How To Evaluate A Website To Maximize Your Potential

One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is learning how to evaluate a website to maximize it’s potential. Evaluating your progress is something that every business needs to be able to do, yet many of the people that I see on a regular basis never do. As a blogger, you also need to be able to measure that evaluation. Sadly, many bloggers don’t have any way to measure where they stand because they haven’t clearly defined any goals for their blog.

Start Setting Goals For Everything

How to Evaluate the Potential of a Website via @BasicBlogTipsBlogging without any goals is kind of like jumping in the car to go on a roadtrip without a destination or even a roadmap. You would get lost pretty quickly if you just jumped in the car and took off after browsing some blogs on traveling, yet this is how most people go off into running a blog.

So, before you jump head first into blogging, you should slow down, think your way through the problem and define what you want out of your blog.

Are You Blogging For Money?

If you are running a business blog, or you are a Professional blogger, then you need to define how much you want to make for a  living. You also need to define your business model.

Blogging is NOT a business, it is a marketing tool for your business!

As you move forward, once you have your income goals in mind, its a matter of knowing the numbers game to figure out what you need for your business.For example its a pretty common formula to figure out how much you can earn from your blog:

(Traffic) x (Conversion Rate ) x ($ per Customer) x (# of Transactions) = Payday

Once you apply this basic formula, you can see how much money you can potentially earn. You can also see where to make adjustments in order to increase sales ( you either need to increase the traffic, the conversion rate or the amount you earn per customer)

So, to apply this formula, lets take some numbers that are actually pretty common for a total newbie.

lets say you have 50 visitors per day, and can convert a .5% to sales. Lets say you are promoting a couple of ebooks with a $17.00 commission, and you can get an average of 1.5 transactions per customer (if you are building a list, you can generally get more transactions per customer on average, which is why list building is so popular).

So to apply the formula for 1 week, you would have:

350 ( visitors)x .5% (% of visitors converted to sales) x $17.00 (avg $ per transaction)x 1.5(avg transaction per lead)=$44.62/week in sales that you can expect to generate with these numbers.

So, if you want to increase sales, you have to increase one of the numbers. Applying this formula will help you learn how to evaluate a website and gain new leads and sales into your funnel.

Most people focus on increasing traffic. However, you could just as easily focus on increasing revenue (finding higher ticket items to recommend, creating more products, etc…)  or increasing the conversion rate ( a good conversion rate for an average affiliate site,  once you learn the tricks, is 1-2%).

As you can see, learning how to evaluate a website to increase profitability is really all a numbers game, and knowing which numbers to focus your efforts on at any given time.

Are You Blogging For Popularity?

I know some people who are just blogging to get to know people, and want to get their name out to people within a given niche. If this sounds like you, then you need to define how many visitors per day you want, and give those people direction to keep them coming back for more. Learning how to evaluate a website that is built on popularity, like entertainment sites, can be a little more tricky.

Whatever your reason for blogging, if you have something that you want to achieve, then you first have to start by setting clear and concise goals for everything that you want to achieve. These goals become the targets for your action plan.

How to Evaluate A Website Once You Know What You Want

Once you have your goals set for your blog, you also need to continue by evaluating things, both the positive and negative aspects of what you are experiencing.

The other day, I was talking with a client who was so stuck on positive thinking that they wouldn’t look at any of the negative aspects of what they were doing. As we talked, they absolutely refused to even consider that there were things going on that they didn’t like. It wasn’t that they didn’t have any problems, (after all, that is why they called me in) it was that they didn’t want to face them. It seemed like they just wanted me to tell them it was all okay, and keep doing what you are doing.

Now, I am all for positive thinking, and not dwelling on the negative things in your circumstances. At the same time, when you refuse to even acknowledge the negative circumstances, you will struggle to improve.

Growth comes from identifying and learning from our mistakes, and if you refuse to look at your mistakes, you won’t be able to grow from them.

The people who do this often delude themselves and fall into the habit of blaming others for their own failures, or shrug them off and continue making the same mistakes over and over again.

How to Evaluate a Website: 4 Steps to Greater Achievements

In order to learn how to evaluate a website, you have to be willing to look at the 4 steps to evaluating challenges. I do this after every major event (webinars, product launches, email campaigns, contests, etc…) and evaluate how I could do it better next time:

Identify the Positives- Give praise and celebrate the victories achieved!

