Five Exciting Blog Niches for You to Explore Right Now

When creating a website or blog you need to have focus!

It’s way too easy to go buy a domain name, throw up some content and lose complete interest in your site in a few weeks… or even days.

What’s even better is that you can actually automate the full process of creating a site, doing link building and making it profitable in a short period of time.

But again… you need to know how to find your niche and why you are blogging – and how you are going to make money with it.

Below you will find five awesome niches that you can create a site around right now, then focus your efforts on ranking in the search engines to bring in quality traffic and monetize the heck out of it.

TAX SEASONexplore exciting blog niches

Everyone’s favorite April 15th tax day is right around the corner. Millions of people are going to be paying taxes, getting money back, visiting tax filing sites and looking up what they can write off and how they can save money on their taxes.

The key point here is that everyone is going to start their search with Google. There is a massive amount of money to be made during tax season, and if you can rank in the search results and become a source for information, it’s an opportunity for you to cash in year after year!


Everyone loves their mom, but people are lazy and most of us wait til the last minute to send flowers and other gifts to our beloved moms. This is bad for your wallet, but good for the online flower and mother’s day gifts business. Just like tax season, it’s another one of those blog niches that you can cash in on year after year.


Are you paying too much for your mortgage? Do you have a good life insurance plan? What is your credit score? The questions of personal finance go on forever. The first thing you are going to do is head over to Google when you have a financial question… not call up your accountant and insurance company. There is massive money to be made with a blog centered in the financial niche and it breaks down into so many smaller categories that it’s an easy arena for you to break into.


There may not be much talk about Super Storm Sandy any more, but there are still millions of people who were affected by the storm and still trying to repair their homes. This includes everything from contacting FEMA, elevating their homes, finding contractors and working with insurance companies.

The list goes on and on… and it’s going to happen every time there is a super storm that damages people’s home. Becoming an all in one resource for those in need when these time’s hit will allow you to build an excellent resource for them, while also being able to monetize the site by pointing them in the right direction on the process.


What are you guaranteed in life? That you will pay taxes (we covered that)… and that you will die!

Well… you were also born at some point, and millions of new children are born every few days. Mothers are flocking to the internet to find answers to the questions that have and looking for advice from other mothers. Family related topics are certainly some of the top 100 niches on the web. How many expectant mothers could you help who will land on your site after doing a simple blog search. Meanwhile you will be creating a legitimate business out of it in the process.

What Niche will Your Blog Focus on?

As you can see, I kind of went all over the place with the niches I listed for you… but that was intentional. I wanted to show that you have a wide variety of ideas and ways to monetize your traffic from events that are happening every day and some that appear on an annual basis. If you ever wanted to create and sell a blog, these are perfect blog niches to go after as they are great for making money at all times of the year.

Picking quality WordPress blog niches and becoming the “authority” location for information, is one of the absolute best ways to build a business and make money online.


Zac Johnson is a online marketer with over 15 years of experience. You can view my blogs at along with


  1. Hey Zac,
    I think these niches have lesser competition than the make money and Internet marketing niches. Maybe the reason is that they require more skills. I’m just looking through where I can be more flexible with doing it myself or outsourcing content development 😉

    • Hi Enstine, to be honest, don’t worry about the competition, if you are good and your content is great, eye balls will roll your way. You make it and they will come!
      @Zac Johnson, those are exciting niches like the flood niche. But thing is, don’t know anything about floods. One really needs to be passionate about something otherwise 6 months down the line, they will get bored.

      • Right Shalu, We shouldn’t worry about competition. Instead we should focus on providing more ‘useful’ content to our blog readers!

    • It’s actually tough to find niche markets that are MORE competitive than BLOGGING and MAKE MONEY ONLINE, as these are so heavily saturated.

      The key is to looking for low competition markets that have high return on investment and consumer value.

    • Hadley

      I agree, there is a little less competition is these markets, I think because they are more focussed. So you’re posts and writings need to be more focussed as well and of a high quality to really stand out as an expert on your topic.

  2. Hi Zac, Thanks for the niches. I never thought to work on these low competition niches and also they’re interesting. I think it’d be beneficial for me if i give them a shot now.

  3. hmmm… it is quite good idea – having niche blog about mother’s day – I could work for a month or two per year 😀
    Best regards!

    • Just think about all of the flower companies… they cash in heavily on these dates… and every other day is just a regular sales day for them. Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day will result in more sales and revenue than the rest of the days in the year combined. Going after recurring annual holidays is an excellent business model.

  4. I love using the reader search system to find blogs with posts I am interested in. I have started following a few of those blogs, and found alot of new & interesting perspectives on some of my favorite topics while I was out exploring the wonderful world of WordPress.

