Blogging with Jokes is a Perfect Recipe for Success

Blogging with jokes, huh. You might be thinking that it is something new or something idiotic but let me correct you it is not as idiotic as you might think.

Whenever you start writing a post, what do you do at the very beginning ? The first thing you will do is research the topic you are going to blog about. After getting all the required material, you start writing a post and complete it. But do you include one thing in your post that each and every person likes?

Here I am talking about adding some jokes. By jokes, I don’t mean you add Santa-Banta jokes; I mean that adding a little humor in your post will make it more worthwhile and your readers will find it more enjoyable to read.

But the biggest question here is what’s the need of adding humor in the blog post? Why is it necessary to add a comic sarcasm to your post?

Blogging with Jokes adds a Human Touch

Blogging with JokesSuccessful bloggers always emphasize how important it is for us to connect with our readers. And I agree, this is one of the most important things a blogger should take care of.

What better way to connect with your audience than to make them smile?

If you are blogging with jokes, then your readers will love reading your posts. They will feel that the post is written for humans not for search engines and by human not a robot.

Don’t just write a post, but really get into it and let it flow out of you. Forget about SEO or search engines, just let your fingers work on the keyboard and everything will be taken care of.

Forget about Post Optmization for a While

This is one of those things that can eliminate the human feeling from your blog. While you’re writing a post, if you constantly keep worrying about the SEOPressor score, your writing might not sound natural. So how can you make your writing sound more natural – more human?

For a while, forget about optimizing your blog posts and write the way you talk. Add a joke or two to lighten the mood, add a sarcastic note, or some interesting quotes etc. and you’ll begin to see the magic.

No one get hurts if you are blogging with jokes

This is one another great benefit when you are blogging with jokes. If you are not happy with a service and while writing a review about it, you feel like taking out all the frustration, then you can do that without even hurting the other party.

If you point out some weakness of their’s in a joking manner, then that will be taken as a positive response and the owners of the  service might work to improve on it. Similar is the case with other bloggers. Blogging is such a world where you must help out others but it’s not devoid of some iconic personalities who think they know everything.

So it is natural that you might get bored when they interfere in your work. When taking a dig at such bloggers, you can serve your frustration with proper presentation so that he doesn’t feel bad but understands your meaning at the same time.

That’s the power of blogging with jokes.

It Gives Your Blog Some Balance

Whenever you are writing a negative review about some service or some blogger, you present it in a funny way to avoid future collisions. But that can even help you if the other party doesn’t take it lightly.

Maybe he too can start criticizing you among others, try to bring down your reputation, blah blah blah. But that can prove beneficial because the people or bloggers that know you will always stand by your side no matter what.

The true bloggers will always support you because they love the way you are blogging with jokes. Your readers will never stop visiting your blog because they love your honest reviews. They will love your sarcastic tones and they might even appreciate your snarky point of view.

I bet you’ll get more comments that will motivate you to keep the jokes coming and give your blog a well balanced personality.

So what’s your take on blogging with jokes?

Do you think that blogging with jokes helps us convey our feelings better without any risk of hurting anyone’s feelings? Do you think that every blogger should add humor to his posts to add a human feeling? Do let me know of what you think about it.


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  1. Adding humor is a great way of creating engaging and live blog post. Making it too preachy would in fact push away the readers. Idea should be to create entertaining and informative post rather than creating a optimized but dull post. thanks for sharing this.

    • That’s the point Akhilendra.
      If you write a detailed post but you are not able to engage your readers then your work is of no use. All the readers love reading posts with good humor quotient.

      • Arbaz,

        I really appreciate for the effort to highlight this fact to engage our reader, well it was always before me but I was somewhat ignoring it. I think this makes our article happening, Thanks for post

  2. Hi Arbaz
    I agree a person having a good sense of humor, have a little sarcastic tone can breathe fresh life into boring blog posts too
    It is a great way to engage readers and a reader will read your full posts to find some humor again
    I definitely agree that every blogger should add some humor to his posts to add some human feeling
    Great post brother !!

    • Hi Shitij,
      Thanks for your lovely comment.
      A blogger who is able to convey his messages in a humorous way or in a sarcastic tone will surely make an impact without hurting anyone’s feelings. Also as you said, adding content in a humorous way also ensures that the readers will read the full blog post and even share it.

  3. May be you thinks that will be funny or idiotic for adding jokes after every blog post but i think it will be amazing, After some serious thing our brain needs a relaxation, just like in every sat-sunday we got leave from our work for relaxation..So i think it would be an awesome idea…Thanks, and carry on with fetching new ideas like this.. :)

    • Hi M.M,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You said correct that our brain needs some relaxation after some work so presenting the boring posts to our readers won’t work at all.

  4. For me, humor is an important part of blogging and a good blog post. However it should be humor that is funny to everyone, and not insensitive to a particular group of people. People who can write humorous blog posts are gifted, and quite lucky IMO!

    • Hi Javi,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Its true that the bloggers who can add humor to their blog post are quite gifted because they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings and can convey anything with their humorous approach.