Identify the negatives – look realistically and list each problem that cropped up

Identify how you could have avoided or changed the outcome– this is where you analyze and grow from the mistakes

Identify more positive points that came from the negatives and celebrate them- Everything that goes wrong has something good that comes from it. being able to identify these and ending on a positive note helps you to keep from falling into depression and despair.
Don’t dwell on the negative things that happen in your business, however look at them, and evaluate what you could do in the future to avoid them. In order to do that, I recommend following this 4 step guide on How to Evaluate a Website. It will help you improve how you look at yourself and at your business.

You can learn how to set up goals in Google Analytics to help you evaluate a website and track ROI in this video from Ms. Ileane.

How do you improve your business? What are you doing to evaluate your progress and make the most out of your business?


I am James Pruitt, and I am a marketing addict. I can't get enough of it. I read about it, blog about it, talk about it, and yes, even dream about it constantly.


  1. Wow, insightful post James, there’s so much that goes into website evaluation, and from a blogging perspective it’s important to understand how to do just that so that you are able to make progress in areas that are lacking. You’ve actually made me think about the goals I have in blogging, thanks :)

    • James Pruitt

      Hey Fabrizio, thanks for reading :) knowing where you want to go, and evaluating to keep yourself on track are really 2 of the most essential rules to blogging, and 2 areas where most people fail.

      • Don’t you find,

        sometimes it can be hard to evaluate,

        exactly what you are doing wrong.

        We look through rose tinted spectacles and may not see the real problems .

        • James Pruitt

          Yes, that can often become a problem. this is why sometimes it is also helpful to have a mentor or hire a consultant to look at your plan and help you see where you are making mistakes. This one of the things I try to teach my consulting clients when I work with them is how to look realistically and take off the rose colored glasses. if you aren’t willing to learn how to do that, you wont stay in business for long.

    • Same here, I’ve also been re-thinking my blogging goals after this, and it actually helps analyze all the short comings of blogs. I used to do proper evaluation of blogs some time ago but then I stopped, you just reminded me again how important it was. :)

      • yep, always gotta evaluate the blogs. I just did mine, and wasnt really happy with what all i found but also ready to make some major changes to the blog anyway.

  2. Hi James,

    Nice points, You must have a clear goal so that you can work to achieve it. You should equally accept positive and negative only then you can improve your site and business.

    • James Pruitt

      Hy AAsma, you are right, you have to look at the good and the bad equally. it also helps to emotionally separate yourself from the numbers that you are looking at. One reason I love my consulting work is because it has helped me to hone my analysis skills. Now, when looking at my own sites, I try to treat it like I was looking at a client’s site

  3. Certainly if you doing anything in your life you should be very clear about your goals if you have nothing in plan to achieve how you can judge your efforts I agree with you.

    Now, James I want to ask one question here, I have a blog which I want to check the position in google but don’t know how can I do that? if you guide me through it’ll be great. Thanks for sharing great article :-)

    • James Pruitt

      Hey Ayaz, nactually, there are several tools I use to do that. One is using Google Analytics ( check the link I leane put in at the end of the article for her awesome tutorial on that). another I use is Traffic Travis, which is kind of like having an SEO expert looking over your shoulder. There are other tools out there, but really don’t have much experience with them. I have used Traffic travis since starting my business and they are always working hard to keep it up to date with the latest trends.

  4. Jack Sander

    You have pointed out something that most people fail to understand. If we get the job done in a professional manner, eventually is a matter of numbers. The more people we add to our list, the more money it will generate. It’s as simple as that, provided we follow the basic rules related to affiliate marketing.

    • James Pruitt

      it is about numbers, but actually its not JUST about numbers on your lists. Its also about relationships. With stronger relationships, you can generate a higher conversion rate with lower numbers.
      For example, I have a list in the dating niche of about 500 people right now. that list consistently makes me $200/month. I have another friend in that niche with 15,000 people on their list, and they are making about the same amount I am.

      So, you need to also look at conversion rates, and the dollars per sale. One reason I can make more on a smaller list is that I have several medium ticket items (over $150) that I make at least 1-2 sales/ month on. It is about numbers but don’t just focus on one number. look at the entire formula and make adjustments in each area.

      • Jack Sander

        Yes, I totally agree. What I meant was that once we learn enough about choosing the right products and strategies, it all becomes a game with numbers.

        • Thats true, but the emotional element plays alot into decisions for many people too. thats one thing about being in a passionate niche. sometimes your passion will cloud your business judgement and override the numbers.

