Simple Yet Effective Way to Learn a New Concept (and Get More Traffic and Exposure While Doing So!)

Finally, you finished reading a book you bought from Amazon. Although it was a very interesting one, you felt a little bit overwhelmed after reading it. It contained so much interesting material that you had a hard time in remembering and internalizing what was just taught.

In fact, you figured that you should probably re-read some sections again, so that they would stick better and that you could truly internalize the core concepts more deeply.

So, you went back to the book and read the concepts – again and again. This helped you to grasp the core points a bit better this time.

Still, you were just wondering this question: how should you read a book the next time, so that you would internalize it easier and you wouldn’t have to waste time re-reading material again and again?

Why won’t the concepts stick?learn a new concept and get more traffic

When I look at my own experiences of learning something, I have noticed two things that have an effect on this process.

First, if I just try to read something (for e.g. a new concept), most probably I forget the information very fast.

Let’s face it, if you are just reading something, but not implementing the stuff in action, it’s going to be harder to understand the concept (or learn a new skill) and apply it in your daily life.

Second, I have been in a rush when reading books.

I have a lot of books on my reading queue. Many times I have rushed through a book so that I can get my hands on another interesting title on my desk.

However, this strategy wasn’t very effective as I had a hard time understanding and remembering the concepts I had just read about.

But there was something deeper …

What I realized was that I wasn’t focusing enough on what I was reading. I pretty much read the sentence through very quickly, and sometimes that meant that I barely understood what the author was talking about.

But the even bigger issue was the learning method itself: the reading.

Although I love reading, I needed some other measures to make the lessons stick: I needed to write about them!

This way I was forced to think about the topic and focus on it properly. And writing was an excellent way to do it. Although it took me awhile to understand that writing would actually improve my learning, I was now ready to put this information to action with the next book in my reading queue.

Hitting two birds with one stone

I understand that you are getting a bit frustrated already. You are thinking: “Wasn’t this guy supposed to talk about how to get more traffic to my blog … I’m just wondering when he is getting to that?”

Well, this is exactly what I’m about to tell you next.

You see, I’m a productivity guy and I’m also a big fan of hitting multiple birds with one stone. So when it comes to reading, learning a new topic and finding ways to get more traffic, I was talking about …. guest posting.

And here is how this works: you order a book from Amazon (or download a Kindle version), read it, extract the book’s core concepts and write a guest post about it.

This gives you the following benefits:

  • You are forced to go back to your material and absorb it well again
  • You get to write a guest post about the core concepts in the book
  • You learn the topic much better when you write about it
  • You are possibly introducing a new concept to the bigger audience
  • You are going to get the traffic back to your blog (considering that your post gets published in a moderate to high trafficked blog)

Also, when you read a book, you’ll most likely get a lot of new ideas to write about – whether it’s for your blog or for other blogs. You can take this even further by combining the learned concepts together. This is going to make your posts even more interesting.

Order a book and get more traffic – here is how

Let’s create a step-by-step plan which you can follow the next time you order books from Amazon (or from any other place):

1. Order the book. This is quite self-explanatory. Find a book you are interested in and purchase it – whether from Amazon or from somewhere else.

2. Read it. Read the book by making notes and underlining important sentences. Jot down the ideas for guest posts.

When I find an interesting topic, I mark the section with letter A and I draw a circle around the letter. This reminds me, that I should take action on the concept some way (for instance by writing a guest post about it).

3. Extract key concepts, combine them. Make a list of the key concepts of a book while reading it. And don’t stop there, find ways to connect the concepts together.

For instance, just recently I read a book called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Businessget more traffic by Charles Duhigg (awesome book by the way!).

Some of the key concepts in that book were habit loops and keystone habits.

While you can learn more about the habit loops from Steve’s post, the keystone habit is an important habit, which can reflect changes to other parts of one’s life too (for example, when you lose weight, you also decide to start exercising, become an early riser, become more social, etc. …)

I just took these two concepts and wrote a guest post about it. After doing that, I learned them on much a deeper level than just by reading about them.

4. Outline, write and submit your post. Now that you have extracted the concepts, write the post. I’m using Danny’s method to do this, but you can naturally follow your own system if you want to.