  5. Kuldeep


    Well yeah first when i see the title i just though it was something other. But after reading your post i’ve totally changed my mind.

    Thanks for wonderful post.

  6. I totally agree with you that adding jokes in your post makes interesting but the joke must have a humor. Just like your post, it have a sense of humor and I really enjoy reading your post. Thanks anyway for sharing your article.

  7. adding humor is definitely a plus when it comes to your blog. I like how you said to forget about seo and optimization while you write. I usually write first, then optimize later on, so that I can get a good flow going.

    • Hi James,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I personally think that SEO optimization ruins your complete post. If you are constantly keeping a tab on the SEO score you will end up with a not-so happening post.

  8. I Totally agree with you, I must say humor is important while writing a blog post, because reading is a boring task for many people and if you want to make it interesting then you have to add your personal touch in it, I always use funny titles in my blog post..

    • Yes, I can see a funny title right there in your comment.
      Reading is quite boring especially if you are a student so adding a bit of humor in your post keeps your readers glued to the post and only leaves after reading the complete post and leaving a valuable feedback.
      Thanks :)

  9. I was hoping that you were going to link to some good joke sites! I love the idea but where do I go to get some good jokes that are relevant to the post I’m writing? It would be great if there an online directory of one-liners indexed by subject matter. :-)

    • Hi Roz,
      You don’t have to copy and paste the one-liners from some joke sites. What I was saying is add some humor, or better you write as if you are talking. Explore your funny side and present the lines in a funny way and not the conventional way.
      Hope you got the point.

    • Thanks Caleb for your comment.
      Laughter is the best medicine and this medicine can be given to anyone without the fear of any side effects or infections :)

  10. Sure jokes and humour work, but not always.
    But anyway to inject personality into writing with make people come back.
    Writing for Google solely is foolish, write for the people.

    • Jokes and humor surely works most of the time. You can convey any sensible topic with the help of these quality but you need to know at what point humor is needed.
      Thanks for your comment.

  11. Hi Arbaz,

    This is a great slant on gaining and keeping readers. I’m not a good comic unless I’m in person and reacting off of what people are saying. Coming up with stuff myself is a chore.

    However, I really agree with you about this (if you can pull it off) is a great way to add some ‘sparkle to your posts.) Sally

    • Hi Sally,
      Thanks for your comment.
      That’s what I was talking about. You don’t need to write as if you are writing any serious research work. Write as if you are talking to someone, as if you are interacting on a particular topic.

  12. Hi Arbaz, adding jokes to post is alright and even make our readers be more interested continuing to read our post. But It isn’t good at all if we over using it.

    Thank you for sharing – Ferb

  13. Hi Arbaz. Adding a little humor into your writing might help a little bit. But I have to tell you that it is not the first thing that I look for whenever I read a blog post. I am far more concerned with the quality of the information

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Of course, the first thing a reader looks into the post is the quality of the article and if it is completely upto the point. Adding some humorous quote might help in keeping your readers engaged but completely relying on it won’t do any good.

  14. Yes, that is very true. Even when I read an article, its make me smile if humor is involved in the writing. The post look live & people enjoy this.
    Thanks for giving this idea

    • Hi Priya,
      Thanks for your comment.
      A humorous post always helps in keeping a reader engaged. As you said the post looks live and that adds a human touch and people enjoy reading it.

  15. Well, your point of view of adding jokes in the posts is great. Actually, I have seen many bloggers doing their work with this style. Adding a little humor into the blog will add more human touch to the article, and let you more communicate with readers.

    • Hey Hamza,
      Thanks for your comment.
      That’s the thing I was saying in the post. Adding a humorous quote or a joke at proper place will greatly help in communicating with your readers.

    • Hey Radha Krishna,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Writing a blog posts the way you are talking to your readers will help you add your own touch in the post that people will love and come back to your blog more often.

  16. Hi Arbaz,

    You have mentioned a very important point to add while blogging, that is Jokes.

    Do you know – When a web-reader reads an article with a touch of humor, a chemical called Serotonin is secreted in brain, which in turn produces a chemical reaction leading to Happiness:) and increased Cognitive memory. And, this makes him a loyal reader of your blog.

    • Hey Nandita,
      Thanks for your comment.
      What you said in the comment was not known by me at all. I was a science student but didn’t take biology to seriously so that completely bounced off my head. 😉

  17. This one is really nice post Arbaz, but learning the strategy of optimizing a post for better search engine ranking without breaking the flow of structure of the post is really a great thing which I’m doing in my blog posts.

    I always optimize my posts for SEO, but my readers can’t notice the SEO aspect of a post and I’m also able to make my readers enjoy reading.

    It’s not about being a joker blogger, but to a blogger that understands his/her audience and is able to make them fun and enjoy with his/her post.

    • Hey Ehsan,
      Thanks for your comment bro.
      If you are able to create an SEO optimized post without breaking the complete flow of your article and at the same time your readers including me enjoy reading your posts, then man you have a great quality that will make you the best blogger.
      You must not look like a joker by adding jokes here and there, I said add something humorous in the post that makes a reader relax while reading it.

