Can You Give Away Too Much Content?

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Lots of bloggers, especially the ones just starting out, are afraid that if they share quality content for free, no one is going to be willing to fork out the cash to get the paid stuff. While this is a valid concern in some cases, most of the time, giving away great information for free is an awesome idea. Let me tell you why.

1. People Will Love Your Free Content

There’s nothing better online than having a following of people who just love your stuff. It doesn’t even matter if those people are paid clients or readers who consume your quality content for free. It really is irrelevant. What does matter, however is that if they really like it, they’ll help out a ton and all you’ll need to do to get that help is…ask.

Whenever you have a favor to get done, you need a bunch of comments on your blog or just someone to send your free book to their friends, they’ll happily do it for you. They’re your fans and that’s what fans do.

See the power in this?

2. If Your Free Content is This Great…

…your paid stuff has to be awesome! This is exactly what your readers think whenever they get a chance to consume your content. I’ll tell you even more. You can use the same strategy to get customers for your premium priced offers. After all, if your cheaper content is awesome, then the premium stuff just has to be incredible.

Here’s what I mean… Let’s say you have an ebook that’s $97. Now, when your blog readers get it, they realize that it’s filled with awesome, actionable content that’s actually helping them get what they want. At this point, if you have premium content available, all you need to do is let your clients know about it.

What do you think is going to happen in the minds of your readers when they get through that book?


They’re going to want to get the premium stuff. See what I mean?

3. Want to Be An Expert?

Then you got to have a lot of content available.


Because people visiting your site need to have enough information to be able to determine whether you really know what you’re talking about. One blog post might not be enough. One report might not be enough. Heck, even one ebook might not be enough for some, so…don’t be afraid to post great content.

The more great information you have on your blog, the better it is for your business. If you want your blog to become a real authority in your market, then having tons and tons of content on it is an absolute must. You should never be afraid to publish quality posts on your blog. It always pays off to have them.

Create Good Content

There really isn’t much more to add to this other than encourage you to take some action on what I told you, so why don’t you go ahead and write some great content up in you blog!



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Wong Chendong is genuinely concerned about bloggers’ efforts in the blogosphere. While many online and marketing gurus prey on the uneducated and impressionable, he share his blogging knowledge instead of robbing people blind like the wicked of the web. He has been where you are and knows for a fact that he can help you. Find out how you can improve your blogging knowledge by reading his blogging tips @


  1. TrafficColeman

    Just like anything in life, you must first give so people will recognize you. Then once there at the place you want them to be..then you can reel them in.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. I absolutely agree with this article. Creating great content to charm readers is of paramount importance because that’s how you create perceived value in what you do, be it designing, copywriting or any other trade.

    And nope, you can never give away too much content because if you’re really an expert in your field, there’s always more to share with your customers. They’d definitely love to hear what you can do for them next if you have first proven your worth.

  3. Agreed. First, build awareness and then market your products. The building awareness through giving away free content (along with other efforts) is a marketing effort with the goal being to generate income through quality products that serve the need of the niche market that you were targeting with your free content. Good job. :)

    • Giving away free quality content to build awareness and then generate income as a goal on the next level is what online marketing should be, it all comes down to how good the free stuff is and then prospects will consider about premium stuff.

  4. Great tips and I’d agree. Plus when people view your content they don’t always know it is free, so if you write good stuff you may be approached by other websites who want you to write for a fee.

  5. I finished reading this post and going through the comments and read comment of TrafficColeman and he represents a great way and strategy to take first step and go on. love that post and comment of TrafficColeman.

  6. I can’t agree with you more. The more quality content you provide the better. Actually, all your content should be of good quality. perhaps the difference between them is that you elaborate more on “premium content” than a normal post. Either, there is not much room for “crap” content as that is already all over the place. One needs to stand out and “giving” away great content is a must.

    • Yes and absolutely agree, actually to be honest, I do write premium stuff though not everyone will accept that’s a premium content, but it really took some research to actually understand and also write it.
      Not an easy task though, but I believe giving away premium content always had the benefit in return.

  7. whats great about giving away free content is you can receive links in exchange which is worth it on its own. Thanks for the input Wong! I love your blog too.

