How To Make the Perfect YouTube Thumbnail for Your Videos

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Everyday, millions of people are flocking to YouTube searching through an endless sea of videos. They want to find information, they need a laugh, or even if they just want to be entertained they can rest assured that YouTube is the place to find just what they are looking for. Let’s face it, this is why so many of us started YouTube channels in the first place. It’s a huge platform with tremendous potential and opportunity for anyone trying to make a name for themselves online. How can you make your YouTube videos stand out among the crowd? By adding the perfect YouTube video thumbnail.

Time for You to Get Serious with Your Pinterest Promotions

Get Serious With Pinterest

We know that Pinterest is a huge social network that has tremendous potential for growth in 2014.
We also know that visual assets are the wave of the future and a critical component to any successful online content marketing strategy. We can even see the growth of Pinterest traffic in our very own traffic reports on Google Analytics. So let’s start taking our Pinterest promotions more seriously shall we.

Unique Strategies to Promote Your Podcast and Grow Your Audience

Ms. Ileane Speaks on Windows Phone 8

The explosive growth of podcasting, often referred to as the podcasting renaissance, is typically attributed to the increased use of iPhones and Android phones which make listening to podcasts more accessible to users across the globe. If you haven’t started podcasting yet, now is the time to get your show up and running on iTunes so you can reach whole new audience of listeners and grow your audience. But if you started a podcast already, you might be looking for some advice on how to get a bigger piece of the podcasting traffic pie.

SEOPressor Version 5 – The Baddest Little WordPress Plugin on the Planet

GWT Alert all thanks to SEOPressor

SEOPressor Version 5 was updated to include more powerful WordPress SEO plugin options. We can acheive higher rankings in search engines and get more organic traffic. New features include a Rich Snippets panel that help us tweak the appearance and frequency of our Google Authorship in search results. The LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) module help improve our content and add value to our readers so they can find us better in search.

How to Boost Your Brand on Facebook and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Creating an Online Business

Facebook engagement is one of the biggest challenges that most bloggers are facing today. We all know that we need to have a presence on Facebook but what we really want is to find ways to bring our fans and friends on Facebook back to our blogs. In order to attract more interest and boost our brand we seek strategies to get the best position and obtain higher levels in Facebook’s algorithm known as EdgeRank.…continue reading…

How To Get Thousands of Subscribers Using Content Syndication

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Content Syndication in basic terms means providing a series or sequence of content in any format that can be delivered via a subscription. The original presentation of the content might be a series of blog posts, news feeds, podcasts, videos, presentations, white papers, etc. But the critical component to the concept of content syndication, is that it must be made available as a subscription. Keep in mind that everyone has their own preference for how they like to consume content, for example, I’m a visual learner so my favorite format is video, and I’m sure you have your favorite too. The bottom line is this; the best way to get more subscribers, is to make sure your content in syndicated in as many different formats as possible. Or, in the words of Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, learn how to Be Everywhere!…continue reading…

How to Get Your Small Biz Podcast Listed in iTunes

iTunes Pocasting Widget

Let’s discuss the benefits of having a podcast. Starting a podcast can be the answer to your content marketing prayers. You don’t need to get in front of a camera and yet you can create a connection with your audience through a podcast that goes deeper than the bond you create on your blog. Your readers will get to hear your voice which helps them relate to you on a more human level. Once you start your podcast, you can instantly boost your credibility and elevate yourself as thought leader and recognized authority figure in your niche.…continue reading…

How To Curate Content and Build Authority With is an online content curation tool that helps you keep track and share stories on topic related story boards based on our interests. You might compare Pinterest but it’s so much more. Collect snippets of information in an organized collection. Curating content with helps build your authority and share your expertise within the community and to your most popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

How To Embed YouTube Videos and Podcasts To Keep Readers on Your Blog

Embed Multimedia in blog posts

It’s no secret that you can embed videos from YouTube on your WordPress blog to keep readers on the page longer and to add interest and variety to your blog. You can also add attractive and eye catching images to help set the mood or tone of your post and instantly grab the attention of anyone who visits your blog or shares your posts on Facebook or Google+. Now, WordPress has made it simpler than ever to embed YouTube videos and images from Flickr by simply adding the unlinked URL in your post editor. You’ll also learn about a revolutionary plugin called LeadPlayer.

Top Ten Google Chrome Extensions for Watching YouTube

MediaPlus for YouTube

Many of the developers who make extensions for Google Chrome are focusing on YouTube and as a result they’ve come up with extensions that allow you to by-pass any ads or other distractions when were watching videos on YouTube anyway. Lucky for you guys, my love for sharing awesome Chrome Extensions far exceeds my love for Google AdSense earning from my YouTube videos! Therefore, here’s a list of the top ten extensions available to customize your video watching experience.…continue reading…

The Three C’s Needed for Your Blogging Success

Collaborations lead to Blogging Success

After two years of blogging I’ve come to realize that three factors have played a critical role in my blogging success as well as my personal growth and development. First let me say that each of us has our own set of individual goals and benchmarks we use to determine what we mean by blogging success. My goals are simple and this is the tagline I used on my very first blog. I’m here to learn, to teach and to connect!…continue reading…

The Benefits Of Having An iPhone

iPhone and sim card

With so many Smartphone’s out today, it’s difficult to decide which one is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, budget and personal style, yet the iPhone is one of the leading Smartphone’s in the industry today, and it’s easy to see why. The device is highly versatile, very productive and seems to have everything that you could ask of a Smartphone.…continue reading…