After editing and proofreading the post, find a suitable blog and submit the post there.

Make sure that you have a compelling bio box at the end, so that people will get back to your blog or to your landing page.

5. Do it all over. Follow the steps so far with your next book. Take full advantage of the time you have spent reading the book – by writing about it, learning it more deeply and getting exposure and traffic to your site.

6. Bonus step: Get extra exposure. Finally, you can do even more to get the most out of the books you have read.

  • Interview the author. I like to do interviews on my blog and it’s a great way to learn more about the book’s topic. Consider doing the same as well.
  • Review the book. You can write a review about the book on your site or write a review on Amazon. You can even do video reviews on either platform.


You can gain many benefits by reading a book first and then writing about it.

Writing a guest post about it can bring good traffic to your blog or to your landing pages.

Just make sure you have your notebook ready, when reading your next book :)

Over to you: What is the most effective way of learning the lessons in a book?

Please share your comments and experiences on the comment area.

Let me know if you plan to use this strategy to get more traffic to your blog or landing page too!


Timo Kiander, a.k.a. Productive Superdad, helps entrepreneurs improve their online business productivity. With 18 co-authors (like Pat Flynn and Corbett Barr), he wrote a book about how to build an online business and get stuff done – even when working from 9-5.


  1. Being a lazy person, rereading was always a tough task for me. So, I hardly read books now. There are many posts on getting traffic. But, the content of this post makes it unique. I do agree that reading a book and sharing it through a blog is a good strategy. It can often guarantee quality content and might stand out among the numerous post, thus attracting the readers

    • I think that the best way to get traffic/visitors is to write quality content. You can find a lot of ways to search what people want, what people search…with that you can start building, for example, a blog, share it with some friends and start building your own network!

      Hope this help!

    • Hi Jakes!

      Yes, there are a lot of different books on traffic.

      I have found out that reading a book and then writing about it makes me to internalize the lessons better. Even better, if the post gets published as a guest post, it can bring me some traffic and subscribers too.


  2. I usually use my Kindle and plugin in my headphones. I have it read it to me, just so I can work while learning. As long as I am not writing because it doesn’t work. But, when designing a inforgraphics or something where I don’t have to think about words :). Even while cooking dinner or taking care of one of my 4 lizards :).

    Also, I found that writing about what I learned helps it sink in :) The best way to fully learn something is to teach it.

  3. After reading a book extract some good points from the book and do written practice as this book will be a part of your professional life to guide you in any wake of life.

  4. The process of reading books, drawing concepts then applying that knowledge is something that was intuitive to me. I haven’t been using to drive traffic though. This gave me some ideas. Also I’m going to check out that book on habits. It’s relevant to my interests.

  5. I like your ideas about killing two birds with one stone. I however have to agree with Jakes, I hate reading things two times also.

    Actually I am not much of a reader for the first time. I mostly read things that will help me or if it is a requirement.

  6. I like the method you have outline here. It is certainly simple but not easy to implement (especially the part about making a list and mixing it all up)

  7. hi Timo Kiander
    i agreed with all of points you shared in above post. this is very informative post for. thank you for sharing this amazing post.

  8. Aasma

    Hey Timo,

    Certainly nice idea to write informative and quality content on your blog then attracting visitors on your blog. Books certainly helps you to increase your knowledge and that knowledge one can use to bring more traffic as you mentioned.

  9. I really like this idea. It’s a well known fact that in these time starved times that we live in, most of us scan rather than read properly. It’s no wonder that so much useful information is missed. If we can share what we read by writing a review, everyone wins. We win because we get the message, our readers win because we’re passing on useful information and the author wins because he gets mentioned as the source of the information.
    P.S. Timo, have you read Getting Things Done . How To Achieve Stress Free Productivity by David Allen? I found this really useful.

  10. i like your bonous tips really it was amezing.the way of pramoting is good.if we find extra key concepts in this particular book simply wrote it down and practice on those keyconcepts.and at the same time hitting the two birds with a stone it was great thouht of you.

  11. Bryan Ring

    Hey Timo~ Are you from Minnesota? Because the “Hitting Two Birds With One Stone” is used often here. Sarcasm at its best right there. :)

    Before I started finding ways to get my business found online, I was consider a “Skimmer”. My business is pretty self explanatory and requires no real reading, one would be lead to believe. Until I read somewhere “Build your own website for free”.