  8. Wong – Great guest post! I will definitely be stopping by your blog to check out what else you’ve written, but in the meantime thank you for sharing your advice here. :)


  9. No doubt in that if your content is perfect then it will help to increase the traffic on your website and it’s true lots of things are depend on content.

    From my point of view if content is perfect in blog post then i think m0st of visitors will leave comment on that, which is so valuable for any blogger and every blogger wants this thing much number of comment should comes on his blog post.

  10. Its way too difficult than saying, when it comes to creating good content for your audience. Its not just about fluffy writing, its about substantiating what you say with facts and figures also.

  11. Andrew Walker

    Unless you have the intention to make your site to be a giveaway site, don’t give away too much I guess. It can make people get the wrong idea about your site.

    • Well, see which type of content you are giving away, to me I would rather give away the best content and then lure them in to get my premium stuff which they had to buy, just like I said if free is this good then buy content will be just incredible :0

  12. Allen

    I heard that it is smart to give away your best content. That way your readers will think your paid content is even better. Even if your paid content isn’t better, your readers will likely feel it is better, since they paid for it. And your readers will love you for giving away great content for free.

  13. I think one area people make a mistake with their content is with article directories. Why people give away their orginal content to these sites is baffling. Post your best content on your own blog, wait until it’s indexed in Google, then use spun verions of the original article for these directories.

  14. Cristian Balau

    You can’t fail with unique quality content on any niches. If you offer it, people will eventually follow you and when you have a community that loves your stuff, you can start thinking of ways to make money . Of course, only if you are able to deliver even better content for those special users that will give money for it.

  15. Firstly all the arguments you gave are right and in fact every blogger should decide himself whether to give free content or not. As for me I usually offer things free, but some books which took me too much strengths and investigation should be paid for.

  16. Rowena

    This is really good advice. I had an inquiry for paid-for business… the other day which started by saying ‘I can’t believe how much great free information is on your site!’. Some people have told me there’s ‘too much free stuff’ on my site, but I’m a firm believer that this is how people start to trust me as an ‘expert’. I must bear in mind the distinction though & not answer specific inquiries for free too!

    • Yes, you should not answer specific or special inquiries for free if the worth is very high and if people are telling you you have got great free information on your blog, then you should be able to offer paid stuff which will be better then your free stuff and trust me they will sure paid for the worth…

  17. The first one is the most important one…If people like your free content then they will also help you in getting free popularity. So, there is no need to think that you are giving away something for free

  18. And this one is a out of topic question for Ileane….How is the ad unit in the middle of the post working for you? i was planning ti implement it on my blog too but was afraid of the reactions of readers. So, would love to get an idea from you. Thanks :)

  19. Alex

    Hey BB – great post and could not agree more about the power of free.

    Just last night I was having an email exchange with a reader and at one point realised I was giving away a lot of free information that I should have charged for. At the end of this exchange they booked in over 20 hours of SEO consulting with me – a cost of more than $1500.
    If I had not given all that value and shown my knowledge in the area then I would not have secured that work.

    You need to give in order to gain – whether you follow Jesus or Twitter – the same rules apply.

  20. ben

    I certainly agree, you’ll get more traffic and backlinks putting out solid content for free. It’s also like a teaser or massive presell for when you put out paid products.

  21. Well said ChenDong. It is good practice to always over deliver to impress your audience. It works both for online and offline. I’ve attended seminar, which literally give out the blueprint in their 3 hours preview session and everyone learns heap from it! Guess what? They close a lot of sales for their intensive workshop.

    Having said that, I sometimes will be a little bit disappointed when I bought the course or sign up the program because my expectation is very high at the point…


    • I had been to a few workshop but kind the disappointed, because those workshop are for beginners and not for advance and professional type, and at the end they release a course which cost a few thousands… I had brought seminar dvds around the world so in order for me to spend a thousands you got to make sure the free stuff I get is bloody damn good.
      Just take Frank Kern as an example, I had brought almost every stuff he offered for the reason his give away content are absolutely damn good… what can I say…

  22. This should be part of Blogging 101 because if you are not willing to share the information or your expertise, then blogging is not for you. Blogging is about connecting with your readers and this is done by openly sharing what you know. Once they see you have the knowledge and expertise to help them, they begin to trust you and with trust, that’s when buy from you without the need of any sales pitch.

