Top 5 Blogging Strategies That Kill Your Blog Fast

“Are you making blogging strategies that kill your blog?

Need help? Of course you do! Introducing my absolute foolproof Blog Like a Pro Blogger in 30 Days course……

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Only 3 payments of $197!”


Dead Blogging StrategiesSeeking the “experts” advice

Okay, I know a bit cheesy, it had to be done though! I come across these sales pitches more often than I want to admit. What’s worse is that new bloggers come across them even more.

The vulnerable baby bloggers just looking to be heard, or business owners looking to engage with their customers are being targeted.

By wishy washy hopes of reaching the Mount Everest of blogging and getting paid in the process. When in reality, these sales folks promote blogging strategies that kill your blog. This “expert” advice is what would-be good blogs go to die.

Yea, it’s wise to seek help. But…

Too many blogging strategies Kill your Blog, Not help it thrive

The problem isn’t reaching out for advice. The problem is not all advice is created equal.

Advice=actionable tips

Well, it should. However, it usually doesn’t. There are a few that really dig deep and give legitimate blogging strategies that propel your blog forward.

The internet is chock full of suspect offers from icky bloggers looking to make money, or to tell you what worked 5 years ago, or more likely never worked at all.

Information overload is what ya usually come across when you begin looking for help. If you’re anything like me, you’re over it. Only you can do something about it.

Know What Works

You have to reject the nonsense. There are always going to be opinions about what works. You can’t accept all info as knowledge. A lot of it is only opinion.

There are some common things though. Common blogging strategies that when implemented properly do a ton of harm.

The top 5 Blogging Strategies that kill your blog, and what to do instead

  1. Trying to be a tech blog-Break current news I won’t lie, being among the first blogs to break industry news is major. It means unlimited traffic and exposure when you do it right. Mashable and WebProNews are giants. They didn’t start out that way and these are more web journalists that traditional blogs. Trying to break news before these guys is pretty difficult.Fix it-instead of trying to beat the top tech blogs, create the “news”. Your blogging strategy can be to teach your readers as you learn. Ergo, breaking that news. Open an endless source of blog content ideas when you blog about what’s pissing you off in your business and your plan to fix it!
  2. Posting Every. Single. Day You need 20 posts to start your blog off right. 100 posts to really make a dent. You need content. So the advice to post to your blog everyday seems sound.Not to mention Google and the other SE’s like consistency. Fresh content means a higher rank. The issue is, can you keep that up? Posting every day, promoting every day and all the other components? Every. Single. Day.Fix it- Yes, write your 20 posts. Get them scheduled to publish. Usually once or twice a week will suffice. That’s something you can consistently do for the life of your blog. Raise the number as you grow or keep it the same. Either way don’t commit to posting every day. It’ll kill ya.
  3. Mass commenting Blog commenting as a blogging strategy is sooooo worth it! You get to engage with your peers, be noticed by the big bloggers and generate backlinks. Bonus!But it actually has to be done properly. Mass commenting is spam. Period.Fix it-Every comment better be useful, insightful, on topic and more than a few words. Don’t be a lazy ass commenter and get your comments ignored.Write out your thoughts. Answer the posts call to action, start a conversation. Just please don’t be lazy. Choose 3-5 blogs that you can enjoy commenting on (in your industry) and do that every other day or so.
  4. Buying followers and fans You have to start somewhere right? No one wants to interact with a fan-less page. So you buy a few thousand fans/followers here and there in the hopes of creating an engaged audience.You’ll link your posts to your blog, these thousands of fans will happily click on the links and you’ll have subscribers or exposure at the very least. Fix it-This is a big, huge no-no. You can’t buy engagement. You can’t bribe your way into influence. These aren’t targeted fans. They don’t even know they “like” your page. It isn’t organic.The thing is, we can all see that you only have 20 people “talking about this” but 10k fans? I we see it, Facebook and Twitter sees it. Your edgerank is going to plummet. Now, social media should be a part of your blogging strategy. Using social media, especially Facebook, can boost your brand. It takes time.
  5. Trying to be everywhere You have to be relevant. Social media changes swiftly. You have to be on the popular sites because not all of your fans use the same social platforms, right? Fix it-Be choosy. It’s true not everyone uses the same social network to connect with brands. If social media is a part of your long term blogging strategy, be strategic. Can you afford promoted posts? Do you have 1000 fans or more? If so stick with Facebook fan pages as your main tool. Otherwise take advantage of G+. Track your links.
    Evaluate where your traffic comes from and if it’s Twitter, refocus your energy there. Don’t waste time with what isn’t working. No matter what advice you get.

BONUS VIDEO: Easy Steps to Track Social Media Conversions in Google Analytics

Your turn, so take it away…

What blogging strategies work best in your business?

Share with me in the comments. Enjoy the day will ya!


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  1. I think being everywhere is not a bad strategy. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income proves that he can extend his business more by dominating various ways of communication including: blog post, video, podcasts, facebook, twitter. However, I think we should focus one thing per time since it’ll deliver better results.

    • Heya Robert.

      You’re right! I know that every one of these startegies can be utilized to make your blog soar. The way I talk about it though absolutely kills blogs. Kills ’em dead.

      Pat is amazing! Love SPI. And it took a tiered approach to reach that domination. One down—>next—>so on and so on.

