3 Bloggers Meetups in Winter-Spring to Finally Meet in Person

Blogging is, by its very nature, a social endeavor, and you’ve undoubtedly gotten to know many of your colleagues, competitors, and readers over the time you’ve been contributing your thoughts and ideas to the web. While this fact may serve to make us feel particularly well-liked, it can often be disconcerting when placing a face alongside a name isn’t possible.

If you doubt about the value of conferences, you need to check out this old article by Gab Goldenberg at DirJournal.

If getting to know both your trade and your virtual social network better is important to you, check out any one of these four bloggers’ meetups during this winter and spring to finally meet in person:

1. Altitude Summit Salt Lake City

Altitude Summit Salt Lake City

No matter what topic your blog covers, you are indulging in, by definition, new media, and that means that you need to stay up on the latest trends in design, photography, and a wide range of other subjects in order to be the best blogger possible. Luckily, the Altitude Summit is just the place to immerse yourself in everything that falls under the header of a modern lifestyle.

Workshops and speakers will cover topics like food, events, interior design, photography and graphic design, web design, and, of course, blogging and writing, all in an effort to provide the most thorough crash-course on everything new and hip possible. Aside from the long list of panels and other activities, you’ll also have the pleasure of meeting hundreds of your colleagues, readers, and competitors, helping you to leave with a much-improved contact list, as well.

When and Where: The Altitude Summit will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from January 23-26, 2013, so you’ve only got a few weeks to get in on the action! If you need last minute accommodations, check out Cheaphotels.org for the lowest rates on rooms in the Salt Lake Valley area.

2. EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference

EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference

Emerging media is the title given to the many forms of new media that saturate the modern world, each of them ripe for the picking where marketing is concerned, and the EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference is the place to be if staying ahead of your competition is important – and it always is!

EmMeCon takes a deep look into the technologies and platforms that power consumption and advertising, guiding you through this complicated new landscape in order to clearly point out the many opportunities for cutting-edge marketing techniques, giving you an entirely new set of tools to use in your professional endeavors from the moment you leave.

When and Where: Visit the beautiful Californian city of San Francisco from January 28-31, 2013 in order to pay a visit to this year’s EmMeCon event.

3. Social Media Strategies Summit

Social Media Strategies Summit

If you’re a blogger on the hunt for a steadily increasing base of readers, jumping on the social media bandwagon is a priority, and there is no better way to dive in head first then by attending this year’s Social Media Strategies Summit. Featuring three full days jam-packed with fantastic workshops, keynotes, educational sessions, product showcases, and much more, SMSS is the place to be for the strategies, tools, and marketing tactics that you need to make the most of every lead.

All of that aside, the networking opportunities at SMSS simply can’t be beat, giving you the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, even while making new ones!

When and Where: Interested in attending this year’s SMSS event? Split your time between slot machines and professional growth, even if not evenly, in fast and fun Las Vegas from February 5-7, 2013!

4. South by Southwest

South by Southwest

Aiming to bring together all of us who have a place in new media, blogging, and the arts in general, the famous South by Southwest conference is a unique destination for the sociable bloggers among us, giving you a little taste of everything hip and cool under the sun, while somehow never losing sight of its true focus: helping you to be the best blogger you can be!

Add a bit of eclecticism to your blogging efforts, meeting and greeting your virtual neighbors in the meantime, all at SXSW!

When and Where: As is the case every year, the 2013 edition of South by Southwest is set to be held in the city of Austin, Texas, lasting from March 8-17, 2013.

Going to conferences is a great way to get travel inspired! Are you going to any?


Jessy is a social media enthusiast blogging for DIY Gadgets, the cool collection of DIY ideas


  1. Unfortunately I’m not from USA so I will not attend either one of these meetups. I’m sure that these events will be great.

  2. I reckon attending such Blogger’s meets is a good idea as it enhances your relationship with other bloggers and most probably you may end up being tagged on their blog . But I do think that such meets should be held in each and every country leave alone the United States .

  3. I love to go to these kind of meetings, as I consider that a face to face conversation with other bloggers is mutually beneficial. I have learned new things every time and I have also shared my own experience.

  4. Since all the major blog meet ups are being conducted in foreign countries I have never been able to attend any. I wish the shift gets to India someday or I get rich

  5. Nice post ! i have always wanted to go to a blogger meet up. Would love for there to be more events for bloggers in the UK as USA is too far to travel !

  6. Hello Jessy,
    I would really love to be part of this, because i have not attended a blogger seminar before. i am in africa and the hosting ground is in america… That’s a real distance. but it’ll be nice for people who’d make it. thanks

  7. Hi Jessy, you inform this so early that everybody can get a chance to get ready ahead and decided whether to meet up with these great people.

    Thanks – Ferb

  8. There are quite of these in Europe too but have yet to see one in South Africa – it’s a pity as I think these networking type events are great from both a social and learning point of view.

    Jessy, it would be great if you could do a follow-up post at some point with some feedback if you’re attending any of these.. would be much appreciated I’m sure for those of us not in the US! Thanks

  9. These meetings look very cool ! . But unfortunetly im not in U.S . But I think such Types of meetings should be held in each and every country so that every body can join it.

  10. These blogger meet ups are really useful for networking.. we don’t have too many of them in South Africa though. The Wordcamp that was held in Cape Town last year was awesome… more focused around the developer network but obviously a lot of bloggers showed up as well… I definitely recommend attending if you have a chance!

  11. I think that there are more than 100 blogging conferences all over the world this year without counting, those that will present new plugin, platform or component during some of high tech meetings. This is a good way to exchange knowledge, get some freebies and learn a bit more from other bloggers. And for those that can’t participate, most likely you can find a video on Youtube.

  12. Not residing in the States has its own pros and cons. Cons include not getting to participate into these events. I would love to attend some of these events in the future soon!

  13. Nice ! But unfortunetly im not in U.S . But I think such Types of meetings should be held in each and every country so that every body can join it. Since all the major blog meet ups are being conducted in foreign countries I have never been able to attend any. I wish the shift gets to India someday or I get rich …

  14. I have moaned and complained for years about there being no events in the UK for us Brits to attend but I was eventually directed to eventbrite.com which surprisingly has quite a few listed not only in the UK but in Europe. :)

    So I might get to attend some events this year finally.