Jane Sheeba is The Beautiful Blogger with All the Answers

A few months ago I met a remarkable blogger by the name of Jane Sheeba. Right away I was impressed by her and I realized that Jane is one of the hardest working bloggers I know, and her networking skills are pretty awesome too. Most likely you’ve seen her already on her blog Find All Answers, but if you haven’t I’m almost certain you’ve read one of her guest posts, including the guest posts she’s written here at Basic Blog Tips.

Jane Sheeba and Find All Answers

Jane Sheeba Find All AnswersJane is from India and she’s been blogging since 2007, she’s written hundreds of blogging tutorials and self improvement articles. One of the things that I like about her writing is her talent for creating catchy titles for her articles. Check out a few of the ones that got my attention:

Guest Posts by Jane Sheeba

Since December of last year, Jane has accumulated an impressive list of guest posts (currently there are over 70) on very well respected blogs in the blogging and self-improvement niches. I’m not the only one who has taken notice of this talent. Just the other day Andy Bailey, who is the developer of WordPress plugin CommentLuv (Andy’s also a guest blogger here), mentioned how Jane’s guest post on his blog called How to do business on Facebook is listed on page one of Google, and it’s an extremely popular search term.

Jane Sheeba gets The Beautiful Blogger Award

The Beautiful Blogger Award Goes To Jane Sheeba

I’m so impressed with Jane and the positive impact she’s making on the blogging community, I’m pleased to present her with The Beautiful Blogger Award. Just as the title of her blog states, Find All Answers is a place where you find WordPress tutorial for beginners to enhance your blogging and and time management skills, while at the same time get advice about dating and relationships from a woman’s point of view. Jane Sheeba deserves this accolade and many more. I received the award last year from Kimi of Web6 blog and I’m now pleased to pass this honor on to Jane.

You can also see how valuable her work is by checking out the two free ebooks she offers and you’ll be blogging like a pro in no time at all.

Jane Sheeba has a new ebook in the works. Check back here for more details on the release date in the coming days!

Please join me in congratulating Jane Sheeba on The Beautiful Blogger Award and her numerous accomplishments in the blogosphere.



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    • Hi there. You can learn a lot from Jane and maybe you’ll think about doing a guest post on her blog one day too. Thanks my dear! :)

      • Of course one has to learn from her blog, and I’m thinking at what you said, too. I just hope I’m not too harsh for her style, :). I’m joking, of course, I can be smooth, too, :)

        • You are pretty smooth. I’m figuring that out about you, now that I recognize your avatar. LOL! You’re welcome here anytime :)

  1. I can’t argue with your choice for passing on the award Ileane.. Jane is indeed a beautiful blogger and blogs beautifully too :) I think that the award you are passing on to her will be very well honored.

    I am aware of that eBook and can’t wait to see what she’s up too :)

    • Hi DiTesco! I know that you’re pleased with the guest posts that Jane has done on your blog too. She is definitely a great guest blogger to host. :)

  2. Congrats, Jane, on being awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award! I’ve seen some of your work and agree it’s phenomenal!

    Ms. Ileane, what a neat idea to create such a nice award. I’m sure Jane is pleased to be a recipient. I’ll be sure to visit her site in the near future.

  3. Hi Vernessa, I’ve been holding on to that award for so many months, waiting for the right moment to pass it on. It will be fun to see who Jane passes the award on to. :)

  4. Ileane WOW! What a great news on a fine morning?! I am so pleased, happy, honored and excited to have you pass the award to me. Thanks for the highlight.

    I very much enjoyed guest posting to BBT and iBlogzone. You and Fran are one of the friendliest and most pleasant host bloggers to me.

    All I can say is THANK YOU :)

    • Hi Jane, you’re very welcome my dear! You are making your mark on the web and you are a very positive influence. Stay awesome :)

  5. Ileane,
    I just recently met up with Jane and was impressed from word 1! I can see why you have honored her with the award, she is awesome.

    Happy Thursday :)

    • RedKathy, she is an impressive gal, isn’t she. I can’t imagine how she got all of those guest posts done so quickly! She knows her stuff too. Thanks for stopping by and for the retweets too.

  6. Cool! I always admire such people as they are real professionals. I hope Jane will create a lot of nice posts and share it with us and we have a good example where to grow to.

  7. Hi, Ileane.

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Jane through the blog commenting community and I believe she is very deserving of the award that you passed on to her. :)

    To Jane: Kudos! The best only deserves the best! :)

  8. As you rightly say, the titles are catchy and make you want to read more. What I really like is that the content of Jane’s posts match up to the expectation presented by the titles. I will be reading a lot of Jane’s articles in the next day or two.

    • Hi Teresa, welcome to Basic Blog Tips. I like the image you’re using for your gravatar. I use that same image for my promotions at work.
      Glad you like Jane’s titles too.