      Robert hittin’ the networks and being on every site in every possible way takes time, terrific strategy and a plan. Most bloggers just don’t approach it this way. So it’s safer and saner for them to stick with whats working. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts! Happy Saturday!!!

      • Well said dear Mys.Not only in case of Blogging but in every field there are two sides of coin 😀 . Very unique and well written article dear .

    • Posting every single day can KILL a blog fast?

      Very strange and very funny :) If you really want to put a dent in blogosphere, publish atleast one or more than one blog posts / day. For your satisfaction, checkout blogging habits of few successful bloggers.

      • Nandita….

        Uh ya! It surely can my dear. I can see why you’d disagree though. Your site has a ton of affiliate ads and adwords ads and banners. You’ve got advertisers to keep up with!

        Most bloggers do not. Actually, a lot of blogs are going easier on all the ads so posting everyday isn’t necessary. Plus that gives more time to promote each post robustly and really get conversations going.

        And hahahahaha. I’m writing this comment on a successful blog my dear. I’m featured on several others with a following just as large or larger. And that’s the thing. Success is a bit something different for everyone. I know successful blogs that have 5-10k followers and their careers thrive because of it. They don’t post everyday. So I think you’re placing your own view of what a generally successful blog is onto the advice.

        Which you’re welcome to, it’s your own opinion. As I mentioned, if you have the manpower and the time to swing it, go for it! It’s a strategy that works only when you can consistently implement it.

        Btw these successful and large blogs have a ton of guest posters. So they are not posting everyday.

        But I think from the overall response to this post and the consultative role I take with big and small businesses, I’ll stick to the advice I offered. Love that you offered your perspective though. Enjoy your week!

        • Hi Mys plamer,

          You have written a very nice post. I agree with your points but I like to add my view on this conversation.

          writing one post or more than one post a day does not kill a blog in any way if you can manage with it. If a blogger can handle with this blog posting frequency, than his blog will get notice more and get a success quicker than other blogs.

          As you mentioned in above reply “Btw these successful and large blogs have a ton of guest posters. So they are not posting everyday.”

          To its reply I want to argue that, ‘If successful blog have ton of guest posters, ultimately its a frequent blog posting. It’s not a matter who writes a blog post, it’s a question how quick you update your blog. The bloggers are not posting every day but guest bloggers are posting every day. Either it’s a post written by a blogger himself or by guest bloggers, finally your blog is updating. And a blog will become more noticeable and successful if it has unique and useful content for readers’


          • Hi Veer,

            Thanks for your reply but honestly You’re talking semantics.

            What I said very simply is exactly what your point is. If, IF, you can keep that schedule GO FOR IT.

            IF you’re not a tech blog stop wasting your time posting everyday to your own blog and GP the rest of your content.

            NO MATTER WHAT be consistent. There really isn’t an argument to be had. It’s subjective to a bloggers situation and since this is a blog post geared to non-tech bloggers my point stands, firmly.

            The guest posting comment I made is literal. No, the blog owner is not posting everyday. New blogs don’t have anything to offer in the way of traffic and exposure so having guest bloggers is pointless. Ergo, no posting everyday.

            These bloggers need to direct their efforts to what will grow their sites. They need to maximize their time. Posting everyday under traditional circumstances is not effective. As a blog grows however, than that’s a new subject altogether.

            Thanks again! Enjoy your week Veer!

        • nice to read this post and point of views of both of you here. But please tell me what should be a good option to post articles on a blog.

          • Hello Jessie,

            Blog posting frequency is depends on your blog niche. One can’t simply decide what is the best posting frequency. For example, If you own a tech blog, then you must post frequently. Because the more you post, the more you will be noticed. And if you create a blog which very less competitive, the posting once in a week may be sufficient.

            It all depends on niche competition.
            Better you read this post by Ms. Ileane :

            Hope my reply may help you.

          • Hi Jessie,

            As to your question it depends on your blog. Like I mentioned, unless you’re a tech blog there is absolutely no need to kill yourself posting everyday. My suggestion is to start off posting twice a week. Pick two days Monday & wed or Tues & Thurs to have your posts go out.

            You need a schedule you can personally stick with. That depends on your life and your overall goal. Once a week or twice a week, and this is important, at the same time. Make sure you can be consistent.

          • verygood post my question is for mys palmer is simple that if guest posting is a waste of crap then why any one promote their post on blog, if we have to buy any account like commentluv its cost $99 per month which is not affordable for anyone.

    • Well, trying to be everywhere will make you tired and the motivation will slowly fade away. I support the strategy of being strong in a few areas.

      • Hey Murat!

        Listen I can ‘preciate an opinion as much as the next person. Who likes to be agreed with all the time? But honestly, most top bloggers I know sincerely don’t suggest posting everyday as a successful strategy. And from my experience 84% or more (likely more) blogs that try this fail. Be strong where you can when you can and be consistent. Seems to work better faster from my viewpoint. Thanks for adding your voice! enjoy your week.

      • I can’t agreed more with this. You need the motivation to be everywhere and the danger of procrastination is ever great spreading yourself too thin. Well – it is with me anyway!

  2. Hi Mys,
    That’s really a great post..its really helpful one.I am also following these tips.
    I just started my blogging and this article help me in some way and your content explanation is simple and well-designed ..Every new blogger will understand what you are saying..