  5. I agree. Always add goals to your plan and see them be met everyday. Nothing is worse than just sitting around and hoping for the best.

    I like how you told through this article the formula to calculate if you’re making a buck or not. Good article.

    • James Pruitt

      Thanks Samuel.

      I first shared that formula in my Super Blogging Ebook on my blog and a lot of people on my list told me that one thing made the biggest impact.

  6. thanks for the article james, but its not just for blogging doing anything without setting proper goals first is just a waste of time….

  7. Great formula James but guess that does not always satisfy the equation. As its not always about the money.

    • James Pruitt

      Having goals is the key. I blog for business, and for me and many of my clients it is a lot about the money, since without sales we wouldn’t be around. Since that is part of my focus, I used what I know and use myself.

      However, you need to decide what the purpose of your blog is, and set your goals based on what You want. You can still set goals, even if you aren’t trying to make money from your blog. Focus your goals on traffic numbers, comments, engagement, etc… , but your blog will never be successful if you don’t sit down and define what success means.

      It really doesn’t matter what your goals are, but you should have them.

  8. I have literally just started my own blog, so this post is very relevant.
    My aim is to create a place that has my own personal spin on things, but a place where people can come and engage.

    It’s so true, you need to have a plan in your mind or on paper. Without it its impossible to gauge what is it we are doing.

  9. Yeah, I’m about to change ALL my sites with the goal of making money. I’ve been hobby blogging for nearly 4 years. That was cool when I was learning; that’s not cute now. I’m about to research all of my income generating opportunities and set my sites up appropriately. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this topic. This is VERY timely.

    • James Pruitt

      hey Marcie. Making the change can be difficult. You will upset some of your following as you make the change, so be prepared for it. However, usually they are not people who would buy your products anyway, so judge your following by how they are helping you reach your goals.

      I would also recommend doing 1 at a time. there are going to be some transitional challenges that will require time and attention, and its best if you do one site at a time and get it stabilized and profitable before going on. Again, goals help here. Once you set a goal for each website, stick with that site until it reaches its goal, then go on to another site.

    • James Pruitt

      Hey Ryan, some people get so hung up on traffic that they forget to look at conversions. maximizing the ROI for your time will help you get better results. Because I look at the whole picture, I actually run several sites on less traffic than most people. I have sites that are reaching my goals with less than 200 visitors per day, while I know others with 5 times the traffic that don’t get the conversions I do.

    • James Pruitt

      yep. recently did a video as part of my bonus for a product I am promoting, and one thing I talked about in that video was being adaptable in your business. without that, you will struggle. this business is constantly changing, and you have to adapt or you will die.

        • James Pruitt

          sorry, that video was an exclusive bonus for people who bought a product through my affliate promotion. It isn’t publicly available, although I am working on using some pieces. I have the slideshows so I can do a truncated version that I will post on YouTube later.

  10. Hi James,

    Awesome article! I really liked your formula I am gonna apply it to my blog. Overall article is nice.

    Thank you.

    • James Pruitt

      thanks Ajnabii. work on it and take action with what you learn, otherwise its all a waste of time.

      Good luck with your blog:)

      • Amrik Virdi

        Really inspired from your written content. hats off to you. I will try to implement to set goals. :)

  11. Hey,

    These are great points, You have done a great job for this content. I would like to increase one point that if people start writing content for the sake of users and give original content to users then they will get popularity automatically and the best thing is after getting popularity you will get links to your website. Most of the people would love to give a link for your exceptional writing.

    So just write awesome content and you will have the best website ever. :)

    • James Pruitt

      That is actually not True saif. Yes you do need awesome content. However, I have seen some really awesome blogs that NEVER built a following because they didn’t do this evaluation to see where they were struggling.

      A blog has a tipping point at about 800-1000 visitors per day. you have to promote the heck out of your blog up to that point. However, once you pass that point, if your content is great, your blog becomes self promotional.

    • Amrik Virdi

      I would like to know how to discover the techniques on writing good articles. It must be veasy and proven techniques???

  12. That is something which must be read by every Blogger. I have never thought of evaluating a website can maximize our potential. I agree with you James if we don’t try to look at our mistakes than we can’t grow. We must look for our mistakes and try to avoid them. Anyway a valuable article James.