  9. I am regular visitor of her blog. she has unique ideas in creation. She often discuss the advantages of positive thinking and attitude.

  10. Hi Ileane,

    I have read a few guest posts by Jane over at Kiesha’s WeBlogBetter and I can confirm that her posts pack a punch! I always feel like she is standing there talking to me when I read her posts. Maybe it’s time to follow her to her blog to read more of her work.

    And Jane, congrats on your new inheritance of the Most Beautifu Blogger Award!

    • Flo, many thanks for “watching” my guest posts at WBB (I am part of the team there!). Hope to see you soon over at my blog. We both should thank Ileane for the nice intro :)

  11. This is a great post, Ileane. Jane has guest posted on my site too and captured the hearts of my readers. I am glad to have her as a friend and to be a fan. :-)

  12. I am a quite new blogger and have read only one guest post from Jane Sheeba. But I like internet because here men and women are quite equals. Content matters not gender.

  13. Hi,

    Jane is really a nice lady. I’ve been reading her blog for days now and I love her writing all the way. She is really co-operative and caring too.

    and nice to hear about her here.

    Best of Luck Jane.
    Kind Regards.

  14. I was know Jane before this artical . I visit her blog daily . She is a nice author that write quality artical on her blog and i have seen her to write blog post on several blog to promote her blog . She is about one year old to blog sphere and got a identity of a good blogger

  15. Thanks for introducing this new talent with me. i am so much impressed with her writing skill. hoping to have same skills like she got…

  16. Jane is definitely an inspiration to us all. I love how she also does her own thing. While everyone says you absolutely have to have a niche blog, she goes out and does it her way with a multi niche blog and rocks the house with it. I love following her posts and can’t wait to see more.

    • James, thanks for noting that multi-niche thing. Yes I am finding it as a challenge and it feels great to have broad advice and content for people under one roof. Many may not like the idea though :)

  17. Hi James, I see that you and Jane have a lot in common besides being guest posters here on Basic Blog Tips :) You’re right – Jane is rocking the multi-niche blog thing!

  18. Very Interesting! And I am under the JBS (Jane Blog syndrome) now! It is so bad that it is like a drug addict selling his soul to get another hit! I have gone through many of her blogs and like her graceful and engaging writing style. I spend my free time catching up on all her recent posts and she never disappoints me.

    • Andrew, please don’t end up in the Jane rehab clinic :) just kidding. You can’t overdose on all the great advice you’ll learn from her. No way!

  19. Nice blogging work has been done by Jane, she has the right to get appreciable award. Thanks for highlighting her some blogging career here. It motivate us to follow her in this blogging ocean.

    • Suresh,
      I had to do some detective work to find that pic of Jane. The secret is that I found this one on Facebook and I thought it really was an exquisite portrait of her beauty. I should have guessed that only you would mention it, because you have such a keen eye. Now my secret is out of the bag. LOL!!

      • You are truly a good detective :-) Look, how determined she looks and I can see her hard work to ‘Find All Answers’

        Good work Ileane and congratulations Jane

    • Hi Bishwajeet, I’m very proud to introduce you to Jane. Perhaps you’ll have a guest post from her one day. Thanks for your comment.

  20. Petra

    You’re definitely right on with the fact that her titles are catchy. “6 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Love Letters” definitely caught my attention, so much so, in fact, that I jumped over to her page and read the article. I’m very interested to read more of what she has to say!

  21. Andrew Walker

    congrats on the award, keep on blogging cause your blogs are just wonderful to read. can’t wait to see more off her work in the future. and i think i’ll start with writing love letter from now on.

  22. Hi Ileane,

    Excellent post. I couldn’t agree with you more about Jane Sheeba. She is truly amazing and is very good when it comes to guest posting and blog commenting :)

    Well done for honouring her like this. She deserves the recognition!

    Congratulations, Jane, on being awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award! You go girl!

    Happy blogging,

  23. Mavis, Jane is up to 86 guest post as of today. Wow, you just can’t stop her! :)

    I’m sure she appreciates your kind words too. Thanks for stopping by.

  24. It’s amazing to know about Jane Sheeba. She is one of the talented writer and she has passion for blogging. My best wishes for her and I hope that she will makes century by writing 100 guest post by the mid of August 2011.

  25. Danny

    She’s a great blogger.
    Her book “ProBlogging for newbies” was a very good read. I didn’t like her time management book as much but that is probably because I’ve already read so many time management books. So if you haven’t then it is a good read as well. It all reads away very easily.


  1. Jane Sheeba is The Beautiful Blogger with All the Answers…

    A few months ago I met a remarkable blogger by the name of Jane Sheeba. Right away I was impressed by her and I realized that Jane is one of the hardest working bloggers I know!…