    At last thanks for a great post….

    • Akhil! That’s really who I had in mind for this one. We vet’s or experienced bloggers know a few ways to navigate these changing waters. It’s newer bloggers like you that are getting your boats tossed around all willy-nilly. So I really hope you get a clearer picture. You’re who I want to reach. Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy the day okay?

  3. With the arrival of my new baby I plan on writing far less. I mean maybe 2 times a week and I will be trying to really focus on these two articles to drive traffic and comments. One of the largest misconceptions when it comes to blogging is you need to do things a specific way and ti’s so wrong. You don’t need 100 posts to start you only need 1.

    • Awwwww Brian, CONGRATS!

      Yea you definitely have to be home. Plus the cute little munchkins are just addictive!

      No you don’t need 100 posts to start. I didn’t say you do. In my experience for content marketing purposes and yadda, yadda 20 usually is a good starting point. To start a blog though it really only takes 1 post obviously.

      For the point in the article though, It’s really hard as a new blog to make any sort of traction with only 1 post and no prior “name” or brand. It takes content.

      There is no black and white in this business Brain you’re so right about that. I recently wrote about that. How we read and soak up a bit too much sometimes trying to follow a blueprint. We are he blueprint. But tips and strategies that really work never hurt anyone when taken in stride either!

    • Congrats Brian….you ve built a great community of bloggers over the last couple of years…You deserve to take time off to spend with your new born :)

    • Exactly Bishwajeet!

      Like I mentioned to Robert in his comment. It’s overwhelming. Especially for new bloggers. I don’t believe trying to be everywhere when you’re building a new blog is a good strategy. Those who have done well being everywhere will say the same thing. It’s a tiered approach, not all at once jumping down the rabbit hole so to speak. Thanks for sharing!

  4. If we focus on more strategies we will end in distractions
    Actually the main reason for applying various blog strategies is that most of the newbie bloggers are not sure of their niche

    So first they should focus more on niche and find suitable strategy

    Nice share Mys

    • Hey Reeja,

      Yup that’s a biggie girl! No niche, no personal branding and therefore utter confusion. But let’s say they’ve got all that done. And their looking to you or me or Ileane wondering what next? I think as you put fantastically by the way that MORE strategies lead to distractions. We need strategy that works. Implement it. Test. Readjust. Continue.

      Never take another step before firmly planting your feet on the first one. You’ll likely topple ova!

      Thanks so much Reeja any weekend plans?

  5. Hi,
    Its always great reading you. Its like the headline was so catchy and the content far more.It completely was so relevant and so much needed by the novices. It was informative and wordy journey that your blog gave me personally.:) Thanks for such a creative post.:)

    • RajKumar no stop it you’re making me blush!

      I put on my bestest for Ms. Ileane so I hope most of the readers on BBT feel the way you do! I love this blog and I made damn sure to do it justice with my first GP here. It was definitely a post to clear the air for novices. Glad you recognized that. Have a friggin’ awesome weekend. See ya around!

      • And the main thing which i liked in the above post is “Advice=actionable tips” :). yeah its 100% true. giving advice to others is good idea. We can still learn from giving ideas to others.


        • Rajkumar advice should=actionable tips. If I can’t implement what you advise, why take the advice. Only take from any information what you can palpably use. Even if it means massive action. If you can make it, go for it!

  6. Great article. I was agreeing and disagreeing as I read, but I was reading through the filter of my own experience. When it comes down to it, it’s great to have a place to start, which you’ve provided. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with everyone telling you what you need to do; when what you need to do is focus on what works for you, your blog, and your audience.


    • Hiya Kimberly!

      Thanks so much I’m glad you looked through experiences eyes. It’s all about making information work for you. Each of these “killer” strategies can work to te right plans advantage.

      Typically though, entrepreneurs don’t start with a team so these strategies can reeeeaaaalllly hurt ’em. You’re so right. Do what works for you. Take info in but still test, evaluate and always take action. ‘Preciate cha! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Kimberly!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to write these accurate tips to benefit other bloggers. Whether they are brand new or have a strong following already, focusing on a carefully selected number of social networks and strategies instead of trying to do everything WILL work better and faster.

    If you leave one comment on a thousand blogs you may get 1000 links but you don’t generally create an impression or grow relationships. Better to really interact on five blogs related to your own and start relationships that lead to collaborations.

    Pick one social network to be your power base. For me years ago mine was StumbleUpon and I spent enough time there that I once sent 25,000+ visits to one blog post for another blogger. For the last four years mine has been Twitter. Yours might be Pinterest or Reddit. Those three sites can send you massive traffic IF are VERY active on them and you get to know others who have influence.

    Ideally, you can find four other bloggers and really get a strong collaboration going. I document how the collaborations I mentor do that in the post I’ve put in CommentLuv.

    • NICE Gail! Thanks for answering my question too. I’m always interested to learn what’s really working for other bloggers and entrepreneurs.

      I couldn’t have said it better. Being everywhere is great IF you can be CONSISTENT 9.99 times out of 10 that’s not an option. Engagement takes time. If you plan on building connections, falling off and getting jumbled up won’t work.

      I’m definitely going over to your post to check out your advice. Collaboration is key. Thanks again for givin’ your 10 cents Gail. Enjoy the day!