  18. Agree with you …

    Adding a bit of humor is really essential to get the human touch as well as it makes the reading more impressive.

    Great share buddy!

  19. We all like light funny jokes that make us giggle and feel good. It puts us in a great mood. Using humour in our posts can attract a lot of traffic because those jokes make the post more intresting and fun to read. An intense topic becomes enjoyable and hence a blogger should use this strategy.

    • Hi Andru,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Humor in the post can surely attract many visitors but you need to keep that visitors coming back to your blog again and again.

    • Hi Khaja,
      You are right that a blogger needs to have humorous side to pull it off but if not you can add your own personality in the post. That too will help.

  20. Aasma

    Hi Arbaz,

    You’re right. By adding some humor in blog we actually adds human touch and that’s what liked by people. If you simply write information then sometimes it becomes boring to read and visitors may not read your complete post.

    However when you add humor, it entertain your audience and they can even read longer post if they find it appealing.

    • Arbaz Khan

      Hi Aasma,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You are right. People actually likes reading posts if they find it quite interesting and humorous, even they can read the full post no matter how long it is if it is detailed, interesting and engaging.

  21. People appreciate funny yet smart jokes that accompany the blog posts. Who does not likes to laugh and stay happy everyday. If reading the post helps the audience do that then it is a great idea to include jokes in the posts. It also aids in relieving the people of their stress and daily frustrations.

    • Hi Jack,
      Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Jokes are a great way to help your mind relax. IF a person comes home tired and sits to read some articles and you present them with articles that make him more tired then its of no use as he won’t be interested more in reading that. While humorous content can help him relax and can make him smile.

  22. I did not think this was an idiotic idea at any point prior to or during reading! :) I agree that adding some humor to your posts humanizes your writing. It can really warm up an otherwise dull post.

    • Hi Elena,
      Thanks for not thinking it as an idiotic post.
      As you said, a dull post can be made interesting by adding some humorous quotes here and there.

  23. Cool post. Adding humor makes a post attractive. When replying to your valuable commenters also you can add bits of jokes, which will help in getting engagement more

    • Hi Jakes,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Adding jokes while replying to comments can surely increase the engagement and can encourage more and more comments.

  24. A little joke in the starting or ending of the post can help to better understand a serious topic. As we use examples in certain posts to explain a particular idea or concept we believe in or have mentioned about, same way witty jokes can be included in the posts to make them funny and intresting.

  25. Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Serving your posts with some humor and light jokes makes your readers feel good and they will become loyal readers. Every reader like to read articles that have a human touch so that they feel as if they are interacting with the blog owner.

  26. It is rightly said that “laughter is the best medicine” and it is so true.It would be a great fun when a little bit of humor is added in your text and the viewers will enjoy reading your content.Sometimes it becomes very boring to read some text and humor can spice up your content definitely a little bit more.

  27. Hi Arbaz,

    I really dig your post, thanks for sharing this. It’s always a great idea to make your blog posts more personal.

    I think writing in your own words and not as a speech can make people relate more to your story and they will remember where they read that story for a longer time.

    Looking forward to your next posts, cheers dude.


  28. I have a quite good sense of humor (my friends tell that to me) when I talk to somebody, and I always try to crack a joke or two in every post of mine. Because somewhere in mind I’m laughing about one thing or other. That may sound like I’m Mad. lol

  29. Hi Arbaz,

    To me Frank Kern is the prime example of how this is done correctly . When he does a webinar or writes a blog post, it is the BOMB. The audience is cracking up while he provides some serious value to the audience.

    thanks for the share!

  30. Hi Arbaz!
    I agree a person having a good sense of humor, have a little sarcastic tone can breathe fresh life into boring blog posts too..

    It is a great way to engage readers and a reader will read your full posts to find some humor again.

    I definitely agree that every blogger should add some humor to his posts to add some human feeling.
    Great post Really!!

  31. Including fun part in the post to engage readers, it seems a good idea. But don’t you think it will distract readers from the main topic?
    BTW thanks for the post Arbaz :)

  32. Many people stress on keeping your blog technically right but very few actually share a worthy tip. Gving your blog a human touch, making that much more interesting to read… thats what a new blogger should be advised first. Thanks Arbaz :-)

  33. I think today what people need to do the the most is laugh. People slog all day long to earn money, life has lost its magic. Our life has become miserable, so even a small joke and anything that makes us smile is a welcome change. A blog that makes people laugh and forget their worries will always be more popular then any other blog.

  34. Blog with jokes, very brilliant sense. It’s true humor is an important part of blogging and successful blog post. When you add some humor jokes on your blog then reader get pleasure and not feel any boring. You can add some joking site too. I will try on my next blog.

  35. Yeah its true that blogging with some jokes,tricks and with some controversy is a great way to create a blogsphere which allows everybody to share your views openly.
    Great tips for beginners !!!!!!!