    • Amrik Virdi

      Hi Ehsan,
      I’ve made some of the same mistakes and tried to learn from them too. An additional mistake I made is listening to folks who suggested there was a “final destination” for my blogsite…that there’s a final look, a final set of static pages that somehow convey stability. I’ve finally made my peace with my site being an organic thing, a living document that grows and changes over time. That doesn’t mean it’s ok for me to keep changing major things (like title!) but it does mean it’s ok to make adaptations as my business moves forward. I used to agonize about it. Now I don’t.

      What do you think about this “organic” thinking?

      • James Pruitt

        Exactly right ,you need to be willing to create changes as your business grows, otherwise you will become stagnant and people will be less likely to trust you.

  13. I have now realized that blogging is not only a thing to do if you wanted to be popular or make money online. It’s a matter of deciding what you really want. Thanks for this post. I got my insights now. :)

    • Amrik Virdi

      I agree with you Schill!
      Blogging without goals is just like living without purposes.

      • Hey Amrik that is an interesting statement. One of the things I am actually working on is a program on finding and living your lifes purpose, and one area I talk about is how to use it to build your own business, so that you are fulfilling your purpose through the work you do.

        So many bloggers I know are just doing it for money, and they struggle to find any higher purpose in the work they do. This comes across in how they write, and often, I think is one of the major reasons behind why so many fail.

  14. Yes – Evaluating your website is an important aspect of staying on top of Business and your specific nich (if you have any). It’s also great to evaluate your marketing campaign with your website – that way you’ll be able to expose your website to more potential customers and generate more targeted traffic with a potential of convergence to a sale/profit or business connection.

    The evaluation process can be different depending on what you offer – a product, service or Content. But the importance of having a proper website and marketing strategy is still of the same high business value.

    • James Pruitt

      could be a lot of factors. ads not relavant to your topic, non “buyer intent” keywords, or a lot of other factors. In the IM niche you will find it exteremely difficult to get ad clicks. most marketers are savvy enough to avoid them.

      ALSO it depends on your traffic sources as well as numbers. you say “normal” traffic, but that really doesnt tell me anything. your questions basically are so vague I have no way to answer you without a lot more info.

  15. Amrik Virdi

    Hi James,

    Super tips!

    Set goals you can measure. Set goals that move you.

    Setting measurable goals helps you chart your progress. Seeing steady gains can help motivate you during tough times, keeping you focused on the positive which brings more positive circumstances to you.

    Setting goals that move you means finding your Why. Why do you want to blog? ID that emotion, bottle it, and keep it in your mind…..A LOT.

    The Why drives us. It’s our chief motivating factor. Money doesn’t drive people. The freedom money affords us, that’s what drives us. The invisible Why in the visible What.

    Once you ID the Why and hold onto it in the face of all types of obstacles, you become immune to defeat. I have experienced this again and again. Crazy setbacks become pushes forward because I held onto my blogging and business Why’s in the face of it all, and blasted through these situations.

    Thanks for sharing your insight James!


  16. Hi James,

    I like your analogy about hopping in a car. I find what you said is often the case with newbies in SEO as well. Many people jump into the deep end of the pool before and then realize they never took swimming lessons.

    I agree with your point on identifying negatives. Ironically, I look at this as one of the most positive things one can do to maximize a website’s potential. Often, fixing a negative tends to result in more gains than looking at something new to create. What tools do you use to evaluate the negatives of a website based on visitor behavior? I find ClickTale and Google Analytics as quite powerful tools. Any further suggestions are appreciated.

    • James Pruitt

      yeh I see a lot of people who get so stuck on “positive thinking” that they don’t look at things realistically. often these people fail simply because they dont change something that is broke because they have too many blinders on to see it.

      you should never dwell on the negatives but you should be realistic at the same time.

  17. Intention is the first thing one really needs to look at when creating a blog. I agree that one should not blog for money but blog to make way for more money like use it as a way to make people buy your eBooks, or other products and services you offer on the web. Blog should provide people something of value, something that solves their everyday problem. Nice write up! – Jules

  18. I think every single blogger’s objective to gain some level popularity.
    It’s inevitable. Self- branding is going to happen on some level when you put out a post.


    • James Pruitt

      everyone has their own reasons for blogging, and making any kind of assumptions about why someone blogs can lead to problems so I try to avoid that if I can. however, i agree that many bloggers are trying to increase popularity and awareness.