  8. Mys -Great article with some fantastic tips to follow!

    I personally found out the hard way about posting too much. It’s a fine line between writing great content and burn out.

    I decided to take the latest tech news updates and add my own twist. That way I don’t drown in sea of Google. I’ve been pretty successful with this approach too!

    The only thing I would have added is to work on your mailing list! This is indispensable for bloggers! Why? Because this is how I found this post!

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Jason! Ooooh don’t get me started on the mailing list! That’s a whole other can of worms. lol

      You’re right though the list is indispensable!

      I’m happy for ya! Glad you found a balance that’s paying off for your site. That’s what it’s allllll about! Feel free to reach out for any help or camaraderie! Enjoy your week.

  9. Hey Mys Palmer,

    This is Samuel from

    I am happy to say I did enjoy every word that you have written and sure learned a thing or two even though I have been in the Blogging game for almost a year.

    Commenting is so important to tackle, along the journey. Your explanation on commenting is so completely true.

    Trying to be everywhere can be a killer to your productivity.

    When it comes to social media, try to stick to one or two sites that you will work on.

    As for me, twitter and facebook does it for me :)

    Thanks for the awesome article.

    • Welcome to my rantings Samuel!

      I usually keep my opinion to myself and the clan that’s crazy enough to follow my blog. I decided though that it was time to spread the goodiness (and the crazy).

      Yes. yes. and yes! You know I agree. Focus your energy where it works and your blog will perform with time and hard work.

      Lemme ask you something, is facebook still working as well for you with promoted posts? Seeing that reach has been cut my a huge percentage for most pages are you effected?

  10. I have to agree with the five mistakes and I also used to think I needed to blog everyday and the quality of the content suffered. Better to do just a few times a week and have better content. Now I don’t have to struggle to figure out what to write about each day.

    • Ken that’s such a common misconception thanks to misinformation. I’m so glad you got out of the trap. Your site will really suffer and your audience will run for their lives.

      Make sure you’re themeing your content too to make the most out of your social sharing topics. Lata!

  11. Getting the latest news for a product, idea, or program is what most online marketers shoot for, but usually don’t succeed. You can get caught up and forget basics and in turn your website suffers. There is just too much competition out there to get too focused on beating everyone to the punch.

    • Yup! Joe that is really the point. Some succeed. Very few but they’re out there. Generally speaking though it’s better to have a perspective than to try and be the news guy.

  12. Using social media has really worked for me. I network mostly on two platforms and occasionally on one other one. I get my greatest traffic from these sources, so I have a plan (which I work) to stay consistent with this method of marketing.

    I did start out trying to do everything at once and burned out, so your advice is very sound in starting out doing what you can realistically maintain, then add to it as you can.

    Thanks for the great advice in this article!

    • Evening Roz,

      I know right? Burn out is something entrepreneurs don’t fear upfront as much as they should. It’s so easy to try and be super-(insert your choice of subject here). Then we flail around trying to get back on track. Not necessary.

      Glad you got on the right path Roz. Enjoy your week okay?

  13. Hello Mys Palmer,
    I digest all the tips which you have discussed above. These tips helped me a lot and I especially like commenting because commenting is the most important part of Blogging we do blog and we know the power of commenting.
    I think buying followers and fan’s aren’t a good idea instead of increase the list of real followers because real followers will read your blog because these are regular visitors but fake followers or fan’s will not read your post content so that’s the difference why should we increase the list of genuine followers or fan’s.
    By the way nice post Mys Palmer :)
    thanks for sharing :) i enjoyed the article :)

  14. You are so right, even when we think we know it, we really consider all those 5 mistakes and every blogger wants to achieve higher ranking and more audience.
    breaking news is not so hard when you are in a specific industry, you need to be updated and you can be the first to bring the news and discuss it with your readers

    • Heya Nancy,

      That’s true. Breaking news when you’re in a certain niche is a breeze. Beating out bigger blogs as a new domain, eh, not so much. If you can swing it, awesome!

      We all think about these strategies in one respect or another. In my consultative experience they are really detrimental for new bloggers and even small businesses without the manpower ya know.

      Anyway, Thanks so much for taking a moment or two to read my GP. Now i expect you to go out and spread awesomeness this week. I don’t think you’ll let me down ; )

  15. Nice post. Several newbies do this mistakes like mass blog commenting they just think that they can get more and more traffic but this is not good. Do everything in limit. Presence cannot be build in a single day. It takes time.

    yes, buying followers and fans are not good. Let it keep improving naturally because however you have less fans but they are the ones who really interested in your posts. purchased fans are not targeted I think.

    Nice post.

    • Hi Atish,

      Thanks so much I’m glad you enjoyed it! Mass commenting is like spam. Hell it is spam. No one likes spam. Period. It’s more important to be authentic and engaging.

      Yup buying fans is disingenuous and it’s cheating. We all want to pass the clutter but again, it’s spam. and your rankings don’t improve because your social engagement is more sparse

  16. Nice blog post Mys. Really lied the point about a blog trying to be the next big tech-blog-breaking hub. It is a lot more easier and better to blog about a technology from your own perspective.

    That way you may even be able to attract the middle and late adapters of a technology (which usually make the mainstream market anyway).

