Why Is the Customer Always Right?

is the customer always right

Customer service has proven to be a very difficult part of business for me. Selling online digital products has proven to have it’s own challenges. The reality is no matter what marketing service you use, it will not make your blog a success. Your written content and blog quality is what will be making you success.

5 Benefits Of Joining An Internet Marketing Forum

By now, you probably must have heard about or know what an internet marketing forum is. Yes, there are plenty of them and they usually keep popping up in search results every time you are searching for questions related to blogging and online marketing! Isn’t it? But the question is – why should you join a forum and how can will it benefit you as a blogger? My post aims at explaining all these major benefits in detail.

Will I Be A Small Business Influencer in 2012?

A small business influencer is a person, app, company or other organization that has made a meaningful and lasting impact on the North American small business market. Impact may mean (i) providing products widely used by significant numbers of small businesses, or (ii) influencing significant numbers of small businesses by being a thought leader, or (iii) providing information or services of note to significant numbers of small businesses. This year I’m extremely pleased to be nominated in the category of Small Business Expert!…continue reading…

Engaging Community with the Help of Forum Marketing

Blog Promotion on a Forum

I have just started Makewebworld Forums at my blog and I am making the transition towards the forum marketing, it’s a place to join and engage with fellow bloggers and share your ideas. So come and join me on Makewebworld Forums. One unique proposition on Makewebworld forums is that there is a board for Deals on online products. You are allowed to use your affiliate links in the forum, which can generate some extra income for you.…continue reading…