    In order to get my face & business in front of potential clients, reading had to be a real action for me. Being 42 years of age now, I have read in just the past two years, more than I have my entire existent put together and it has paid off greatly.

    Do not think for one second do I consider myself a good writer, common sense still takes charge. Has content improved? Yes. Getting face to face reactions from perfect strangers(customers & potential clients)has been the most rewarding, along with getting the property or job.
    This is the type of post most will learn from, because clearly you have taught it, stemming from your experience/s.

    Thank you for this easy read, which for non-readers like me is a blessing. My brain did not strain to hard. Hey I did not say I was a joke teller.

    • Hi Bryan!

      Nope, I’m from Finland :) At the same time, I know that Minnesota has Finnish immigrants, so I guess there is a connection … :)

      Also, thank you for your comments!

      Reading is very important when it comes to writing: That has been a great way to improve my writing skills (and learning about English language in general).


  12. This is another reason why many fail in SEO, because all they do is read without proper testing. Whenever you find a cool technique, always try the concept and give your personal twist on it. You’ll learn more and gain more in return, thanks for the post Timo!

  13. Thanks Timo,
    I think you are right on the matter of hitting two birds with one stone, in fact there are three birds to be had, the first is you absorb more information by reading a book which sparks multiple ideas in other areas, obviously ideas on the subject matter, but more importantly i see reading a book as a pleasurable pastime and therefore not as a chore.
    A refreshing approach on marketing.

  14. I don’t think that for getting traffic we have to read some books. We have to go for practical aspects of this. We can learn these strategies from other experienced bloggers.

    • Hi Prakash!

      Well, the point is to read something and then write a guest post about it.

      That way you can teach others about your expertise and when you get your post published as a guest post, you’ll get traffic.


  15. Timo,
    I know what you mean by rushing through a book. Sounds crazy, why read, if you are not grasping everything?
    I appreciate your advise, it sounds like a good idea. You definitely will learn more by teaching others:)
    Great post:)

  16. Hey Timo

    I don’t have a lot of time for reading these days, other than blog posts, however I couldn’t agree more that writing about something you’ve read makes it easier to take in the concepts.

  17. Hello Time. Amazing post. I am wondering… have you written that post because you have read a book saying that in order to better learn something you should write about it? :-) Just kidding.
    It’s great stuff you are presenting here. In my case, making summaries of books or sometimes highlighting some sections and adding comments next to them help a great deal. Guest posting (which also has many other advantages) seems to rock in this field. Greetings!

    • Hi Dave!


      Indeed. When you go though the material and write it in your own words, you’ll definitely learn the concepts better.

      And even better, if you write for others about it, you’ll benefit from it even more.


  18. I’ve used to read books and write down the key articles in Free blogs when I was trying to learn a concept. I’d set the blog up so that I could place the concepts in certain places so that I could return to them later. It worked great for remembering a number of topics quickly. This idea sounds great if you can get other people to let you post it. I bet many people would. New ideas are always great. I wouldn’t even be afraid to use the idea on my own website if the concept is that profound.

    • Hi Justin!

      That’s another great insight. In fact, I think that learning and blogging go hand in hand, since you process the information – by using your own words.


  19. Fantastic! What a great idea. Good way to find material for creating an excellent guest post. And, any excuse to read – and absorb – a book is a good thing!!

  20. Great ideas!

    I think the implicit message to all of this is how much do we really value (and appreciate) our time. If I am taking the time to read a book, then the process you mentioned above kind of forces me to *really* read the words in front of me, to try to take as much as I can in, and to actually stop and consider what I’ve read.

    You know, it’s kind of funny (and sad) this has to be a “tip” nowadays :)

    • Hi Adam!

      Yeah, I agree! This kind of reading should be natural and not a tip :)

      When you “force” to go a book through like this, you understand the concept better and on much deeper level.


  21. Great post Timo, I am liking the idea of writing guest posts from things you have just read. Not only do you learn from the repetition and concentration of writing the post but you actually get content that you can use and offer as guest posts.