    • Hi Steven,

      Oh nice perspective! I love that you mentioned market reach. It’s never too late. There are always late adapters. There are always skeptics. Your unique perspective can be the guiding light they need.

      Thanks for your comment Steven! Enjoy your Sunday!

  17. Congrat Mys on dispelling some of the bad advice out there, I hope newbie bloggers find a way to this post as there are still people promoting some of those bad practises, or endorsing them. My favourite – don’t be lazy with the comments!

    All the best, Roz

    • Hi Roz! Ugh me hates a lazy comment lol. I wrote about that over on Got a great response so I’m guessing my fellow bloggers don’t like ’em either! Thanks so much, I’m really glad you “got it”. It’s Monday so go forth and blog responsibly! Enjoy the day Roz.

  18. #2 really touched me, because I have been trying to create 2+ posts a day. It has been killing me, because not only can it be time consuming but also…sometimes the content doesn’t catch as much attention as you thought it would. Still I think it is important to keep posting content often, even if it is not everyday.

    • Hi Joshua,

      The only reason people advise posting daily is because each post gets a certain number of visitors and their primary goal is increasing traffic to charge their advertisers more. If you don’t have advertisers that doesn’t matter – and even if you do you can get just as much or more traffic by posting less often and being better at promoting each post.

      Spend time creating reciprocal relationships with other bloggers in your niche willing to promote each other’s content and doing one guest post per month on each of the other blogs and you will multiple all your traffic numbers together and accomplish much more much faster.

      This will lower your Alexa ratings, increase your readers and subscribers, and when you have something really important you need shared you will have a base of support to call upon.

      Five blogs in a collaboration is a good number to start with and focus on. I’ve been mentoring five blog groups and another benefit that has come out of them is that the bloggers share what makes them the most money and help each other monetize more effectively. You can read about what they’ve been doing in the collaboration post I’ll put in CommentLuv.

      • Hey Gail,

        Great advice here. Llike i mentioned in the post, being everywhere and posting everyday is counter intutitive. Usually. Now when we’re talking about bigger blogs, advertising and so on, that’s a different ball game altogether.

        People advising the above strategies are in a different place than bloggers like Joshua. My advice stands. Choose 3-5 blogs to collaborate with and be a consistent presence. Don’t blog on your own blog everyday. Blog consistently and offer the other ideas to blogs in your niche that have an audience your voice can help.

        Be productive. Not busy. And stop letting the advice from people in a completely different level of the game or niche dictate your business blueprint. Create your own and do what works.

        Thanks for your added perspective Gail, I love it!

    • Hey Joshua,

      OUCH! 2 posts a day? Really? Oh man I feel for you in the deep depths of my entrepreneurial soul on that one. I recently wrote a 9 part series. A sort of do this not that for new online entrepreneurs and I had to post a new step everyday. So hard.! And I’m a professional writer. So believe me, I know your pain.

      Please though, stop! Take a minute to evaluate why you’re posting everyday. You’d be better off writing everyday if you choose to and submitting the majority to sites that can help you increase your traffic and exposure.

      Content is king and always will be. But consistent doesn’t mean every single day. Consistent means that whatever schedule you decide on, keep it up. If there are any questions I can answer or support I can offer you please don’t hesitate to drop by my site and leave me an email okay?

  19. Palmer i am shocked with your Featured feature i read about strategies don’t know about it because of low experience but Featured image is really killer 😛

    • Hey Umer,

      Hahahaha. Yea imagery is so important nowadays. the image and the content have to make separate but related statements to grab and keep attention. Glad ya likey!

  20. I don’t know about posting, but I do post often and frequently. I remember hearing a long time back (possibly by Yaro Starak???) that the time of day you post at should also be consistent. When it comes to focusing on social networks, this is where I often fail to produce results, atleast for right now. Information overload is a deep-seeded challenge for me. So as a result I’m going to take your advice on focusing on just a couple social media platforms. Which do you focus on the most?

    • Hey hey Gabriel,

      YUP! Yaro is right on the money. Time and day(s) of the week should be as consistent as possible. Which is why my advice to have 20 posts to start makes sense. If you have 20, and you schedule them out over a few weeks, you’ve already created a surplus of sharable content. AND you’ve established consistency.

      I feel you. Info overload sucks. For me I’m focusing my efforts on twitter (because it brings me the most traffic), Facebook (because my colleagues use it avidly and I want those relationships), and G+ (because g+ posts are given high ranking in organic search results). Did that help?

      If you need anything swing by and drop me a line! Oh, and check out the linked post it’s on social media and some advice on how to do it right. Lemme know if I can do anything else for ya! Enjoy your Monday.

  21. I tried posting every day for awhile and burned out after less than 3 weeks, lol. Definitely a big no for me. On the other hand, not being everywhere is a bit contrast to Pat F. tip on “being everywhere” so this will be something to think about. I usually suggest picking a handful of things to focus on but I would say Ileane is everywhere and yet it is helping her blog, not killing it :)

    • Brankica! Lmbo! 3 weeks is about right to run right out fuel. Glad you have a better strategy.

      Here’s the thing- being everywhere is not a strategy that kills you IF you can be consistent. Most newer bloggers or site owners cannot. Myself included (although I’m not a newbie). I find very little value in being everywhere is only a few of those platforms are performing really well.