  5. These are very interesting niches that I have never thought about. After reading this article I visited a number of expectant mothers forums and blogs and I got the bigger picture. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Zac. Nice list. Many of them are with noble intention. But in my part of world, we still lack genuine blog/ bloggers (some 100 blogs in 2 million population) and so I have just started a blog of my own to encourage them and set up their blogs for free. I feel thats noble too. :)

  7. Nice list !
    Some good blog ideas here that most people will not think of and money can be made from every year ! Expecting mothers is a nice niche that will never go out of date :)

  8. Thanks for the these great niche. I never thought to work on these low competition niche but now you have changed my mind . Thanx

  9. Hi Zac,

    Those are some great topics anyone could start a blog on. Although I think it really comes up to doing thorough keyword research to finding the perfect niche to blog about. Most niches are very competitive and it takes hard work and patience to start seeing money from a blog but if you manage to find low competition niches then things can definitely move a lot faster.

    Thanks for sharing these niches Zac, they’re all pretty interesting and worth checking out.
    Have a great day.


    • Definitely. Without the necessary research and knowledge of how to compare markets and keywords you could end up wasting a ton of time and money.

  10. These niches are less competitive, but getting a good amount of organic traffic is something that we can’t even dream about. Anyway the 1st and 3rd are better!

  11. Hi Zac, Thanks for your an useful post on picking a niche out of five to blog about. I haven’t tried any of those yet but I think I will soon. There are a point I would like to add is to blog about something you really like otherwise you’re gonna lose your interest in blogging.

  12. Great suggestions. I prefer a blog for expecting mothers, because it is not quite seasonal, there should always be enough audience to look for these topics. I am currently having a blog about making online business. this is mostly for recording what I have learnt for making a living online, a more narrowly targeted niche blog is what I am thinking about for the near future. Glad to read this post for more ideas.

  13. This list of some of the most interesting niche that I have ever heard. Gave me a whole new prospective for the next time I start something for the people out there who love to read.

    Thanks for this post!!!

  14. Thanks Zac, I must say I never thought about those topics. Great strategies! I will surely use your advice.

  15. Thanks Zac..
    Great advice. I t can be that easy but yes you have to stay in it long enough to see results.
    I am guilty of leaving a trail of half built projects behind in search for the pot-o-gold.
    You got it though…do your research, pick your niche, keep it real and they will come.
    Sue Ann

  16. Its really good post for us…Thanks Zac for writing such a good post for seasonal traffic.Last time i have posted about christmas goodies and really work on my blog…Will thinking to writing about mothers day as well.

  17. Hi Zac,

    Excellent post about different blog niches. These are some low competition and high lead niches. My friend and I we both are thinking about creating a niche blog. This post will help us to choose a better niche!

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. And after starting the blog when the mothers day is over and also other things are over what to do with your blog whole year ?

  19. Interesting niches and ones that most don’t look into.

    They should and I see the possibility of making bucks in them !!:)

    Thanks Zac!

  20. The blog niche depends only from the blogger. It is about him aтв not about the audience. What he is going to -resent to people and not what people are going to think about him!

  21. hi zac – Even in a crowded niche, there are topics that no one is talking about, but that people are looking for. Providing this missing content is a great way to get discovered by your niche.

  22. Interesting post Zac, I will probably stick to Personal Finance. Other topics are somehow seasonal, you can get traffic, but for a short period of time. What do you think?

    Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Very clever list that you came up with. Though the whole taxes season in my opinion is already come and gone. I would find it hard to believe that you would still be able to cash in on this niche for 2013.

    One thing I really like is that those are all fairly lowr niches that I know for fact you could even narrow down and really settle into a real defined and focused niche based of those you have shared.

    Thanks for sharing Zac,


  24. The name of the game these days are exact match domains and Long Tail Marketing. First find a tightly defined Long Tail niche, think about a really narrow focus with a limited demographic of some sort, then search for the domains with the exact keywords in the domain name. That will put you a huge step ahead of those marketers going for a broad topic and a fancy business name without the keyword in the domain.

  25. It’s funny you mention flood relief. I just saw a thread today in a forum where someone was talking about mold removal and repair. Apparently, this is a really good niche. It’s all how you choose to monetize it however.

  26. In this segment there are lot us competition. you are making a blog it ‘s easy but most hard part is content and continue to given best content rock solid work. but as you say make a good strategy you can make easy.
    thank you to sharing me this articles to solve my confusion.

  27. You’re right, i’ve got few blogs niches sleeping right the corner with dozen of articles. It’s easy to lose interest and let them down. Have to focus more on my divorce/separate blog.

  28. Mothers day and Tax related site will only be good until few days I guess.

    It should be best to create a blog of your interest that don’t die in few days.

  29. Hey Zac,
    Thanks for sharing this post as I am thinking of another blog but little bit of confusion in my mind related with the niche but after reading this post, I really like all the idea specially the forth.