    Quality of guest posts have always been an issue so re writing something that is of great quality should in theory be great too so you shouldn’t have any issues getting accepted.

  22. Hi Timo, a great learning and productivity tip there, I have occassionally re written blog posts that I have read, usually from memory but you have highlighted an excellent way to learn quicker and create great content for your site and as guest posts. I like it. May I call you a genius sir? :-)

  23. You really hitted two birds with a single stone!!
    After doing the method you teached above
    I will be able to write a popular guest post on popular blogs in my niche and I don’t have to suffer the horrible pain of rejection.

    Thanks for the share!!

  24. I have bought a few books in my time that claim to offer me help on how to achieve better results online but none of them have ever taught me a thing, nevermind leave me feeling overwhelmed. :)

    • Hi Dean!

      Any particular topics you wanted to learn about?

      I have bought Fred Gleeck’s “Sell Your Brain Power” and “How to Build a Blog” by Danny Iny.

      I haven’t read the first one yet. The second book was great if that’s the kind of information you want.

      Check out Amazon for more info.


  25. Interesting, I did do that on one book, not sure why I haven’t done it anymore. It is a good idea. And my review is still there on Amazon today (just looked!) You got me thinking now. And the book is called Keeping it Simple, sort of like your blog post. There is a message for me here, I can feel it. Thanks!

  26. I wonder books are still read. I always get my solutions and information by searching the web. But I’m pretty sure ebooks will survive and will be as important as encyclopedias used to be ..

    • Hi Usman!

      I think that there is a great demand for books, since the information – although it can be found on the web – is scattered around.

      I like when the information is packed – whether if it’s e-books, physical books or Kindle books.


  27. Reading and informing yourself can definitely get you those ideas.

    Guest posting is one of the best methods to generate traffic.

    Thanks for the article Timo!

  28. Nice list of tips to get traffic. good useful post, it is certainly going to help a lot of new arising bloggers. thanks for sharing your ideas. looking forward for more from you.

  29. I totally agree with you that writing about something is one of the most effective ways of learning about it. Moreover, an author who shares concepts from a new book and makes me buy that book always ears my respect.

  30. Excellent post.Thanks for sharing some great idea for getting more exposure and increased traffic to our website while blogging.I think the technique described here will surely help because once we are thorough with some topic then it is easy on our part to write some good articles for our blog post on the topic researched.

    • Hi Nelson!

      It’s like you said: being thorough!

      When you write about what you have just learnt, it’ll add more depth to your posts and gives more value for your readers.


  31. This a truly great post Timo, and I guess your tactics are working, since this one blog post got such an interesting response from the community. You wrote about the book and shared your opinion which is winning combination.

    I usually have a piece of empty paper with me when reading a new book, once i find the interesting and valuable part I write it down on paper, the page number and the word that is valuable.

    Later I transfer those words onto my computer and check them from time to time for more inspiration.

    I guess the traffic part is now what caught my eye in this post :)

    thanks for sharing

  32. Hi Timo,
    Buying a book and then using it to write a guest post is something new to me and sounds amazing. I will definitely look forward to it. By the way great tips.

  33. Thanks for sharing some nice tips for increasing traffic to your website.The technique described in the article can definitely help us to develop knowledge in depth about a particular topic and this can be easily reflected in our blog posts which will surely increase the traffic.I was aware of this technique but i have not implemented it so far.Thanks again and I am looking forward to try out this technique.

    • Hi Nelson,
      I truly agree with you that the technique described in the article will definitely help to develop an in depth knowledge and it would easily reflect on our blog posts.I will try out this way and i guess i should fetch some traffic.I think Guest posting and blog commenting is also another great way to direct some traffic.

    • Hi Nelson!

      There are many benefits to this technique: you learn, your audience learns and if you write a guest post about it, you’ll most likely get traffic and subscribers.


  34. i must say this is one of those unique posts which you always remember and admire. I have seen many posts on guest blogging and “How To” for traffics but never saw anybody linking book reading and guest blogging. Thanks for sharing this great post Timo.

    • Hi Akhilendra!