      That said. I do graduate platforms. Once I have a strategy that’s working. I automate what I see fit and I begin building another presence. So it’s a two sided coin ya know.

      All advice is about what works for a majority. A majority of new or struggling entrepreneurs say they are too overwhelmed. Every new platform means more work and time they simply don’t have.

      Ileane is a beast! She’s got this blogging and engagement thing down. She can do that! lol Most others however cannot. So be successful at the platforms performing well for you and only then should you add on. Just my 2 cents ; )

  22. An excellent controversial content on this post. I love #1 – sounds the funniest thing to me done by most bloggers. Not every blog is a newspaper. I can see bloggers jump around and publish content on every news happening in their niche. This will not only make them burned out over the time, but will also make their blog a timely content stop. Writing ever green posts will help in the long run.

    • Hi Jane, I agree #1 is awesome! What do you mean by a “timely content stop” though? I am kind of bad sometimes with terminology lol. Do you mean like a post that is only good for that period of time, then irrelevant?

      • Gabriel,

        I’m so going to let Jane cover that one. But I think trying to do #1 on the killer list in fact makes you irrelevant. Not over time but initially. Right then and there. I want to get to know the blogger. No unique perspective=boring. If I can’t get to know you, I won’t read your blog. So what say you Jane? Timely content stop=?

    • Heeeeeeey Jane!

      You kow what, I have a confession to make. I promise you I didn’t think this topic would garner this much controversy. BUT I LOVE IT! I’m gauging what different entrepreneurs need, how they think and what they are doing that’s working. Even if it only works for some people. It rocks! I Love the conversations that are ensuing *cheese*

      Now, number #1 is so irritating honestly. We are all unique. Why have a blog without a personally branded voice? Why coattail?

      Oooooh ever green. I like your verbiage Jane! And you’re right. You’re absolutely right!

      Nice review of PowerSuite btw! Have a great day will ya…

  23. I totally agree with the five mistakes and I was trying to be consistant by providing blog everyday but my content suffered, I think its Better to do just a few times a week and have better content. About mass commenting, I think its Better to really interact on five blogs related to your own and start relationships that lead to collaborations.

    • Morning Jack,

      Better content always wins out in the end doesn’t it. I mean, what’s the point of blogging just to have something up if that something sucks?

      YUP! Keep it to a minimum of quality sites where the blogger interacts and be consistent. Sounds like a plan to me! Enjoy your week Jack

  24. Hey Palmer!

    My only strategy is to help my visitors getting something useful whenever they visit my blog. This is why they always returns back to me. :-)


  25. Hi Mys,

    I think you’re right. Initially trying to do everything is certainly going to kill your blog. Instead start slow and focused and later on add on things and remove as per your results.

    • ooooh Aasma!

      You got it! Exactly. Trying to do everything and be everywhere without the ability or manpower or strategy to do so, will kill a blog. Period. But the converse also must be true. If you can swing it-go for it. Most simply can’t.

  26. Hi Mys!

    You’re just great with your content. You have seriously pin pointed the few common strategies that blogger’s implement these days on their blogs, and then totally kill the beautiful blog with silly mistakes.

    • Morning Hamza!

      Well shucks ya got me *blushing* are you happy now? Lol

      But they do. Bloggers new and old, erh I mean seasoned, make these mistakes. It’s time it ended and more blogs were successful. I love discovering a new voice ya know.

  27. Good tips on how to prevent your blog from dying. I think producing quality posts that people want and being consistent with it is required. Its not a good idea to over do it sometimes. I think promoting blog posts on social media is vital to succeed.

    • Shalu you know I agree! Over done anything is really annoying. I think it’s pretty much a consensus that consistency and promotion are vital. Really vital!

  28. MarSuf

    Great Job Mys! I am far from an avid blogger, but there is a lot that can be taken from this especially from a branding and overall social media perspective. Essentially, what I was able to interpret is that your blog and presence is a direct correlation to who you are and how you want your audience to receive you. You get one shot only, and I can imagine, once you screw it all up by commiting one of the sins you mentioned above or similar, it’ll take much to win back that support.

    Thanks for the great read and keep it up!

    • Mario! Oh my bob, you came by! And left your 10 cents. I’m really excited about that because you work for a HUGE company. I mean an american staple for pete’s sake and you’re in marketing. So uhm, yea, I’m flattered!

      But you’re right. blogs, even business blogs are personal. We have to have a voice and make our own blueprint to success out of the strategies that really work. Even the best in this business have made mistake after mistake before landing a great blogging balance.

      Just trying to lend that hand to someone who needs it. It’s hard out here for a pimp, erh entrepreneur. You know what I mean 😉

      Have a friggin fantastic day, talk to you lata…

  29. I almost disagreed with you about the posting. When you said post every day, I was like, “Ah, that’s not right”…However, it IS a good idea and I see what you are saying about getting fresh content on your site, but you’re right. A person just can’t keep up with that schedule without losing the integrity of their blog.

    Content is the most important part of a blog, after that, I would say consistency is next.

    • Hey Wade,

      Lol I know that seems to be the one causing a bit of back and forth. I think people are taking that strategy thinking because some big blogs make it work I must not know what the heck I’m talking about.

