some strategy to improve it.

      Thanks Salman for the comment.

  37. J. Lawson

    Great helpful tips, I even made a few tweaks to my blog to encourage more commenting. I would appreciate anyone’s feedback on my photography blog- I always spent time working on my actual photography and overlooked the blog/followers aspect until recently. Any help is appreciated.

    • Thank you Lawson for the comment and glad you find it helpful.

      I tried to visit your blog but wondered you’ve not left any link to it. However, I got it though your twitter profile. :)

      Browsed some of your posts and I’m truly impressed with the photographs you’ve demonstrated there. However, I’d like you to pay a bit attention to redability of the text in your blog ad focus a bit more on presentation of materials there. It would really make a lovely blog!

      Regarding the commenting, you’re blog has a flaw. You are using Spam Free WordPress plugin and that is stopping from getting comments. I tried to leave a comment and my really long text is vanished just because that plugin won’t let me submit comment. It has not displayed the password field and won’t accept comments without password.

      I used Spam Free WordPress in my blog and had to remove it. Please read http://bivori.com/spam-free-wordpress-best-comment-spam-filter/ about this plugin.

  38. Hello Suresh,
    This is a very informative article for newbies like me who are still in the initial phase of blogging.I will try to work on all the tips you have provided to improve commenting on my blog.

  39. I love leaving comments on posts that interest me. I hate doing it for SEO or traffic. Not really worth my time. I would rather write a guest post If I want traffic from a particular blog.

  40. I love to leaving comments on different posts that interest me. I hate doing it for search engine optimization or traffic. Not really worth my time. I would rather write a guest post if i want traffic from a particular blog. Thank you.

    • Commenting have many benefits and it is always enjoyed! As we already discussed, people can go for different ways of blogging. Ultimately you want a popular blog and meets your goal.

      Thank you Hira for the comment and I hope your commentLuv link will certainly get some SEO benefits, but I wonder if it was more related to the kind of topic this blog discusses :)

  41. Really nice post, you’ve described all the points, my experience is controversial post get good number of comments, also complex commenting system is a main reason to get very few comments on a blog post. And we should respect our commenters, we should try to solve their problems, reply to their comments.

  42. Thank you Rajesh for the comment.

    Obviously controversial posts get good number of comments because there is always more room to discuss on these sort of topics. However, make sure that you are on stronger ground whenever writing posts that arouses controversy. :)

  43. Hi,
    You have written a great post here. But my question regarding comment on a blog post is, which of these would you acknowledged is better to get more comments on a blog? Is it to leave it do-follow or non-follow.

    • Sumbo,
      This will be a never ending discussion. Dofollow and nofollow is always a popular debate!

      If you listen to Google, it asks you to make all the outgoing links NOFOLLOW if that is keyed in by your users or if they are advertisements. Only the links to which author approves are relevant should be made nofollow-free.

      Dofollow communities however favor nofollow-free as it passes pagerank juice and thus encourage more valuable contribution. Allowing dofollow links will invite more comments.

      If you ask me, I allow dofollow links that I’ve inserted myself and if they are not affiliate links. Generally I do not allow dofollow for comment links, however, anybody shares the post in Google+, I offer them dofollow through CommentLuv premium.

      Hope, it helps you to decide?

  44. Hi Suresh,

    I totally agree with you. Comment sections is really a crucial part and this is the only section to communicate with others and also to enhance public relations.

  45. You have listed most of the commonly observed reasons why people do not comment on blogs. But based on my observation, I have 2 more reasons to add here Suresh. First of them is the lack of time. Many readers are multitasking when reading thru’ blogs, and they may be in a hurry to just scan thru’ the major points and scuttle off to finish their next task for the day.

    Second, there are some readers who are plain lazy. They often do have good intentions of commenting but somehow by the time they reach the end of the post, they are too tired to type in a comment. :)

  46. An awesome post. Yeah I always thought it before commenting that why should I comment here. But here is my answer. Thanks for sharing it.