      Thank you :)

      In fact, I was a bit hesitant to submit this post as I though that probably everyone knew this stuff already. I’m glad it submitted it though :)


  35. I totally agree with you. I’m doing a lot of guest posting and it works brilliant. The idea is that you must know your target! You can’t go and post on a fashion site if you have an automotive site, you know? If you stick to sites that have the same target, you can exchange guest posts so it will be a win-win situation.
    You just have to work hard, that’s basically the only principle I have!

  36. I think this is a great technique for writing blogs by reading books and grasping some knowledge from them.The important points should be jotted down and we can easily elaborate on those by incorporating them in the blogs.Also this helps us to develop a more detailed knowledge about the topic.

  37. Hi Ravi!

    Yes, a book can be a great source of content for your posts. Especially when you tie the lessons to your personal experiences, it makes the lessons even more interesting.


  38. Hi Timo!
    I really do like this idea. It’s a well known fact that in these time starved times that we live in, most of us scan rather than read properly. It’s no wonder that so much useful information is missed. If we can share what we read by writing a review, everyone wins. We win because we get the message, our readers win because we’re passing on useful information and the author wins because he gets mentioned as the source of the information.

    Have you read Getting Things Done . How To Achieve Stress Free Productivity by David Allen? I found this really useful.

  39. Nice post.I agree that reading a particular subject and grasping knowledge from it will definitely help to generate many more new ideas.Also writing will serve the purpose and it will give a far more better understanding about the concepts.After developing a proper knowledge about a subject we can go about writing a Guest Post and this has many benefits.

  40. Very intersting post Timo….
    Happens with me some times when reading a book with deeper concepts. I believe its important to keep the core subject at the back of your mind while reading, underline or book mark the points you feel important and then always introspect the chapter you just read before proceeding.
    what do you say?

    • Hi Patrik!

      I agree. This is the only way to truly understand what the book is all about, thus it makes it easier for you to write about it later on.


  41. I think the best thing about reading a book is that we learn many new things and from those new ones we can generate our own new ideas and add up to those existing.Also it gives us an added insight about the subject.Writing is another important concept that helps to grip the knowledge developed after reading the book and thereby we can write our own guest post for it.

    • Hi James!

      Yes, I agree.

      The important part is “generating new ideas”. I can’t remember how many times I’ve had a great idea when reading a book :)

      Then it’s just a matter of writing that idea down and elaborating a bit later.


  42. Hi Timo,
    I totally agree with you that reading a book may generate many more new ideas of our own and it also helps to build on the knowledge attained after reading.I think the tips about reading and writing are amazing and I had never thought of such thing before.I think writing is more powerful than reading.

  43. I have recently understood the power of writing when i wrote some concepts which i understood.I wrote just to check the depth at which i know the subject and in this way i explored many weak areas where i just merely read the theory and had not actually understood the topic.This helped me to refer the particular topic again and understand it.Thanks for sharing this post and this will surely help me to write some concepts of mine for guest posting.

    • Hi James!

      Yes, writing about what you have read is a very powerful way of checking if you understand what you’ve read or not.

      Sure, it may require a bit more work but yet, it’s worth it if you want to internalize a topic.


  44. Hi James,
    I also believe that writing has more power in understanding than reading because many a times when i read some books i often just have a glance at some pages which do not interest me and move forward.This leads to poor understanding and this is rectified when i go ahead writing the same thereby understanding the concepts properly.Also it is a great idea to write a guest post about some concept by taking it further deep and drilling into it.

  45. Thanks for detailing one of the best ways to learn a new topic and at the same time get more traffic.I have started implementing this idea by by reading a book and making some important point.After gathering all the points i start writing an article on it.The article which i share has a two way communication process wherein i ask my readers to share their understanding.

  46. Awesome post.The best way to write an article is to do some research on the topic that you are deciding to write about.This is a great way to gather some information and then detail the topic.Also i think the technique discussed by Zvi of feedback is a great way to interact with readers and also it helps us to learn many new things which we are not aware about.

  47. I have never tried this technique which you have discussed but i think that now it is the time that i should try out this technique because this will help me and my readers to learn many new things.I would first get a hold of the concept that i wish to write about and then i would begin writing my post.I would also encourage reader participation and interaction.