      People need to stop looking up all the time. Biog blogs have massive success and have teams, plans and money. starter Blogs and entrepreneurs usually don’t have those resources and Danny Iny himself agrees. Don’t post everyday on your site. Makes no sense. If you’re going to write everyday, post to sites that can collaboratively grow your readership. What good is posting everyday to get 4 or 5 comments and the same old traffic?

      So I’m glad you got the whole picture instead of the big blog success comparison. Is there anything I left out? What would you tell a new blog not to do that can be seen a bit controversially?

  30. Hi ya Mys… I made it!

    Okay, great post and right on. As I was reading some of these I was thinking okay, that’s a good thing. Oh yeah, okay I can see why that could end up going the wrong way.

    I was listening to an interview just this morning and she was asked if you should blog every single day. I believe that if you’re just starting out you definitely want to get some content built up. But the problem I’ve seen with these guys that want to do this for 30 days to prove to us how much traffic they can get is great. Oh sure, they get it but they can’t keep it coming time and time again. They can’t keep up with that type of schedule. It’s unrealistic in the long run.

    Now I’m definitely everywhere commenting and I’m far from spam but again, I get what you’re trying to say here. They aren’t taking the time to read the posts and put their genuine responses to them because they have to be everywhere quick.

    I’ll stop there but you get the drift. Great points really and you definitely shared some must know tips here.

    Great to see you at Ileane’s place. You come back now ya here!


    • Adrienne! You joined the paraty! I so appreciate you girl. Seriously, thanks so much for your support.

      I think the being everywhere thing is harder when we’re talking abou all platforms and consistency. Commenting and building real relationships while also keeping your social channels up to date and interesting is a balancing act. One that a ton of bloggers fail at miserably.

      So like you once told me and everyone else that read your awesome blog, it’s best to be consistent. If you can only swing 3-5 blog comments a day, go for it. Don’t over exert yourself trying to be in everyone’s face. A consistent strategy just works betta!

      I know I’m so excited to be a new GP’er for BBT. So honored and it’s been really fun! Me likey. Me tinks bout tryan it again. Lol See you soon Adrienne!

  31. For being a successful blogger you just need to solve teh readers problem in teh niche you are working. And always start in a niche starting with a general blog is a mojor reason behind failure

    • Gole i didn’t mention that one, but you’re right. I was talking more towards bloggers that already have that one figured out. No niche means no branding and that’s a hellofa issue. BIG blog killer.

  32. The strategy i use the most is commenting on other blogs. Especially with commentluv. Beside having backlinks, it’s a good source of informations.

    • Hay hey! Tom blog commenting is so vital. I think you’re definitely seeing the great results from it right? I thinks it should be a crucial piece to any post promotion strategy too. Glad you’re on board. Keep up the great work.

  33. Hey Mys Palmer,
    Thanks a lot for such simple blog post. You have covered all the points which a blogger should be aware of it.
    At initial stage ,only writing blog post on every single day is not enough, blogger should have to try to spread that blog post to its target audience through various channels.
    Having a good social media signals to your blog post matters a lot.

    • You’re dern welcome Maria!

      I tried to stick to the basics that many people look at big blogs do and say Cool I’ll fall in line.

      When they can’t keep up, they fail. Unfortunately. Social signals and various channels are paramount. As long as it’s done smartly and with a strategy it’s all good!

  34. Excellent and inspiring post!

    When I hear that people at Empower Network, for example (which I don’t belong to) tell their members to post every single day, I scratch my head. I am so glad that you are saying here that’s a no-no.

    Senseless short comments, who likes that? I’d rather have no comment, really.

    Buying facebook fans is another thing that makes me scratch my head even harder :) What on earth? I’d rather have true fans who have actually used their own little head and fingers to request to be my friend or fan. I’m glad you explain why it’s a no-no here too.

    Selling post…. I don’t know who you are, I am not going to comment on your post and I might not even want that back link either if all you have is selling posts.

    Thank you for this very useful post!

    • Sylviane hahahahaha.

      I know right.

      I simply don’t get why its a strategy for starter/struggling blogs. It makes no sense. Instead of 1 post/day and 5 comments, I’ll take 2/week and double/triple/quadruple the engagement any day of the week.

      The foo foo comments are probably my second most irritating strategy being utilized. Just don’t bother. I want folks that have something to say. Even if they disagree.

  35. Very, very good post. When i started my blogs for first time, i had 3 od 5 bad moves, trying to post more, more, and more for every single day, and also i wondering i be everywhere.

    But few years later, i’m on right way, have two good dedicated blogs, with high PR ranks and on way to make third on…


  36. Well written tips to follow. This article seems to have been directly addressed to myself… there is so much that is useful to me. Thanks for this.!

    • Afternoon!

      Well I’m sure glad that it helped ya!

      Remember, each strategy will change as your blog grows and develops. As a new or non-exposed blog though, these strategies will hit a home run for you. Happy blogging!

  37. Hi Eric!

    Yea that’s a common mistake. It doesn’t have to be and I’m proud of ya! You’ve got a strategy and posting schedule that helps you rank higher and stronger. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  38. Definitely agree with the 2nd point there. Posting regularly and consistently is important, and Google likes consistency when it comes to content. Scheduling helps, however writing a set amount of words every day, writing quality and everything else that happens after it (market, build links) is a full-time job!