  47. It can be that the content you are writing is not of much value or use to the readers. The quality of content can be poor and there can be a lot of silly mistakes. However, if you say that you write some really good content then you must not be promoting it correctly to the right traffic.

  48. Heidi Caswell

    I have a couple of blogs that are more of tutorial sites. And yep, those are very hard to get comments. I do have readers who email me with more question, which gives me more blog topics.

    But it is really hard to build a community that way.

    Now a controversial post, readers seem obligated to add their 2 cents.

    I’ve also found people reluctant to comment on a post without comments.

  49. Masood S.

    For the beginners who are struggling with their blogs, this is very important to know what other people think about their blogs, and for this, comments play a very important role for improvements.

    BTW! Great post.

  50. I don’t think not using CommentLuv Premium can cause you not to see comments. but i think the reason maybe not quality contents and maybe you make it difficult for visitors to comments on your post. thanks for sharing

  51. Thanks for detailing all the ways to get more comments to our blog post.I think the reason behind not getting comments lies in a poor quality post.At the same time there may be no encouragement from the bloggers end for commenting and hence the commenter may feel that his comment will not be welcomed.

  52. Replying to the comments is most important if you want to build conversations on your blog…!! Also asking users to leave a reply of what they think about the post will also increase some comments on your site..!! If you try to communicate with the other people they will definitely answer with a comment

  53. I think we should be humble enough to bend ourselves down and ask our visitors to leave a comment.This would be highly appreciated my our readers.Also we should reply whenever somebody comments on our website because by this they will feel that their comment is appreciated.

  54. There can be many reasons for not getting the required comments at your blog posts.The first reason could be a poor quality content and if this is not the case then there is another possibility which indicates that your content is overly self promotional.I don’t think that there are any other reasons apart from these two.

  55. These shared points and tips are very helpful to increase blog comments on a particular blog which increase the reputation of blogs on the web. But I have another type of issue, i got too much comments but half of these comments based on spamming i want to block these spam comments but don’t know how to do it. I have my blog on wordpress CMS, can you please help me to fix this issue?.

  56. Every blogger wants to get a lot of comments on his blog because if there are comment on a particular post you can easily judge the importance of the blog. In this scenario your post is really helpful to understand the tactics that how we can increase comments on our blogs which is the most important thing in blogging that every blogger wants it.

  57. Quite an informative post shared here, I think one of the major reasons why people don’t comment is because of low quality of the content on the blog, if the post is not engaging enough, there’s every tendency that it may not attract comments

    @Jessica, you can easily block spam by installing a very antispam good plugin, if you are using plugin, you can use akismet, if you are using disqus to manage your comments, then there’s no need for installing the akismet

    • Hi Jason,

      I just visited your blog and I checked out the post you left in your CommentLuv link.
      First, I want to say that you have a very nice and attractive blog theme. I wish the font was little bigger because my eyes are getting weak these days but I bet that most of your readers are younger than me so it might be ok for them.

      Here is a suggestion that I would make. Try to switch up your headlines a little so that people will be in the right frame of mind to comment. For example, in your article you described the two types of image sensors very well and you really didn’t leave room for any comment.

      Try this: next time you do a post like this take a stance right away and in the title say something like “Here’s Why CMOS Image Sensors are Better Than CCD” or “Two Types of Image Sensors, CMOS or CCD Which One Is Best”.

      That’s just an example, but what I’m trying to say is add some personality into your posts and then people will agree with you or at least they will be more inclined to give you their opinion.

      Also at the end of each post, always ask for comments and feedback.

      Try this and keep me posted with your results.

  58. Hey Suresh,
    Nice post and I think quality content and commentluv is the main reason for commenting and if blog have no commenting then he has to check for this. Commentluv is the big reason for increasing number of comments. Yes, we have to reply all the comment on our blog as it make more strong relations with readers and by this readers again came to our blog. Thanks for sharing this post.