      • Hey James,

        No disrespect by any means but:
        Without one single reader, blogging would be pointless, just like a comic’s joke would not be funny without any audience present.
        Don’t you think that people blog to “share” whatever they have (idea, experience …etc) , so they want to interact with readers and they do want their post to be read, liked……….and become somewhat “popular”.
        Isn’t it what you and I doing here?
        If blogger wouldn’t wanna be more popular on any level they would keep a secret diary?

        best regards

        • James Pruitt

          None taken Akos, and I agree with you.

          for most bloggers that would be true, but again it all comes down to the purpose of the blog.

          I have a couple of blogs that are private and used for updating customers of changes to products or sharing news in the niche but only for those private customers. I could run it through Aweber, but they like commenting on my posts and we get into some really great discussions that are really engaging in that particular niche.

          they aren’t about sharing or popularity. they are locked behind a members area and google doesn’t even know they exist.

          although it is hard to imagine, and I don’t understand it myself, I was talking to someone earlier who doesn’t understand quite how blogging and popularity works. they didnt’ want to build authority or popularity they just wanted me to show them how to build a site and promote products.

          after an hour, i still couldn’t get them to see the error of their mindset towards customers and blogging but, its their choice to think that way, and you can’t automatically assume everyone will get it or will even want to try.

  19. Great tutorial .. Mostly I had been concentrating on backlinks and never thought of analyzing the traffic

  20. Great tips, It happens with every new blog. These tips will help us to connect with our fellow bloggers very well and also keep tap on our stats too.

  21. i have downloaded a client manager software in my office , cant remember the name . it does all the calculations for my site which is integrated with paypal . A very helpful software.

    Thanks for article James.

  22. Actually till now I was blogging without any goals. But now I have thought more on this and now I am changing my plans and setting some goals. I love the 1 week formula, I never thought it that way.

    • hey Shalu, usually, when setting up a site, I have an overall goal for that site. Then, I set weekly goals, which is usually much easier to obtain than the higher goals that I have.

      For example, right now, I have a long range goal to build up my business to making 100,000/year. My weekly goals are set based on what it takes me to reach that annual goal. It also takes into account the building process as well.

      Setting weekly goals for your business will really help you stay on track, and you can see where you need to improve in order to reach what you really want.

  23. Hello James,
    Very interesting formula..would definitely give it a try…
    Setting Daily or Weekly goals would also help you in remaining focused on what you are doing and this would better help you in achieving your goals…

    • James Pruitt

      yes they would in fact I discuss that in some of my other goal setting articles. this one was more about the evaluation process than the goal setting though. goals without an assessment process to keep yourself on target are no good.

  24. Hey James,

    Always a pleasure to see you and glad you’re over at Miss Ileane’s today.

    Okay go and get all technical on me why don’t you. This stuff was so over my head when I started. If I had read this post about three years ago I wouldn’t understand what you were saying. I mean I know that so many people have to see your information in order to take whatever type of action is required but I didn’t know all those steps back then.

    You definitely pointed it all out very nicely here so thank you for that. This is probably an area I still need to work on myself. My blog does continue to pick up steam though so I’m not complaining. It still needs a little work though.

    Without clear goals we’ll never reach our desired destination. That’s the bottom line my friend.

    Thanks again James and I hope you both have a wonderful week.


  25. hey Adrienne, thanks for reading my post here :) always glad to see one of my blogging Idols reading what I have to say. I think we can all use some work on our evaluations. in the long run it would make us better for our customers anyway.

  26. Thank you so much for this post. Now I know how to evaluate myself if I’ve already attained the goals that I had in mind pertaining to blogging.

  27. Dear Mr. Pruitt,

    Thanks for these tips. I think it’s very easy to get so distracted by what we are doing that we forget to step back and consider why we are doing them and how they fit with the project’s overall objective.

    And, as our neighbors grow, so do we. So thanks for sharing.

    • James Pruitt

      HEY NOW,
      Thanks for your comment, but please watch the insults here….

      MR Pruitt is OLD. that’s my dad. I’m just James 😀

      Keeping in mind where you want to go is definitely important, and always helping the neighbors grow as well. thanks for sharing your comments.

  28. Hey James cool idea about taking it down by the numbers! In my case ti’s a little more unique as all the sites I use to market have potential members for me. But for a blogger this is the perfect system to determine where you should be spending your time. your article may be a little advanced for most bloggers.

    • James Pruitt

      Really, every site I use hhave potential clients too Brian. In fact, thats essential I think for bloggers.

      Why do you think its too advanced for most bloggers?

