Time for You to Get Serious with Your Pinterest Promotions

Get Serious With Pinterest

We know that Pinterest is a huge social network that has tremendous potential for growth in 2014.
We also know that visual assets are the wave of the future and a critical component to any successful online content marketing strategy. We can even see the growth of Pinterest traffic in our very own traffic reports on Google Analytics. So let’s start taking our Pinterest promotions more seriously shall we.

This Message is Being Brought to You by AWeber…Literally

AWeber Workshop Thumbnail2

Most of what I’m going to share with you in this post, will benefit those of you who are using AWeber. But if you haven’t started building an email list yet or even if you’re using another email service provider keep your eyes peeled because there’s something in this post for you too. I’m not going to tell you how important it is for you to build an email list because I’m sure you have heard that a gillion times before, I’m also not going to give you a full blown tutorial on using email marketing or even AWeber. But what I am going to share with you are basic principles you can (and should) use in your blog posts, in your YouTube videos and podcasts, in social media updates and more.

How To Cultivate a Relationship on Google Plus

How to Cultivate a relation on Google plus

Google Plus is a platform above all others. It’s micro-blogging aspects makes the social update stand out to your follower when done in the right way. Google Plus can single-handedly bring your blog to the forefront of social marketing, however, you have to understand what to do in order to make this happen. Here’s how you will be successful with your social media marketing on Google Plus. Relationship marketing in a new form of success!

Need a New Way to Promote Your YouTube Channel? Try RSS Syndication

YouTubers on Triberr

I bet you’ve found countless ways to promote your blog using RSS syndication, but you might not realize you can promote your YouTube channel with RSS syndication as well. Using an RSS feed allows you to automate the promote process in countless ways. Since this is a short blog post, I’m not going to keep you in suspense about how you can put this YouTube promotion strategy to work, the first thing you’ll need to know is how find the RSS feed for your channel…

Give Link Discovery a Fighting Chance with Monitor Backlinks

Fight back monitor backlinks

There are two things that many bloggers struggle with in the fight to grow a successful blog. The first is developing well-written, relevant content and the second is attracting high-quality backlinks. The latest search engine updates and all of the other changes to internet landscape have left scrambling to squeeze out as much of that precious link juice as we can get our hands on. You’re probably asking yourself a few questions. Who is linking to my blog now? Do I have enough of the high-quality backlinks I need? What is the anchor text that is being used for those links? I’m using Monitor Backlinks to find answers.

Customize Your Links and Simplify Social Stats Tracking with Bitly

Customize and Track Links with Bitly

With the 140 character limitation of Twitter, it’s important that we shorten the links we share in order to save space, yet Bit.ly actually does more than just shorten links. Bitly allows you to edit the shortened links you create so that you can customize them and make them more appealing. You also get stats for all of the links you create with Bitly that keep track of the number of shares and clicks coming from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

This Post Will Transform You into a Google Chrome Power User in Record Time

Google Chrome Power User Tips

Google is constantly innovating and updating the performance of their Google Chrome Browser. The changes seem to sneak up on us like a thief in the night at times catching us off guard an unaware. Quite often the updates to Google Chrome are very subtle and have little impact on our day to day web surfing experience. Then there are times when a more radical change comes along that gets our attention and not always in a good way. In the post I’ll share the secrets to stay on top of the changes on Google Chrome and make you a Power User in record time.

What Changed My Mind About Triberr and Turned Me Into an Advocate

Join Triberr the Social Media Hub for Bloggers

Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo have crafted what just might be the perfect social sharing community on Triberr. That says a lot coming from a self-proclaimed Social Media Diva like myself. I’m not going to go into a lot about why I didn’t embrace Triberr when they first launched the site back in 2011 because that’s old news and honestly – who cares about that. It’s water under the bridge and this isn’t about about the history of Triberr and how it has developed into the killer social media app that it is today. But, here’s what I do want to talk about. The state of Triberr today, as I see it and how can it benefit you as a blogger, podcaster, or content marketer.

5 YouTube SEO Myths That Need to be Exposed

YouTube Video SEO Myths Exposed

Since I uploaded my first YouTube video 4 years ago, I’ve been able to rack up over 150,000 views on my channel. When you consider the fact that all of my videos are geeky tutorials and most of them appeal to a tiny segment of the huge demographic of the typical YouTube audience, I’m quite pleased with that achievement. If you want to get serious about having a successful YouTube channel you need to go beyond just using good titles, tags, descriptions, captions, thumbnails and annotations. Of course all of those things are important. I encourage you to go a little deeper and you’ll see that it will pay off in the long run.

What Do People Search For On Your Blog? Find Out With Google Analytics

Google Analytics Site Search

Having a search box on your blog helps your readers navigate your site. People are searching for terms that are related to the solutions they are looking for and hopefully you’ll have content to fill the need. Set up the Google Analytics Site Search so that you can track what people search for and gain insight into your readers intentions.

Unique Strategies to Promote Your Podcast and Grow Your Audience

Ms. Ileane Speaks on Windows Phone 8

The explosive growth of podcasting, often referred to as the podcasting renaissance, is typically attributed to the increased use of iPhones and Android phones which make listening to podcasts more accessible to users across the globe. If you haven’t started podcasting yet, now is the time to get your show up and running on iTunes so you can reach whole new audience of listeners and grow your audience. But if you started a podcast already, you might be looking for some advice on how to get a bigger piece of the podcasting traffic pie.

Get the Call To Action Link You’ve Been Waiting for on Your YouTube Videos

Link To Your Blog From Youtube

Previously I shared how you can use Annotations to add InVideo Programming across all the YouTube videos on your channel. If you missed that post and video, you can check out Part 1 in this series called Now That You Stated Making Videos Here’s How To Get More Views on YouTube. As promised this is Part 2 in the series where I follow-up by showing you how to create those coveted, clickable Call to Action links from inside your YouTube videos back to your blog.

Guidelines for Ethical Blogging and How to Know When its OK to Cheat

Ethical Blogging Guidelines

First let’s talk about why it’s important to rely on ethics when it comes to blogging. At the risk of boring you with an old cliche, here it comes: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything!” The goal of this post is about helping you decide when and where to draw a line in the sand and making the commitment not to cross that line.

How To Get More Views on YouTube With Better Analytics


YouTube continues to command the attention of users across the globe with each fiscal quarter seeing huge increases in market share. Bloggers and marketers are paying attention too and uploading videos that show off their products and establish their expertise in the hopes of attracting an avalanche of new visitors to their websites. Every minute of the day 100 hours worth of video is being uploaded to YouTube. To top it off, studies show that more that 64% of people are more likely to make a buy after watching an explainer video. Yet the truth of the matter is that many people fail to capitalize on the YouTube craze because they simply can’t get enough views on their videos. This is why video optimization is critical to your success on the second most popular search engine on the planet – a.k.a., YouTube.