    • Hey Javi!

      Man oh man is it important. Consistency is majorly important. That’s why it’s vital to choose a wise posting schedule. For all the strife people may give me, if you’re not a tech blog, stop trying to post everyday. You’ll burn out. And burn out sucks for raking.

      Plus promotion and marketing is a lot to handle. I so agree with ya on this one! Enjoy your weekend Javi!

  39. Thanks for this information, and I realize that I too have made some of the mistakes that you mention (like leaving short ‘spammy’ comments on others blogs, or leaving off topic comments), but at least I have learned and the mistakes have not seemed to harm all of my blogs. But thanks again for the info, very useful.

    • Brava Shane. Not for the mistakes part, but for learning and doing better. It’s all about growth right? Short spammy comments were once a viable backlinking strategy. BUT commenting should never foremost be about strategy. It should be about adding value and building relationships. The backlinks are a bonus!!!

  40. Dag, I came here and I was going to pick on you (lovingly of course) but you nailed every one of your points and instead I have to say this is a good job and I’m proud of you. Of course, I was one of those folks who wrote almost every day and did so on one of my blogs for 3 years. It’s not that I ran out of things to say, but it left little time for promoting any of them, especially since I kept up with a rigorous commenting schedule as well. So it can be done but you will wear out. Good stuff kiddo! 😉

    • Mitch! Welcome to tha partay!

      Seriously, thanks for showing your support I reallllllly appreciate cha!

      I know it can be done it’s not like bloggers with rigorous schedules are like hot babies in cars lmbo and you are proof. As you admit though promotion needs attention and it’s kinda hard to promote 5-7 posts a week robustly. Spread it out and be more productive. I feels ya!

  41. Another one I would suggest is to not try and duplicate the bigger bloggers, when I first started my journey into making money online I would spend hours every day looking at the blogs of John Chow & Darren Rowse and trying to make my blog into a clone of theirs. :)

    • Hey Dean,

      ooooh I like that one! Did a light bulb just go off for a new post why yes, yes I think it did! Thanks!

      I’m a branding writer so that’s right up my alley. So many feel that if they can just duplicate someones success they can beat the curve. It just doesn’t work that way. Nice one Dean I really love that insight ya got goin’. Enjoying hump day?

  42. Thanks for sharing this valuable and wonderful post with us. Your tips will help people make better blogs but I’m not fully agree with one point daily posting is not helpful for everyone, but we should manage our schedule and maintain the post frequency is really important.

    • Hi Rajesh,

      Aww, there my cheeks go getting all red again. Thank Rajesh for the gracious compliment! I think so too. I think that when applied to what works for your blog newbies and seasoned bloggers alike can flip these strategies to their favor.

  43. I would like to add on another blogging strategy that would also kill your blog. We should always remember to add an mini squeezepage on the sidebar to build an list. By building a huge list, we would never have to worry about traffic. We all know, list is your asset. Your list are the people whom are interested in your blogging niche.

    • Yup Naveen,

      We should all keep our opt-in offer front and center. Right in the sidebar with an authentic compelling offer to reel in dem subscribers. We always need to make sure that offer is on brand as well. Otherwise, BLOG KILLER!

  44. Hi Mys!
    Thanks for taking the time to write these accurate tips to benefit other bloggers. Whether they are brand new or have a strong following already, focusing on a carefully selected number of social networks and strategies instead of trying to do everything WILL work better and faster.

    Pick one social network to be your power base. For me years ago mine was StumbleUpon and I spent enough time there that I once sent 25,000+ visits to one blog post for another blogger. For the last four years mine has been Twitter.

    Yours might be Pinterest or Reddit. Those three sites can send you massive traffic IF are VERY active on them and you get to know others who have influence.

    • Definitely agree with that one Abdul. Trying to be the jack/jill of all trades often times means being an expert at none. Man that consistency/active thing seems to be the theme doesn’t it? It’s what gets us he golden goosey. Traffic, growing list, loyal customers. Thanks so much for your input!

  45. Good post. When I share my blogging tips, I always make sure that they have worked for me before and I often remind my readers that I am not a “blogging guru” but just another blogger who shares things learned and experienced with other website and blogging projects and I openly admit when I made a mistake (like saying that it is good to post every day, because I believed in this bad strategy myself that pushes down good content far to quickly). Thanks for this good article.

  46. Extremely insightful advice! I think that your closing statement really sums it all up. It’s so important to focus our energies where it matters most. With so many different tools, courses, advice, etc available on the web, what converts and leads to true interaction is what really matters. All the other stuff is just a total distraction. Thanks.

  47. If you are a blogger and you are struggling to make money online with blogging, then you need to know about the best blogging strategies to put cash in your pocket. Only a handful of bloggers actually make a full time income compared to those that never make much more than $100 a month. This is normal, however, because only about 5% of all businesses that open ever make a profit and blogging, in this case, is your business.

  48. Nice tips, but how to post daily ? sometimes it gets really hard to sit on blogging for blogger like me who is hardcore gamer too, i think i really have to put more authors on my blog for regular post frequency.

  49. Well said Mys ..
    Working in scheduled way is always beneficial for us.I am totally agree with you that posting in a schedule is very effective.Posting too much fast reduce the quality of your content.Thanks for putting nice points,.I will remember them in future.