  29. Thank you James for this great evaluation of blogging. As you stated, blogging is a tool. That is what is so important for people to understand. It is only one tool.
    Some people like the popularity contest, but as long as it is bringing in connections and business that’s fine. Otherwise you are just out here floundering.
    You got a little over my head with some of the technical stuff, so I had to read it twice. But that’s me lol.
    Once I “got it” I had the AHA moment.
    I must say, I so enjoyed the story about your client that only wanted to know the positive. Oh boy…I deal with a lot of that myself. But you have handled that well. If a person is focusing only on positive energy, hey it’s ok, as long as they know there is a negative side. I just had to laugh because I know so many people like that.
    Great Job!

    • James Pruitt

      Glad you had that aha Moment Donna. What sparked it? if you don’t mind me asking…

      I agree, and I am all for focusing your energy on the positive, but when you totoally ignore that the negative side even exists, you get yourself into trouble.

      • My AHA moment came when I understood your formula:
        (Traffic) x (Conversion Rate ) x ($ per Customer) x (# of Transactions) = Payday
        It is something I know already, but putting it together as a formula made it sink in to my mindset. I’m ready to rock and roll!

        • That’s awesome donna. Glad the formula could help. Now, go out and apply it to your blog and watch how it changes the way you look atit.

          When this formula was shared with me, it really made me solidify how I was impacting my own success. Sometimes, it isn’t traffic you need to tweak, its your conversion rates or maybe you aren’t promoting a high enough offer.

          This formula really works for any business, but in the context of blogging, its easy to see where you need to focus your efforts as you plug numbers in.
          Sometimes I work it backwards. Take the goals you have for your answer,and you can find the other values. for example, if you know your conversion rate and your dollars per sale, once you have a goal, you can figure out how much traffic you need to push in order to reach that goal. Not only should you do this on a large overall scale, but you can actually break it down to using it on a single page on your site to see how that page is performing.

  30. The sounds just came out when i read and understood your formula. actually What i observed from this blog is right to the path, set your destination before you jump into the car. as most of the writer depends on their own and personal perceptions they don’t considered what the readers wants to read? what they perceived of your writing, they Title should be one of the best definition of your blog. the factual story must be added if any.

    (Traffic) x (Conversion Rate ) x ($ per Customer) x (# of Transactions) = Payday …….. love this formula its seems like flying in the air its sinks in my boosted brain.

    • hay Merry,

      Glad it is sinking in. Take it and use it with your goals and work the formula backwards to figure out what numbers you need in order to reach them. Break it down and use it on a page by page basis.

  31. Nice post…and very insightful. It made me think about some changes I need to make and how to really look at it from a different perspective. You brought up some great ideas on how to evaluate what you are doing, versus what you can do to bring your business to a new level.

    I think some of us get in a mundane existence of just posting and writing without looking at what is working and expanding on it. I am in the middle of revamping my blog and I appreciate posts like this to help me make sure my ROI is giving back what I put into it.

    • hey Sonia, I agree a lot of people are writing without a clear idea of where they are going. I will have to do another post on actually setting goals, but this is one thing I use to evaluate how I am progressing as I strive to achieve them.

  32. I love the fact that James included some actual numbers in this post! And I mean, numbers that matter. A lot of people get caught up in other numbers – like how many tweets or shares or comments they get. That’s all great, but how much money did that comment make for you? It’s really important to stay focused on the real goal. Oh, and I love the dose of reality: blogging isn’t a business. It’s a tool! Love it. Also much overlooked so this was a good reminder.

  33. Good ways to evaluate a website. Indeed it is necessary to define your business model and monetization methods before starting to blog. I for one starting blogging within adsense as monetization scheme and i try to write articles that interests people. Writing reviews and all doesn’t benefit much in this case.

  34. Thanks for sharing ! A really big article, that describes blog evaluation to the fullest! I always thought blog was a marketing tool (apart from our personal diaries) and thus I want to now how far I am from my goals! Tracking your results is so important! Thanks for showing us how!

  35. Hi James, Nice piece of information. I am a newbie and haven’t set any goal till now, but now i am thinking in this way, I need to setup some goals to increase traffic and conversion rate.
    Thanks for the post!

  36. How do you use blogs to sell stuff? Do you just make blatant promotions on the product? I’m honestly still strugling to find the difference with blogs vs website when it comes to monetizing them.

  37. Hello James
    Ya I agree with you.Making plans for a blog too is a great habit.It always motivate you to do something more to increase blog traffic, revenue and reputation.Thanks for the formula for evaluating a blog.