  30. Hey Zac,
    You are true but still I would like to go with the niche I am passionate about not wanna bend with the trend around.

  31. I have had a number of tax sites over the years and if you can get a site ranked for a decent keyword it works out pretty well. I also have a mother’s day site that has never done much, this year I will have to push a lot of links at it and get some traffic.

  32. Hi Zac,
    Definitely the niches you have mentioned above are very good for blogging purpose. The main reason behind this is less competition. Less competition means more visitors and more Adsense revenue. But personally if I will be looking to start a new blog and will have to choose any of the above niches. I will choose Mothers day.
    Thanks for publishing this once again.
    Kshitij jain

  33. Good post Zac.

    The best thing about this post is that you presented simple and unique ideas that no one really thinks of. It is harsh fact that most of the bloggers are going of the same niches and because of the excessive competition when they are enable to proove themselves best then they have no option to quit.

    I think that it is time for whole blogger community to tap the new niches and provide people with information which they can hardly find on internet. Though it might be a bit risky but at the same time may proove very beneficial.


  34. Rohit

    very nice article BBT,
    seems like you’ve researched a lot while presenting these niches, these niches have very less competition and they will get the high revenue from adsense, talking about myself i will choose “tax services”.
    BTW nice collection :)

  35. Hi Zac, you have done a great work here. It seems all the blog niches you have mentioned are annual niches, not including expectant mothers though. I’ll do a good research on this expectant mothers and see what comes out.

  36. I’m curious about something, and maybe someone can provide insight. I’ve always been a believer that you blog about what you know/what you are passionate about, not just chase some trend… If you don’t have a vested interest in the topic then your content won’t really have the “kick” that is needed.

    Or, am I wrong?

  37. I never thought to create a blog to sell. These niches seems like a good place to start. Anyone sold a blog before? I’m curious about the process. Thanks.

  38. I personally would not go for any of this niche and the reason is simple – I just don’t have feeling about this niche, nor I am an insider of any of this niche as a blogger. Zac, giving that kind of tips, will waste the time of so many newbies that will fail when they lose motivation and trust me, there is not much to be written on “TAX SEASON”, actually this niche is highly competitive, any financial niche is very competitive.

  39. thank you.

    You are true but still I would like to go with the niche I am passionate about not wanna bend with the trend around.

  40. It’s creative to think about writing about hurricanes and storms yearly. That would be profitable but I don’t know about passion for storms. I could certainly write about that company that sends crappy flowers though. You’ve spent all this money sending flowers and the flowers come droopy and bent. Of course, the person that sent them has no idea of how bad the flowers look.

  41. Wilfred Imbukwa

    My opinion is that when someone wants to start a new blog, he or she must talk about their passion. If his passion is salsa dancing, then he should start a blog that talks about salsa and also talk about the experiences he encounters when dancing. I do not expect the salsa dancer to talk about tax season in his salsa blog. It will sound weird.

  42. thanks for the ideas, i really liked the last one EXPECTING MOTHERS it is interesting not only the subject but how you came up with such subject it is very creative.. thank you

  43. Hi Zac,
    These list of niche blogs are just awesome. I am also one of those putting off buying gifts for my mom and then search frantically in the end for a gift. Expecting mothers niche is excellent as there would be no dearth of births and these mothers will look for guidance from Internet. Excellent post. :)

    • Yeah, gift giving posts can be great. You can come up with so many different lists (moms that like photography, moms that like sewing, etc), and you can do it for every holiday. I’d think you’d want to start a bit ahead of time tho, to let your blog age a bit so maybe it’d be better to look ahead to father’s day or a later holiday.

  44. Hi Zac, so many great niches to go for and one of my most favorite is Mothers day, definitely going for that. Doing Mothers Day gives me a a chance to remember what so many great things she’s done for his lovely children.

    Thanks – Ferb

  45. Hey Zac
    These are some pretty Nice Niches
    If one can concentrate fully on one of em, i bet they would be making a lot of sales.

  46. I already have my set niche in place but I like to talk about current things and topics and this gave a some great ideas thanks zac

  47. My business is a super tight niche. I am always on the hunt for other terms that I can target with my soon to be launching Blog. Your article sparked an idea for me that I think will be great. I appreciate your information, and will be following you from here out for more useful tips. Thanks Zac

  48. Observing the trends and being aware of the things around allows you to generate more ideas for a blog post. Thank you for sharing these blog ideas, I find them really helpful :)

  49. Interesting niches to make money I suppose, but how on earth does one sensibly write regular blog posts about Mother’s Day over the course the entire year?!

  50. hello zac
    nice article once again..i would go for hurricane / flood relief niche. its exciting to get involved in such activities. helping people with my blog