  48. Awesome post.I have considered the technique described in this article to write a blog post by selecting the important point.I believe this is not an easy task to do because this is like a self learning process and we are not thorough of the topic.The drawback of this technique is that it is quite time consuming.

  49. I don’t think this is a great idea to do because it is time consuming and though we will get something to know but still i believe it is better for us to write about the topics that we are best at.Now this will add to our knowledge if we write about the topics that we already know because we can read some books about the same topic and it wont consume much time because we can skip the things we already know.

  50. Hi Steve!

    Well … learning new concepts may take time and I for sure would like to learn new stuff all the time.

    Besides, you still need to educate yourself, so that your knowledge expands and this just deepens your understanding of the topic.

    Once you got the new concept nailed down, you can re-use that knowledge in other situation, which in turn add more value to your future posts.


  51. Hi Timo,
    I agree with you that learning a new topic will surely consume time but it will always help us to expand our knowledge.I don’t think whatever Steve has said is right because we cannot just be satisfied with what we know only because it consumes some amount of time.

  52. I have implemented these techniques that you have described and it has been quite useful to me.I started by reading a book and then i marked the important section of the book that i enjoyed reading.After this i wrote an article on the section which i marked.This was a pretty time consuming process but i got to learn many new things.

    • Hi David!

      Great to hear that you had success with the technique!

      Yes, it’s very time consuming but at the same time, you get a lot of great benefits when doing so.


  53. Different people have their different idea on getting traffic but this post makes it unique. I just read the books and gather important point which penetrate people mind then i took it to the content. I guess quality contents are the source of getting more traffic. I will take your idea about killing two bird with one stone.

  54. Thanks for sharing this amazing article and after reading this article i have decided that i will surely write an article after reading a book.It will also be so interesting to read a book which i enjoy reading.In this way i will not get bored while blogging.

  55. I have found this idea quite time consuming when I implemented it but still I think that this technique is quite interesting and it will help us to learn many new things apart from the things that we already know.Hence I would support this idea and in this way we can involve more people who have the knowledge about the same topic.

  56. I truly agree with you Timo that once we learn a new concept and get a solid grip of that concept then it will help us to write many many topics.The idea that is detailed is surely time consuming but we require to learn new things rather than dragging all the old things out of our head.Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  57. I would really love to go about and follow this technique.In this way i can really research about the topics that interest me and go about writing them.Also i will get to learn many more new things and at the same time i would not feel bored.

  58. The first thing that i will have to do is to select a topic which interests me.Once i have selected the topic i can read some books on this topic.Finally i write about the topics that were interesting to me.Also i can ask for feedback from users.I think that this will help to direct a good amount of traffic.

  59. I truly agree that Guest Posting has huge potential to generate a good amount of traffic to our blog post.The idea that is outlined in this article about learning a new concept and thereafter writing an article about it is a nice technique to widen our knowledge.I am definitely looking forward to employ this technique.

  60. Blogging is the best way to make money online and it has been my greatest passion because hear i can share my thoughts and view points about certain topics that interest me.It is so easy to get started and there is no need for any qualification.Thanks for sharing this post.

  61. I am confused about selecting a topic.There are many books that i read of diverse topics and so how do i choose the best one among all of them.Should i elaborate on them by stretching the topic or should i discuss about the topic that i like the most.Help me?

    • Hi Jeo!

      What is your blog about? Is there a particular book that relates to the topic of your blog?

      You could read that book and then write a guest post based on that.


  62. I think this technique is very time consuming and at the same time it involves many risks.But if implemented properly it can help us to reap many benefits.Finally it will be interesting and fun to learn new things.

  63. I think this is some of the unique ways to direct traffic to our website and i will surely work on this technique because i am quite bored with my old techniques.Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

  64. Hi Timo,
    I really love the new method that you have detailed and I would like to give it a try because I really want to try out something new.Also in this way I will be devoted towards my work and try to deliver something that is interesting to me.

  65. I am planning to write a post on the Apple operating system book that I have recently read and I want to just give it a try.Let see how things work out.

  66. These are some interesting concepts to consider. Have you ever listened to or read any of the stuff from Tim Ferris on learning and mastering a new skill. It’s similar in some ways and highly valuable information, you should check it out. I found it to be really useful though I have a hard time following it.