    • Ya, I once heard from a famous copywriter Gary Halbert said, people literally pay him for whatever stuff he sells without a need of reading his sales pitch… and I absolutely believe that’s true for the reason if the free stuff is that good, the premium paid stuff should be damn good.

  23. Hi Wong,

    You’re absolutely rigth. I think Corbett Barr said once that he didn’t mind giving free and quality content for free, after all, poeple are willing to pay to get every piece of info in one place and in a more portable format.

  24. Sonny

    “Free” is a very powerful word; especially when it’s written in all caps on a web page or in a newsletter…

  25. When I read this, the first person that comes to mind is Marcus Sheridan. In fact, his latest blog entry is amazing and aligns well with this. He suggests repurposing questions and needs we have with current and potential customers alike.

    These questions can spawn so many different types of free content and, like you said, it builds credibility, trust, and authority.. So why not?

    It’s interesting, though.. There are people I admire and respect greatly that feel that you should remove value from your products to have more upsell opportunity.

    I feel there is a happy medium. Your free stuff should be awesome as should your dirt-cheap stuff.. But don’t go crazy packing in value to the point at which there’s no opportunity to build upon it. I think that’s fair enough.

    Then again, even when I blog, I tend to write epic pieces that go a little bit too far.. LOL.. I really love sharing with people and helping others, I guess. =o]

    • If you did realize, whenever you help someone, the feeling is so great, it will motivate you to help as much people as humanly possible, and it goes the same to free quality stuff the more you give the more motivated it is and once you get it, you don’t have to a salesman to sell, people will gratefully ask you for your paid stuff…

  26. Boy Wong do I ever agree with you here.

    I’ve had so many of my blogging buddies tell me that when I get ready to create my product they will be the first to buy because they know I always pack my posts full of great tips. They can only imagine what else I’ve got to share that I haven’t already. That is when I really understood the power of providing great free content.

    Great post Wong, totally agree with you my friend.


  27. The word ‘Free’ is a very strong word by itself, whether it is for content or for anything else. Providing free content is good and will help in gaining more visitors only if there is quality content. Useless free content wont help in anyway.

  28. Kween

    i guess blogging is about connecting with your readers and this is done by openly sharing what you know. Once they see you have the knowledge and expertise to help them, they begin to trust you and with trust, that’s when buy from you without the need of any sales pitch.

    • Yes, blogging is about connecting and in order to do so, you need to share what you know, to let your prospects to know, like and trust you, making you someone they can rely on online, and once you get them… just like you said, there no need to have a sales pitch, all you have to do is “ask”

  29. It all comes down to quality content. There is so much of everything out on the internet, people are not going to pay for something when they can get it from free elsewhere. If you build it right, they will come.

  30. My favorite example of how this giving away free content strategy works in your favor is “The Bikini Principle” I learned from either Sean D’ Souza or Sonia Simone over at copyblogger. One of the two. :)

    Bikinis are sexy for what the conceal, not what they reveal. This means there’s always gonna be at least 5% of your fans who’re willing to pay to see the covered up 5%.

    This the same with your content. You can give 95% of what have to offer away and there’s always gonna be a segment of the audience willing to pay to see what’s behind closed doors AND who yearns for the customization they can get if they work with you one on one.

  31. Hi, Wong,
    I share your opinion on this matter, free equals good!
    Well, ok, it doesn’t has to mean it is good, but it is certainly beneficial in many ways. People will appreciate it and if they can get engaged, success is guaranteed for further cooperation and mutual involvement, especially if you build relationship with quality.

  32. giving up contents benefits us in different aspects one of the main thing which i think is popularity. you get popularity by giving new and fresh contents.

  33. MegB

    As I also work on this policy only and the policy is

    “First GIVE and then you GET”

    So this would be works as your future ASSESTS

  34. Giving free and informative content is very important in getting the interest of your readers. People search and read for information so give them what they deserve and in exchange you’ll get their trust and loyalty.

  35. Its an old saying but one that’s still true, content is king! Giving away free content is a great way to build online relationships with like minded people.